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Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis By Lauren F. Winner,

  • Title: Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis
  • Author: Lauren F. Winner
  • ISBN: 9780061768118
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following up her highly acclaimed Girl Meets God, author Lauren F Winner has written an engrossing reflection of literary grace and spiritual wisdom with Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis.As she lives through a failed marriage and the loss of her mother, Winner finds her Christian faith slipping away Through reading religious works and tomes and being counseled by leadeFollowing up her highly acclaimed Girl Meets God, author Lauren F Winner has written an engrossing reflection of literary grace and spiritual wisdom with Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis.As she lives through a failed marriage and the loss of her mother, Winner finds her Christian faith slipping away Through reading religious works and tomes and being counseled by leaders of the church, she learns she must find the courage to trust in God in order to to find His presence.Elegantly written and profound, Still offers reflections on how murky and gray the spiritual life can be while, at the same time, shows us how to see the light we do encounter clearly.
    Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis Following up her highly acclaimed Girl Meets God author Lauren F Winner has written an engrossing reflection of literary grace and spiritual wisdom with Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis As she lives

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    1. Dark Night of the Evangelical Hipster ChickAfter reading an advance copy of Lauren Winner s new forthcoming in February memoir Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis, it occurred to me that far egocentric than writing a book all about oneself is the feat of writing a book all about oneself and trying to play it off as a book about anyone or anything else.Further, the one thing outrageously premature and obnoxious than writing a memoir a spiritual memoir, no less before old or even middle age or eve [...]

    2. 2.5 stars I have mixed feelings about this book I was not a huge fan of Winner s debut book a spiritual memoir Girl Meets God I found the writing too clever, too self conscious, and, while she comes across as honest in a way that is meant to be real and raw, I often felt that what was passing for honesty was still a studied attempt at creating a particular image of who she had been and who she had become Of course, to some extent, that s what memoir is, I suppose.Stillis not as glib as Girl Meet [...]

    3. This was a sad book An honest, beautiful collection of thoughts, experiences and reflections on faith and doubt, despair and flickers of hope Though it was an easy read, I put it down partway through and didn t resume til the library due date loomed large.In part, I felt responsible for her spiritual crisis I devoured and loved all her previous books, putting her on a pedestal of sorts Perhaps I should have regarded her as sister than teacher, fellow sojourner than guru I can t imagine the pre [...]

    4. I read Lauren Winner s Still when it was first published in 2012 though my brain has mis remembered this event as taking place years earlier, when I lived in an entirely different state, for some reason I remember not liking it much, then Part of the problem was what I was expecting from Still I d stumbled across Girl Meets God, the memoir of her conversion first to Orthodox Judaism and then to Protestantism, years earlier, and read it twice in one weekend because I liked it so much I liked her [...]

    5. This was well written and thoughtful book, but I just didn t connect with the author She had some interesting things to say about the middle time of faith especially in the part where she discusses the middle voice in Greek , but mostly, it just felt very dry and distant, like Winner was holding her experiences, and therefore the reader, at arm s length Sometimes, I even felt like writing this memoir was an intellectual exercise in navel gazing, like she was talking around God, looking for God i [...]

    6. A really good, short read Finished it in two sittings I really love Winner s transparency and honesty in this book as well as the various authors and poetry referenced throughout.

    7. Winner found God and related her experience of discovering God and converting from Judaism to Christianity in Girl Meets God She thought finding God was a done deal, that she was finished with struggle.Then she divorced her husband and found that God was gone Winner was bereft, filled with anxiety, filled with depression and fears She felt abandoned, alone She did not know what to do.She began to do what she does best she researched others who felt they had lost God and she talked with people ab [...]

    8. It gets betterI almost put this book down quite a few times The author reveals to us her painful struggles with her divorce and her faith She brings us through her OCD and intense introspection and I wasn t sure I wanted to continue to go through it with her But this book got better as she got better By the end I was saying over and over again to myself how profound some of her writing was how beautifully she explained some things In one chapter she talks about how she can t always say some thin [...]

