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Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World's Most Dangerous Waters By Derek Lundy,

  • Title: Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World's Most Dangerous Waters
  • Author: Derek Lundy
  • ISBN: 9780385720007
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • The best book ever written about the terrifying business of single handed sailing Lundy tells a harrowing tale, as tight and gripping as The Perfect Storm or Into Thin Air San Francisco ChronicleA chilling account of the world s most dangerous sailing race, the Vend e Globe, Godforsaken Sea is at once a hair raising adventure story, a graceful evocation of the sail The best book ever written about the terrifying business of single handed sailing Lundy tells a harrowing tale, as tight and gripping as The Perfect Storm or Into Thin Air San Francisco ChronicleA chilling account of the world s most dangerous sailing race, the Vend e Globe, Godforsaken Sea is at once a hair raising adventure story, a graceful evocation of the sailing life, and a thoughtful meditation on danger and those who seek it.This is the story of the 1996 1997 Vend e Globe, a solo sailing race that binds its competitors to just a few, cruelly simple rules around the world from France by way of Antarctica, no help, no stopping, one boat, one sailor The majority of the race takes place in the Southern Ocean, where icebergs and gale force winds are a constant threat, and the waves build to almost unimaginable heights As author Derek Lundy puts it try to visualize a never ending series of five or six story buildings moving toward you at about forty miles an hour The experiences of the racers reveal the spirit of the men and women who push themselves to the limits of human endeavor even if it means never returning home You ll meet the gallant Brit who beats miles back through the worst seas to save a fellow racer, the sailing veteran who calmly smokes cigarette after cigarette as his boat capsizes, and the Canadian who, hours before he disappears forever, dispatches this message If you drag things out too long here, you re sure to come to grief Derek Lundy elevates the story of one race into an appreciation of those thrill seekers who embody the most heroic and eccentric aspects of the human condition.
    Godforsaken Sea The True Story of a Race Through the World s Most Dangerous Waters The best book ever written about the terrifying business of single handed sailing Lundy tells a harrowing tale as tight and gripping as The Perfect Storm or Into Thin Air San Francisco ChronicleA chi

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    1. I am fascinated by people who desire living on the edge, and find experiencing their travails vicariously through books is the best for me, cause you wouldn t get me coming near the top of Everest or, in this case, sailing solo on a four month voyage around Antarctica and back to France Yep, these folks are crazy This book probably would have made a nice long article, and there were parts I just slipped through quickly, but it was still informative and thrilling Just the thought of sleeping in a [...]

    2. Enjoyed it Wonderful way to adventure vicariously, but also addresses the question of whether adventures as extreme dangerous as these should take place at all.Unusual with books on sailing, he explained nautical nomenclature where you ran into it you didn t have to constantly reference to another section of the book As a non sailor, I truly appreciate this And the explaining was often used as part of the stories, and therefore interesting.

    3. I was really fascinated by this book I had no past knowledge of or particular interest in ocean sailing, but this story just mesmerized me, and I still feel that way many years later What I noted at the time Very interesting story about the 1996 97 Vendee Globe, a single handed sailboat race from France to the perilous Southern Ocean, around Antarctica and back to France It generally lasts 3.5 months Just fascinating, and requires true courage It made me think of Into Thin Air, another favorite [...]

    4. Another gripping account of sailing, this time of the Vend e Globe a single handed, non stop, around the world race, which must count as one of the most audacious sporting events ever The descriptions of the Southern Ocean are terrifying, and the stories of the participants in this particular race 1996 7 are fascinating and sometimes bizarre I devoured the book over the course of some blustery nights on the coast of Ireland and enjoyed every minute of it.

    5. Detailed and through book on the 1996 1997 Vendee Globe race that covers not only much of the play by play action, but the visceral feel of the ocean and the challenges and decisions faced by the racers.

    6. Sail alone, in a sailboat, from Europe, around Antarctica, and back What could possibly go wrong This has to be one of the most crazy things anyone has ever come up with.

    7. Incredible High tension pressure, the unpredictability of mother nature, and the inspiring men and women who set out as single handed sailors in one of the toughest races in history.

    8. The subject is great and Lundy does a good job of explaining the technical aspects of sailing, but the writing isn t quite good enough to merit five stars.

    9. One hell of a story, and a great companion read to Pete Goss book, Close To The Wind about the same Vendee Globe race.

    10. The Vendee Globe race is thepinnacle for sailors who want topush their racing skills to the limit.It s a race around the world in single man, very high tech, fast sailboatsthat stretch technology and human enduranceto their limits The worst part of the25,000 mile race is the Southern Ocean, wherewaves reach unimaginable heights and the coldis never ending Virtually half the race, some13,000 miles of it takes place in these nightmarishconditions.The 1996 1997 race was typical of the fourteenmen a [...]

    11. I m working on a novel about the sea and of boating so I wanted to read great books about those subjects I then stumbled across this book The plot actually sounded interesting Lundy goes into so much detail Of course some of the terms he used I was not familiar with, but with a boating dictionary I surfed through this book with enough ease and surely by the end it left me with a hunger to experience such a miraculous event To experience this race against the open waters with not much but you and [...]

    12. Since I write naval fiction, I read A LOT of sea stories since that is the only way to get a good sense of what it is like to be in a terrible storm or just being at sea which, judging from diaries and letters, is often boring, even in wartime.This book is about a handful of people whose sanity one must call into question the men and women who sail, by themselves, through the most dangerous waters in the world in the Vendee Globe race which lasts at least four months For much of the time, they a [...]

