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This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland By Gretel Ehrlich,

  • Title: This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland
  • Author: Gretel Ehrlich
  • ISBN: 9780679758525
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the last decade, Gretel Ehrlich has been obsessed by an island, a terrain, a culture, and the treacherous beauty of a world that is defined by ice In This Cold Heaven she combines the story of her travels with history and cultural anthropology to reveal a Greenland that few of us could otherwise imagine.Ehrlich unlocks the secrets of this severe land and those who livFor the last decade, Gretel Ehrlich has been obsessed by an island, a terrain, a culture, and the treacherous beauty of a world that is defined by ice In This Cold Heaven she combines the story of her travels with history and cultural anthropology to reveal a Greenland that few of us could otherwise imagine.Ehrlich unlocks the secrets of this severe land and those who live there a hardy people who still travel by dogsled and kayak and prefer the mystical four months a year of endless darkness to the gentler summers without night She discovers the twenty three words the Inuit have for ice, befriends a polar bear hunter, and comes to agree with the great Danish Inuit explorer Knud Rasmussen that all true wisdom is only to be found far from the dwellings of man, in great solitudes This Cold Heaven is at once a thrilling adventure story and a meditation on the clarity of life at the extreme edge of the world.
    This Cold Heaven Seven Seasons in Greenland For the last decade Gretel Ehrlich has been obsessed by an island a terrain a culture and the treacherous beauty of a world that is defined by ice In This Cold Heaven she combines the story of her

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    1. Description Beginning in 1993, Ehrlich traveled to Greenland, the northernmost country in the world, in every season the four months of perpetual dark in which the average temperature is 25 degrees below zero , the four months of constant daylight, and the twilight seasons in between traveling up the west coast, often by dogsled, and befriending the resilient and generous Inuits along the way Greenland, unlike its name, is 95 percent ice a landscape of deep rock walled fjords, glaciers, narwhal [...]

    2. I never want to go to Greenland English winters are quite dark and cold enough for me, and I don t know if I could stomach seal meat at all, let alone for most meals and often raw But that s okay I don t need to book a flight to Qaanaaq, because through reading this I ve already been in Greenland in every season I ve huddled onto a sled pulled by 20 dogs I ve gone hunting for polar bears I ve had a terrifying crash through thin ice I ve met Danes and Greenlanders of all ages and heard their lege [...]

    3. Outstanding account of an American s experience of the environment and peoples of Greenland combined with chapters about Rasmussen s wide ranging trips to document Arctic cultures from 1910 to 1933 Great combination of reflection from personal experience and from historical and anthropological sources Greenland, a Danish protectorate emerging into nationhood, has less than 60,000 people scattered among coastal villages in a huge territory, largely without roads Unlike most Inuit societies of Nor [...]

    4. This book gave me an outstanding view of Greenland and the traditional way of life of the Greenlanders as well as how their lives are changing with the arrival of modernity I wasn t a fan of the writing, feeling that the author got lost in her thoughts while writing as she would while travelling on a sled, and there were a few repetition as if it wasn t edited I liked however that she inserted in her narration a good chunk of Knud Rasmussen s adventures, an explorer of the early 20th century who [...]

    5. My first reaction is an emotional one, a feeling of sadness at the loss of the traditional Eskimo culture, although I appreciate that there is an effort to keep the old ways alive and to teach these ways to the young generations The author does not ignore the difficult aspects of the traditional life of subsistence hunters, which if the hunting is not good can mean starvation Starvation can lead to the deaths of those who contribute the least and need the most, the children and old people, eatin [...]

    6. After spending seven seasons in Greenland, Gretel Erhlich imparts her experience and the history of this icy island in This Cold Heaven I am torn with this review Ehrlich is definitely a gifted writer We flew up the sleeve of the 106 mile long Kangerlussuaq Fjord The water was black and the mountains were brown, ending in broken snow covered peaks Streams threaded through the creases in three billion year old rock, the result of roiling magma that cooled into gray.I would be carried away by her [...]

