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The Toy Sword By Elizabeth Cadell,

  • Title: The Toy Sword
  • Author: Elizabeth Cadell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A different sort of Cinderella story, which starts with a car breakdown on a dusty back road in Portugal, and winds up with the ideal prospective bride out of the picture, and the wielder of the toy sword in control.
    The Toy Sword A different sort of Cinderella story which starts with a car breakdown on a dusty back road in Portugal and winds up with the ideal prospective bride out of the picture and the wielder of the toy s

    One thought on “The Toy Sword”

    1. This book was an absolute joy to read from start to finish, and a perfect comfort book after 3 sub par reads.Cadell is a writer after my own heart She writes in an engaging way Her sense of descriptive place is excellent very similar in style to Mary Stewart She puts alot of humor into her story Her characters are interesting and those you want to spend some good reading time being with She writes sweet, old fashioned love stories, but they aren t cloying In fact, Cadell created a very lovable, [...]

    2. Elizabeth Cadell came highly recommended when I asked the good folks over at the Comfort Reads group for a nice, comforting, old fashioned romance I sought out the old fashioned books because I was fed up with most of today s romance books where half the people turn out to be idiots or cheaters, where the f word is smattered about on every page, and sex is important than falling in love Well, there was none of that in The Toy Sword I am happy to report Sure, some of the old fashioned ness might [...]

    3. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a lighthearted read with a touch of exoticism and romance mingled with a dash of humor The book came out in 1962 but has aged well, despite the absence of sex, violence and cell phones The story begins with Edmund Forth, a prematurely middle aged architect, leaving for his annual visit to his much loved estate in Portugal There he runs into a vacationing English family, consisting of two school aged children, their older sister Fran, and their devoted [...]

    4. Another one I want to read due to this review dearauthor book reviews ovMy library copy is actually titled The Toy Sword and has a different cover Man in Raybans, Girl riding a donkey, bad art But it s the same book inside as described.3.5 stars I enjoyed that.

    5. Architect Edmund Forth seems to have the ideal life, until he s asked to provide housing for two eccentric, elderly cousins His aristocratic fiancee doesn t like the idea, and Edmund isn t crazy about it, either But on a visit to Portugal he meets a young woman and her two siblings who change his mind about a lot of things.

    6. A comfort read Rainy day, cup of teahave always loved Elizabeth Cadell s books And what s not to love about Portugal

    7. One of the best things about being friends with Nancy Pearl on is receiving her reading recommendations from authors I am usually not familiar with and or challenging me to read out of my comfort zone Elizabeth Cadell, a prolific British author, died in 1989 at the age of eighty six I had never heard of her My meager research indicates she was born and raised in England, well educated, especially in music, fiercely independent and perhaps, opinionated, left a widow to raise two young children, a [...]

    8. The heart has its reasonsMoving story of a smug middle class architect jolted out of his ridiculously perfect existence by a pretty young woman her friends and family who tries to teach him that if he gives with his heart instead of always choosing the safe way he will have a much better life He fights her and his better instincts every step of the way Lovely generous Cadell at her best.

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