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Viết By Marguerite Duras Trần Văn Công,

  • Title: Viết
  • Author: Marguerite Duras Trần Văn Công
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Bìa mềm
  • Ch nh khi trong nh l l c ng i ta c m th y c n V kh ng ph i ngo i m l trong nh Trong c ng vi n c chim, c m o V m t l n c n c c m t con s c, m t con ch n h ng Ng i ta kh ng c n khi trong c ng vi n Nh ng khi trong nh , ng i ta c n n n i i khi ng i ta l c l i Vi t kh ng ch l cu n s ch v v n ch ng m c n l cu n s ch v n i c Ch nh khi trong nh l l c ng i ta c m th y c n V kh ng ph i ngo i m l trong nh Trong c ng vi n c chim, c m o V m t l n c n c c m t con s c, m t con ch n h ng Ng i ta kh ng c n khi trong c ng vi n Nh ng khi trong nh , ng i ta c n n n i i khi ng i ta l c l i Vi t kh ng ch l cu n s ch v v n ch ng m c n l cu n s ch v n i c n, kh ng ch l cu n s ch d nh cho c c nh v n m c n l cu n s ch d nh cho b t k ai s ng trong l a ch n t ch bi t v im l ng y c coi l ch c th v n ch ng c a Marguerite Duras, l m t t c ph m c bi t trong s c c t c ph m n i ti ng c a n v n s t i danh n y.
    Vi t Ch nh khi trong nh l l c ng i ta c m th y c n V kh ng ph i ngo i m l trong nh Trong c ng vi n c chim c m o V m t l n c n c c m t con s c m t con ch n h ng Ng i ta kh ng c n khi trong c ng vi n Nh ng

    One thought on “Viết”

    1. A rather slight piece containing what appears to be some of the thoughts floating about in Duras head on the subject of writing, circa 1993 These tend to take the form of short paragraphs or single lines, though two at least become vignettes and chapters of a sort Overall, the work gives the impression of the sort of notes you might write when preparing to give a speech where you want just the right phrase attacking and re attacking a single idea from different angles.At first, Duras thoughts fo [...]

    2. This collection includes five short pieces, of which I was most interested in Writing In fact, I initially thought that the whole book was about writing, so that was slightly disappointing, albeit my own fault What was seriously disappointing was the collection itself, which really wasn t as interesting or as good as I had expected it to be Only Writing was worth reading, if I m honest, and even that only had its moments, with an occasional passage that stood out Perhaps if I had previously rea [...]

    3. I borrowed this from the library expecting it to be entirely about a single subject writing It isn t There are five chapters each chapter is a stand alone story.The first chapter titled Writing is by far my favorite It s beautiful and calming It discusses the process of writing and its intimate connection with solitude.Writers crave solitude, yet there is something suicidal in a writer s solitude The second chapter is about a young British pilot who tragically dies at the age of 20, on the day W [...]

    4. Cinco textos, entre ensaios e contos.Escrever 5 A morte do jovem aviador ingl s 4 Roma 4 O n mero puro 3 A exposi o da pintura 2 Gostei sobretudo do primeiro texto, que aborda a necessidade da solid o para escrever, da maneira muito crua da autora Tamb m s o abordados outros temas, como a morte, a guerra, a paix o, a cria o art stica A morte de uma mosca a morte a morte em marcha em dire o a um certo fim do mundo, que alarga o campo do ltimo sono Vemos morrer um c o, vemos morrer um cavalo e diz [...]

    5. Ba, hay b n ng y m, nh t nh ch ng l m g , ch ng l m g ch nh t nh kh ng l m g c , tr n vi c, kh ng ngh t i c c deadlines, c ch m m m t m nh m t c i, v quy t nh ch c v c l i M.Duras, sau m t cu c n i chuy n d i th t d i v b T t c nh ng cu n s ch m nh c c l i ra, x p c nh u gi ng, v c h c l c m nh kh ng bi t l m nh ang c, c ch c, c l i, c h t, kh ng ph i c n a p ng n Th i B nh D ng, Vi t, T nh, Ng i t nh, Ng i t nh Hoa B c, N i au, Hiroshima T nh y u c a t i, N i am m c a Lol Stein H nh nh c n thi [...]

    6. El estilo de Duras me gusta bastante, pero la verdad a veces es demasiado rara para m No s Me gusta pero a medias.

    7. Este libro no contiene grandes reflexiones y conocimientos sobre el mundo de la escritura, m s bien son palabras de una escritora contadas de una forma preciosa y conmovedora Acaso existe algo m s importante que los sentimientos reales de una persona que se dedica a contarnos sus historias Un escritor es algo extra o Es una contradicci n y tambi n un sinsentido Escribir tambi n es no hablar Es callarse Es aullar sin ruido Un escritor es algo que descansa, con frecuencia, escucha mucho No habla m [...]

    8. I m not exaggerating when I say that this book is my Bible I think every writer should read it, especially if you are someone who writes in a literary style or in an experimental and unconventional style I also recommend Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke Both of these books have been essential to my own awakening and evolution as a writer.

    9. Bu kad na bay l yorum Yazar olma yolunda nemli bir temel sa lad benim i in yaz m tarz n ok benimsiyorum b y k ihtimal en ok ilham alaca m yazarlar n ba nda gelecek

    10. I didn t jump on the Duras bandwagon in the wake of the astonishing success of The Lover, primarily because of her connection with the Nouveau roman, which I find tedious and pretentious In grad school I had to read Robbe Grillet s For A New Novel and hated its combination of the obvious and the tautological masquerading as profundity To wit In one of the essays he states that it is chiefly in its presence that the world s reality resides Gee You don t say Let me write that down And where should [...]

    11. If I could give it zero stars, I would this is some of the most pointless, incoherent stuff I ve ever read to boot, it s not interesting, so it s just a tumble of words If this is indeed the way she thinks thought, I m exasperated.She keeps going over her topics in circles, repeating things over and over.And no, I really don t think I m being too harsh this woman is a hypocrite and a mysogonistic feminist How can one be a mysogonistic feminist By thinking women are useless, but not me, I m a spe [...]

    12. xoxoxoe 2011 11 m Writing is a stream of consciousness collection of essays by French author and film director Marguerite Duras, best known for her novel The Lover and her screenplay for the film Hiroshima Mon Amour.One of her last books, Writing reads as a running meditation on the act of writing She touches on the many subjects, especially death, that have compelled her to write As much as she directs some of her prose to the reader, the essays quite often seem like Duras s dialogue, discussio [...]

    13. Beautiful, profound I read this very very slowly The pace and the tone were akin to poetry than prose There was a great sense of wisdom throughout clearly Duras is a woman who thinks with great care and passion and continues employing those as she tries to write to express her findings and feelings to others I wrote down lots of quotes.

    14. Translator Ahmed El Madini The Arabic translation was very allegiant and beautiful, it makes me feel so high Unfortunately, I found some mistakes in Arabic grammar and in words can t be considered as standard Arabic words.My rate for translation My rate for book content

    15. Inter s i desenvolupament irregulars M ha interessat sobretot Escribir per raons evidents La muerte del aviador ingl s se m ha fet feixuc, repetitiu Dels altres textos m ha agradat Roma La Duras em costa, generalment, per entretallada i dispersa M interessa per m ennuega.

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