One thought on “Flash crash”

  1. Both of these are short stories with a serious punch I am not one to be big on the darker side of fictiontypically I like my fiction to be a bit lighter However both of these are very well written, and were not gory enough to cause me any issue I did enjoy reading them and was drawn into them quite easily.Intoxication I loved seeing the demise of Leslie mentality She really had a major downslide as she figured out everything A total mystery until the very end It is told from Leslie s perspective [...]

  2. A book in which a stock market crash is caused by 2 men with a scheme to skim off some profits for themselves When the scheme and the men are uncovered the Presidents Chief of Staff and the Sec of State combine to blackmail the schemers into turning over all the monies to them Using a Dept of State Security operative to carry out the blackmail turns out to be a bad choice, because he figures out what they are doing and works to bring their malfeasance to light Not a bad tale, the writing is spar [...]

  3. Fast paced political thriller that grabs you from page 1 and propels you to the end at 130 mpg Then valet parks you in Line for book 2 in the series sure to become the same caliber as Tom Clancy s Jack Ryan or Net Force

  4. Gave up on it Give me a break so ridiculous and unbelievable I think I have to stop reading free Kindle books very few are worth the time

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