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Starcrossed: Perigee By Tracey Lee Campbell,

  • Title: Starcrossed: Perigee
  • Author: Tracey Lee Campbell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aric Brennan is a whisperer a perfectly engineered human alien hybrid, designed specifically to charm and seduce When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators, she has no choice but to trust him to help her navigate a way through a horrifying reality a reality filled with creatures which should really only exist in nightmares His face drew nearer, and I caught myAric Brennan is a whisperer a perfectly engineered human alien hybrid, designed specifically to charm and seduce When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators, she has no choice but to trust him to help her navigate a way through a horrifying reality a reality filled with creatures which should really only exist in nightmares His face drew nearer, and I caught my breath at the closeness of such an impossibly perfect person Despite every instinct which told me I was in danger, I couldn t help but stare back at him, and be pulled into the spell he was weaving The panic receded as I looked into his eyes and listened to the hypnotic timbre of his voice The room filled with a strange buzz which permeated my body, vibrating and pulsing through every part of me I didn t care I was still listening to his voice Paralysis overtook me, but I had no will to fight it The creatures moved closer and he backed away Synopsis Star crossed a pair of lovers whose relationship, ordained by the stars, is thwarted by outside forces There are many things in this world, Lucy, that are not what they seem Humans go about their business with their heads in the sand They have no idea what s really going on After surviving a peculiar and unsettled childhood, Lucy Doyle s relatively normal teenage existence is turned upside down with the arrival of the enigmatic, impossibly good looking Aric Brennan her uncle s new ranch hand Lucy s suspicion that there s something different about Aric is confirmed when she learns that his uncanny ability to mind read and charm the socks off of any female isn t just an accident he was bred for this purpose Aric is a whisperer a genetically manipulated human hybrid created by the Innaki an alien race involved in a sinister abduction program.When Lucy is stalked by Aric s unearthly creators, she must put her trust in the charismatic, perfect stranger, unaware he holds a chilling secret which could destroy her world forever.If you re into X File type aliens and ufos, vampiric creatures, weird powers, romance and fast paced adventure, then Starcrossed Book 1 Perigee, by Tracey Lee Campbell is a must read What girl wouldn t wish for the perfect guy Unfortunately for Lucy, he was created that way for a reason
    Starcrossed Perigee Aric Brennan is a whisperer a perfectly engineered human alien hybrid designed specifically to charm and seduce When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators she has no choice but to trust him to h

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    1. This book to me was amazing Coming from someone that loved watching X Files growing up this was definitely my bag of tea When it first started with the character, Lucy waking up in a barn in horse manure, I was a little taken back But after the first couple of pages I was hooked When she meets Aric, it s like her whole life is turned upside down and she learns things about herself and things all around her that aren t quite as they seem One of the big things that I loved about this book was the [...]

    2. i really liked this book It s a very different Paranormal Romance book than I have read before but I loved it.It follows Lucy, a normal teenage girl who had episodes of sleepwalking and ending up in weird places with no memory of how she got there Then she meets the mysterious and gorgeous Aric Soon her world is turned upside down as she discovers the existence of Alien type creatures called Innaki, who are after her Soon Lucy is on the run with Aric to try and get away from them, tho not everyt [...]

    3. Imagine you are seven years old You are abducted in the middle of the night, your clothes torn off, experiments performed on your helpless mind and body Your very memories are altered, at least in part by a trusted figure soothing you in to accepting what is happening to you, in the moment You are Lucy, the main character of Starcrossed, and this has been happening to you for most of your life What I am describing is not literally child molestation, rape, and mind control But alien abduction Luc [...]

    4. Overview I know you have a bit of an outline above, but I will add a little to it It s about Lucy, a girl who wakes up in her uncles barn from a very bizarre dream When she goes into town with her Uncle she meets someone who her uncle later on hires as help She soon falls for the guy not knowing anything about him As time goes on she learns that her Uncle meeting him was no coincidence Aric was there to watch over Lucy and keep her safe from those that haunted her dreams and apparently real life [...]

