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Chequered Justice By John Bartlett,

  • Title: Chequered Justice
  • Author: John Bartlett
  • ISBN: 9781846245244
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Will Middleton lives for motor racing More than just a sport, than a hobby, it s his first love, his liveliehood Star Union, his new racing team, is beginning to find success on off the track Like many racing teams, Star Union has a strong insurance base, but nothing bad can happen now, surely.
    Chequered Justice Will Middleton lives for motor racing More than just a sport than a hobby it s his first love his liveliehood Star Union his new racing team is beginning to find success on off the track Like man

    One thought on “Chequered Justice”

    1. Very occasionally a book comes along that is hard to put down, and this is one of those It s really a true story masquerading as a fiction, and that s what gives it its raw emotional power it seems these very shocking events really happened to the author The story isn t shocking because it s violent as too many thrillers often are but because emotional impact of the Kafkaesque web of injustice in which the narrator and his family are trapped If all this is true as it appears to be it s very scar [...]

    2. Can appreciate the comments of others that it moves in time periods but if yiou stick with it you will understand why it has been written that way Incredible book once you get into it I could not put it down and you just wonder what is going to happen next As a motor racing fan I could also appreciate it too from a racing point of view and gave you another insight into racing.

    3. Will Middleton is a racecar driver who gets caught up in the legal system and finds himself on the wrong side of prison bars The average person has no idea how easy it is for an innocent person to be found guilty We re all taught to believe in truth and justice, and it s quite a shock to find truth has nothing to do with it it s all an illusion And the odds are stacked in the prosecutions favor It s impossible for the average person to fight an entity with unlimited financial and manpower resour [...]

    4. I really thought I d love this tale being a motorsport fan and a true crime buff but it started in one time, the next chapter jumped forward, the next jumped forward but not so far and it wasn t made clear how far we were ahead or where we d reached I just got fed up as I don t want a book to be such hard going.

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