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The Kiss That Missed By David Melling,

  • Title: The Kiss That Missed
  • Author: David Melling
  • ISBN: 9780764154515
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One evening, when the King is in a hurry, his goodnight kiss to the Little Prince goes astray After rattling around the Prince s bedroom, it flies out the window and floats into the dark forest, where it has no business to be The King decides to do something about it He orders the Knight to climb on his horse, ride into the forest, and bring back the kiss But the foresOne evening, when the King is in a hurry, his goodnight kiss to the Little Prince goes astray After rattling around the Prince s bedroom, it flies out the window and floats into the dark forest, where it has no business to be The King decides to do something about it He orders the Knight to climb on his horse, ride into the forest, and bring back the kiss But the forest is filled with spooky things that frighten both the Knight and his horse How will they ever succeed in bringing the kiss back to the castle This funny story features Daivd Melling s atmospheric and richly colored illustrations on every page It makes a great bedtime story for kids who are about the same age as the Little Prince Ages 4 7
    The Kiss That Missed One evening when the King is in a hurry his goodnight kiss to the Little Prince goes astray After rattling around the Prince s bedroom it flies out the window and floats into the dark forest where

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    1. My son, Fin, gets two stories at nap time, and two at bedtime, and frequently a few scattered throughout the day At last count he owned well over a hundred books of his own, plus an extra five from the library at any one time He s 2 and 1 2 years old This is how you raise a book addict.If I stopped to review all of them, I wouldn t have time to read any other books Or go to work Or wash So I tend to review just my favourites, or his This is one of his favourites.It s got a king, a knight and a [...]

    2. Absolutely one of my favourite kids stories Melling s illustrations are amazingly good, and this is a great story as well It s great for typical boys knight, dragon and typical girls princess, kiss It has a great moral that isn t in your face in fact, the kids probably don t overtly get it, which is fine, since it s aimed at the parents too Can t recommend this highly enough.

    3. This cover of this book leads the reader to believe there might be a fair maiden who is delivering the kiss Once the story begins we learn that the wayward kiss is delivered by the busy king who is not attentive to his son and misses his son s cheek Thereby bouncing around the room and out the window Thus creating a chase scene by a faithful royal knight The misadventures of the knight are comical and the illustrations delightful I first chose to read this story to a classroom of students around [...]

    4. A glossy, eye catching cover always gets my attention and this one promises great action and adventure The high standard of detail continues through the entire book and some illustrations have a comic book effect.It is a narrative of a very busy king who blows a kiss at this son, but it misses and flys out the bedroom window Upon realising the kiss has missed the king employs one of his loyal knights to retrieve it As this clumsy knight hunts down the flying kiss he is taken through wild woods a [...]

    5. A harried king blows his son a Royal Kiss, but in the king s haste, the kiss misses the prince, rattles around the room, and flies out the window into the night A blundering knight sets out into the wild wood to retrieve the kiss and return it to it s rightful owner Wild creatures with wild eyes, too much hair, and very bad manners lived there Will the knight return with the kiss or will he be eaten by the dangerous creatures of the wild wood night I thought this book was ultra fun and charming [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this story about the power of a kiss The illustrations were adorable and fit the story well.

    7. It was too advanced for my baby at the time, but I actually really liked this story Should read it again Anyway a kiss goes missing and a knight goes out to find it, but it wreaks havoc on the fantasy landscape Language Lovely Lots of adjectives 4 5Artwork Pretty good, shows some complex scenes which I think are drawn well enough that toddlers can follow, e.g when the dragon picks them up 4 5Fun A kiss destroying a fantasy kingdom Why not 4 5Morals Make time for your kids, parents 5 5Feminism Se [...]

    8. Sterling example of words and images that work wondrously together Melling s fanciful tale of a father s goodnight kiss that missed it s mark is reeling with sly humour and enough suspense to keep carers and youngsters scrambling to turn the page Full of captivating expression and wit with a delightful cameo appearance from your neighbourhood dragon it is a story about princes and knights after all , The Kiss That Missed ends on a positive note of family and the importance of taking time out to [...]

    9. Very cute premise and plot The busy king takes only just enough time to blow his son a kiss In his rush, the kiss misses and flies out the window A brave knight is sent to retrieve the kiss Before he can, it lands on wolves, bears, and owls to tame them, and even calms a dragon before the knight can return the kiss to the royal family This escapade changes the king into a father willing to slow down and enjoy his family Sweet message, fun adventure to get there.

    10. I am becoming a fan of David Melling This story is about a king who is rushing and blows the prince a goodnight kiss that misses and ends up in the forest The king sends his knight same one in Good Knight, Sleep Tight out into the forest to retrieve the kiss, but not before running into some of the creatures that live there.

    11. A new type of fairytale I really enjoyed this book What a great little journey it took me on I absolutely loved the ending

    12. Endearing story about a goodnight kiss gone awry and the adventures of catching it for one little prince Great story line and wonderful illustrations.

