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Good Behaviour By Molly Keane Maggie O'Farrell,

  • Title: Good Behaviour
  • Author: Molly Keane Maggie O'Farrell
  • ISBN: 9781844087624
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I do know how to behave believe me, because I know I have always known Behind the gates of Temple Alice the aristocratic Anglo Irish St Charles family sinks into a state of decaying grace To Aroon St Charles, large and unlovely daughter of the house, the fierce forces of sex, money, jealousy and love seem locked out by the ritual patterns of good behaviour But crumI do know how to behave believe me, because I know I have always known Behind the gates of Temple Alice the aristocratic Anglo Irish St Charles family sinks into a state of decaying grace To Aroon St Charles, large and unlovely daughter of the house, the fierce forces of sex, money, jealousy and love seem locked out by the ritual patterns of good behaviour But crumbling codes of conduct cannot hope to save the members of the St Charles family from their own unruly and inadmissible desires.
    Good Behaviour I do know how to behave believe me because I know I have always known Behind the gates of Temple Alice the aristocratic Anglo Irish St Charles family sinks into a state of decaying grace To Aroon St

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    1. She must have noticed my bosoms, swinging like jelly bags, bouncing from side to side without words she conveyed the impression of what she had seen as unseemly the Fat Lady in the peepshow.Aroon St Charles topsy turvies the pedestal biosphere that doesn t leave the suffocating family life Oops, heads and tails are the same damn fix The outside life must look like dim glamour in her imaginations Other people who don t look like her whirling in arms inside blurry parties Letters from spoiled chil [...]

    2. The St Charles family are hit by hard and changing times in 1920 s Ireland These are the dying days of Anglo Irish aristocracy where appearances must be preserved and emotions muted and controlled.Events are narrated through the eyes of a child, Aroon St Charles, revealing subtle details which are confused and not understood by her, but as a reader reveal the truth she is too young and naive to grasp Secrets, lies and tragedy surround the family as they each struggle with life events Aroon s cha [...]

    3. Another Anglo Irish family whose members are dedicated to mutual assured destruction, even as they slide into genteel poverty Nobody in the St Charles household would dream of treating the dogs or horses badly servants and local tradesmen don t fare so well But the brunt of their vituperation is saved for one another, with each family member nursing a store of petty grievances, both real and imaginary Our guide for this particular version of hell is the unlovely, delusional daughter of the house [...]

    4. When I read this in the early eighties, it was a huge eye opener for several reasons It was probably one of the first contemporary novels that made me think ah, now I know what is meant by a classic Even though I was a fairly unsophisticated reader at the time, I could tell that the writing was superb, I just knew that the characters were true to life, and I even suspected that they were portraits of real people I admired the way Molly Keane was able to ridicule all our human foibles while maint [...]

    5. Good Behaviour is an exquisite read Aroon St Charles is a daughter of Irish upper class family, a Big House family in the country She narrates the going on s of her life and boy, is it vile The book is most often described as a dark comedy and it is indeed very funny at times but mostly it makes the little hair on your back rise and groan with frustration at Aroon s naivety A distant mother, drunkard father,gay brother, many deathsl masked under the icy Good Behaviour Nothing is ever brought abo [...]

    6. Love, love, loved this book Beautiful writing, sad story, great characters Oh, just go and read it The only thing I found odd was that Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift which I read last year, was so very similar, so similar that I m surprised no one has pointed this out Same time period, and similar things happen, although Swift s is set in England and this is Ireland Made me feel a bit weird about Mothering Sunday.

    7. It s not you, Molly, it s me You write brilliantly and you know humans all too well It s just that very few things frustrate me as much as people who deliberately delude themselves, so I just couldn t stand Aroon I know, it s all bleak humor, but I mostly found it just bleak, without anything to help me enjoy the book but your way with words and the genius balancing of everybody s unlikability which is a lot, I admit So wth your permission, I ll continue to admire Good Behaviour, but I cannot lo [...]

    8. una famiglia terribile, che si ostina a ignorare l incombente disastro finanziario, che soffoca qualunque aspirazione, in cui la ricerca d a della grassa e impacciata aroon diventa l unico e a tratti terribile e disperato guizzo di umanit , in cui, in nome delle buone maniere, si ignorano suicidi, morti, tresche, rapporti affettivi poco chiari un romanzo allo stesso tempo triste e divertente, con un colpo di coda di perfidia che fa oscillare tra le lacrime e il sorriso molto cinico, molto intere [...]

    9. I loved this book,but at the same time found it profoundly unsettling Described as a comedy of manners, it is at the very least, a black, black comedy The well born family at the heart of the story dissemble, deceive and distort at every step along the way Molly Keane has masterfully crafted a cast of characters that are so perfectly presented we would immediately recognize each one if they walked into a room today In this quirky family story no good deed goes unpunishedAnd there is precious hop [...]

