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The Green Carnation By Robert Smythe Hichens,

  • Title: The Green Carnation
  • Author: Robert Smythe Hichens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
    The Green Carnation This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

    One thought on “The Green Carnation”

    1. This book is one long Hipsters suck rant Hipsters in 1895 England being dandy aesthetes like Oscar Wilde and Bosie It s like, Look at these rich kids, pretending to be authentic and being creative the privileged bastards I am seething with with envy No wait, I shouldn t be At least I am not a gaymo like tbose fags It was really funny to read Not funny like it was clever because it wasn t but funny like a car crash.

    2. Let me just start off by refuting the official summary, which states that Gay men in turn of the century Paris wore green carnations in their buttonholes Wilde wore a green carnation and encouraged his devotees to wear them on at least one occasion, but it was never a widespread practice and its connotations with homosexuality were established long afterwards It is tempting to regard Wilde as a prototype gay activist, proudly queer, suffering prison rather than deny his true nature, but like mos [...]

    3. I m not sure why there are so many negative reviews of this book I could quite easily imagine someone really enjoying it.I had read on that this book was pulled from the shelves in 1894 after Wilde was imprisoned for the gay content in the book, which is not true In the 1948 reprint of the book, the author states he pulled the book from the shelves voluntarily after Wilde s imprisonment as he thought it would be in poor taste to satirize a man facing hard time in jail The author mentions hearing [...]

    4. Life imitates art so do I The green carnation, Oscar Wilde s attribute, as we know, though his favorite colour was vermillion, this artificial flower appears in books here and there Many writers have a dig at it as well as its owners It is said, a wild flower smells warmer if it s smashed and the green carnation has become the first symbol of people, who declare their homosexuality, a precursor to the rainbow flag Despite the widespread opinion, the green carnation became a gay emblem after Osca [...]

    5. Well Clearly we ve come pretty far in 100 years Hard to believe this disjointed and oblique parody of Oscar Wilde s style and lifestyle played any part in Wilde s getting sentenced to 2 years hard labor and effectively being expelled from his homeland for the rest of his life The only harm I could imagine this book causing anybody nowadays is it causing them to fall dead asleep The wink wink cloaked references to homosexuality are SO cloaked as to be nonlegible I mean, Middlemarch reads gayer th [...]

    6. I know a lot about Oscar and Bosie I really do and have researched and divulged into their lives for a while now I bought this book with extremely high hopes after all, this was an important piece of evidence used in Oscar s trail I fail to see how at all this book was used against Oscar He even said himself how poorly written this was While it was interesting merely due to the fact it was a rather realistic portrayal of the men and how they interacted, the plot was dry and the book is not one I [...]

    7. A very beautifully written book, but at times I felt it had no plot line Well, thats what I get for reading books from the 1800s.

    8. I m not certain how I found this book other than having been referred to it through some of my readings on Oscar Wilde I ve read others reviews and was surprised that most of the reviews were so negative Yes, I agree it is not as well written as it could have been, nor as witty, but I loved the character of Lady Locke who though condemned as ordinary is the only sensible character in the book While every other adult seemed to be spoiled children, she was the responsible adult of the group.

    9. A creditable endeavor and some very pretty writing in parts Hichens took a lot of Oscar Wilde s epigrams and close observations of him and created Esme in his image Also, Lord Reggie stands in for Lord Alfred Douglas Suitable for those looking to expand their understanding of Wilde and his milieu.

    10. I spotted this at a used bookstore when I was newly back from Oxford, finishing my thesis in Vancouver, and in such a whirlpool of Wilde that I don t think I could ve even appreciated the amusement of it Two years later it reminds me of how entrenched I once was, but how much I still love it all.I wouldn t recommend this book for entertainment unless you are really already interested in Wilde s history and aesthetic life philosophy of the 1890s, because it is so very specific to that ethos The t [...]

    11. Reading The Green Carnation is like reading Real Person Fanfic about Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas Not Real Person Slash, as the novel is too insistently discreet in its codings of homosexuality to explore their relationship to any great extent beyond mentor mentee, although there are many references to Lord Reggie s inability to really love women Hichens knew Wilde and Douglas socially, and at first his satire seems fond, but a harsher critique is made through the vehicle of Lady Locke, a [...]

    12. No, The Green Carnation, in and of itself, is not a good piece of literature No one should read it expecting to be dazzled by wit or captivated by the characters If you would like to read an example of good literature regarding the Decadents Aesthetics of the 1890s, look elsewhere The only people who will glean any real value or enjoyment from this novel are those already intimately familiar with Wilde, Bosie and company The Green Carnation provides an interesting glimpse into the mindset of Wil [...]

    13. i read a lot about it s reviwes so earger to know why this novel firstly pulichised anonymously can this novel be roman a clef it s utterly refering to Oscar Wilde by Esme the green carnation offended Lady Locke s sightpoor her if she would would live by 2009 and what grotesque she may feel by current new fads the conclusion was logically anticipated that Lord Raggie was consciouly absurd for her after all

    14. Una novela sat rica cuyos personajes principales est n basados en Oscar Wilde y Lord Alfred Douglas Constituy un esc ndalo en el Londres victoriano y contribuy a la ca da de Wilde, aunque se retirara su venta durante los juicios del c lebre dramaturgo.La novela en s es entretenida, pero su inter s radica en leer entre l neas Si se quiere disfrutar realmente, basta con conocer un poco de la relaci n Wilde Bosie y su repercusi n en la poca Esto la hace mucho m s divertida.

    15. As another reviewer has pointed out, this is not a well written book in any sense But if, like me, you read Ellman s life of Oscar Wilde and realised that the whole Aesthetic thing was tedious and tasteless, then this is the book to reinforce your judgement I m with the heroine at least, the major female character who decides she doesn t want her eight year old son wearing a green carnation Makes sense, doesn t it

    16. In 1891, Douglas met Oscar Wilde although the playwright was married with two sons, they soon began an affair 9 10 In 1894, the Robert Hichens novel The Green Carnation was published Said to be a roman clef based on the relationship of Wilde and Douglas, it would be one of the texts used against Wilde during his trials in 1895 Found while researching Oscar Wilde

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