    9. I became acquainted with Lauren F Winner a few years ago when I found her spiritual memoir, Girl Meets God.That book recounts her faith journey which includes being raised Jewish, a conversion to Orthodox Judaism her mom wasn t Jewish, and the faith is passed through the mother , and then later, her conversion to Christianity.Winner s authentic, honest and blunt writing style, along with her faith journey captured my attention.So when her newest release, Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis, came a [...]

    10. This book is advertised as exploring what happens at a crisis of faith, when one reaches the middle of the spiritual life and feels stuck, or bored, or unsure whether or not to continue It does not do so in any way that needed to be published.Lauren Winner is an engaging and gifted writer Her prose is easy to read and in many places beautiful However, this story really was not helpful As others have said, the VAST majority of it was just her self centered introspection Not the kind of introspect [...]

    11. I read this in one afternoon While my life is very different than Winner s I am older, married, have kids, do not have a Ph.D or even a traditional job, and have never particularly loved church, although I still go every week , I reacted viscerally to the idea of being in the listless, disorienting middle of the life of faith In the middle, you feel alone, a little bored, confused about which direction to go, even unsure you re capable of going in any direction This is beautifully written, and s [...]

    12. I reviewed this for The United Methodist Reporter What I ll say here is that she s better trained as a theologian than Anne Lamott, but not nearly as outrageous and funny Still, a good read, and informative I think I ll like her better when she s a bit aged.

    13. I m having trouble sticking with this one right now I think I will set it aside for a bit and come back to it later.

    14. Today I finished a wonderful, shortish book that took me several weeks to read Don t get me wrong, I was not reading this book for several weeks, I read it OVER several weeks.In between bursts, longer or shorter, of this, I read several other books Mostly Regency romances, for which I have a huge weakness While I live life in jeans and t shirts and am not good ton, I am partial to a good Regency romp.Okay, back to the decidedly non Regency, meaningful is there anything lowering that being told [...]

    15. Hmmm a mixed bag for me I enjoy Lauren Winner s writing, but found the subtitle of notes on a mid faith crisis to be an overstatement for me More like a faith slow down after a hard decision, maybe Overall, I think it just wasn t the right book for me at this particular time.

    16. These middle verbs, it seems to me, are religious they are the very actions that constitute a religious life to forgive, to imagine, to grow, to yearn to lament, to meet, to kneel To have one s body doused in the waters of baptism To ponder.All of which suggests to me that the middle is the language of spirituality, of devotion, the language of religious choreography it is the voice that tells you that I am changed when I do these things and that there is something about me that allows these hap [...]

    17. Man how does one review a book like this Let me start with Dr Winner has written some things that have provided me with some great theologically underpinnings Her Book Real Sex gave me a better theology for single ness as a single Youth Minister She is a writer that I love to read, and usually her writings leave me going off on tangents in my own mind.This book is in a lot of ways mirrored in a poem that Winner reads for her family, a grappling with hope faith in the midst of struggle despair He [...]

    18. In her critically acclaimed memoir Girl Meets God, Lauren F Winner explores her religious identity as she made the transition from Judaism to Christianity A thought provoking glimpse into 21st century religion, Winner was praised as insatiable, and dauntless, in her search for religious truth at whatever the personal cost by the New York Times.In Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis, Lauren offers readers a quietly powerful and fiercely honest exploration of love, loss and what it means to land at [...]

    19. This is a book I am going to have to muse over for a while before I know what I think It is a thoughtfully and beautifully written account of the recent crisis of faith and of life that she found herself facing I identified with some of the aspects of her feeling of facing a wall and of wondering what she really believed I think this happens to many Christians who don t have the courage to talk through these issues with their friends some people are very quick to give pat answers when one of the [...]

    20. I have loved several of Lauren Winner s other books, especially her conversion memoir Girl Meets God, so I was very curious about Still Notes on a Mid Faith Crisis Written out of the spiritual torment she faced grieving her mother s death and doubting her faith in a difficult marriage resulting in an admittedly unjustifiable divorce, Winner tells her raw story of doubt and faith Many times, it seemed that her journal entryish writing like CS Lewis A Grief Observed, but a bit organized left me f [...]