    13. It was an interesting, but not nail biting As with my fascination with people who try to climb mountains that can kill them I like hearing about who these people are and what they are like What it takes from a personality standpoint, and equipment, preparation, fundraising and family life Your wife lets you do WHAT standpoint They doing something that can kill them, floating alone in a storm ravaged sea where boats tip over, the single sailor can get washed overboard and there is no one to call [...]

    14. This is the rollicking tale of an uber extreme solo yatching race which occurs every four years circumnavigating the treacherous seas of antartica Called the Vendee Globe, The author Lundy, himself an amateur sailor, follows the 1996 race He does a wonderful job of dumbing down the parlance of sailing for those of us who have ventured out in boats, but never alone His details of the sea dangerous ocean conditions, the emotional strain on the competitors, and the mindset of being at sea alone for [...]

    15. What an eye opener This solo sailing race around Antarctica has to be one of the greatest challenges for any person great details on weather patterns, boat building, and human resilience Like the author or someone said in the book The Mt Everest climb of sailing world, and It s another category of action to climb a mountain with Everest as the most extreme example Even then, the time of ultimate hazard lasts only a few days In the Everest of sailboat races, the action goes on for a long, long t [...]

    16. The skippers in this tale are far human than you would expect and also as beyond normal human as you would expect I also read the Everest version of this tale, John Krakauer s Into Thin Air which is advertised in the back of the version I read Everest is mentioned by a few of the sailors when trying to describe passage through the South Sea I am far from being an extreme sports s fan, even a plain ole sports fan but I appreciated the story that needed to be told in this book I need to know ther [...]

    17. I ve read several accounts of attempts to come to grips with the worst that Mother Nature can offer climbing Everest biographies, the Sidney to Hobart sailing disaster and others Such books are difficult to write well, there are multiple events happening at the same time, complex weather has to be explained to a layman reader, different individuals have to be detailed in a way that makes them accessible and interesting This one is unfortunately, weak in all those requirements The narrative is ch [...]

    18. I randomly picked this book off the shelf at my sister in law s, and I couldn t be happier that I did It chronicles the 1996 Vendee Globe, a race where single handed sailors circumnavigate Antartica The author cleverly weaves the story of the race around a history of single handed sailing and a basic introduction to the vagaries of climate and wind that sailors have encountered for hundreds of years A quick, entertaining read for anyone who d like a taste of adventure while sitting warm and safe [...]

    19. This book, a story about the solo unpowered bienniel sailboat race around antarctica, can best be summarized in the line about how treacherous the southern ocean is most people will never know weather as bad as the kind these sailors would routinely sail through The southern ocean is the most remote location on planet earth, and has the worst weather as well Knowing that, it s hard to conceive of some of the experiences these sailors went through this books was Gripping I gave it to my dad and h [...]

    20. It s quite a feat to make a subject like racing around the Southern Ocean by yourself into such a dull read So kudos, Derek Lundy He tells the story of the 1997 98 Vendee Globe solo circumnavigation race, in which 1 sailor, Gerry Roufs, was lost As fantastic as his descriptions are of the wind and waves in the Furious Fifties, the narrative is poorly organized and missing a central thread, thereby making it difficult to remember which racer is which, and even the chronology of the race itself.

    21. I had never heard of this race prior to reading the book These sailors are a pretty extraordinary group It would be difficult enough to spend 3 months alone on the ocean but having to sail through the tough Southern Seas would make even difficult Truly a great feat.The story was well written and kept me interested the entire way through I plan on following the 2012 race that starts next month I would recommend this book.

    22. I was pretty riveted by the tale of the Vendee Globe racers The writer did a good job communicating the alien nature of the environment these folks race in, and the special kind of people that choose to do so There was a little jumping around in the narrative that I found jarring, but perhaps it was meant to mirror the experiences of the skippers Worth a read for those who are interested in racing sailboats.

    23. Though not in the same company as Into Thin Air vis a vis edge of seat reading, Lundy still captures the spirit of the around the globe solo, unassisted sailing race through interviews with the sailors, a breed of unique people if there ever was one He also writes eloquently and at length of the nature of and challenges navigating the Southern Ocean, painting a picture of the most remote and if you re in a boat alone, dangerous places on earth It s compelling stuff to be sure.

    24. This book chronicles single hand solo sailing into the world s most dangerous seas the south ones This race takes MONTHS and these brave souls have only their GPS for company the whole while They saw off their toothbrush handles in effort to get rid of extra weight They tie themselves onto their beds rough seas for 20 minute naps This is fascinating stuff, perfect for armchair adventurers

    25. Great book It s amazing how even in this age of communication, sailors can still find a remote part of the world to sail in I ve done some amateur sailing when I was younger, so I understood many of the references, but I would not be able to face the 50 60 foot waves, the constant wind, and the threat of icebergs

    26. The author s description of the sport applies equally well to the reading experience physically and emotionally challenging, exciting and seemingly relentless highs, intense lulls, and the desire to quit on numerous occasions, just to name a few and, overall, very interesting for lack of a better word.

    27. It s not really finished but I gave the book to some guy I met yesterday in Germany who happens to have a boat after he promised to take me with him next time he sails to the UK, so for that I m going to mark it read, 4 starts, will be 5 if this guy honors his promise

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