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Don't Worry, Douglas! By David Melling,

  • Title: Don't Worry, Douglas!
  • Author: David Melling
  • ISBN: 9781589251069
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Douglas the big, brown, lovable bear is back His dad gives him a special gift, a new woolly hat But then something terrible happens Douglas s hat gets caught on a tree and turns into one long string of spaghetti How will he ever tell his dad Douglas learns that it takes a BIG bear to tell the truth in this heartwarming and hilarious follow up to Hugless Douglas
    Don t Worry Douglas Douglas the big brown lovable bear is back His dad gives him a special gift a new woolly hat But then something terrible happens Douglas s hat gets caught on a tree and turns into one long string o

    One thought on “Don't Worry, Douglas!”

    1. Adorable pictures The sheep who don t always look like sheep are the best A cute story about Douglas and his hat A bit of the wording was off for me And I didn t like all of the screaming capitals that Douglas had It made him seem even angry than frustrated and worried I was expecting Mom Bear to have knitting needles to fix the hat, so the solution was a bit odd And what was with the page at the end of all the different hats Hmmm Might make a good preschool read if the kids can see the picture [...]

    2. Douglas the wonderful hugging bear is back and he is wearing a brand new hat Well, sort of Douglas dad makes him his very own woolly red hat Douglas loves it and trudges off to show his friends the sheep He shows them how he can turn flips and cartwheels in his new fuzzy red hat He whoops again and again, until he realizes his beautiful new wooly red hat that his dad made especially for him has come unraveled Yikes Oh no, what is Douglas to do He worries Douglas has to figure out a way to either [...]

    3. A funny story about an excited bear that plays so much his new hat falls apart Cute story, but it got 3 stars because the ending was abrupt and tied up just a little too nicely Kids liked it ok and gave it a middle so so thumbs up.

    4. douglas ruined his new hat his dad wasn t mad at him though i think my parents would have been mad at me, but they still would have loved me my favorite part was on the back cover where they listed differant kinds of hats they even had a potty hat ew

    5. Huukon ihkauusi pipo purkautuu Kaikki yritt v t auttaa Huukoa, mutta mik n ei auta, pipo on mennytt Hauska kuvitus, kuten kaikissa Mellingin kirjoissa.

    6. This book is great for helping teach kids that sometimes honesty is hard but it s the right thing to do and even though it can be scary to confront someone with something they wont want to hear the end result wont always be bad.

    7. I fell in love with Douglas when I read the touching story titled, Hugless Douglas Now David Melling is back with another Douglas story that will warm your heart and make you laugh Don t Worry, Douglas is a beautiful book that teaches children the importance of telling the truth What Melling does so well in this book is capture the feelings children go through when something has gone wrong and they must approach their parents The book is filled with some well meaning and some not so selfless fri [...]

    8. Douglas s dad gave him a present his first ever wooly hat But when he goes outside to play in it, it quickly unravels What s Douglas to do His animal friends aren t much help, until the bunny gives him the best advice of all.Is it just me or does the illustration on the cover of this book make it look as though Douglas really needs to go to the bathroom I really thought that might be what the book was about I didn t even notice his unraveled hat And obviously I was wrong But aside from that, it [...]

    9. This is a sweet story with adorable illustrations I love that it shows how it s so much better to admit the truth than to try to hide it or lie about it It s a lesson that I am teaching our girls now So often we fear the consequences of a mistake, but it s better to just own up to it I love his Dad s reaction, too Such a good story and such wonderful humourous pictures, too We especially liked the last two pages of funny hats We really enjoyed reading this story together and now that we know tha [...]

    10. Douglas from Hugless Douglas is back His dad gives him a hat and Douglas is off before properly hearing his dad s instructions take care of it Douglas exuberance for his new hat soon leaves him with nothing but a tangle of yarn What will he tell his dad What I thought Douglas is such a lovable character As are the sheep This new predicament of his will appeal to preschoolers The illustrations are great My favorites are Douglas showing off his new hat, Rabbit with umbrella love the carrots , and [...]

    11. Douglas the bear has a brand new woolly hat given to him from his Dad He is so excited he cartwheels off to show his friends Unfortunately this causes the hat to become unravelled and just a pile of wool A worried Douglas tries to find a way to fix his hat, with the help of his animal friends, but cannot find a solution to his problem The illustrations throughout the book perfectly capture the journey of emotions that Douglas goes through This book could be read to a whole class, children will e [...]

    12. Just as fun as the original Hugless Douglas story, this one follows Douglas while he tries to figure out what to do when he ruins the new wooly hat his Dad gives him as a present Entertaining side characters provide enough humor to make it enjoyable for grownups, and the story doesn t feel stale even after many reads The message isn t preachy, but it gets the point across And of course, the variety of silly hats like the kinds of hug in the original story on the last two pages are lots of fun fo [...]

    13. David Melling s heartwarming and hilarious story describes Douglas the bear s circumstances with his new wool hat Douglas s father gives him this special woolly hat as a gift but soon after Douglas runs into trouble His new hat gets caught and unravels into simply just string Douglas has to be brave and tell his father the truth Douglas s situation helps children understand that telling the truth my seem scary, but it is only helpful in the end Being honest makes them a bigger person This story [...]

