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Geomancer By Don Callander,

  • Title: Geomancer
  • Author: Don Callander
  • ISBN: 9780441280360
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the sequel to Pyromancer, the Stone Warrior tribe, turned from ordinary men and women into strong, eighteen foot tall idiots, experiences another adventure.
    Geomancer In the sequel to Pyromancer the Stone Warrior tribe turned from ordinary men and women into strong eighteen foot tall idiots experiences another adventure

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    1. Geomancer is a fantasy novel by Don Callendar, the third in a series In this installment, the heroes are faced with several problems One is a village of stone giants who long to be human again Then they must also unravel the precarious political position in Choin Thirdly, they must prepare for Douglas and Myrn s wedding.Don Callendar s novels are rather like grown up L Frank Baum books Like Oz, his world has an endearing mix of warmth and fun, sprinkled with talking animals, crazy creatures, and [...]

    2. Nice, easy read Average fantasy storytelling with an engaging cast and fun plot, if an occasionally muddled one Marbleheart is still my favorite.I have the same issue with this book as with the others, bad proofreading Very bad Much worse than the first two Mundania Press really needs to pay attention to what they re doing.

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