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Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn By Kris Radish,

  • Title: Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn
  • Author: Kris Radish
  • ISBN: 9780553382631
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the bestselling author of The Elegant Gathering of White Snows comes a poignant, outrageous, refreshingly liberating story about one woman whose life takes an unexpected turn.Meg Fratano has just witnessed the unthinkable her husband of twenty seven years making love to another woman In her bed And all Meg wanted to do was watch Quietly, secretly, watch Then sFrom the bestselling author of The Elegant Gathering of White Snows comes a poignant, outrageous, refreshingly liberating story about one woman whose life takes an unexpected turn.Meg Fratano has just witnessed the unthinkable her husband of twenty seven years making love to another woman In her bed And all Meg wanted to do was watch Quietly, secretly, watch Then she realized her life would never be the same Meg isn t sure what she wants, but she knows it s not what she had After almost three decades of marriage and two children, she has finally awakened to how unhappy she is.Now, with the help of friends old and new, and even her teenage daughter a former brat who has blossomed into a startlingly wise young woman Meg just might break through the chains of everyone s expectations for her and find the strength to take the first step on her own path To strip away a lifetime of inhibitions To dance naked at the edge of dawn
    Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn From the bestselling author of The Elegant Gathering of White Snows comes a poignant outrageous refreshingly liberating story about one woman whose life takes an unexpected turn Meg Fratano has just

    One thought on “Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn”

    1. This book was so frustrating Sooo frustrating It had so many well written parts Sooo many Too many I know that sounds odd, for a book to have too many well written parts, but this case there were so many lyrical parts that it stopped the action The protagonist will have a crystallizing moment, where she remembers something, or realizes something, or frees herself from something, and it will feel beautiful and significant and that this journey is so important and then something else will happen a [...]

    2. I really liked this book and the authorhaven t read a bad book yet from her This book deals with finding yourself and feeling like you can do anything I think every woman should read this, its inspiring, sad at times, shocking at times, funny and a wonderful friendship with women who have been feeling stuck in a rut, and also understanding how different we are Its fiction, but it makes you think about your own life and the people in it, past or present Definately a good read

    3. Radish s books are a bit formulaic, but I still love them I think books find you when you are ready to read them, or need to read them This book spoke to me and has encouraged me to go for some dreams and goals that I have long avoided thinking about I wish her characters were real and lived in my neighborhood, because they would be wonderful women to know.

    4. Oh, how I loved this book Oh, how I love this writer It s a magnificent tale of women How we sacrifice and give up ourselves for others How some are conditioned to believe they cannot go after what they want because it is not proper or right It is a beautiful story about women who wake up and realize it is not too late to change.

    5. This author has the ability to be every woman in every situation This book grabbed me and lifted me to heights indescribable while emotionally wringing me dry Must ALWAYS have this book in my home with spares to give and lend as needed

    6. I had high hopes for this book After all, the title has the words Dancing Naked in them and for me, it has been my quest in the last three years that I can become the kind of person who is able to dance naked with no reservation As for our main character, she must go through many trials and tribulations and a self search of sorts before she is able to dance naked, but I felt that she had a pretty easy time of it Here she is, this woman, who discovers that her husband is having an affair Or one o [...]

    7. Kris Radish writes for women who have had to deal with difficult changes in their livese loss of loved ones, divorce, the end of relationships, children growing up, moving out, moving on Her stories are hopeful, her women strong and friendships are powerful forces I highly recommend this.

    8. This book encompasses messages of happiness, passion, feminism and our individual responsibility to choose at any point in out lives I cried through my first read of this book because just maybe it struck too close to home I read it a second time to see clearly literally the themes.

    9. Loved it Loved it If you read the back you ll be thinking about throwing it back Possibly anyhow if you don t this is a very entertaining book start to finish Perfect combo of heartache, laughter and learning, a woman s journey to uninhibited self discovery I enjoyed it very much.

    10. This is much than a chick lit book This is a book that makes you think WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE and gives direction, solace and peace to those women who seek change In this book, we meet Meg, a college professor, who has always done things by the rules It all changes one day when she walks in on her husband making love to another woman in their bed Curiously, she wants to watch and then, in a haze, retreats to her free spirited friend, Elizabeth s home, where Meg decides to m [...]

    11. Once again this author writes the praises of sisterhood by creating an enticing world of women helping women to become the empowered individuals we were meant to be The story features powerful friendships and zeroes in on female longings and liberation, often with humor.

    12. This book was disappointing It started off promising, but then got be and ridiculous as it went along I finished it just in case it eventually got better, but it didn t.

    13. A good story about female friendship that had magical elements like the dancing dogs of Mexico and the reverse bridal shower The protagonist, Meg, suffers a mid life crisis, and realizes how separate she is from the person she thought she would become The book takes us through her decisions to begin anew What sets her in motion is finding her husband in bed with another woman in their own home I found the story kind of stodgy and repetitive Maybe I just wasn t in the right mood as Nancy Pearl wo [...]

    14. A wonderfully written book that every woman should read The story begins with Meg walking in on her husband and another woman completely obliterating what she thought her life was and most definitely, who she thought she was Thus begins her journey to put her life back together With the help of some amazing girlfriends, she discovers what really makes her soul happy This book will make you laugh, cry, and will stay with you long after the last page.