    14. This is a cute follow up to Hugless Douglas Dad gives Douglas a woolly hat When Douglas goes out to show it off to his sheep pals, it gets hooked on a tree branch and unravels Douglas gasped His new woolly hat had turned into one long string of spaghetti Will Douglas be in big trouble I love the art, especially when the other animals try to help Douglas or just help themselves to the unraveled hat The ending was less than satisfying, but still, a cute story for getting dressed storytimes or bear [...]

    15. This book was very short and simple but still had a good plot At the beginning Douglas is given a hat and is told to be careful with it Douglas accidentally tears up the hat and starts to worry that his dad will become upset Douglas soon finds that everything is going to be alright I like how this book teaches kids to not worry and that no matter what thing happens, it does not help to worry I would recommend this book for kindergarten or first grade.

    16. David Melling is amongst my favourite picture book authors Quirky, heartfelt stories with wry humour and lots of love His Hugless Douglas series are about the adventures of a young bear called Douglas In this lovely book, Douglas s woollen hat unravels and he worries about telling his father Filled with gorgeous illustrations throughout the book, this would make a good storytime book for libraries.

    17. Douglas dad gives him a wooly hat with the instructions to Take care of it When Douglas hat meets an unhappy fate he worries that his Dad will be very mad Rabbit reminds him that his Dad is a nice man, and he will probably understand So, Douglas tells his parents the truth about what happened, and they are indeed, understanding The pictures at the end of the book of the sheep in different kinds of hat are hysterical.

    18. A cute story about a ruined hat I really enjoyed the pictures, but was not a fan of Douglas screaming capitals I wish he wasn t as frustrated by his friends I was also surprised by the ending view spoiler Unraveled yarn is such a great problem solution set up, but instead of using the yarn to knit a new hat, Douglas was given his father s hat hide spoiler The moral, be honest with your parents, was a good one, but not the one I expected from a yarn story.

    19. Hugless Douglas is given a beautiful new woolly hat by his dad and is reminded to look after it as he runs off to play Sadly Douglas hat unravels and he seeks opinions from his friends about what he should do next.My rating 3 stars, beautiful illustrations but the story is banalMaster 5 s rating It s okayMaster 3 s raing Given he wants it read a minimum half dozen times a day for the last fortnight I think it s fair to say HE LOVES IT.

    20. I read this for workIt s got some pretty cute illustrations in itI especially love the back pages where you see the sheep and bunnies wearing different styled hatsI think they put in a few for grown ups to laugh over.Basically it s about Douglas and what happens with his hatOf course there is a problem and it leads him on an short but sweet adventure It s well worth the read if you ve got youngens

    21. Douglas s dad just gave him a beautiful wooly hat, but when a piece of it gets stuck in a tree it unravels into one long string Douglas is worried that his dad will be mad, but his friends tell him to just tell the truth The writing is simple and the message is clear telling the truth is often better than hiding it This may not be the most compelling book in the world, but it s illustrations are engaging and the moral is good.

    22. 3.5 stars Douglas dad surprises him with a new woolly hat Douglas loves his new hat, but when he is playing, it snags on a tree branch and unravels His animal friends have many suggestions on how they can use the unraveled mess, but Douglas just wants his hat back Will his dad be able to bear the truth

    23. Douglas the bear is so excited about his new woolly hat that he hardly notices when it s unraveling thread by thread He takes his hat to different animals seeking their help to fix it In the end, he learns that it s best to be honest Young readers will enjoy the fun illustrations and empathize with Douglas when he is feeling so awful about his hat s condition.

    24. Don t Worry Douglas teaches children that when something goes wrong that parents and adults in their lives can be understanding and it is safe to tell them when they make a mistake Douglas is a cut bear with a new hat and he manages to snag it and unwind it while he plays with his friends My preschool children love this story and ask for it often on free choice book time.

    25. Such a cute book Bright illustrations and lots of humor as Douglas tries to figure out what to do when his new hat gets ruined His animal friends all chip in with ideas on how to recycle the hat Good length and complexity for little ones My 4.5 year old loves it especially the pictures of different types of hats a the back of the book.

    26. This is a cute story with adorable illustrations, and I probably would have used it in Preschool story time if I still worked at the library, but my five year old son just didn t connect with it He lost interest pretty early on and didn t seem to find the humor in the solutions.

    27. Douglas gets a new hat and is so excited but during the day his hat unravels and his upset to tell his dad All of his friends have a use for the new string but rabbit tells him to tell the truth at home which works out great Can t wait to try this with preschool.

    28. I m prone to love cute characters and bright colors Throw in some friendship and I m sold Douglas and his sheep friends are really adorable as they try to get Douglas hat back to normal Too bad it doesn t work out for them like they d wish it would.

    29. Douglas was given a beautiful new winter hat from his father and told to be careful with it This last bit about being careful was not heard by Douglas, however, when he raced off excitedly to show his new hat to his friends What will his dad say when he see s what has become of his hat

    30. Douglas dad gives him a new hat It s very exciting until Douglas ruins the hat and is afraid to tell dad Throughout the story the illustrations of the sheep that try to help Douglas are so sweet and cuddly

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