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Dark Matter By Michelle Paver,

  • Title: Dark Matter
  • Author: Michelle Paver
  • ISBN: 9781409121183
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Out of nowhere, for no reason, I was afraid My skin pickled My heart thudded in my throat My body knew before I did that I was not alone London, 1937 Jack is poor, lonely and desperate to change his life, so when he s offered the chance to join an Arctic expedition, he jumps at it Spirits are high as the ship leaves Norway and at last they reach the remote, uninhabiteOut of nowhere, for no reason, I was afraid My skin pickled My heart thudded in my throat My body knew before I did that I was not alone London, 1937 Jack is poor, lonely and desperate to change his life, so when he s offered the chance to join an Arctic expedition, he jumps at it Spirits are high as the ship leaves Norway and at last they reach the remote, uninhabited bay where they will camp for the next year.But the Arctic summer is brief As night returns to claim the land, Jack feels a creeping unease One by one, his companions are forced to leave Soon Jack will see the last of the sun, the sea will freeze and escape will be impossible.And Jack is not alone Something walks there in the dark
    Dark Matter Out of nowhere for no reason I was afraid My skin pickled My heart thudded in my throat My body knew before I did that I was not alone London Jack is poor lonely and desperate to change his l

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    1. perfectly executed little ghost story set in the Arctic wastes in the late 1930s, featuring the adventures of AN AWESOME HUSKY NAMED ISAAK and I suppose some humans as well Jack a poor, depressed, dog hating, lower class and very class conscious 28 year old finds the perfect solution to his angst and alienation he will join a small expedition to the abandoned mining outpost of Gruhuken in the Arctic circle there he will find meaning to his life, camaraderie and fellowship and an intense crush on [...]

    2. 1947 The story opens with a response to letter I don t think we ll ever learn the truth of what happened at Gruhuken However I know enough to be convinced that something terrible took place No doubt the journal would, as you suggest explain much of what happened, but it has not survived, and I cannot ask Jack himself 1937 The one year research expedition to the Arctic is told strictly through the words of Jack Miller s journal Jack joins the expedition of 3 other men looking for a communications [...]

    3. Review from BadelyngeMichelle Paver s Dark Matter is a chillingly accomplished ghost story that takes place in the dark isolation of a snowbound base camp of a small but ambitious scientific expedition, as the long dark night of an Arctic Winter sets in The year is 1937 Unbeknown to the youthful group, their new home already has a black history and a reputation that makes the hardened seamen and trappers of the region reluctant to even speak of it.Paver s love of the Arctic, first hand knowledge [...]

    4. Now I love snow I long for it with every fibre of my red blooded being I yearn and strain to hear and see and feel it falling Where I live in Poole we hardly ever get it and when the rest of the kingdom is cloaked in it we have the normal talcum powder sprinklings which somehow manages to bring all normal progress to a grinding halt or we have absolutely none whatsoever whilst radio and tv bangs on about blizzard conditions and the horror that is the white stuff everywhere else Yet with all this [...]

    5. This story is set in 1937, amid an expedition to the Arctic Five men are due to go on the expedition, among them a young man by the name of Jack Miller It is he who narrates the story and it is told entirely from his point of view.Before the expedition gets underway, bad luck has already struck, and as the team get closer to their chosen destination of Gruhuken, bad things seem to happen One by one, each of the men leaves the expedition, until Jack is left on his own, and the daylight hours are [...]

    6. This is subtitled A Ghost Story, so I knew what to expect or at least, I thought so While it will be lapped up by lovers of traditional ghost stories myself included this novel also has a unique edge and great literary quality Dark Matter relates the experiences of Jack, a former student of physics who, at 28, is poor, lonely, sick of London life and hates his job as an export clerk On a whim, he applies to join an Arctic expedition as a wireless operator, and is thrilled to be accepted even tho [...]

    7. Ghost of Gruhuken 4.5 stars I am immensely fascinated with the Artic so anytime I find a book set in the area, I snap them up I also love a good ghost story so if you combine the two I m in heaven And that s exactly what you ll find in Dark Matter so I knew going into it, that it just had to be good In 1937, a 28 year old, down on his luck guy named Jack, is offered the chance to join an Artic expedition to a remote uninhabited area named Gruhuken From the start, the expedition is cursed with pr [...]

    8. Although technically a ghost story, the real horror for me is the sense of creeping dread and isolation and loneliness as the last man left in the endless night of an arctic camp Most chilling of all is the man s horror at contemplating the afterlife should he perish there and become a ghost himself not just a winter of endless night alone, but an eternity Audiobook via Audible Jeremy Northam proves he s as wonderful an audio narrator as he is an actor, which certainly isn t true of everyone.

