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The Edge Chronicles 5: Stormchaser: Second Book of Twig By Paul Stewart Chris Riddell, The Edge Chronicles chronological Series by Paul Stewart The Edge Chronicles is an internationally best selling fantasy series by co authors Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart, which has featured on the UK and the New York Times best seller lists The Edge Chronicles The official website of the The Edge Chronicles are the internationally best selling illustrated fantasy series created by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell which has featured on the UK and the New York Times best seller lists and sold than million copies in than languages around the world. The Edge Chronicles wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Welcome to the Edge Chronicles wiki, the database for The Edge Chronicles that anyone can edit We hope that you choose to join our work Don t be shy, create an account and start creating some articles If you re new here, you may want to look at the Edge Chronicles Wiki Introduction and the Policies. Edge Chronicles Beyond the Deepwoods The Edge Chronicles Apr , Edge Chronicles Beyond the Deepwoods The Edge Chronicles Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Young Twig lives in the Deepwoods, among the Woodtrolls, but he isn t one of them In a brave attempt to find out where he belongs the edge chronicles Jun , The Edge Chronicles Level to Books Collection Books Set The Last of the Sky Pirates, Vox, Freeglader, The Immortals, The Nameless One, Doombringer by Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell, et al Jan ,

  • Title: The Edge Chronicles 5: Stormchaser: Second Book of Twig
  • Author: Paul Stewart Chris Riddell
  • ISBN: 9780552546287
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twig Verginix has now realised his dream of becoming a sky pirate, exploring the skies of the Edge as a crew member of The Stormchaser That is until Cloud Wolf forbids him from coming on the dangerous quest to collect stormphrax a valuable substance created inside the heart of a Great Storm Twig refuses to leave his beloved skyship and smuggles himself on board The StoTwig Verginix has now realised his dream of becoming a sky pirate, exploring the skies of the Edge as a crew member of The Stormchaser That is until Cloud Wolf forbids him from coming on the dangerous quest to collect stormphrax a valuable substance created inside the heart of a Great Storm Twig refuses to leave his beloved skyship and smuggles himself on board The Stormchaser but can the ship, and its crew survive the destructive force of the Great Storm itself Stormchaser is the second book of the Twig Saga second trilogy in The Edge Chronicles, the internationally best selling fantasy series, which has featured on the UK and the New York Times best seller lists and sold than 3 million copies There are now 13 titles and four trilogies in the series, but each book is a stand alone adventure, so you can read The Edge Chronicles in any order you choose.
    The Edge Chronicles Stormchaser Second Book of Twig Twig Verginix has now realised his dream of becoming a sky pirate exploring the skies of the Edge as a crew member of The Stormchaser That is until Cloud Wolf forbids him from coming on the dangerous

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    1. Even better than the first one Still had the gripping fantasy world filled with magical creatures and evil villains but with a thicker plot line and dramatic scenes.Twig having found his way onto a sky pirate ship goes through a multitude of unfortunate and dangerous incidents in search for the magical substance Stormphrax But there are a variety of other evil characters who wish to get their hands on Stormphrax for their own gain.A swashbuckling epic fantasy full of treachery and even a few gr [...]

    2. This book is another great instalment in Twig Saga.This book has done it again and think twig has started to grow up and develop a little in this book Although I loved this book and thought the characters were great I think the first book in The Twig Saga was a little better Only because It was a little quirkier and think that this one was a little darker I guess Although I thought this one was less quirky than the first in the trilogy, I still loved the book and gave it 5 stars.

    3. Another great installment in the series The world building is extended to the first book with even likable and unlikable creatures I really love the Steampunk elements, and the whole Sky Pirate thing reminded me a bit to Treasure Planet , which is one of my favorite childhood movies I also felt very much for the protagonist Twig in this novel His inner thoughts about the question where he belongs and also his hopes to impress his father felt very realistic to me At some point I was a bit skepti [...]

    4. This one was better than the first, I thought I look forward to soon reading the third These books are not my usual reading genre, but my daughter s been asking me to read these for years I figure that I better do so before she leaves home for college I would give it 3.5 stars, but I can t, so 3 stars it will be.

    5. Stormchaser picks things up after the end of the first book Twig has reunited with his father, Cloud Wold and they are having a blast as sky pirates Well, not so much, because the Professor of Light has a mission for them they need to get into a Great Storm and bring back some stormphrax In that way they may also get rid of Vilnix Pompolius, whose reign has not been, let put it in simple terms, positive for the people.Cue lots of fights, accidents, Twig making a mess, betrayals, deaths and blood [...]

