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Hoops By Major Jackson,

  • Title: Hoops
  • Author: Major Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780393059373
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A collection of poetic meditations by the National Book Critics Circle Award finalist author of Leaving Saturn evaluates the solemn richness of everyday lives, from a grandfather who gardens in a tenement backyard to a teacher to renames her black students after French painters.
    Hoops A collection of poetic meditations by the National Book Critics Circle Award finalist author of Leaving Saturn evaluates the solemn richness of everyday lives from a grandfather who gardens in a tene

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    1. Not that I can write a good poem, but Jackson s second effort got me thinking about my role as a writer in this contemporary world, my lineage, and the forces good and bad acting to shape my life of ideas The book is cut three ways The first section courses through the basketball dreams inspired title poem and a score of short lyric reflections on coming of age and responsibility to memory and community The second section continues the Urban Renewal series of Jackson s National Book Critic s Cir [...]

    2. 1 Try to understand what the author wished to do, and do not blame him for not achieving what he did not attempt Well the book was all poetry and i m guessing the author wanted people to read his Major Jackson feelings in the book instead of him showing it He wishes to show his feelings in a book then in person.2 Give enough direct quotation at least one extended passage of the book s prose so the review s reader can form his own impression, can get his own taste In page 123 there is this poem c [...]

    3. A lot of the poems are about philly and playing hoops how could I not read it Prolly closer to a 3.5 stars all the poems are nicely executed, but the style a lot of end rhymes and the need to call out l a n u a g e poetry is not my thing Do we really still need to label classify for the sake of boxing condemning criticizing How about we all just try and write damn good poems and not worry about who is doing what Or maybe we can just have silliman and jackson spar ala ben stein style ha

    4. Major Jackson s second collection of poems, Hoops, is outstanding His language is hip and fresh, reflective of the Philadelphia neighborhoods and basketball courts he grew up on as a kid The most endearing part of this collection, however, is his letters in verse to the late poet Gwendolyn Brooks, Jackson s mentor As Jackson states so well in verse, in the post 9 11 world, we need intellectuals like Brooks around to make sense of the madness.

    5. I begin this stop all wrong you should beLiving at this hour We need your bolts resounding poems like we need Sweet HoneyIn the Rock s sacred songs, a revoltAgainst plain figurings, new and boldMetaphors to help us keep people alwaysIn vision, to fight the corporate bug away from Cecil B Moore

    6. Jackson s book had me constantly smiling with its verbal inventiveness rhythms evoking Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, and as the September edition of Poetry got just right early T.S Eliot but it goes beyond that, and speaks to something substantial about modern American life and poetry I m looking forward to picking up Jackson s two other collections as soon as possible.

    7. With tight syntax that intensifies musicality, these poems are full of verbs action occurring as rapidly as allusion, as Gwendolyn Brooks meets Tupac Shakur Here are some of my favorite moments The whole city ishere swiveling ona throb the city its own bitter shrine A squeegee blade against your tongue s length.Most dances are crimes against the face.

    8. This is a wonderful book Jackson combines pop inner city culture with erudite themes The last section of the book Letters to Brooks is the most fun I ve had with poetry in years Keep on Major Jackson We desperately need voices like yours.

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