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The Edge Chronicles 3: The Clash of the Sky Galleons: Third Book of Quint By Paul Stewart Chris Riddell,

  • Title: The Edge Chronicles 3: The Clash of the Sky Galleons: Third Book of Quint
  • Author: Paul Stewart Chris Riddell
  • ISBN: 9780552551274
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young sky pirate Quint Verginix s family was devastated when his mother and brothers were killed in a vicious arson attack Now the treacherous quartermaster responsible, Turbot Smeal, has returned, and Quint and his father are determined to take revenge.From the deserted quarries of the Edge Cliff to the lethal glades of bloodoak trees, their deadly pursuit can only end iYoung sky pirate Quint Verginix s family was devastated when his mother and brothers were killed in a vicious arson attack Now the treacherous quartermaster responsible, Turbot Smeal, has returned, and Quint and his father are determined to take revenge.From the deserted quarries of the Edge Cliff to the lethal glades of bloodoak trees, their deadly pursuit can only end in a clash of the sky galleons.Clash of the Sky Galleons is the third book of the Quint Saga first trilogy in The Edge Chronicles, the internationally best selling fantasy series, which has featured on the UK and the New York Times best seller lists and sold than 3 million copies There are now 13 titles and four trilogies in the series, but each book is a stand alone adventure, so you can read The Edge Chronicles in any order you choose.
    The Edge Chronicles The Clash of the Sky Galleons Third Book of Quint Young sky pirate Quint Verginix s family was devastated when his mother and brothers were killed in a vicious arson attack Now the treacherous quartermaster responsible Turbot Smeal has returned an

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    1. 5 Stars I still think the Winter Knights was my favorite, but this was still such an action packed and wonderful conclusion to the trilogy I loved how we got to see interaction between Maris and Quint Wasn t the ending just adorable I also loved how we delved into the deep woods and saw some of the inner workings of a sky ship Seeing the woodtroll village was also a bit of a treat, especially after reading the Twig trilogy I also enjoyed trying to figure out the motivations and nefarious scheme [...]

    2. 4.5 stars This is in my opinion the best book of the Quint trilogy It is filled with rogue adventures and twisted traps that truly demonstrates the perils of being a sky pirate.From the start, this story plunges you into a quest of vindictive revenge Different from the previous edge books, this one offers a true villain whose cunning and deception outmatches our protagonist This is definitely a must read for all fans of the edge chronicle Detailed Review Below What I liked about this book The mo [...]

    3. This book was just as great as the last It s a great way to end Quint s Saga to The Edge Chronicles Can t wait to start reading the next instalment.

    4. I thought it was great, like all the other edge chronicle books This is the last in the series of the Quint trilogy Quint finds himself caught up in his father s dangerous quest for revenge against Turbot Smeal, who started a fire that murdered his wife and sons leaving Quint the only surviving member of his family.I love everything about The Edge Chronicles the world is so imaginative and rich and I love the way everything from the differnt books fit together like a jigsaw The only thing I didn [...]

    5. There s so much history in here The I read The Edge Chronicles, the I realize how everything relates to everything else This only further proved that to me Since this is my second time reading these books, I can recall that, The Immortals digs even deeper into the thorough history that is the Edge I can t remember as many details as I d like to, as that book alone is so concise, but I remember that Marvelous book As always, Stewart and Riddell have outdone themselves in ways that even my 10 ye [...]

    6. This is the least well developed plot line in the series The plot is confusing, and only comes together in the final pages of the book It seems like the original book was much longer, and did not survive the editors touch This book is good for the descriptions of the flora and fauna of Edgeworld.

    7. It ended so sadly for me The fight to survive keeps them going when all they want to do is lie down Full of strength and courage and support.

    8. This book is about Quint and his father Wind Jackal and the adventure they go on their sky ship Galerider and her crew including Maris They go on to the sky pirates hideout i forgot the name where all the sky pirates gather for a big attack is imminent from the leagues but little do they know the leagues men have some thing up their sleeves that shall end the sky pirates once and for allThis book was great i really enjoyed it.

    9. stewartandriddell edge Obstensibly hero is newest Galerider crew member young Quint Verginix, son of sky pirate Wind Jackal, sweet on pretty high born Maris with dark braids and expertise in healing salves and bandages, but villain and massacres overpower He luckily heard and remembers Deepwoods survival skills eat only pine nuts, drink only mushroom nectar, light a pine pitch smoke signal she ignores and nearly dies The only humor not inherent in this odd Edge universe poisonous halitoad breath [...]

    10. This final book in the Quint trilogy is quite a ride Not a word on Vilnix or Quint s life on Sanctaphrax this is a rip roaring adventure through the skies in a sky pirate ship, and a venture through the mysterious and dangerous Deepwoods Nothing is as it seems At the end of the previous book, order is regained in Sanctaphrax and Quint s father Wind Jackal whisks Quint and his friend Maris onto a sky pirate ship The object of their voyage is the treacherous Turbot Smeal, who murdered Quint s fami [...]

    11. Proving once again a master of world building, Mr Stewart takes his characters Quintinius Verginix and Maris Pallitax from the cloistered corridors of political Sanctaphrax into the open air aboard a sky pirate ship This is a sweeping tale of adventure, danger, on board camaraderie, ambition and deceit showing that even in the skies, people aren t safe from back stabbing and treachery The story is also a sobering look at the treacherous nature of vengeance, how it can warp even the sanest of min [...]

    12. Ah the nostalgia I still remember picking up Beyond the Deepwoods in a book shop way back in 1998 That was 16 years ago I remember being completely fascinated by all of the wonderful illustrations and the strange creatures that lurked on every page I think It was this series that led to me reading on a regular basis rather than once or twice a year.It s been a long time since I read the first two books in the Quint series but it actually didn t matter Despite their being over 12 books in the ser [...]

