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Curious George Learns the Alphabet By H.A. Rey,

  • Title: Curious George Learns the Alphabet
  • Author: H.A. Rey
  • ISBN: 9780395137185
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Readers learn the alphabet along with George as the man in the yellow hat teaches the curious monkey how to read.
    Curious George Learns the Alphabet Readers learn the alphabet along with George as the man in the yellow hat teaches the curious monkey how to read

    One thought on “Curious George Learns the Alphabet”

    1. OK if the child already has an understanding of the alphabet This book highlights all of the letters of the alphabet, referring to Big A and Small A , etc Illustrations show each letter incorporated into a picture For instance, the big A is drawn as an alligator s mouth.A few things to consider, though The book is quite lengthy, so if you are reading to a very small child who is just learning the alphabet, it may be a hard sell There are also some rather complicated and or confusing words in it [...]

    2. Awards the book has received if any noneAppropriate grade level s pre k through firstOriginal 3 line summary Curious George wants to learn how to read and so the man in the yellow hat has to teach him They go throughout their day and the man in the yellow hate shows George the relation between words and letters.Original 3 line review I like that this book isn t just your normal alphabet book telling you the alphabet and giving an example The book has a story behind it and kind of shows how a par [...]

    3. 4 stars because George OK, and my daughter loves this one She s almost 3 and obsessed with letters This is a pretty wordy book and she sits for the whole thing.

    4. Everybody loves Curious George And there you have the appeal of this alphabet rendering of George s adventures Illustrating the capital and lower case letter such as A is like and Alligator s mouth and a is like a cut apple is intriguing, but not enough to justify doubling the already laborious alphabet As the man with the yellow hat explains each letter, he uses little vingettes of George s experience You know what a cab is I once took you for a ride in a cab, remember which will be familiar to [...]

    5. It s clear from the reviews that this is not your typical Curious George book Nor is it your typical ABC book This is something altogether different an ABC book with a real story, interspersed with short words to give a sense of meaning to the effort of learning letters It is also told by a curious monkey and a man in a yellow hat with illustrations that make the shapes of the letters meaningful It is our favorite ABC book for those reasons the same reasons some people are giving it 2 or 3 stars [...]

    6. This book is different from the rest of the Curious George series, because it is primarily devoted to introducing each letter of the alphabet by transforming the letter into an animal or other object This device makes the letters memorable, and many of the letter pictures are accompanied by sidebar style scenes and commentary in the margin There is just enough humor to help retain interest, as George takes breaks to make up silly words, play football, and go out for doughnuts mischievously chang [...]

    7. 1 Awards none2 Grades Preschool 13 In this book the man in the yellow hat teaches George how to write his letters There is a story throughout the whole book starting with George wanting to read a book It goes through their day pausing to learn about new letters 4 I like that this book has a story attached to it Most letter books are strictly about the alphabet but this fits into the Curious George series so there is a story attached I like that it can help children learn how to spell the letters [...]

    8. This is a good alphabet book for older children Instead of just showing pictures of things that start with each letter, the man in the yellow hat turns the letters into those things C becomes a crab, K becomes a kangaroo, etc sometimes something different for the lower case letters too I imagine this is helpful for children who are visual learners Another nice thing is that on each letter page, that letter is highlighted a different color in the text, so children can easily pick out how often [...]

    9. Curious George is a very cute little monkey who is always getting himself into mischief simply because he is so curious about everything Well this time his curiosity is all about the alphabet The man with the yellow hat decides to teach George the alphabet, and of course George gets into a lot of trouble along the way He also makes lots of mistakes, but eventually he learns the alphabet.This Book would be great to read to children learning the alphabet Lots of kids love Curious George so they wo [...]

    10. This book includes the loveable monkey, George, and the Man With The Yellow Hat George is being taught the Alphabet s Upper and Lower Case letters through animals and words that he already knows The focused letter on each page has the letter highlighted throughout the paragraph reading, showing that letters are everywhere The illustrations include the letter in them and the accompanying paragraph explains how the letter looks, how to write the letter, and colorful examples I would recommend usin [...]

    11. Curious George Learns The Alphabet is all about everyone s favorite little monkey being his curious little self In this book George is learning all about the alphabet Letters are used to describe animals and common objects that little monkeys, boys, and girls use I have always loved Curious George, so a adorable book about my favorite monkey learning the alphabet was perfect to read.To me this book would be perfect to use in a therapy session with a bilingual student, or a student who struggles [...]

