[KINDLE] ✓ Millions Like Us: Women's Lives in War and Peace 1939-1949 | by ☆ Virginia Nicholson

Millions Like Us: Women's Lives in War and Peace 1939-1949 By Virginia Nicholson,

  • Title: Millions Like Us: Women's Lives in War and Peace 1939-1949
  • Author: Virginia Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9780670917785
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Millions Like Us Virginia Nicholson tells the story of the women s Second World War, through a host of individual women s experiences We tend to see the Second World War as a man s war, featuring Spitfire crews and brave deeds on the Normandy beaches But in conditions of Total War millions of women in the Services and on the Home Front demonstrated that they werIn Millions Like Us Virginia Nicholson tells the story of the women s Second World War, through a host of individual women s experiences We tend to see the Second World War as a man s war, featuring Spitfire crews and brave deeds on the Normandy beaches But in conditions of Total War millions of women in the Services and on the Home Front demonstrated that they were cleverer, broad minded and altogether complex than anyone had ever guessed Millions Like Us tells the story of how these women loved, suffered, laughed, grieved and dared how they re made their world in peacetime And how they would never be the same again Vividly entertaining, uplifting and humbling, Millions Like Us deserves to be a bestseller Bel Mooney, The Daily Mail Passionate, fascinating, profoundly sympathetic Artemis Cooper, Evening Standard Virginia Nicholson was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and grew up in Yorkshire and Sussex She studied at Cambridge University and lived abroad in France and Italy, then worked as a documentary researcher for BBC Television Her books include the acclaimed social history Among the Bohemians Experiments in Living 1900 1939, and Singled Out How Two Million Women Survived Without Men after the First World War, both published by Penguin in 2002 and 2007 She is married to a writer, has three children and lives in Sussex.
    Millions Like Us Women s Lives in War and Peace In Millions Like Us Virginia Nicholson tells the story of the women s Second World War through a host of individual women s experiences We tend to see the Second World War as a man s war featuring S

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    1. I saw this reviewed in the Guardian Weekly and knew immediately I wanted to read it I was not disappointed This is a book that can never be written again as it is based on in depth interviews with some 50 women who lived through WW 2 and its aftermath, chronicling their heroically ordinary lives, fears and thoughts over than 10 years For some it appeared to be the only time they had been able to talk honestly about their experiences Virginia Nicholson s women weren t chosen randomly they were t [...]

    2. Very good Well researched with many first hand accounts, it s one of the best non fiction books I ve read about women on the Home Front in Britain during World War II.

    3. A rather sobering story about the women in Britain during the second world war with examples from many different women, through their diaries, biographies and interviews with them now, women from all parts of society and all parts of the country Their experiences both similar and different give a vivid picture of some really hard and trying times It s not dramatic as war time stories usually are, because their lives were seldom at the front, their lot was to make the everyday life work, and tryi [...]

    4. This was a fascinating book about the way lives of British women were transformed during the Second World War Left behind to run every think from families to bomb products and making aircraft Britain could not have done what she did without the use of millions of women while their men did the fighting They were involved in many roles from administration through to heavy industry and even gunnery in anti aircraft guns This very sympathetically and well written account of different women s live du [...]

    5. I found this a fascinating window into women s lives in WWII The author follows many women, from a wide variety of social classes, occupations, and backgrounds through the war, including the introduction of female conscription I found it hard to keep track of all the women, and so didn t feel much connection to many, but the overall picture, of the changes demanded of women and how that did and didn t change society as a whole, as well as what changed back after the war, were very interestingly [...]

    6. LOVE LOVE LOVE Why do people not know about this book It s truly amazing I don t read very much nonfiction, but this book makes me want to read It is shocking, heartbreaking, funny, tragic, uplifting, terrifying, and fascinating Nicholson brings together dozens of individual lives so different, but all with one glaring thing in common They were the women of World War II They were factory workers, nurses, housewives, code breakers, clippies, ambulance drivers, mothers, singers, and air raid war [...]

    7. This book was an excellently written and enjoyable study of the period I couldn t put it down I recommend it to anyone interested in women s lives, British history and or the Second World War.I must say, however, that I found it regrettable that the book completely ignored lesbians For such a thorough and well researched book about women of all ages, walks of life and regions a book that put great emphasis on their love and sex lives it was a shame that the only mention was of one woman being hi [...]

    8. In my final term at university, I studied a module on 1940s Film and Literature and basically I fell in love with a whole different time period You may or may not have noticed that I love history on a completely amateur basis For me, this is the best way, I seriously considered studying it at university but decided not to, this way I don t have to do the research, I just read the books so I still get the stories For me, history at its best is a collection of well written stories and in this resp [...]