    13. Clash of the Sky Galleons is a very satisfactory ending to the Quint trilogy It is, I think, the best book in the trilogy although The Curse of the Gloamglozer is very good as well.Once again, there are characters that we are familiar with such as Tem, who shows up again in both the Twig and Rook trilogies, and Tuntum, who is in Beyond the Deepwoods and Midnight over Sanctaphrax who really just add to the story.I love the way that the final Big Battle ends, for no apparent reason It s anticlimac [...]

    14. The only other book I gave four stars to in The Edge Chronicles was the first book, Beyond the Deepwoods The reasons for each rating differ slightly For the first book, I thought this was the start of something great but hoped that the second book would take the series to another leveld it didr seven books.This book, the ninth in the series and the last of the Quint trilogy, was very singular in its focus Every other book in the Edge Chronicles tends to focus on a lot of different threads that [...]

    15. Former knight in waiting Quintinius Verginix is leaving his dreams behind on Sanctaphrax His father, the famous Wind Jackal wants him back in his sky pirate crew Quint soon realises that his father is on a mission and that, for the first time in his life, he is questioning his father s burning motives and judgement After all the action and conspiracy in the second installment of the Quint Saga, the story line of this book felt at the same time a bit sluggish and quick fixed I really liked the wa [...]

    16. Again, I found this book disappointed on the scale of the entire series The plot was pretty dull and predictable, the continuity DID NOT EXIST, the characterization seemed off and overall, this book was of a filler than usual Thaw Daggerslash was one of the most predictable characters I ve ever read, and the fact that NONE OF THIS HISTORY WAS MENTIONED IN ANY OF THE OTHER BOOKS WHEN ALL THE OTHER RANDOM PIECES OF HISTORY WAS is just ridiculous Also, the idea that the Knight s Academy would simp [...]

    17. Quint has rescues Maris and has left Sanctaphrax, both of them joining Quint s father, Wind Jackal, on his sky ship Then Wind Jackal gets the news that Turbot Smeal, his former quartermaster, a man responsible for the deaths of Wind Jackal s family minus Quint, and a man long presumed dead, is still alive Wind Jackal is prepared to risk everything in his desire to catch the filthy murderer and exact revenge This leads to a wild goose chase, which results in hair raising adventures, with Quint an [...]

    18. Clash of the Sky Galleons by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell is another great book in the Edge Chronicles series Incredibly imaginative and fun, you are drawn back into this strange world on the Edge We follow Sky Pirate Captain Wind Jackal, his son Quint, Maris and the rest of the crew of the Galerider as they search for the evil former crew member who killed Wind Jackal s wife and kids, leaving only Quint We are taken to the Great Shryke Slave Market, a woodtroll village in the heart of the Dee [...]

    19. I rarely say this, but I m saying it now these books are best read in chronological order rather than in the order of publication Well, if you read them all back to back in a week or so, you could read them as published But everything is so convoluted a number of the characters appear in multiple generations throughout novels and the events are difficult to keep track of.I do really enjoy the books as a series, though The world and the creatures are creative The characters experience joy and sor [...]

    20. I really enjoy the Edge Chronicles series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell The world they have created is both imaginative and dangerous filled with remarkable creatures and characters In this particular book, Sky Pirate Captain Wind Jackal is determined to find the evil Turbot Smeal, a former crew member who killed his wife and children His son Quint was one of the lone survivors and he and his friend Maris accompany Wind Jackel aboard the Galerider with a crew of friends to track down Turbot [...]

    21. Another great book by Paul Stewart I m not sure I have ever found a book series I have loved than this one The story, plot, characters, illustrationsey are all magical and you get caught up every single time I have one book before this particular series comes to an end Normally I would be sad, but there is a new continuation in this series and lucky me, I already own a signed copy of the first book Favorite Passage But wherever they went, Quint and Maris always ended back at the gates of the K [...]

    22. I found this a bit hard to get into, but that may be because I was listening to Mansfield Park, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Wuthering Heights Again, I really liked the illustrations and the world The sky ships were quite interesting The plot wasn t to bad and I liked the characters I would recomend reading these books in order,Quint then Twig then Rook I didn t do this and it was a little confusing I would recommend this book to children from about 8 13, and adults or teens who want something ligh [...]

    23. I liked this book as it develops the relationship Quint aka Cloud Wolf has with his father Wind Jackal Wind Jackal is obsessed with finding a quartermaster named Turbot Smeal who betrayed Wind Jackal and killed his whole family except for Quint The story was a little slow in parts and could have used some editing or rearranging The ending was really good and helped explain how Quint became the sky pirate we know in the Twig trilogy This is my favorite of the Quint series And a good book to read [...]

    24. Maybe it s just because I hadn t read anything from this series for quite a while, but I absolutely loved this book It s the ninth in the series, and now I can t wait for the tenth Until now I hadn t given any book in this series five stars, but I feel that the series as a whole deserves five stars Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell have created a fantastic fantasy world with interesting characters who I love to read about And I LOVE the illustrations The books wouldn t be the same without them.

    25. REVIEWED FOR PUBLISHER The conclusion to the Quint Trilogy has been a long time coming, and greatly anticipated, so it s just as well that it lives up to expectations This neatly ties together all the plot twists and revelations from the rest of the Chronicles, encompassing all three of the trilogies in a very satisfying way This is the kind of high fantasy adventure to which every kid should be treated, even if just so the adults can get in on the action for themselves A highly enjoyable romp t [...]

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