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Holidays in Heck By P.J. O'Rourke,

  • Title: Holidays in Heck
  • Author: P.J. O'Rourke
  • ISBN: 9780802119858
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • P.J O Rourke is one of today s most celebrated political humorists, and has been hailed as the funniest writer in America by both Time and The Wall Street Journal Two decades ago he published the classic travelogue Holidays in Hell, in which he traversed the globe on a fun finding mission to what were then some of the most desperate places on the planet, including WarsP.J O Rourke is one of today s most celebrated political humorists, and has been hailed as the funniest writer in America by both Time and The Wall Street Journal Two decades ago he published the classic travelogue Holidays in Hell, in which he traversed the globe on a fun finding mission to what were then some of the most desperate places on the planet, including Warsaw, Managua, and Belfast.In Holidays in Heck, P.J embarks on supposedly comfortable and allegedly less dangerous travels often with family in tow which mostly leave him wishing he were under artillery fire again The essays take O Rourke on a whirlwind of adventures, beginning at the National Mall in Washington, which he describes as having been designed with the same amazing greatest generation aesthetic sensibility that informed his parents living room We follow him as he takes his family on a ski vacation to the Aspen of the Midwest Ohio where the highest point of elevation is the six food ski instructor that his wife thinks is cute And later he experiences a harrowing horseback ride across the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.The result is a hilarious and often moving portrait of life in the fast lane only this time as a husband and father.
    Holidays in Heck P J O Rourke is one of today s most celebrated political humorists and has been hailed as the funniest writer in America by both Time and The Wall Street Journal Two decades ago he published the clas

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    1. I m generally a P.J O Rourke fan, and I have enjoyed many of his books, my favorites being Eat the Rich and All the Trouble in the World, but Holidays in Heck was a bit of a disappointment The book just wasn t as funny as most of his other works I chuckled here and there, but it dragged in too many parts I did get an entertaining conversation out of my eight year old daughter, however, when she saw me reading this book Daughter Mom, you shouldn t be reading that in front of me Me Why Daughter Be [...]

    2. What happens when you take a retired war correspondent and get him to write a book about vacations You get one of the best fish out of water books I ve read in a long time.Funny, thought provoking, and cringe inducing in equal measures Extremely enjoyable read.Highly recommended.

    3. I hated every one of the first ten pages of this and cannot continue I think that Holidays in hell was the last time he was truly funny.

    4. An amusing compilation of essays about traveling to strange and unusual places one of O Rourke s specialties.Although I find some of his political views overbearing, I don t particularly mind he s funny That s what I read him for This selection has some really droll and lackluster bits that wouldn t fit well, but there are some pieces which make the whole thing better the China and Kyrgyzstan bits are great.Decent, if you don t mind skipping around.

    5. I m a long teim PJ O Rourke fan Age, a health scare, marriage and 3 kids has mellowed him a little PJ travels with the family and these accounts are very funny he also does some solo trips I skimmed through some of the chapter One of my faves was titled Sweet Sour Children and Twice Fried Parents a chapter on the O Rourkes in Hong Kong.

    6. There were a few good chapters, but a lot of this is travel for rich people, which can be interesting Not so much with a tone of Republican snideness And the religious pieties were way overblown for my taste.

    7. I have not even finished this book yet and I m unsure whether I will even do it , but I have to take three stars away from my dear friend P J O Rourke I loved Holidays in Hell It s one of the funniest books I ve ever read and as a journalist although I never even came close to the war sceneries and gang territories he describes it feels quite familiar So I had very high hopes for this one Sadly, they were not fulfilled I have read about five of the stories so far and they are dull, slow, and ver [...]

    8. While cruising the library shelves at my age that s about the only thing left to cruise this one grabbed my attention I believe it was the word Holidays along with a family crammed in a car shouting vacation coming The first book I ve read by this author I found his humor funny and sarcastic reminds me of my family and friends There are a few family vacations but many were solo holidays how can anyone leave time without the entire family in tow I did not find this a quick read even at 265 pages [...]

    9. When baseball salaries started to rise through the stratosphere, somebody thought to ask Mickey Mantle how much he d make if he were playing now He guessed that he d make a million dollars a year, maybe two The questioner pointed out that the best players were making many multiples of that per year Mantle supposedly responded that, well, you gotta remember, I m sixty five years old.It is simply a fact that Holidays in Heck is not as funny as Holidays in Hell, in the same way that it is a fact th [...]

    10. Holidays in Hell is one of my favorite books, it made me laugh so hard I cried, and I was expecting some of the same stuff here I guess age and fatherhood have smoothed O Rourke s edges The first chapter, about a Republican cruise of the Galapagos, was unimpressive aside from the revulsion I felt at the passengers being interested in clever quips than in the natural wonder they d come to see In this book, O Rourke mixes solo trips with family trips, and he does a passable job of not making the [...]

    11. This was my first P.J O Rourke experience I expected a humorous travel narrative, but got a series of magazine assignments he s written over the past decade that took him to England, Asia and Afghanistan A few of the essays covered family vacations in Ohio, Hong Kong, and Disney World The assortment included his personal experience with cancer treatment Being pretty much the opposite of the author in lifestyle, gender, religious beliefs, and political affiliation, I was relying on his humor to w [...]

    12. So, how does a former war correspondent learn to vacation when there is now a crew of significant others to cart along Can said significant others safely go to the same haunts as their father did during war years What s it like to go horse riding in Kyrgyzstan and does that count as a vacation or life adventure Cancer treatment as a vacation Answers and humorous ones at that are found in this tome from P.J O Rourke.While the open mouthed guffaws may have been a bit far between, the chuckles abou [...]

