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Derby Girl By Shauna Cross,

  • Title: Derby Girl
  • Author: Shauna Cross
  • ISBN: 9780805080230
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Bliss Cavendar, a blue haired, indie rock loving misfit stuck in the tiny town of Bodeen, Texas.Her pageant addicted mother expects her to compete for the coveted Miss Blue Bonnet crown, but Bliss would rather feast on roaches than be subjected to such rhinestone tyranny.Bliss escape Take up Roller Derby.When she discovers a league in nearby Austin, Bliss embarks onMeet Bliss Cavendar, a blue haired, indie rock loving misfit stuck in the tiny town of Bodeen, Texas.Her pageant addicted mother expects her to compete for the coveted Miss Blue Bonnet crown, but Bliss would rather feast on roaches than be subjected to such rhinestone tyranny.Bliss escape Take up Roller Derby.When she discovers a league in nearby Austin, Bliss embarks on an epic journey full of hilarious tattooed girls, delicious boys in bands, and a few not so awesome realities even the most bad assed derby chick has to learn.
    Derby Girl Meet Bliss Cavendar a blue haired indie rock loving misfit stuck in the tiny town of Bodeen Texas Her pageant addicted mother expects her to compete for the coveted Miss Blue Bonnet crown but Blis

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    1. Full disclosure I m a derby girl who saw Whip It twice before it was officially released I m also a devout fan of Drew Barry, and Ellen Page This book had to really hustle to come anywhere near a movie that I really enjoyed and believed.Since I just recently saw the movie, of course, I m left comparing the book In a rare occurrence, I actually preferred the movie Unfortunately, this means my review is a lot about how well the movie managed things that the book didn t.Ultimately, the book is a r [...]

    2. sigh I hope that Shauna Cross is a better screenwriter than an author The book reads from the perspective of a sixteen year old girl, but the writing style is as developed as that of a nine year old girl Somehow this book managed to make feminist rebel girl culture look lame and immature How could my best friend shoplift without me That was OUR thing The characters square peg blue haired rebel girl, stern overbearing mother who wants daughter to be a lady , apathetic dad, picture perfect little [...]

    3. When Jason and I started dating, one of the first summer fun in Montreal activitites we did together was attend a ton of roller derby games After watching the New Skids on the Block give the Sexpos a good trashing, he asked me if I d seen the movie Whip It , which I hadn t He didn t waste much time correcting that, and I was pretty happy because I loved the movie When I saw that Shauna Cross had written the screenplay based on her novel Derby Girl , I wanted to check it out.This is one of those [...]

    4. This book inspired me to be a Roller Derby girl Strike that, it inspired me to attempt long boarding, which was great fun, but not something I think I have any business doing Anywho, onto the good stuff.Bliss hates her life She is an emo punk rocker, minus the rocker skills, stuck in small town U.S.A No one except for her nerdy best friend Pash understands her and her mother seems hell bent on tormenting her with her intense desire to turn her Goth obsessed daughter into a superficial beotch, I [...]

    5. When I watched this movie for the first time, I imagined what a great novel this could have been I loved the awkwardness of Ellen Page, the rich characters of Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern as her parents, and the overall touching coming of age story At the end of the movie, I saw in the credits that it was based on a book by Shauna Cross.At that moment I had two thoughts The first was Damn, I would ve loved to write a book with this storyline The second was, I need to get this book.I don t [...]

    6. Bliss Cavendar is dying in the cultural desert that is Bodeen, Tx Bliss does not look like your average Bodeen resident, with her blue hair and 80 s bands t shirts Her life is changed when she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin, and decides to try out After a few falls on her old barbie skates, Bliss is reborn as Babe Ruthless, jammer for the Hurl Scouts She hides her participation from her parents, and her age from the other girls on the team must be 18 to try out While juggling a [...]

    7. I absolutely LOVED this book I ve been putting off buying it and putting off buying it ever since I first watched the film, and I m never usually one to worry about that kind of thing I love books and I love films, and I can usually appreciate both for what they are, but that film was so close to my heart that I was scared to read this incase they had messed up the film majorly I am so, so pleased to say that that wasn t the case This book was better than the film, in my opinion, and here is why [...]

