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Legions of the Eagle By Henry Treece,

  • Title: Legions of the Eagle
  • Author: Henry Treece
  • ISBN: 9780370009209
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The story of a boy who lived at the time of the first real Roman invasion of Britain.
    Legions of the Eagle The story of a boy who lived at the time of the first real Roman invasion of Britain

    One thought on “Legions of the Eagle”

    1. This was a great favourite of mine as a child, along with anything by Rosemary Sutcliff The story takes place at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain in the reign of Claudius The main character is a young boy, his father is a senior warrior in service to Caratacus, his best friend is a family slave a boy from Wales, he feels he has a good life, a handsome dog, a fine knife, essentially everything a pre Roman iron age boy might want.The story goes with the fortunes of war and shakes everythi [...]

    2. How long can any children s book stay on someone s Currently Reading shelf before they admit that they re not going to finish it I don t know if there s an objective answer, but this one, despite being no thicker than my finger so really not that long, has been there for at least eight months and I m not making any progress It just managed to be historically dubious about SO MANY THINGS in the space of SO FEW pages, and that put me off Also, the author made the very odd decision to name characte [...]

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