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The Spellkey By Ann Downer-Hazell,

  • Title: The Spellkey
  • Author: Ann Downer-Hazell
  • ISBN: 9780689313295
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • During a dangerous journey through the Thirteen Kingdoms, a witch girl and an outcast stableboy find their fortunes intertwined with nefarious agents seeking a powerful Spellkey.
    The Spellkey During a dangerous journey through the Thirteen Kingdoms a witch girl and an outcast stableboy find their fortunes intertwined with nefarious agents seeking a powerful Spellkey

    One thought on “The Spellkey”

    1. Not particularly engaging, though something drove me onward, up to page 153, even The two main characters inexplicably fall in love, and everyone s after them, but they don t seem to question this and continue on to their strange goal of giving Caitlyn up to a convent Meanwhile, for 3 4 of the book, Elric is following them and causing random events to happen, with no explanation to the reader.Plus, random sexual content, though it was very inexplicit.

    2. the story of caitlin and badger has stuck with me for than half my life it s haunting and simply told and incredibly lovely reread of an old favorite sense a pattern in the early part of this year i never grow tired of this story a beautiful fantasy definitely an underrated series.

    3. A masterfully written tale that is not done justice by the murky, boring cover illustration This is a book that a respects the intelligence of it s reader and also that of it s characters b employs a sense of mystery without being unnecessarily pedantic or coy c is honest but not precious d could give Hayao Miyazaki s films a run for their money in terms of surprising, organic plot twists, feminist and humanist underpinnings, and a slow, natural love story element that won t induce gagging To bo [...]

    4. Fantasy as It SHOULD BeHere is a story that eschews the usual cliches and spins a complex tale of enchantment, destiny, and the human heart Yes, the quest motif runs throughout the book, but the author gives it a unique spin and adds an underlying feel of mystery, so one senses the history and detail outside the focus of the story a background that so many fantasies lack It s not a book for the quick or casual read it deserves attention and appreciation The sequel, The Glass Salamander , resolve [...]

    5. This odd, episodic fantasy feels like an allegory than a story While it had some interesting and original elements, I was ultimately unconvinced and dissatisfied by its treatment of human beings as objects in a pattern rather than as individuals with unique moral value This typifies what I often dislike about prophecy themed fantasy.

    6. One of my favorite novels ever since the first time I picked it up over twenty years ago I ve reread it countless times and often find myself thinking of these characters.

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