    21. I stumbled onto this book at my local library and decided to read it as the topic of Notes on a mid faith crisis sounded like an interesting one And, indeed, that proved to be the case Lauren Winner is a professor at Duke Divinity School and may, by this time, also be an ordained Episcopalian priest She was raised Jewish and converted to Christianity at around the age of twenty one An experience detailed in Girl Meets God, a book that I would like to read Two events toppled her from the mountain [...]

    22. Lauren Winner s first book, Girl Meets God is the story of her conversion to Christian faith from a Jewish background This book, Still, is notes on a mid faith crisis and is a collection of thoughts, stories, poems and quotes from a period of time when Lauren s faith wavered The crisis was brought on by the death of her mother and the failure of her five year marriage She had married three weeks after her mother died and I wonder if grief had of an impact on her marriage than she acknowledges L [...]

    23. While I am no longer in a mid faith crisis of my own, it helped me heal even further to read Lauren Winner s elegant, funny, humbled account of her own existential moment in the middle I was dissatisfied with the ending, however we had been on a journey, but I m not sure we ever arrived anywhere Maybe that s part of the point, but it was frustrating all the same When I finished the book, I realized the book didn t really explore the visceral depths of Winner s dark night of the soul but that s n [...]

    24. I have read a couple of Lauren Winner s books before, and even when I don t agree with what she is saying, she says it so beautifully that her books are well worth reading Still is about the mid faith crisis she went through after divorcing her husband, or rather it is about how she came through that crisis to a new kind of faith One of the things I love about her the same is true for Ann Lamott is that she is absolutely unafraid of exposing her own doubts, misgivings and transgressions She writ [...]

    25. This is the second book of Winner s that I have read recently She claims this is not a memoir, but I believe that when you write about your faith crisis, the book has to be a memoir There is too much of Winner in this for it not to qualify as autobiography.It has been awhile since I have experienced the dark night of the soul Winner reminded me of what it is like and how such a time can affect your faith life I think this book is excellent, well written and true I suspect that I will revisit the [...]

    26. This read was both a blessing and an uncomfortable prodding, a whisper ofyou are not alone in your doubtbut also a sense ofyou can t stay here, nursing your wounds Winner keeps her prose sparse There is plenty of white space Ample time to be still and contemplate the universal reality of being in the middle ground, somewhere along the way, but beyond the euphoria of the great beginning and not yet in sight of the finish line This place, where the hard work happens What does one do when it seems [...]

    27. I thought this was a beautifully written and moving book I love the poetic, rather spare writing style I appreciated the dignified honesty I enjoyed how her writing can make me laugh a bit in places and make my heart ache in others And, importantly, together with some other good things happening, it guided me through a spiritually dry time in the wake of a personal loss into a sense of fruitfulness and promise.I borrowed this book from the library and thought erroneously, it turns out I had to r [...]

    28. Some beautiful moments in this non memoir that still reads like a memoir particularly these chapters in boston, theology for the middle , reading the bible in eight places , easter vigil and and a sunday morning in massachusetts But I kept finding myself wondering what insights Winner s experience and reflection has to over the general public Why was this book published Her writing is engaging and I don t want to write her work off as narcissistic, but it does come across that way at times.

    29. Possibly one of my favorite books ever, and definitely among my faves this year Extremely candid, thoughtful and helpful spiritual read Winner says this book is not a memoir but of a long rumination over a spiritual theme of stillness, of still showing up I thought it borrowed some of the best parts of memoir storytelling, authentic voice and offered spiritual lessons that were not the same old cliched metaphors Herein I have entered into serious fangirl territory over Lauren Winner s writing.

    30. This was a thoughtful and meaningful collection of essays on the phase of faith where enthusiasm wears thin and hollowness sets in This isn t a commentary on lost faith, just the figuring of faith in the midst of crisis What I really appreciated was the way Winner described her life, her circumstances, her habits and traits without bringing the reader down into a hole with her She also did not fall into the rabid, feverish hunt for meaning in every dark or confusing circumstance It s enough some [...]

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