    7. Oh, Greenland Someday I will get there and savour all the sights for myself But for now I ll need to just live vicariously through books and authors detailing their adventures to the cold wonderland that is the Arctic Gretel Ehrlich details the cold winterland of Greenland, the hunters and ethnologists that trek over the country in hunt for food, solace and the secrets it hides Part self discovery, part romance, but biography, ethnological study, geographical study and all around wonderful story [...]

    8. I learned that treeline can be a factor of latitude, not just altitude it is a biological boundary created by the cold and came to think of the treeless polar north as a mountain lying on its side.We flew up the sleeve of the 106 mile long Kangerlussuaq Fjord The water was black and the mountains were brown, ending in broken snow covered peaks Streams threaded through creases in three billion year old rock, the result of roiling magma that cooled into gray, speckled gneiss whose surfaces were la [...]

    9. This is a quite descriptive and interesting book about living with local people during seven seasons visiting Greenland Gretel fully participated in a life quite unfamiliar to most of the world her descriptions are, um, excessively poetic to the point of not adding to the description by being incomprehensible at times Nonetheless, I very much enjoyed her details of living and traveling in Greenland, especially when she visited places I have also visited Qaanaaq, Kangerlussuaq, Iqaluit, and the b [...]

    10. Too bad a book that could have been so interesting was so disorganized and quickly became repetitive and tedious I read about 200 pages and after a week decided the book would be much of the same and abandoned it Ehrlich is clearly a gifted with the ability of describing nature and loved Greenland and its peoples People who are absolutely fascinating They survive by eating anything that moves and not wasting a bit of those creatures Their culture is based on what western civilization may refer t [...]

    11. This started out as a 5 star read, mostly for the culture shock, my main reason for reading travel books It is so other , so alien to me and my life, that at first my head was responding bravo to all her experiences and observations But somewhere around half way it became of the same old, same old, many words with nothing new, novelty worn off I agree with other reviewers that this book needs serious editing, not only for the typos, but for the content There was lack of continuity and several u [...]

    12. This one took me about a week The detail and information about the land that Knud Rasmussen traveled were incredible If I were ever to go that far north, this book would go with me Ehrlich is powerful because she ahs walked the walk, frozen, starved and smelled bad The entire culture and customs are both beautiful and ugly, and the fatalism of the people would drive me nuts Ehrlich s voice is true to the material, stating than embellishing the setting and activity The light and dark of the envi [...]

    13. Obsessed seems right To the untrained eye, Greenland might be classified like a non entity a space rather than a place, and a forbiddingly cold and blank one at that But Ehrlich s travelogue ethnologue gives a taste of the appeal of the place, from her own lengthy stays there, and from the history of inhabitation and exploration of the far Arctic north At times her style seems meditative, but at other times quite repetitive, and it is a slow if interesting read, infused with a great passion for [...]

    14. This Cold Heaven is than anything an ode, a paean to Greenland by one woman I think in some ways she loves that icebound land as much as Lawrence of Arabia was reported to love the desert, and perhaps for somewhat similar reasons Her book was full of poetic descriptions of towering icebergs, driving snowstorms, crisp nearly eternal nights, and sheets of mirror like ice Admiring the vast ice sheet covering the island, which she described as a siren singing me back to Greenland, its walls of sapp [...]

    15. Life in Greenland is a subject that most people know little about After her first visit, author Gretel Ehrlich returned to Greenland several times, learning about Greenlandic culture, developing friendships, and experiencing both life in towns and extended time on the ice on dogsleds Written in 2001, This Cold Heaven explores traditional life and how the challenges of modern times from climate change to mechanization to toxic waste proposals from the US impact citizens In addition to the author [...]

    16. Life lived in community Nothing private She stops the sled to pee on the ice Her period has started and the blood instantly freezes on the snow The hunter with her looks round and laughs and says of the sled somewhere behind them they ll think I m a very skilled hunter, and I ve killed a seal already This is a woman s book She tells you things from a perspective you ll never get from those macho conquering men who are cutting off their own toes because of frostbite The hallucinatory nature of th [...]