    9. Michelle Paver is most famous for writing a series of fantasy novels for younger readers which I have not read and Dark Matter, subtitled A Ghost Story, is her first novel for adult readers.The book opens in London at the eve of World War 2, where a young man named Jack is having a rough time despite his Oxford education he has trouble finding employment and starting a career as a physicist, and has to work as an export clerk a job he dislikes intensely Jack is lonely and poor, down to his last [...]

    10. I wasn t sure that I would like this book as I read the first ten pages, but it gradually drew me in until I knew that I could not escape The opening is a letter to a journalist from Algernon Carlisle, a survivor of the ill fated 1937 expedition to the deep Arctic Circle, which denies the existence of Jack Miller s journal He admits that Jack wrote a journal during those continuously dark days in the far north, but, although it would probably explain a lot, he knows not what happened to it and r [...]

    11. I spent the majority of this novel saying a silent prayer that the dog survives This novel wasgood I say that with a gap because it was also not as wholly impressive as I wanted it to be either, but an entertaining ride all the same The whole thing just sort of left me wanting The ending was creepy credit where it s due but the suspense sort of needed to be featured a bit throughout, it seemed like we were at the finale before we had time to really understand it The characters were also rather [...]

    12. After a few too many meh reads lately, this was exactly what I needed The Artic is a really perfect setting for a good ghost story, one that is so utterly absorbing and beautifully atmospheric In some ways this chilling backdrop was almost powerful then the true ghost aspect of the plot Paver s descriptions are so vivid, so expressive, that I could really see Gruhuken, and it was easy to understand Jack s increasing paranoia, in eternal and silent darkness The plot itself is really very simple, [...]

    13. I actually bought Dark Matter around Halloween when I was in the market for ghost stories, but alas, the mood passed before I got to it Since the weather is still decidedly un wintry, I picked it up the other day as a way to immerse myself in a snowy, cold world Mission accomplished Michelle Paver has spent time in the Arctic and knows how to paint a scene so that you ll swear your toes are going numb as you read It s 1937 and Jack agrees to go on an expedition to the Arctic because at first he [...]

    14. A spellbinding story of a research headed to the Arctic who are beset by misfortune There destination is an allegedly haunted island which they are warned not to go to.This is one of the best written books I have ever listened to The narration by Jeremy Northham is excellent and the reading definitely adds to the air of suspense that permeates the story.It is a story of friendship and love and the thin line that exists between the two The novel explores isolation and how it affects people It exp [...]

    15. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver is a slow burning ghost story slowly the tension builds and builds until The story kicks off on 7th January 1937, the first entry being written in the journal of Jack Miller who is preparing for an expedition to Gruhuken This uninhabited location in Arctic is the back drop of this chilling story, the atmosphere and solitude all playing a role in building the tension within this story The relationship between Jack and his companions Gus, Algie, Hugo and Teddy are one [...]

    16. In 1937 Jack Millar is working as a clerk after his dream of a career in research physics looks likely not to be realised Lonely and dissatisfied he jumps at the chance to join an Arctic expedition, as a radio operator The other four members of the team are well to do amateur Oxbridge explorers Jack is than aware of the social gulf between him and his fellow companions best illustrated by the mortification he feels when he says OK instead of Grand.Jack cuts a lonely, awkward figure, out of plac [...]

    17. If you like quiet horror with a nice slow burn, you must read this It reminded me of reading M.R James, Algernon Blackwood, or Susan Hill You re reasonably sure nothing is going to jump out at you on the next page, but never completely sure The anticipation becomes such that there is terror in the strangest, most mundane things, too I LOVE IT This book contains photographs of various Arctic sorts of things, too, and turning a page to be suddenly presented with one of those sometimes made me say [...]

    18. I will admit that I wasn t sure what I was going to find reading this book I have not read much in the way of Michelle Paver but I was hoping for something in the vein of Susan Hill or maybe Helen Dun What I found however was something totally different A lot of these style of stories rely on atmosphere after all something that seems mundane and normal can take a far sinister countenance when seen in relation to the right backdrop, and there can be no spectacular backdrop than the one describe [...]

    19. I enjoyed this, the story of the expedition to the Arctic is interesting and the descriptions are brilliantly done The characters felt real to me, and I cared about what happened to them.But I didn t get enough of a feel for the the isolation or the darkness Jack is never alone for long, then when he is he s busy I liked the journal format and I think it worked, but when Jack writes in it he condenses his day to the interesting bits and the long lonely hours aren t included I did read it in the [...]