    9. I adore history, particularly that which deals with women, and Nicholson has presented her information so well in this book She states that she wanted to find out not only what the did in the war, but what the war did to them and how it changed their subsequent lives and relationships Nicholson has focused upon a wealth of women from so many different walks of life, merging history with biography, and bringing some fascinating characters to the forefront of her work We meet, through her words, f [...]

    10. I have really enjoyed Simon Garfield s selections of Mass Observation diaries, such as Our Hidden Lives, and I adored Nella Last s War This book is in the same vein and is full of vivid, sometimes shocking, reminiscences by women from a wide range of backgrounds, about their war experiences and the often very difficult adjustments afterwards Fascinating my major criticism was that with so many women and a decade long story told in chronological order, it was hard to keep track of who was who, an [...]

    11. A brilliantly, meticulously researched book and a pleasure to read Such a range of experiences from women in all walks of life and in a variety of situations hospitals, Bletchley, factories, farms, town, city, countryside Amusing, distressing, frightening and uplifting stories in the words of the women who lived them For anyone who wants to get an incite into those who lived through the Second World War off the battlefield, then I can highly recommend Millions Like Us I look forward to reading a [...]

    12. I loved this book I am really interested in the social history side of the second world war, especially regarding the changes to the lives of women This book has a great collection of diary extracts and stories from a wide range of women from housewives to Wrens It does jump between characters but I did not find that a problem as I liked the fact that you got to find out what different women with different roles were doing at the same point in time.

    13. A fascinating read, following the lives of a dozen women of various ages and backgrounds and the changes inn their lives over the course of WW2.d, most interestingly, what happened once peace came The seeds of the feminist revolution that came a few decades later were sown, but many were keen for life to resume as it was, which made things very complicated Absolutely enthralling to read and an impressive piece of work, I highly recommend it.

    14. Fascinating a look at how the lives and expectations of women were turned upside down by the second world war A particularly interesting read in conjunction with another book by Nicolson Singled Out which complements this nicely being about how the excess women after WWI carved careers and influenced society

    15. Very sobering and in depth look at the experiences of all sorts of seemingly ordinary women during a war that challenged british strength and pysche Based on the mass observation findings, diaries, interviews and other original sources Millions Like Us weaves their stories chronologically throughout the Second World War.

    16. Radio 4 Book of the Week May 2 6, 20112.5 stars probably works better as a physical book where you can flip pages back The abridgment gave me plenty of good bits of stories and a general sense of the attitudes of the time, but I was never able to keep track of who was who or if it was even important I had a near identical experience with another BBC reading from this same author.

    17. The recollections and reflections of a number British women during World War II, from various social classes and working in a variety of jobs military, industrial, agricultural, forestry, marine, infrastructure, transport, etc These material was wonderfully managed by Nicholson, who neatly incorporates individual experiences with the broader view.

    18. Ooops I had been logging the episodes to another book with the same title and same subject, by Jennifer Hartley and published 1997 So was there a need for this book at all LOL

    19. Now I ve got past the introduction, I can t put this book down, it s really informative and written in a very accessible way Highly recommended if you re interested in the social history side of WW2.

    20. Drawn from countless first person narratives many of which I d like to read in their entirety , this is very readable, and just plain fascinating Sadly, I don t think it s in print in the US, and I ended up buying a copy from England via.

    21. I took a while to get into the form of jumping quickly between different characters then next thing I knew, I was crying on the bus reading about a nurse in the Blitz.

    22. Really enjoyable, documenting all types of women with many different roles during the world Brilliant to have a book about the war solely from a female perspective.

    23. Fantastic Highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone It really made me start to consider things that i had never given any thought too.

    24. Unlike most books I mark with 5 stars, I don t need to reread this one It was a very thorough book on British women during WWII and just after It was well written and showed the diversity of classes and experiences for these women I definitely learned a lot from the book and have a greater appreciation of their tribulations.

    25. This was a great read that I enjoyed reading a great deal It portrays the lives of women who lived during the Second World War The ones who joined the war effort and the many fresh opportunities that it gave to women that had never existed before the war, it also covers the range of difficulties the women faced with the restrictins of rationing and the dangers of bombing Aslso the worries over their menfolk who were fighting overseas, this is a great read for anyone who has an interest in womens [...]

    26. Very informative and highly readable Some excellent excerpts from published and unpublished writings of women of this era, supplemented by interviews carried out in old age.But also quite irritating with it s airey fairy editorialising, its sweeping generalisations and its huge unconscious class bias.I have blogged at length about this and Singled Out How Two Million Women Survived Without Men After the First World War on my blog gertsamtkunstwerk.typepad.u

    27. This is a fantastic piece of historical research and a wonderful, gripping piece of writing The subject matter British women of all ages and from all walks of life caught up in the long grind of the years of the second world war Stories of those in active service and those living and working on the home front Personal and yet sweeping in it s coverage, it s a gem Hard to put down Great achievement.

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