    17. This book was the story of a Gretel Ehrlich s adventures in Greenland the Northwest Passage across the top of Canada Her descriptions were rich kept me reading She incorporates the stories of the Innuit people, Rassmussen, Kent other explorers There was a lot of insight into their culture their beliefs, dealing with life s challenges, starvation, and the cold weather.This Cold Heaven Seven Seasons in Greenlandby Gretel Ehrlich 4.05 rating details 223 ratings 38 reviewsFor the last decade, Gretel [...]

    18. Full review corrupted and not posted impressions weird, difficult to comprehend and difficult to stomach conflicts prejudices of modern and neolithic cultures first word environmental concerns v subsistence hunting of iconic animals environmental justice for a people that creates no pollution but must deal with consequences of global fossil fuel and toxin use survival of microcultures Rasmussen s adaptation to Greenlandic neolithic culture leading to his success where others perished repugnant s [...]

    19. On of the most interesting, layered works of nature writing I ve ever read By turns historical exploration, cultural anthropology, religious studies and old fashioned wondering in awe at the beauty of the earth, I found this book completely captivating It s compelling I promptly went out to find to read about Greenland and it s people I can also see why some people found it boring Erlich enters you into a different world, quite unlike most people s every day She s sharing a sparse, unpopulated [...]

    20. I m glad it was her, not me This is a fascinating book, not because I particularly liked the writing style, but because the life was so foreign to me Freezing cold, nothing to eat but raw seal In fact, a local delicacy is auk stuffed in seal, left for two months, then eaten Yum p The book had a bit too much of the noble savage feel in places, but it gives a really good glimpse into a way of life that is changing drastically after thousands of years It s amazing that people can live that way, and [...]

    21. I am overjoyed at having finally connected with this writer s work Turning to just about any random page I can find a phrase or a sentence that makes me want to hug myself and do a rendition of Snoopy s happy dance An early example The Arctic s continuously shifting planes of light and dark were like knives thrown in a drawer They were the layered instruments that could carve life out of death into art and back to life It didn t seem to matter that I have never had any level of fascination with [...]

    22. The author uses such a poetic vernacular to describe an area about which most are in the dark It was difficult for me to follow her descriptions, as I currently lack any degree of comparison with the subject and found myself racking my brain to place her descriptions.After a few pages, I began leafing through read scraps a paragraph here and there and that seemed to give me a better sense overall of her experience.Though she did lead me to the journals of Knud Rasmussen, and I am hoping, should [...]

    23. I picked this up years ago at Leo s Art Books in Santa Fe love and promptly devoured it Ehrlich is perhaps best known for, um, being struck by lightning and writing about her experience But this is her stand out work Evocative and emotional, heartbreaking and hallucinatory, the sort of book that surrounds you with subzero temperatures regardless of the time of year you re reading Not without flaws, but highly recommended especially if, like me, you can t read enough about the frozen parts of the [...]

    24. This is one of the best, if not the best nature writing book I have ever read The prose is spectacular and the descriptions are so deep and thorough that you cannot help feel that you are alongside Ehrlich in Greenland This book motivated me to learn about Greenland, its language and culture and about life in Arctic Circle, which is vibrant, alive and so different from much of the rest of the world.

    25. I wanted to get some information on Greenland for a story I ve been working on, on and off, for a couple of years now This Cold Heaven provides a wealth of information on the history, culture, and people of Greenland, but importantly, for my purposes, it offers an emotionally involved perspective on what it s like to live in this barren and icy place.

    26. Interesting account by someone who has spent considerable time in Greenland She writes very well and makes you feel her experiences, which makes for the best kind of non fiction.

    27. I have fallen in luvst with Greenland Inuit culture becuz o this book author I hope ta go nomadic native there part time

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