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Doctor Who: Damaged Goods By Russell T. Davies,

  • Title: Doctor Who: Damaged Goods
  • Author: Russell T. Davies
  • ISBN: 9780426204831
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Doctor s continuing investigation of human psi powers brings him to a council estate in Thatcher s Britain He discovers that there s a lethal new batch of cocaine on the streets and the man who s dealing it has been dead for two weeks.
    Doctor Who Damaged Goods The Doctor s continuing investigation of human psi powers brings him to a council estate in Thatcher s Britain He discovers that there s a lethal new batch of cocaine on the streets and the man who s

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    1. Almost twenty years years ago, and nearly a decade before he became the man who regenerated Doctor Who on TV for a new century, Russell T Davies made his first contribution to the series in an entirely different medium At a time when Doctor Who was off the air and being continued via the Virgin book ranges, a then up and coming Davies would write what is still his only novel for the New Adventures With it having been recently adapted as an audio drama by Big Finish, now seemed an opportune momen [...]

    2. Before Russell T Davies resurrected Doctor Who for the 21st century television universe, his love for the show lead him to a darker literary contribution to the longest running TV series Damaged Goods is uncompromising in its violence, unremitting in its bleak depiction of a low rent estate at the height of Thatcherite Britain, and unafraid of exposing the terrifying power behind the clownish mask of the 7th Doctor It s not a book for the timid and not to be taken as the template for Davies TV s [...]

    3. A reread after many years I listen to a podcast that discusses Doctor Who spin off media like the novels and audios They are up to this one next and i thought I d reread along Next I need a relisten to the Big Finish adaption before the podcast episode drops Such a hardship.

    4. This review will be some what chaotic, but it is what it is I hope you re able to follow it view spoiler First of all this book has a soundtrack Hunting High and Low by A ha The song s playing in the background in the graveyard where poor Harry Harvey, a deeply conflicted gentleman, is nearly scared to death literally when something rises out a grave to kill a teenager about to threaten an old man s life with a knife We ll follow him through his madness, interactions with the ghost of his dead w [...]

    5. The Seventh Doctor, Roz and Chris are on the trail of an alien drug and find themselves in a lower income apartment block The Doctor finds himself out of his depth, dealing with normal people, while Chris and Roz, two policemen from the future are able to blend in enough to gather info.There s some nice bits of Who history to keep the dark tone of this story from getting too heavy and a nice bit where you realize the desperate lengths people will go to can make them every bit as scary as an alie [...]

    6. I m gonna give this a reread So I don t want to give this review yet, as I decide to listen to the audio first then read the book.

    7. In the mid 80s, Doctor Who s script editor Eric Saward came under a fair bit of criticism for his predilection for gratuitous violence and the way he allowed characters to be pointlessly killed apparently for the sheer titillating hell of it, such as an episode where three characters went on an arduous journey to hijack a Cyber spaceship only to be unceremoniously electrocuted at the end of it all.Well, Saward s got nothing on Russell T Davies Damaged Goods sees a veritable plethora of character [...]

    8. nwhytevejournal 2310165ml return return I think Russell T Davies is the only Who showrunner to have written a novel set in the Whoniverse before he took over, and this is it published in 1996, set in 1987, and a really important taproot text for New Who and particularly for Rose, its very first episode The number of common elements is pretty remarkable return return The first character we encounter in the story is the daughter of Mrs Tyler, who is a single mother return She says to the Doctor at [...]

    9. Fantastic This is Russell T Davies writing Doctor Who as he should do, it s dark and nasty and violent and depressing and it s just completely perfect It s telling to note how many elements of the 2005 series are already there I m looking at you, Tyler family, but also the council estate setting, real life minutiae and even the cylindrical bins yet how much this is how the show should be there s a real depth to this, which is sadly lacking in RTD s soap opera fluff Doctor Who for TV.

    10. A book written by Russell T Davies, the man who would eventually bring Doctor Who back to television You can see the seeds of Davies vision for Doctor Who in this book The contemporary setting, with an alien influence lurking in the shadows Even some of the characters found on the local council block called the Quadrant seem to be prototypes for Rose Tyler and her family It s interesting that this book was written in 1996, long before Doctor Who made it back to TV screens Look forward to finishi [...]

    11. A continuity laden and slightly flawed book, but enjoyable if not entirely remarkable Having not read these New Adventures novels as they came out, I find myself quite lost in the overarching metaplot, but RTD s version of the Seventh Doctor rings true as ever and provides a reliable center to a dark, despairing read.

    12. RTD s first official Doctor Who work, a Seventh Doctor novel Well written and compelling, but the setting is so gritty that it s hard to really enjoy Still, it is interesting to see lots of precursors to ideas he used in the New Series

    13. Was good in a crazy, manic, spastic kinda way LOL What I learned Don t use cocaine or your head will explode into a ginormous metal object and then go on a massive killing spree And Lithopaedians are creepy

    14. Heavy on the ominous foreshadowing, climax a bit difficult to get your head around, but overall an outstanding book not just as a Doctor Who adventure but on its own legs pages.

    15. A well written book that clearly foreshadows his later work rebooting the Doctor Who TV show It s at times shocking and touching, and is overall a strong adventure.

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