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Chemical Chaos By Nick Arnold Tony De Saulles,

  • Title: Chemical Chaos
  • Author: Nick Arnold Tony De Saulles
  • ISBN: 9780590108850
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • What makes a stink bomb stink Why aren t glass eyes made of glass Bubbling over with chaotic chemistry facts, this book also reveals the secrets of some very strange scientists, offers experiments to try at home, and much
    Chemical Chaos What makes a stink bomb stink Why aren t glass eyes made of glass Bubbling over with chaotic chemistry facts this book also reveals the secrets of some very strange scientists offers experiments to

    One thought on “Chemical Chaos”

    1. Bu kitaba bir eyler yazmasam olmaz ocukken okudu um en g zel kitapt , ka kez okudu umu hat rlam yorum, o derece O kadar e leniyordum ki her defas nda inde g zel bilgilerin, deneylerin yer almas n n yan s ra karikat rler de vard Arka kapa nda Bilim hi bu kadar e lenceli olmam t yaz yor ve ok do ru uan tekrar okuyas m geldi diyebilirim.

    2. I can t really count how many times I ve read this book while growing up This book is the reason I m a chemical engineer today Reading all books in this series was a goal that I had when I was 10 and I read about 6 or 7 books but not all so I m gonna finish them now Honestly I ve enjoyed this book and others in this series so much.

    3. I ve never liked these Horrible Histories Science books that much but this has to be my favourite It was engaging all the way through and the quizzes and experiments were interactive and fun There were tons of topics I recognized from my Chemistry GCSE, plus it had lots about the history of famous scientists and discoveries which was really interesting, so it s definitely educational too A great book for kids interested in chemistry

    4. This taught me genuinely fascinating things, including how one famous diamond drove everyone who touched it mad, and how volcanoes in South Africa and elsewhere are rich sources of diamonds One star off for a really grim focus on poisons and other chemistry induced mortification.

    5. It was a good book Maybe a couple things you don t know.nd of funnels, beakers, flasks, thermometers, test tubes, filter paper, hot plates, droppers, spectroscopes, gas chromatograph Then we find out how Perkin made the dye, not the dye you use to make somebody die like the word death, actually the things that you color with I think that artificial limbs should be made of metal not plastic I learned that they are plastic in this book, and that if you bury one underground it will rot, so will dru [...]

    6. This book did not have a plot It had a bunch of plots referring to history about how idiotic scientists came to achieve outstanding discoveries, or made items that endangered the race of man Chemical Chaos was really a funny way to feature biology and science because there were clear explainations and funny of all, it had comics to explain the specific effect of that chemical All towards this present day, we have science in our lives This book explains many things that we use in real life and ta [...]

    7. Chemicals are dangerous, but also interesting This book tells about liquids, solids, gases, acids, bases, and chemical reactions I like the part of the solids metals because they are interesting One part is very confusing It says that a baby boy is carbon Who would believe that piece of rubbish We are not only made of atoms There are some loose electrons inside us Otherwise, we will have no brain I need to know what atoms everyday needs are made of.

    8. this book is awesome in a wayi liked how this writing book style is really different from other nonfiction booksit has cool facts like half the silver coins we produce gets lost and others that have to do with science

    9. This is a very clever little book I wish science was still taught this way to students as they grow academically but unfortunately this does not happen Everything becomes strict and boring GREAT WAY TO GET CHILDREN INTERESTED IN CHEMISTRY

    10. This book is great fun to read with interesting little titbits and plenty of things to try.ough I would probably not go for the making a diamond turn into a cloud of carbon dioxide as this may upset a few peoplemely the owner of said diamond A well targeted and fun read, even at my age

    11. Really funny and apparently krypton has been found floating around in space I guess that s why they named it krypton.

    12. This book is about famous people who have done science experiments but have done silly mistakes Very funny and interesting

    13. This was a very nice book I like Chemistry and this was entertaining to read I learned a few interesting facts about acid and diamonds, it was very pleasant.

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