    20. I dare youIt s 1937 and war clouds are gathering over Europe Jack Miller is poor and struggling in a job he hates, so he jumps at the chance to join an expedition to Gruhuken, an abandoned mining settlement in the Arctic Part scientific expedition, part adventure for the group of upper class men who are arranging it, for Jack it is an escape and a possible way back into the scientific studies he had to abandon when his father died But the expedition begins to hit trouble even before they leave L [...]

    21. E di nuovo tutto immobile Sono immerso nel buio freddo, senza vento, morto E questa la verit il buio E noi siamo l anomalia Piccole scintille sfavillanti sulla crosta di questo pianeta che gira, mentre tutt intorno regna l oscurit Jack Miller un giovane laureato in fisica che sta cercando l occasione della sua vita, quella che gli permetter di mettere a frutto i suoi studi sollevandolo dalla miseria di ogni giorno per questo quando gli si presenta un progetto, un fantastico progetto di una spedi [...]

    22. If you re looking for the perfect ghost story to read curled up on a winter s night by the fire, then look no further than this chilling tale set in the Arctic Dark Matter is quite a short, quick book but it has all the elements of a perfect ghost story The isolated Arctic setting plays on some of the deepest human fears loneliness and the dark Jack finds himself alone on a vast empty stretch of Arctic coast on a meteorological mission after his expedition team mates are forced to leave under va [...]

    23. A good read but I thought this novel could have been and needed to be a lot longer in key places.The story is strong and simple In the 1930s, three Englishmen called Gus, Jack and Algie go to stay in an isolated and possibly haunted cabin in the artic It has a very amteurish Shackleton expedition atmosphere at the beginning which I loved Three jolly good chaps off for a jaunt in the artic It reminded me of how even famous English explorers of the time like Scott made ludicrous decisions to take [...]

    24. I was immediately caught up in this book Paver is a genius with detail, and I really admired the way she established the character of Jack, the story s protagonist The novel begins in London, in 1937 Jack is a man on the fringes of his own life too smart for his dead end job, but too poor for the academic life he longs for He even lives on the dull suburban fringe of London This is the tail end of the Depression, cold and gray and hopeless When Jack is somewhat grudgingly offered a position on a [...]

    25. Incredibly atmospheric, this tale of ice and isolation really got under my skin I loved the sense of menace, the rich desolation, and the creeping unease As with all the best ghost stories, it leaves the question open as to whether the protagonist is haunted by an actual ghost or by his own deteriorating psychological state His cabin fever is tremendously well depicted Whichever way you interpret the events, chills will tickle your spine I recently read THE WOMAN IN BLACK by Susan Hill, which is [...]

    26. A marvelous, evocative, slow burn of a ghost story Brilliantly portrayed characters,and such spare, atmospheric writing I had to finish reading while there was someone in the house with me Couldn t have managed it if alone Wonderful.

    27. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver, not to be confused with the recent novel by Blake Crouch, is set largely in the remote Norwegian wilderness of 1937 with the second world war looming After reading it on suitably gloomy, late November days I will definitely NOT be setting off there, especially during the winter I always enjoy a good ghost story Dark Matter is described as an adult ghost story and this book certainly made me shiver Not only because of its brilliantly described Arctic setting Paver a [...]

    28. There is so much to love about this story.First, the setting and characters are so believable Paver apparently spent a lot of time reading about artic expeditions, also drawing heavily from time she spent in various artic climates Needless to say, her reading and personal adventures paid off Reading this I kept thinking of Endurance , the real life adventure of Ernest Shackleton and crew.Secondly, what an ideal place for a ghost story an isolated ice cap, plunged into four months of cruel, unrel [...]

    29. Atmospheric ghost story about a fictional expedition to the arctic in 1937 The main part of the book is the journal of one of the men on the expedition Five men plan to go to the arctic to monitor weather, wildlife, geology Two are forced to drop out before they arrive and the other two have to leave temporarily following an accident Jack is left with the huskies as the winter draws in and permanent night sets in In the darkness he realises he is not alone Has some similarities to M R James The [...]

    30. I found this one started out rather slowly but the tension soon sneaks up on you Silently, from behind, with footsteps muffled by snow Jack is a down on his luck lower middle class chap who yearns for adventure and recognition He sets off on an expedition to the far north of Norway to set up camp with a few other gents, feeling out of his depth in many ways but determined to escape his life of loneliness and boredom At first, all seems to be going well But then a creeping unease sets in After a [...]

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