    6. This installment of the Twig trilogy does a good job of expanding the world and the plot of the Edge It does definitely have some flaws, especially in terms of character Twig becomes nicely developed by the end, with a sense of justice, a desire to make his father proud, and a fair bit of cleverness However, all of the rest of the characters are incredibly thin It makes it hard for me to care when they get killed off or otherwise removed from the plot in rapid order And it s pretty telling that [...]

    7. I adored this book Upon finishing the first book of The Edge Chronicles of which there are 10 which is also the first book of The Twig Trilogy, I had expectations for the second book Paul Stewart needed to elaborate on the fantastic world of The Edge which he had hinted at in the first book He needed to write deeper and construct a novel that was than loosely connected segments He needed to establish a narrative and construct a fuller plot because I saw potential in the story.Thankfully, he liv [...]

    8. Just as good as the first installment in this series Everything is on point with this series I loved the story line and the new characters we were introduced too We even had this antagonist who I had to shake my head and laugh at because he was so creepy and weird The ending was a perfect cliffhanger read the next book ending I cannot wait to start the next one and continue on.

    9. Stromchaser adalah buku kedua dari seri fantasi The Edge of Chronicle yang kisahnya merupakan kelanjutan dari buku Beyond the Deepwoods Matahati, 2007 Kali ini Twig, putra sang perompak Langit, Cold Wolf telah berusia 16 tahun dan ikut serta dalam perjalanan ayahnya mengarungi langit The Edge dengan perahu langit yang diberi nama Stormchaser Pemburu Badai.Dikisahkan saat ini kota terapung Sanchtaprax dalam keadaan krisis karena stormphrax yang merupakan batu pemberat agar kota itu berada dalam k [...]

    10. This story about Twig and Cloud Wolf, his father, is an exciting novel about finding Stormphrax is amazing Stormphrax is used to make Phrax Dust, an element that purifies water, and has amazing properties Twig sneaks on board and goes to find Stormphrax I liked this book because it has creative characters and creative plots I like how Stewart uses descriptive words and adjectives I don t think that he reused any descriptive words I could not put the book down I would say that anyone could read t [...]

    11. The only book I remember my mom deeming too gross and too frightening to read to my brother and me I also remember we agreed with her because there was a dude who was obsessed with cutting people s toes off who ended up killing a bunch of characters and taking their toes This was baby s first DNF

    12. A pretty decent follow up, wuth the story progressing nicely and not dwelling on what has come before too much Twig has actually grown as a person in this, and that speaks well for the story telling here.

    13. Twig is really brave and courageous, even if he doesn t see it himself I ve really been enjoying his wild caper all over the show and the people he meets and befriends.

    14. Amazing children s book Narrator is the best I ve ever listened to He put so much energy and variety into his characters that I enjoyed the story so much than reading it myself.

    15. Alex HofmaierMs RomaniukReading L.A Book Review 5November 16, 2010Stormchaser The Great StormWhat lengths would you go to to collect one of the most valuable substances in the known world What if it had the destructive power to destroy you and many others even if you acquired it In Stormchaser, a fantasy novel Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, and the second book in the Edge Chronicles, Twig needs to acquire stormphrax, an incredibly powerful substance formed inside storms To get there, he mans th [...]

    16. The book begins in Undertown, the seething mass of urban development, industry, slums, wealthy neighborhoods, marketplaces, etc etc etc that winds and twists its way alongside the polluted Edgewater River Every single race living along the Edge has made its home here various kinds of trolls, trogs, goblins, waifs, oakelves, gnomes, and those nameless human like beings we see everywhere Twig is there, and he wanders into a contraband pet store where he encounters the all knowing caterbird whose h [...]

    17. Buku kedua dari serial The Edge Chronicles When I read the firt one, saya jatuh cinta dengan dunia fantasi yang digambarkan dalam buku ini Dan ilustrasinya yang begitu detail bagi saya meruapakan salah satu daya tarik utama Tapi setelah membaca dua buku lain dari Paul Stewart dan Chris Riddell, memang sepertinya buku buku mereka kuat di detail ilustrasi yaaa Di buku ini, Twig, sang tokoh utama, sekarang menjadi salah satu awak kapal Stormchaser Kapten kapal itu sendiri sebenarnya adalah ayah Twi [...]

