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L'angelo di nessuno By Karen Robards,

  • Title: L'angelo di nessuno
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gravata dall impegno di provvedere alla educazione delle sorelle pi giovani e di badare al padre, un predicatore battista rimasto vedovo in giovane et , quando lei era appena 14enne, Susannah Redmon si ormai rassegnata ad una vita di zittellaggio e trae tutta la sua soddisfazione dall occuparsi con a e competenza della famiglia.Il tranquillo anche se monotono andameGravata dall impegno di provvedere alla educazione delle sorelle pi giovani e di badare al padre, un predicatore battista rimasto vedovo in giovane et , quando lei era appena 14enne, Susannah Redmon si ormai rassegnata ad una vita di zittellaggio e trae tutta la sua soddisfazione dall occuparsi con a e competenza della famiglia.Il tranquillo anche se monotono andamento della sua esistenza viene per sconvolto quando al suo orizzonte appare Ian Connelly, un nobile inglese deportato nelle colonie e venduto come schiavo a tempo limitato a causa di un complotto ordito contro di lui dai suoi nemici.Allorch Susannahun p per compassione e in parte perch ha bisogno di un uomo che l aiuti a mandare avanti la fattoria, compera lo schiavo Connelly, la sua vita, lungi dal semplificarsi, viene profondamente scossa, perch da un lato si trova a dover proteggere le tre giovani sorelle da quello sconosciuto estremamente attraente e potenzialmente pericoloso, e dall altro finisce per innamorarsi inaspettatamente e completamente di lui
    L angelo di nessuno Gravata dall impegno di provvedere alla educazione delle sorelle pi giovani e di badare al padre un predicatore battista rimasto vedovo in giovane et quando lei era appena enne Susannah Redmon s

    One thought on “L'angelo di nessuno”

    1. The first half was wonderful, but definitely lost some of its sparkle after that 3.5 stars I was really looking forward to reading this book, as I love heroines who are plain, serious, on the shelf, and all that good stuff, lol Susannah definitely delivers on that end, but she s also much she s strong, generous, intelligent, and all around lovely She is essentially the head of her household, taking care of her three younger sisters and her absentminded father, who is a reverend Susannah has hel [...]

    2. I love historical romances featuring the plain, dried up old spinster I always end up rooting for them than the impossibly beautiful heroines with eyes that are limpid pools of whatever colour came up on the author s spin the wheel, pick an eye colour game Of course, she s not really plain, just ordinary And anyone who s read one of these books knows she ain t dried up neither just overlooked.Nobody s Angel is the story of one such spinster Susannah is a preacher s daughter stuck raising her 3 [...]

    3. ngerul nim nui este o superb poveste de dragoste, plin de n b d i, scris cu mult umor, care reu e te s te conving c sufletele pereche reu esc s se g seasc i s fie ferici i mpreun , dincolo de prejudec i i de barierele impuse de diferen ele de educa ie i de statut social.Recenzia mea delicateseliterare inge

    4. 3 STARS Susannah is the eldest of the Minister Redmon s daughter and the one that holds together the family and the community At 26 and unmarried she is considered a spinster and her 20 year old sister, Sarah Jane is next in line to marry and is now engaged to a young preacher Mandy at 17 years old is the beauty among her sisters and town and has men of all ages at her beckoning Youngest and plumpest, Emily at 15 years old is trying to keep up and mostly annoy her older sister, Mandy Susannah de [...]

    5. Basically the same plot as Sweet Release, which, as I just abandoned, I really don t know what I was thinking to attempt this one But what really made me throw in the towel on this one was the hero He is utterly infuriating I just have absolutely no patience for it Am I supposed to like a hero that openly taunts, mocks and antagonizes the heroine And any woman that falls for a man after behavior like this is an idiot And I don t suffer fools Not gladly At all And not to mention this book creates [...]

    6. Once upon a time I had a friend that used to fly through these type of romance novels They were cheap and easy ways then one and so she gave me sacks of them after she was done So for a while it is all I read because as I said they are cheap and easy.

    7. Beaufort, Carolinas, 1769.Susannah 26 is a Baptist preacher s eldest daughter and practically a mother to her sisters.She is the voice of authority in the house and in the community.Sarah Jane 20 is engaged to be married to another preacher.Mandy 17 is a typical young girl who likes the attention of men and wants to have fun.The youngest is Emily 15 ,who still is very much a child.One day Susannah realizes they need an able man to work their farm.She buys a convict from England,sentenced to 7 ye [...]