    5. So i read this for about 3 4 hours straight Couldn t put it down Honestly, it was just refreshing It s really not everyday that i get to read about ufo s, aliens and hot guys with compelling voice and a lot super powers The protagonist, Luce, is now one of my favorite kick ass girls together with Katniss, Katsa, Clary and many She is somewhat still, a typical teenager but i guess being abducted by aliens all throughout her life and being passed between relatives most of her life, i felt like s [...]

    6. Wow Did I love this book I loved the two main characters together Once they were together, that was it and I love that Aric was very sweet and protective He literaly risked everything for her and never once made me wanna slap him for being an idiot guy And Lucy was very level headed which I LOVE in my protags Their story and all the crazy stuff that happened to them kept me glued fo the pages For once, I was actually intrigued with the plot that the romance between the characters and if you kno [...]

    7. Not what I normally read, but I found it highly entertaining, and somewhat addictive Ok, than somewhat addictive, it drew me in and wouldn t let go I love the fullness of the characters, and the whole idea behind the book is intriguing The pace keeps rolling there s no lagging chapters, or dragging scenes All in all, a very good book.

    8. Wow Tracey Lee Campbell has created an incredible, fast paced, action packed, romance filled sci fi tale in Starcrossed Perigee After a disturbing incident from her youth involving her mother, Lucy is passed around from relative to relative until she finally finds a home with her rancher uncle and his family A few weeks before her high school graduation, Lucy meets Aric, a boy who is definitely than he seems, and finds herself swept up into a world of conspiracy, lies, unearthly beings and shoc [...]

    9. I had to wait a while before I wrote this review becuase although I truly enjoyed reading this book, I did have several issues with it that has taken me a while to put into words.The story is about a girl called Lucy who lives with her Uncle on his farm Her Uncle hires a new farmhand I think that s what its called called Aric who seems to be able to read Lucy s thoughts and is able to do other things humans shouldn t be able to do Needless to say he s far from human Before we know it, Lucy and A [...]

    10. I am SO happy that Tracey sent me her debut novel, Starcrossed Perigee to review It is a really, REALLY awesome book It has a completely original concept that made it hard to put down I must say that this is not my typical read but I am very happy I gave it a shot.The book started off a bit slow for me, but that quickly changed when Lucy met Aric He was such a captivating character on the page, I can t imagine what he d be like in person I definitely give Tracey two thumbs up for writing such a [...]

    11. Ugggh After not finishing the last two books I started, I was beginning to fear that I had lost the ability to do so It was that fear that made me slog through the rest of this book I think I m still partially in my jaded place I m tired of stories where impossibly perfect paranormal men fall in love with human girls FOR NO APPARENT REASON Definitely need to take a break from YA lit At least until the Divergent sequel comes out Anyway, this one sounded good, got good reviews, and was available a [...]

    12. This was such a great idea There are lots of science fiction fantasy books out there for Young Adults And I can t put my finger on what made this book so different, except to say that the feel of the book was justw Lucy seemed like a very normal, down to earth haha girl Until she meets a very different kind of guy, and everything changes There are things going on in the universe that are beyond imagining, and Lucy is right in the middle of it Now she has to rely on this strange and beautiful boy [...]

    13. Starcrossed Perigree is a really fun read that s perfect for beach or poolside We follow 17 year old Lucy as she encounters love along with a panoply of aliens, alien human hybrids, clones, and amoral military types The evil Grays are completely detestable All, including Lucy, display interesting and unusual powers The plot moves along quickly from the rumblings of teenage romance to various exciting escapes from alien abductors bent on nefarious experiments We learn about Lucy s troubled past, [...]

    14. Great storyline that flows the journey of Lucy and Aric as they escape the dangers all around them It s a mix of romance and the supernatural world that follows them at every turn I m usually not a fan of sci fi, and most definitely not a fan of anything alien, but surprise, surprise, this story pulled me in and wouldn t let go Between the action, the romance, and the creep factors, I was engrossed from start to finish This story does not slow down, nor bore the reader I cannot wait to see where [...]

    15. Starcrossed is definitely different from what I normally read I enjoyed seeing someone do something new instead of the normal vampires or werewolves Aric is great and you can t help but to love him I was really happy that the author chose not to add any explicit love scenes seeing how the main character Lucy is only 17 through most of the story I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series progresses and how Lucy grows into her skills.