    18. This is the second book in the Twig saga Twig has left the path and ventured through the Deepwoods, culminating in the finding of his father Cloud Wolf Quint He joins his father s sky pirate ship, but their relationship is kept a secret for safety.Between corrupt, selfish Most High Academe Vilnix Pompolnius, greedy tradesmen, and black market Shrykes, the floating city of Sanctaphrax is in deep trouble the floating rock it s built on is almost ready to float off onto Open Sky Vilnix s solution i [...]

    19. Stormchaser by far was a great adventure as well as a read because it made twig a amusing and braver person Twig now part of the Stormchaser, which was piloted and captained by his father cloud wolf I really enjoyed this book as it shows how a weakling such as Twig could overcome his fears by taking steps to get through his problems whenever he was alone Being alone wasn t the easiest thing for twig because he was fearful of almost everything around him In the first few chapters of the book, Cl [...]

    20. It s been a good while since I read the first book in this series, but I didn t have too many difficulties picking things up This really is the far side of the world from Alan Garner s increasingly atmospheric and enigmatic style of fantasy This is a sturdy, intricate piece of world building, fully grounded and downright anti romantic in its, for a narrow sense of the word, realism There s the geography, all connected, the flora, the fauna, the city, the academic extension to the city, the econo [...]

    21. It is safe to say I definitely preferred these two books to the first one, there is a lot action and the story flows easier through all of the twists and turns Stewart and Riddell are a author and illustrator team that have the ability to change your opinion of a character in a few words As will the last book these depict the life of Twig a boy who strayed from the path to discover a new world in which he belongs, but also one in which he finds himself in a considerable amount of danger most of [...]

    22. This installment in the Edge Chronicles contains elements that will endear it to anyone who has stuck with this series Among other familiar characters, it sees the return of the covetous, avaricious and power hungry Vilnix Pompolnius who first appeared in The Winter Knights , seemingly secure in his position as Most High Academe of Sanctaphrax However, the jockeying for power takes place all over Edge World this is no place for the weak or faint hearted and no one is safe from being ousted from [...]

    23. I was happy that Stormchaser takes place about two years after Beyond the Deepwoods It gave Twig a little time to grow up and live on a sky pirate ship and get to know his father, even though Cloud Wolf has not told anybody that Twig is his son.What I do like about the writing of Paul Stewart is the pace of the story It is fast, yet extremely interesting He has created a main character that all kids will instantly like and cheer for The artwork of Chris Riddell is something to be beheld He has a [...]

    24. First of all, let me get out that I didn t like Twig the main character He was arrogant, hot tempered, dishonest, and basically a crybaby I also thought this book was rather dark for a children s book Okay it was very dark, filled with murders, body parts being cut off, and the walking dead That being said, it was MUCH better than the first book in the series, simply because it had an actual plot Instead of Twig wandering around getting chased by random beasts, he actually had a goal The premise [...]

    25. Stormchaser My ReviewAfter rereading this book for the fourth or fifth time I was freshly reminded why this is my absolute favorite First of all, the descriptions are astounding Second, the illustrations are amazing for those who listen to this on audio, they are missing half of the book Another thing I love is Twig He starts off as a young inexperienced sky pirate, but then becomes someone people have reason to be afraid of I love this change, and I feel it is very realistic, as you see it happ [...]

    26. On a cliff overlooking an endless mist, is a place called the Edge The balance between the floating scholar city of Sanctaphrax and the shadowing Undertown is disrupted when an ambitious villain steals and experiments with the city s needed supply of the heavy material Stormphrax The city strains against its chains without the weight of the Stormphrax, while Undertown s water quickly becomes undrinkable in desperation two of the head scholars hire Cloud Wolf, the most notorious sky pirate, to ch [...]

    27. Twig, son of a sky pirate, continues his adventures in book 2 of The Edge Chronicles series Vilnix Pompoinius, self appointed Most High Academe on Sanctaphrax, has quietly depleted the community s supply of phraxdust and stormphrax which holds the floating city in place The Professor of Light assigns the task of finding to Cloud Wolf, the sky pilate who is Twig s father.When Twig s father s voyage to replenish the supply is thwarted by a mutiny attempt on the Stormchaser that ends with the crew [...]

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