    15. I m almost hesitant to say anything because it sounds like a lot of people liked thisbut then I remind myself a lot of people like trashI just don t happen to be one of them It was probably an easy read but after the first few chapters I was so bored I put it in my goodwill bin I believe this is the first book I ever stopped with no intention of finishing The best part is the title Glad I only paid 0.25 at a rummage sale.

    16. I loved this book It was a fun trip through a divorce and rediscovery of who the main character actually wanted to be She goes with friends on an amazing trip to Mexico I found it delightful and a fun read and highly recommend it Dana

    17. Another good one The begining was odd, took me a bit to get into this character, but it turned out to be a lovely book Kris Radish seems to write novels that help women get through tough times and realize things they need to think about that maybe havent been thought before.

    18. There were a lot of enlightening points in the book, but found it hard to stay interested at times I don t normally skim while reading, but had to here and there to keep from falling asleep Not the best book I ve ever read, but definitely worth readingr women Not a book for the boys.

    19. The first chapter of this book was really good I loved the writing style, and it pulled me in Unfortunately it was a downward slide from there It was just too much.or too boringI wanted to throw the book at the wall so many times I get its about women being empowered but it was all just stereotypical crap I get that its about friendship among women, but these women were too over the top None were relatable.Meg is unhappy and these wonderful weird women are going to help her find herself It was a [...]

    20. I loved this book Loved It moved me, touched something raw and true in my core I know these women These women are my friends I am these women I read some of the critical reviews and I totally get what some of them are saying Yes, Meg the protagonist has A LOT of privilege white, educated, healthy, financially stable, able bodied, etc and her problems, in the grand scheme, are not really that big Yes, much of the plot is formulaic and there aren t really any big surprises Yes, view spoiler everyt [...]

    21. This was a disapointing read for me, if only because my expectations were so high I loved both Sunday List of Dreams and Annie Freeman s Fabulous Traveling Funeral The latter remains one of my favorite books of all time So, while there were some memorable and enjoyable Dancing stories images, overall it seemed flat You know the moments that lifted this book up Wanting to watch the new apartment discovering her daughter wasn t as naive nor fragile as she thought the reverse bridal shower Great mo [...]

    22. I love the writing of Kris Radish This is one of my favorites because each time I read it, I have a new insight into women, into myself, into life This one particularly brings Joy because Meg finds herself and grows into a woman who will do wonderful things with her life Meg comes home from work one day to find her husband in bed with another woman She can t stop watching but eventually walks away without letting him know She goes to a dear friend s home to disengage from the trauma Eventually, [...]

    23. I was a little disappointing in the Kris Radish novel Now granted I read one of her recent novels first, and this one was an earlier writing What does that mean She didn t have as much experience when she wrote this one Maybe that had something to do with my level of enjoyment Then again, maybe not Who knows, really Long story short I just didn t love this one like I did her Annie Freeman s Funeral This one started off interesting and kept me interested until about 1 2 way through Then it got a [...]

    24. Radish is part author and part poet in this book about self discovery and finding happiness in living authentically As such, there were many moments in which I found myself becoming lost in vivid and descriptive passages and I had to find my way back to the thread of the story She not only touches upon the sacred feminine, she grabs it up and sometimes beats you with it and there were many times in which I felt alienated because I seem to be enjoying a lifestyle that the heroine of the story is [...]

    25. This was a very thought provoking and motivating book, and I absolutely love Kris Radish She just makes me feel good whenever I read her work This is a story about a woman who walks in on her husband while he s having sex with another woman The changes that she needs to go through to figure out who she is, what she wants to do, and how she s going to live are all explored in this book The struggles, the tears, the laughs, the fearss all there And yet, it will leave you feeling motivated and ALIV [...]

    26. I loved it I hated it I loved it I hated it All the way through Kris has a magical sense of prose sometimes Then she fills in with some fluff I nearly went insane trying to finish it, because there would be times of such beautiful, brilliant writing and then just a bunch of words on the page I would LOVE to be her editor to take out the parts that aren t necessary and let her true skill shine I would not read it again, but I will miss the brilliant parts.

    27. When I read the reviews posted on , I was certain I wasn t going to like this book I m so glad that I took a chance on this book While many of the others reviews said this was a feminist man hating book, I completely disagree I believe this book was about self empowerment and yes, perhaps female empowerment, but not man hating It was about taking an inventory of your life and discarding what is holding you back from really living your life and being happy.

    28. This is a true Kris Radish book Her characters and language are true to her personal ideas and thoughts When women have issues as did the characters in this story, she is the one to show you the direction in which to move in order to solve the problems I ve been on one retreat with Kris and will be leaving in a few weeks on another She is a delight and brings much to the women in our group Love all of her books.

    29. I like Kris radish as an author She makes her stories come to life as our lives could be if we only had the courage to dance naked The fears conversations are what we would choose if we could Another brilliant book by her My favorite of hers, Annie Freeman s Fabulous Travelling Funeral, however, will never be surpassed as my favorite of hers

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