    8. Stone me now, but I hated this I thought the portrayal of derby was incorrect in several instances a 16 year old sneaks on the team, and no one knows and the character was a little unlikable to me Writing style was immature and underdeveloped Yuck.

    9. While taking a slightly Hollywood view of view of both adolescence and roller derby this is a tightly plotted, enjoyable, quick read The first few chapters I couldn t shake the sound of Ellen Page s voice as a voiceover despite only having seen the movie Whip It which was born of Shauna Cross novel once, than three years ago However, as the story begins to move forward, the narrative voice finds its footing, and the novel settles into an engaging rhythm There are some interesting short comings [...]

    10. Yeah, that s right I read a young adult book Let s all gasp in unison and move on I should also state immediately that I would not have found out about this book if Drew Barry hadn t just made the movie Whip It which is based on this book While I also don t normally read books just because of the movie that s come out, I actually want to see the movie and can t bring myself to do it seriously without at least trying to read the book And I love roller derby.Bliss Cavendar is a 16 year old stuck i [...]

    11. Ok, so it s not nearly as fantastic as the movie, but I loved the book You can definitely see the similarities, and what I love about the film is that they ve kept the tone of the book Reading it, I could almost hear Ellen Page narrating the whole thing In terms of adaptations, the film is spectacular The voice is quite unique, which I liked, though I felt some of the terms were outdated Plus there is the whole I m not like other girls element in there, which is super antifeminist what s wrong w [...]

    12. Although I enjoyed this for the roller derby aspect, I wasn t too keen on the execution It pains me to say this, ever, but the movie was better Bliss is sixteen, old enough to rebel against her parents but too young to do so effectively when she discovers roller derby, that changesrt of.I m on board with the idea, on board with books about roller derby, on board with the contrast of pageant queens and derby girls But I struggled to get behind Bliss, who rarely transcends bratty I wanted to see t [...]

    13. While the main character s brand of selfish sarcasm wasn t for me, the roller derby aspects of the novel made up for her Like Bliss, I m also from small town Texas and frequent the capital city I loved the references to places I know and love thank god that Waterloo is still around but much of the novel felt trite I hope the movie focuses on the derby.

    14. Here is one of the very few cases where the movie is WAY better than the book Yeah, it happens sometimes, believe it or not.However, Derby Girl it s not a huge disappointment neither It s just that the book version seemed too green for me, too washy if you compare it with the movie version, Whip it Actually, when I knew it was based on a book I was very excited I m aware that usually no matter how indie they are big screen versions leave a lot of details behind It doesn t matter if it s because [...]

    15. Take Bliss Cavendar back about 15 years, subtract cell phones and MySpace as well as the roller derby happy ending and her story is eerily similar to my own.I will probably always be a sucker for the stories where the small town music obsessed weird girl escapes to find something better because even though I m a grown ass woman with a family of my own, part of me will always be that girl that just didn t fit in.Like Bliss, the closest town of any size was an hour away but Sandpoint, Idaho had no [...]

    16. So here s my issue I enjoyed reading this book, but I don t really think it was really very good or anything How do you rate a book like that Bliss is a 16 year old self proclaimed misfit growing up in small town Bodeen, Texas She is looking for her niche in the world, but is forced by her evil mother to take part in beauty pageants, which is a total indie rock no no Then Bliss finds roller derby, and her life is never the same The story was fun, and the language was very realistic, but the comp [...]

    17. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooWhile wandering through the young adult section of my local library, I came across DERBY GIRL I had seen the book in the bookstore on other occasions but never bought it I picked it up at the library and took it home with me Not knowing what to expect, I started reading, and was instantly enthralled by the life of Bliss Cavender Fans of AE s Rollergirls will especially enjoy this book Bliss is too big for Bodeen, Texas Bliss is a sixteen year old high school st [...]

    18. Sixteen year old Bliss hates her smalltown life, especially the part where her mom is trying to live out her dreams of becoming a beauty queen through Bliss Then one day she sees a poster for a roller derby match and the next thing she knows she s trying out for the team return return I really enjoyed this book It s written in that first person chatty style that is all the rage with YA and chicklit these days, but despite being a bit exposition heavy in the early chapters having read in these g [...]