    13. This was recommended to me by a coworker as one of her favorite books, now I see why.An absolute delight to read, this story has something for everyone and everything for me A good night kiss travels through the story with a knight close behind trying to catch it, mayhem ensues all the way I love the meta fiction throughout as the characters leave the pages or are riding into the landscape of the story Genius

    14. The Kiss That Missed is a quorky story about a goodnight kiss that didn t go as planned The King blue his son a goodnight kiss, but it missed and flew right out the window The loyal knight runs off into the dark forest to find the kiss and gets stopped in his trail by snow, growling bears, creepy owls, and hungry wolves Suddenly the King s goodnight kiss whizzes by and puts all of the spooky animals to sleep Next the knight and his horse find themselves right in front of a giant dragon, but so d [...]

    15. The Kiss that Missed is a great story about a kiss from a King to his son the Prince that gets lost because the King was in too much of a rush to give the kiss to the Prince properly The Knight is sent out to find the kiss As he gets lost in the dark woods and meets some pretty scary animals, the Knight and his horse lose track of the kiss They try to settle down for a night sleep but the kiss has already blown away and ended up in the nose of a dragon He huffs and puffs and sneezes the kiss out [...]

    16. This is one of the first books that I bought for my godson that caused me to be incredibly pleased with myself Most of the books that I bought for him up to that point were books that already I knew about, books that I had grown up with, or books that were perhaps popular and had somehow been made known to me even though I was entering college when Cole was born I may have bought him books that were way beyond his own reading level, but were still great to read to him It was just such a wonderf [...]

    17. The king gives the baby prince a kiss which missed the baby prince The kiss flew out of the window The king sent the knight to go and find the kiss which flew to a forest with scary bears, owls and wolves The knight was scared, but the kiss put them all to sleep The knight with his horse sat down on a log to rest but suddenly, the log grew bigger and taller, revealing a dragon with big nostrils The dragon sneezed on the knight and his horse who tumbled through the forest The dragon called behind [...]

    18. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone This was one of those make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, smile like a fool type of books for me The king s goodnight kiss misses the little prince, and that s such a fun idea Then, not only does the kiss miss, the king sends a knight to go after it This story is so lovable in the fact that any parent could relate to this king How many of our own kisses probably miss But we do mean them with love, and if we could send a knight to reclaim th [...]

    19. This is a delightful story Both the illustrations and the story are fun The title of this picture book is somewhat misleading I was expecting to read about a sleeping princess and a prince that came to kiss her and accidentally missed and all the mishaps that occurred with that Instead it begins with a father blowing his son a kiss because he doesn t have time to stop and spend time with him, but the kiss misses The rest of the story is about the wanderings of the missed kiss, a knight who tries [...]

    20. This story goes to show that an insignificant event gone wrong could lead to some amazing things happening Although this story is fictional, the concept is realistic than often thought of though not with a blown kiss Think about it, let s say you accidentally flicked a marble under your couch When the couch gets moved, what might you find under that couch besides that marble A coin A toy The remote control someone lost last month Your lost homework A letter from a secret admirer I tell you, kid [...]

    21. This was a cute light hearted book A busy father rushes to blow his son a kiss for bedtime and the kiss missed A knight is sent to find the kiss and following the kiss leads to some fun events I loved the pictures, they were bright, fun and engaging, the path of the kiss was amusing I enjoyed how the kiss helps the knight along his way I expected a little with this one, I m not sure what, it just wasn t a favorite We were glad to read it, we all giggled, but it wasn t a requested repeat with th [...]

    22. The Kiss That Missed by David Melling is another favorite picture book of mine The story is about a busy King that blows his son a kiss goodnight but it misses The kiss bounces all around and then out the window The King calls his Knight to go get it The story is fill with humor and fun I would tend to think boys may like it then girls because it has a dragon, bears and wolves Although it isn t scary The illustrations are fun,brightly colored and silly It teaches the King a lesson to slow down [...]

    23. Instead of reading this book, I listened to it being read by Karan Brar This is a silly story about a King who blows his son a goodnight kiss and like the title states, missed The royal Knight goes to retrieve the kiss and has to adventure through the forest The book ends with everyone back at the castle and the King promises not to be in such a hurry so he kiss will never miss again.This book was lovely to watch being read Karan did a wonderful job with his inflection and added a lot to the sto [...]

    24. The king, in too much of a hurry to say goodnight properly, blows his son a goodnight kiss The kiss misses the prince and flies out of the window The king s most trusted knight is sent on a quest to catch the kiss, and return it to the prince.This is a well written story, with beautiful illustrations that accompany the text well The story is simple, but unique and not at all predictable It was very enjoyable to read This is a board book, so it is clearly aimed at young children The simple, enjoy [...]

    25. I read this book to my nephew and thought it had a very charming story The knight in it does not go on a quest to save a beautiful damsel in distress, but to retrieve a kiss that has flown away and was intended to be given to the young prince from his very busy father, the king I think the book has a good message to it That sometimes we should slow down in life and remember things and people that are truly important My nephew also really enjoyed this book and the illustrations are lovely I would [...]

    26. Just as the kiss in the title misses it s mark a young prince on his way to dream land , this picture book also misses it s mark in never living up to it s potential The premise is that a very busy king rushes by the prince s bed room at bedtime and blows a kiss that misses the prince The kiss flies out a window and the king summons his best knight to track down the kiss The illustrations are delightful and full of whimsy and the knight does head out on a grand adventrue However this is where th [...]

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