    16. This really is a wonderful book and if I was much younger I would rate it higher It probably should be 4 stars, but it just didn t appeal to me that much This is a wonderful sci fi romance for young adults It is written well with a lively plot Lucy is a very admiral lead character, which is always nice to see in young adult books.

    17. I normal read books about the supernatural, but I saw this book being talked about on Facebook So I decided to check it out Im so glad I did Great story, plot, and characters A great fast read and I couldnt put it down Im eager to read the next in the series.

    18. This was absorbing and original It was engaging andheld my attention The characters were vivid weith a credible plot A really satisfing and exciting read Am now looking for of Starcrossed.

    19. I really enjoyed this book The story is so different from other paranormal romancesd different is good I found it very easy to get to know the characters Aric is dreamy and sweet I can t wait to see what happens in the next book

    20. Amazing it was very imteresting and I loved it It was written so well and i recommend it to all those who love science fic and paranormal romances It was awesome

    21. full of action just when i thought that the story slowed down, you get hit with action this book should be a movie.

    22. You know what really sucks about this book There were some interesting ideas in here There were beings from different worlds and dimensions There was a crazy awesome explanation for life on Earth There were new beings that could have played much better roles throughout the story instead of being ridiculously normal bad guys with half assed agendas Instead what you get is Underdeveloped characters.Lucy, who are you Shit, I didn t even know what you looked like until about halfway through the stor [...]

    23. First posted BOOK AFICIONADA BLOG The first in a trilogy, Starcrossed Perigee revolves around a girl named Lucy, who has been passed from relative to relative after her mother tried to cut her with a knife Then she meets mysterious and extremely gorgeous Aric Little did she know that this will change her life and beliefs entirelyLucy has been abducted by aliens or Innaki since she was seven and they have been experimenting on her without her knowledge At present, the Innakis were still after Luc [...]

    24. This review was first posted The Australian BookshelfLucy s mum is in a psychiatric ward and her father is M.I.A and she has been shipped around from relative to relative until she winds up at her Uncle Tom s farm where she finally begins to feel at home When good looking Aric starts working on her uncle s farm her future starts to look even brighter One night when she is out camping with Aric, Lucy realises that the Earth she has known is not all that it seems when she comes face to face to som [...]

    25. Starcrossed Perigee tells the story of a teenager named Lucy who starts to remember her alien abduction experiences after she meets a boy named Aric It is a fast paced book that moves quickly from one exciting, sometimes scary scene to the next As the story develops, following the relationship between Aric and Lucy, we are introduced to the fascinating and sinister world of aliens called the Innaki Aric is a hybrid whose special hypnotic powers are used by the Innaki to help them handle humans L [...]

    26. Well, I expected this book to be better Judging from the gorgeous cover, the promising expert and the staightforward blurb it should have been Well, as they say, never judge by the cover.It is almost unnecessary to mention that I had serveral complaints.So here we go 1 At the beginning of the book I assumed that Lucy had had a close relationship with her friends Well, I couldn t have been wrong She not only didn t tell them about Aric working on their farm, but her friends weren t mentioned or [...]

    27. Starcrossed Perigee was such a great read that sucked me in from page one First I have to say that the originality behind the storyline is so refreshing that I have to thank Tracey for that When I read the reviews they said this book will appeal to fans of X files which I was and this is spot on but I think only one part of the novel will appeal to X files fans, you also have a great romance developing in this book without a love triangle which is another good point for the author.The story flow [...]

    28. This was recommended to me by my fellow GR friend, Mocha She told me it was good It was The beginning was great and alien I was glad to read something different rather than the usual werewolves, vampires thing The idea of other worldly dimensions creatures crossing and breaking through the earth s quarantine was interesting It was totally new and eye opening This is my first book about aliens using humans as a vessel to collect wyk energy and harvesting human blood shivers The only problem s I h [...]

    29. Is there a sequel coming out Seems appropriate enough as many things are left unexplainedd a lot of loose ends.So Starcrossed was an okay book,I suppose.I ve read better.I know it s not fair to compare I wouldn t do that.This book lacked in various aspects and the major one of them being logic.Things justemed to be happening.And then somewhere I thought that at last they were explainingbut no.Some explanations did come my way but for the most part they seemed lame.I liked Aricd I could tolerate [...]

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