    13. In case you aren t familiar with him, O Rourke is a bestselling author who is best known as a political humorist I really like his very dry sense of humor, so I enjoyed Holidays in Heck This collection is, for the most part, about his family although politics can t help but seep into his stories He is still a curmudgeon if anything, even than when he wrote Holidays in Hell a couple of decades ago His tongue in cheek style could be easily misinterpreted by anyone who isn t used to his incredibly [...]

    14. Former war correspondent P.J O Rourke, tired and too old for danger, takes on a series of supposedly safer, comfortable journeys This time he has his family, including his children with him His journeys include our nation s capital, skiing in Ohio, and a horseback trek in Kyrgystan O Rourke is funny I found the book entertaining, for the most part, especially his interactions with the communist business capitalists This is my term If there is a fault to this work, it is the over coverage of his [...]

    15. It lacks the oomph that comes with reporting from war zones, but PJ is still one of the sharpest journalists alive This book doesn t quite have the political edge of most of his writing, but there are still some sharp and subtle observations going on he skewers the politically correct leanings and rewritten history of museums and declares the awesome might of a US Aircraft carrier to be the embodiment of why John McCain should have become President.A sombre, but still funny, chapter on his expe [...]

    16. Not some of PJ s most hilarious work, but passable This is a followup to the political humorist s Holidays in Hell The travels this time include Kabul, Hong Kong, and the Galapagos.He makes light of both modern and prehistoric residents of North America while visiting the Ancient Americans exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago.He takes a serious bent when visiting the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C.He recounts an old visit as a 10 year old to the House of the Future and TomorrowLand at Disne [...]

    17. In Holidays in Heck, P.J O Rourke humorist, journalist, and political writer hovers between writing a travelogue and humor book and doesn t quite succeed in either.Split in to essays covering stories of trips to China, the Galapagos Islands, and Ohio, among others,O Rourke shares the perils of travel, often focusing on travel with family Though O Rourke s essays are tinged with his right leaning political views, they only become overbearing and potentially offensive in the essay discussing the 2 [...]

    18. Nowhere near as good as Holidays in Hell, I think P J is getting bored, or his priorities have certainly changed with a wife and 3 kids There is barely any material to get under the skin of liberals, environmentalists, or Europeans, which is too bad, because that is what made his previous books so entertaining If you like P J then there is probably enough in this book to warrant reading it If this is your first P.J O Rourke book, read Holidays In Hell, Parliament Of Whores, or All The Trouble In [...]

    19. A book of travel essays Some were pleasant to read, others were marred by the author s attempt at conservative humor They were interesting when he stuck to observations about travelling with his children the ski vacation in Ohio , or his trips to China and the Three Gorges Dam Less interesting when there was some political point he had to make Why, for example, did the essay about the awe and wonder of how an aircraft carrier works, need to be a jab at Pres Obama Not sure Anyway, passed the tim [...]

    20. The chapters on travels to China including Hong Kong and to Kyrgyzstan were interesting His neocon world view is unjustifiable in terms of economics and blood His descriptions of the lake activities while being treated for cancer are in the style of Kuralt If this book was a best seller as claimed on the price tag, I would have to say that it was purchased and rated because of past glories rather than as a serious or introspective piece.

    21. I m not usually one to pick up a volume of political essays, though I ve been fond of O Rourke s writing since an ex introduced me to it This collection has sufficient non political travel tales that non political junkies can also enjoy it though they may say huh at some political references and have to turn to Google to get a joke or two I like the family stories, the travel stories, and the general humor of the book.

    22. O Rourke at his flippant finest Dealing with the four seasons dove, ducks, deer and quail , life and death, skiing and anything else he felt like writing about, the book is a delight.He also tips his hat to Humboldt, and I accept the wry criticism as entirely too accurate, but short on weed Here is the lizard version of moving to Humboldt County, California, growing your own vegetables, and weaving your clothes from hemp.

    23. This book isnt the kind of book that I normally read, but having received a copy of this I thought I would give it a go I surprised myself to find that I really did enjoy it One or two of the places mentioned in the book I had previously visited and there was lots of interesting facts, that I didnt know about them, so it made it a very interesting read

    24. I find O Rourke an intelligent and witty Republican, except when he talks too much politics He only did that a couple times in this book of essays, about short trips written over a three year period My favorites were about a ski resort and a horse trek in Kyrgyzstan He calls his kids Muffin, Poppet, and Buster.

    25. Like many of these types of books, there are good chapters and uninteresting chapters I am learning that I can skip the ones that don t interest me and still read the ones that do The essay on the Airbus planes was fascinating knowing that the life like wing material was made just down the road at my favorite aluminum company added to the story.

    26. Larger than normal print in this volume either PJ is trying to appeal to an older audience or he s padding his books Would like to see one collection of essays that are rooted in journalism rather than travel writing for the sake of travel writing.

    27. PJ O Rourke is entertaining as ever This is a collection of his essays some funnier than others At times I have a bit of difficulty looking past his very overt right republican views, but he s humorous

    28. PJ O Rourke is the only designated Republican that I ll read I ve always enjoyed his books Loved Eat the Rich and a couple of others This book, while entertaining, did not have the same sense of style as some of his older titles He is, though, still fun to read.

    29. P.J O Rourke is one of the best humorous authors working today I will read anything he writes and laugh These accounts of places you mostly won t want to go to will keep you chuckling the entire time.

    30. read on audiobook, great narrator PJ s conservative snarkiness has not been well served by parenthood I used to really enjoy his books in the 80s and 90s but the newer ones just aren t funny enough for me.

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