    10. I originally read this book while on semester abroad in Ireland It was presented as an Irish classic, the great comeback from a neglected author I ve reread it many times since, but this time I revisited it after finishing Downton Abbey s third season I wanted to be reminded of the other side of the coin, of what happens when the aristocratic family is unable to change, is locked into destructive patterns, is so entrenched in the idea of good behavior that it destroys itself.This is a brilliant [...]

    11. I feel I should have enjoyed this than I did It did make me laugh occasionally, but overall I found the story of a decaying lifestyle, an unappreciated and deluded central character, and tragedy following tragedy all a bit depressing There was quite a pleasing change of circumstances at the end, but this was, of course, hard come by An interesting style of writing however, and I did quite like the narrator, Aroon.

    12. Absolutely brilliant and utterley depressing tale of upper class aristocracy coming to an end in Ireland I can t really fault the book but I don t know if I could ever face reading it again because Aroon St Charles life is just so heartbreakingly wasted She is the narrator of this book, and the daughter, and final generation of the family But this isn t a poor little me kind of melodrama Keane writes with such a dry wit, black humour kind of style.The Good Behaviour is shown through this decayin [...]

    13. Good Behaviour was short listed for the Booker Prize in 1981 It was beaten by the best ever Booker Prize winner IMO , Midnight s Children by Salman Rushdie So, it s in good company.Molly Keane returned with this novel after an extended break to show she has lost nothing of her expertise in story telling.This is the story of Aroon St Charles, a large and unlovely young woman with enormous bosoms and her family s decline.Once part of the establishment in Irish society, the family falls on harder t [...]

    14. This is a solid novel that grimly marches through its story, jaw firmly set, while onlookers watch in disbelief how can this plot be sustained by these characters But it is sustained because that s what these characters do, in spite of their fraying, worn thin elbows There s almost no one to like in this book, not even Aroon, who narrates We can t believe how thick she is, how deluded, but Keane doesn t let her story be simplistic Aroon has been so isolated, kept in ignorance, that she knows not [...]

    15. This book was shortlisted for the Booker the year Midnight s Children won, but I had never heard of it until it was discussed on a podcast It begins with the death of the mother of the protagonist who appears to be very callous about her mother s death Aroon St Charles, a tall, heavy Irish girl then looks back on her life trying to understand why her love for her parents and brother was never enough to bring happiness to the family and why she always felt outside the circles of love she desperat [...]

    16. Good Behaviour is a satire with a very dark soul It s the sixth Molly Keane novel I have read so far and in some ways it is pretty familiar but there is of the black comedy to this novel and the characters are brilliantly conceived I m not sure what it is exactly that makes this Molly Keane novel so very good but it really is very, very good It might be in the wonderful tension between the characters, the spite, misunderstandings so much going on unsaid the sad loneliness of being part of a fam [...]

    17. even though it s only january i have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite books of the year, i m so glad i decided to pick it up right away when i heard that virago was doing a book club it was sad and fun and cozy all at the same time, you get completely sucked into the world, it s one of those situations where you miss the world when you aren t reading, for me Aroon is such a sympathetic character, like her father i was on her side the entire time, even when little bits of her mom [...]

    18. From BBC Radio 4 Extra The St Charles family hit hard times in this 1920s drama set in Ireland Short of cash and initiative, their estate is in genteel decline An overweight daughter, philandering father and a cold mother struggle to maintain an aristocratic fa ade of Good Behaviour Stars Frances Tomelty, Annette Crosbie and Ronald Pickup.Molly Keane s novel was dramatised by Shelagh Stephenson Produced by Eoin O Callaghan.

    19. What a wonderful book.One that when I finished I wanted to read all over again.A dark comedy, very engaging and beautifully written.A by gone era of aristocratic families coming on hard times.I loved it

    20. Incredibly naive and hefty Aroon stumbles along dreaming impossible dreams in the bosom of her emotionally barricaded and financially stretched Irish aristocratic fox and hounds family.

    21. If you are loving Edward St Aubin, Evelyn Waugh, or Nancy Mitford you need to read Molly Keane.Like Elizabeth Bowen, only funny Downton Abbey, only it s Ireland and unsentimental.

    22. A novel of it s time, the main character is a woman I felt sorry for, especially as her perception of how others see her is so different to the truth Loved the end.

    23. A real gem of a book, beautifully written, the gradual development of the storyline and the gradual revelation of Aroon s character is so well dealt with, makes the book a joy to read

    24. A readable but fairly humdrum story of a family from the landed gentry falling on hard times and disintegrating Unconvincingly, the story is told initially from the point of view of Aroon, a fat girl whom we first meet in the act of killing her mother with a dish of rabbit mousse, then without warning from the point of view of an omniscient narrator, and again from Aroon s point of view What makes the switch necessary is that Keane wants to develop the story of Mrs Brock, Aroon s governess, who [...]

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