    8. I ve read this twice It s a fun story about a man sold into indentured slavery in the colonies There is adventure and romance.

    9. I was half way through the book and nobody was curious to know why the hero was accused, tried and found guilty of murder and who he supposedly murdered , or where he even came from

    10. I really enjoyed Nobody s Angel, but it wasn t one of my favorite Karen Robards novel The story line and plot were creative and interesting A Marquis betrayed who ended up as a bound servant to a preacher s family in the Carolinas, but some of the characters fell a little flat I think the book has a lot of potential, and was certainly enjoyable to read, but it could have been so much Susannah s character was a bit over the top in her criticism and anger Ian was a bit too much of a rake at times [...]

    11. Un altro grande romanzo di Karen Robards, che conferma di saper narrare con maestria e sensibilit emozioni e sensazioni intense, rendendo le sue storie vere e reali.Anche con Ian e Susannah non si smentisce Crea due personaggi dalle personalit sfaccettate, anche se nel corso del romanzo ci sono momenti meno riusciti, come la parte finale, probabilmente troppo affrettata, o alcuni momenti in cui gli atteggiamenti infantili ora di Ian, ora di Susannah, mi hanno, simpaticamente, innervosita.Tutta l [...]

    12. This is a cute book with pretty good characters What made it for me, though, was the humor, which was fantastic The beginning, with Susannah buying Ian as a slave was interesting annoying, the way she tried to lead him around on a leash, but she became nice pretty quick I found it irritating how she wouldn t believe a word out of his mouth In fact, I hated Susannah I liked Ian a lot though, and wished he would have had the sense to dump her and get with someone actually worthy of him She insulte [...]

    13. Susannah Redmon is the under appreciated older sister She has run the family since her mother died, for abt 10 years Her father is a preacher and hasn t a clue about the work involved in the running of his home The old, God will provide , Susannah is what God has provided.She makes up her mind to bid and purchases a man to work on the farm At the auction she buys Ian Connelly He has been beaten and starved, barely making it back to the farm with Savannah and her 3 sisters.With food and medical c [...]

    14. Well, it s kind of kitschy all over Indentured servant gets sent to the Colonies where he encounters the love of his life The guy has secrets which are fairly predictable Add to which, the heroine keeps falling into his arms without resolving some pretty serious concerns they do turn out to be misunderstandings, for the most part, but I lost respect for her because she didn t FIND OUT they were misunderstandings before she threw her skirts up again Anyway, now I ve read all Robards historicals G [...]

    15. Set in Carolina Decides to buy a bounded man to help with the farm work The man she bids on is violent looking and than half starved But when she gets him home and fed up, she freaks out how to keep him away from her 3 sisters Well she should have worried about herself and believed the stories that Ian tells her Travels back to London to confront the people who had him sent to the Colonies.

    16. Old time romance novel about an English marquis who is wrongly tried and sent to America as a bound servant He is bought by the daughter of a Carolina Babtist minister They eventually fall in love, return to England so he can regain his title and then live happily ever after in America we think I know I have read books from this author before.

    17. Susannah running her family farm, raising her 3 younger sisters, and helping her preacher father run the church She needs help so she decides to buy a msn Ian I s the Marquis of Derne and he I s betrayed and label as a criminal and is beaten, and is put up for sale Susannah buys him, and nurses his wounds but c an his passion free her imprisoned lonely heart.

    18. I am not a fan of historical, but I am a fan of Karen Robards I enjoyed the story Both Ian and Susannah for the strong personalities that they are There was something missing from the story, but I am not sure what it is It just didn t have the magic I am used to with the author.

    19. What can I say I love this book I have read it several times and once again I was riveted to it all night I read it in a one day I love Susannah, I love Ian and their love story is just so wonderful sigh

    20. Historical romance 1780 s North Carolina Dutiful spinstir eldest daughter buys a white convict Herione nurses hero back to health and discovers that he is in fact a Duke from England I liked it.

    21. This book was real pain in the ass to find since its out of print as well But everyone kept raving about the book and I just had to find out what the fuss was all about.My take on the book bit 96T4Xf

    22. An excellent read Timeperiod is set in the Carolina Colonies A young woman who barely holds her family together, purchases an indentured servant who is not at all what he seems Ms Robards does it again

    23. Riletto dopo un bel po di tempo Anzi lo avevo addirittura dimenticato Piacevole ritrovare questi due personaggi assolutamente cocciuti come muli e alla fine indissolubili tra di loro.

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