    19. So this is the book that the movie Whip It was based off of, and the author actually wrote the screenplay to the movie I will admit that I bought the book because I thought the movie looked like it was really cute, now I have yet to see the movie but the general opinion seems to be that the movie is better.I really wanted to like this book But I was so disappointed Bliss is spoiled,ungrateful,elitist and a damn bitch, her character was so overly cliched, we get it, you re indie,you don t like co [...]

    20. I m Sure My Coolness Factor Has Gone Up Just By Reading This Book In a town where football players are high school gods and their peroxided cheerleader girlfriends reign supreme lives Bliss Cavendar, and her best friend, Pash Bodeen, Texas resident rebels In love with music and unable to conform to her former pageant queen mother s expectations, Bliss tries to find where she fits Her salvation comes in the form of Roller Derby, and its witty, tattooed angels But as with all things, even crushwor [...]

    21. Whip It is a phenomenal book by Shauna Cross Is it about a not so average teenage girl who lives in small town Bodeen, Texas Bliss Cavender is hating high school with her side kick Pash They both work together at a local restaurant called the Oink Joint They sneak out at night and go to Austin, Texas and see a roller derby show They are automatically impressed at the whole derby experience Here is a quote from the excited Bliss and Pash, Let s try out together, I say, in between skips It will be [...]

    22. Picked this up for fun because Randy and I love the movie I hadn t realized it was a book until I watched the credits all the way thru so I decided I d get the book and see if it was as good as the movie and it is It s a great story of a misfit girl Bliss aka Babe Ruthless Cavendish , in a small Texas town She s totally indie punk emo and her mom is totally into beauty pageants she wants bliss to be the local beauty queen, just as she was Bliss just wants out of town By accident, Bliss discovers [...]

    23. High school misfit Bliss Cavendar, aka Babe Ruthless, dyes her hair blue, loves indie music and wants OUT of the tiny Texas town that makes her feel like she must have been misplaced by her real family who are surely living in some cool urban setting like San Fransisco or NY City Instead, Bliss has a beauty pageant obsessed mother who hopes Bliss will be able to win the big name crowns she never did Bliss is going through the motions to please her mom, mostly keeping her sarcastic thoughts to he [...]

    24. Just so we re clear, Whip It is the exact same book as Derby Girl I guess after the book was made into a movie, they decided to republish the book with the movie title to sell copies Whip It was a fast, light, entertaining read that I zipped right through While it was definitely a brain candy book, it had plenty of romance, action, and music references to hold my attention The writing style was extremely easy to read, the main character was loveable, and the plot was realistic.The only problem [...]

    25. First of all, the skating in this book is immense A lot of people have said this before but this book really does make you want to be a Roller Derby Girl Anyone who says otherwise is simply lying I guess I just expected this book to be a tad mature then it is That s not the books fault, it s mine Don t get me wrong, 14 year old me would have been re reading it already I guess at 21 I ve somehow pushed past the whole crushes, school skipping and lame parents thing this is absolutely news to me a [...]

    26. I picked up this book a few days later after seeing the movie Whip It which I really enjoyed I wasn t thrilled when I found out it was a teen book but read it in two sittings The book is pretty similiar to the movie It s about Bliss Cavendar, a teenager girl living in the boring town of Bodeen, Texas With her mother Brooke constantly shoving beauty pageant agenda down her throat, she finds her true passion of skating in the girls roller derby team the Hurl Scouts under the name Babe Ruthless In [...]

    27. This was a fun read Bliss mom is trying to have Bliss live out her dreams of beauty queen stardom But Bliss is punk rock then beauty queen She has trouble fitting into her small town, but her friends Pash and Birdman are enough for her Then she discovers roller derby and Oliver She loses her way a little bit over the boy thing, but in the end keeps her life together Her voice is very true, and the majority of the derby details are accurate although maybe bank track derby is different then flat [...]

    28. At the risk of sounding like an old lady, I m kinda over the teenage angst genre I m definitely over the phrase thankyouverymuch I find that phrase annoying when written in any book, but even so when it s in an adult s vocabulary Does anyone even still SAY that Ugh Anyways, I m inspired to watch the movie and to check out the Gotham Rollers in NYC, but that s about all I got from this.

    29. This is funny, foul mouthed, raunchy and full of drinking, non explicit sex, shoplifting and tattooed roller derby mamas In other words, it s the sort of story that would cause gently reared Christian conservative types to faint.Fortunately I am none of those things And I LOVED this book

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