    12. This is a great idea, but definitely too advanced to be useful for my 23 mo old son The man with the yellow hat teaches George about the alphabet by drawing pictures from the letters that look like something that begins with that letter he does it for big and small versions of every letter in the alphabet It s a great idea, but my son isn t even old enough to understand the concept of words that begin with the letter but it could be a great tool to help older kids Even so, my son does enjoy it, [...]

    13. Seriously awesome alphabet book that teaches not only letters but how they can be remembered by incorporating the letter into a picture both upper and lowercase forms I love that this also moves even the earliest readers to think about taking letters and making words it pairs nicely with the Endless Alphabet app where kids move scattered letters into words This book also inspired a round of playing school and redrawing some of our favorite pictures letters on the board Perfectly suitable for my [...]

    14. This isn t good for teaching the alphabet the first time around, but it s a good review for a young child who has already recently learned the alphabet it emphasizes lowercase equally with capital letters and begins with some spelling of some words It s a little long and drawn out, but for my daughter, who can already recognize and write all uppercase letters, it was a good refresher and I hope a motivator to begin sounding out words and it had George, of course I like the way it tied back into [...]

    15. This is a very long and pretty complex ABC book, so definitely still far above my son s level 1.5 yrs , but I still enjoyed reading it to him Sometimes hearing me read a longer book helps settle him down to sleep and a lot of Curious George we ve read so far has fit that bill This will be a great one to use as he gets older to help teach the alphabet It goes over upper and lower case for each letter and incorporates each into a picture of something starting with that letter which I thought was v [...]

    16. I would suggest this book for young children go have just recently learned their alphabet This book gives you words of different people and things that start with a certain letter This book has a few pretty big words for children under 6 years old so I would suggest a parent reading this book to children at least the first time the book is introduced This book is very informative and great for learning in the classroom or at home.

    17. I did not like that the line Fish looked gay Granted it was written in 1973 but still It could have been revised Also for the letter X they wrote X mas REALLY How about a X ray or a Xylophone Or for the animal theme go with an Xenurine which is an armadillo Taking Christ out of Christmas is wrong EVEN for a Childrens book Too big a word Well for the letter D they used dromedary which I had no idea it was a one humped camel.

    18. Added to permanent collection for Theodore Possibly the best alphabet book out there This is a frequent re read for us We checked out the version of this alphabet book from the library from the audio collection It included the book in paperback and an audio CD We played the CD on our drive to palm desert this morning while Emerson leafed through the book in the backseat he enjoyed it but the reading was accompanied by a raunchy jazz saxophone Philip hated.

    19. This is one of the stories in The Complete Adventures of Curious George 70th Anniversary Edition I just read through the whole book I m reading or in this case rereading through two of the 100 best books lists One from the Times and one from the Telegraph Curious George time I don t remember if I read this as a child or not, but now I have again perhaps

    20. Curious George has a love of learning, so it s no surprise when the man w the yellow hat teaches him the ABC s, and rewards him for good work with donutsy George brings home TEN dozen donuts in one Economy size bag Silly monkey Re reading this gem was a delightful trip back in time for me and I hope kids of all ages will love this book as I have.

    21. This story is one of the original ones by Margret and H.A Rey It is featured in The Complete Adventures of Curious George and is also available as a stand alone In this book, the Man in the Yellow Hat teaches George the uppercase and lowercase letters of the English alphabet The illustrations are adorable and, as always, George makes a mess.

    22. This is really cute for a kid who is learning the alphabet, like mine is It definitely helps reinforce the letters and give good examples of words that follow it It is really long, but it is a fun read along with the audiobook I d definitely recommend it for preschool kids who love curious george

    23. My five year old son, who loves alphabet books, checked this book out from the library this week I liked much of this book, but not all of it The text was pretty annoying after the first letter or two And some of the object choices for the letters were a bit odd Still, I did like the idea of this book very much.

    24. I really like the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George They are adorable Young children can connect themselves to the story when they are learning their letters Also, I can explain about uppercase and lowercase letters by reading the story.

    25. George learns his alphabet and how to write in one day He really is an amazing monkey My children enjoy all the images that are made out of the letters They already know them all, but I could see this being a helpful book during the teaching process.

    26. Your children can learn the alphabet both capital and small case letters that get incorporated into something that begins with that letter The kids will actually enjoy learning the alphabet with Curious George helping them.

    27. Rated and reviewed by Dylan, age 7It s about a monkey who learns his letters I love how they made the pictures My favorite letter was W because it was whiskers I liked all the letters because they all meant different things.I liked how they made the artwork with the letters.

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