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Benighted By J.B. Priestley,

  • Title: Benighted
  • Author: J.B. Priestley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Philip and Margaret Waverton and their friend Roger Penderel are driving through the mountains of Wales when a torrential downpour washes away the road and forces them to seek shelter for the night They take refuge in an ancient, crumbling mansion inhabited by the strange and sinister Femm family and their brutish servant Morgan Determined to make the best of the circumsPhilip and Margaret Waverton and their friend Roger Penderel are driving through the mountains of Wales when a torrential downpour washes away the road and forces them to seek shelter for the night They take refuge in an ancient, crumbling mansion inhabited by the strange and sinister Femm family and their brutish servant Morgan Determined to make the best of the circumstances, the benighted travellers drink, talk, and play games to pass the time while the storm rages outside But as the night progresses and tensions rise, dangerous and unexpected secrets emerge On the house s top floor are two locked doors behind one of them lies the mysterious, unseen Sir Roderick Femm, and behind the other lurks an unspeakable terror Which is deadly the apocalyptic storm outside the house or the unknown horrors that await within And will any of them survive the night
    Benighted Philip and Margaret Waverton and their friend Roger Penderel are driving through the mountains of Wales when a torrential downpour washes away the road and forces them to seek shelter for the night Th

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    1. The Old Dark House is one novel any horror literature fan should take the time to read It s not that long and takes place in the course of one evening Written by J.P Priestly in 1927, it was published in the United States as The Old Dark House, but originally as Benighted the title you can find it at through Valancourt Books It was filmed as The Old Dark House in 1932 and can be purchased on Blu Ray.Philip Waverton, his wife Margaret and their friend Roger Penderel are traveling across Wales in [...]

    2. VON DER NACHT BERRASCHT beginnt atmosph risch klischeehaft damit, dass ein verheiratetes Paar und ein Bekannter w hrend einer walisischen Unwetternacht Zuflucht in einem abgelegenen Haus suchen m ssen Man wird schon beim Lesen tropfnass und f rchtet um die Gesundheit angesichts der Fahrk nste des Gatten Die Stra en werden berflutet und von Schlammlawinen unbefahrbar gemacht und kaum ist den drei Notleidenden widerwillig Einlass gew hrt worden, finden sich zwei weitere Reisende schutzsuchend bei [...]

    3. A quick read, and a very pleasant surprise At turns funny, suspenseful, poignant and frightening, BENIGHTED kept me riveted until I reached the last page Priestley s insight into the psyches of his characters is profound, and at times I marveled that this had been written in the 20s, some of the psychology seemed so modern, and yet so timeless simultaneously So many of the characters astute observations could be applied to the world as it is now nearly 90 years later I was left with a feeling of [...]

    4. Although little read today, J.B Priestley was one of the most prolific and popular British literary figures of the 20th century He began to make his mark as a theater critic before publishing his first two novels in 1927 One of those was Benighted, his entry into the then popular genre of the Old Dark House horror story The novel was retitled The Old Dark House for U.S publication and filmed under that name by James Whale in 1932.In an Old Dark House story, a group of mismatched characters, frie [...]

    5. We re super excited by this news One of our favorite releases of the past few years, J.B Priestley s BENIGHTED, has been adapted for the stage and will debut in December If you re in London, you won t want to miss it More here.

    6. My early review of this was lame, and this one ain t like to get much lamer, but I felt I should say a little something about it In the time since I first read this book, it was acquired for reissue by the fine folks at Valancourt Books, who were kind enough to ask me to do the introduction for it, which I was than happy to do That s the edition that this review should be linking to now, and it s the edition that I recommend you pick up, and I do recommend picking it up, because, besides being [...]

    7. I bought this book because I enjoyed the James Whale film adaptation, The Old Dark House Atmospheric and amusing as the film is, the book naturally is better.There are no gruesome shocks in the way of modern horror but, if you let your imagination put you in the shoes of the lonely travellers who find themselves stranded in the strange old Femm house, it is really creepy and horripilating.Priestley is able to go inside his characters thoughts and history in much depth than Whale was able to do, [...]

    8. Of all things, I m reminded of Of Human Bondage there s a certain compelling unhappiness to Penderel and the Wavertons, a mannerly sorrow It felt like watching classic horror suspense, but there s a lot of development that I wouldn t expect to be given the same weight on film I m curious to see the movie, now, and may catch it for the Feast of the Long Shadows.I found the denouement a bit abrupt, but I think if it had actually been played out I would have found it dragged on actually, if it had [...]

    9. Back in 2003, I first saw the original 1932 film THE OLD DARK HOUSE, and I desperately wanted to read the original source material, BENIGHTED This proved to be quite a problem because the book had been out of print for many years and buying a collector s copy would prove very expensive So, for the past ten years, this has been my Holy Grail book Imagine my excitement when I learned that it had recently been returned to the publication list Suffice it to say that it proved worth the wait.I had im [...]

    10. This old book surprisingly does little to date itself and has great messages, in addition to being quite entertaining it is easy reading, but has quite a bit of depth There is nothing supernatural going on, just an evil disturbed family in a old house, with 5 unwelcome guests seeking shelter from a terrible storm, flooding, and landslides If I were you, I d read the book first, then rent buy the movie with Boris Karloff Movie book spoiler view spoiler The movie has a Hollywood ending, and is fun [...]

    11. This is the third book by Priestley I have read the others being the novel the magicians and the collection of short stories the other place I have never been disappointed by his writing his style, use of language, plotting and characterization are all excellent.This short novel is no exception I couldn t keep from reading it it was compulsively well written It is an early novel by Priestley, and a old dark house tale a group of travellers take shelter in a mysterious house, possessed of eccentr [...]

    12. Benighted is quite well written and timeless in many ways It tends toward philosophy, psychology, and introspection than I was expecting, and as a result, it is also relatively slow moving, though it s such a short novel, that s less of an issue than it might have been Sometimes characters act in maddening ways repeatedly splitting up, for instance There s one example of this that I found particularly annoying, but it s a major spoiler, so I ll put that behind a spoiler warning, further down th [...]

    13. This is yet another book which I have spent my precious reading time on this year which features a Party of Roving Twits You probably know the kind, even if you haven t read any of the abominable thrillers of the 20s and 30s which feature the archetype and which I keep reading because I m an idiot with high hopes Everyone who isn t a pretentious asshat is foppish and disengaged to the point of inducing aneurysm I tried to find conversations between the protagonists that were both interesting and [...]

    14. Valancourt Books, traditionally specializing in fiction of Edwardian era and older, has recently started printing new editions of excellent but forgotten 20th century novels I, of course, have written introductions for a number of the books of John Blackburn Bury Him Darkly, Broken Boy and Nothing but the Night for starters , but there are plenty of other intriguing books that Valancourt has been releasing, as well.One that caught my eye was J.B Priestley s short 1927 novel Benighted.This was th [...]

    15. One of my Halloween traditions is to watch the pre code film The Old, Dark House I didn t discover this until I was an adult due to the film having been lost for many years Directed by one of my favorite directors, James Whale Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, etc and including such stars as Charles Laughton and Gloria Stuart Titanic, The Invisible Man it s a bit of campy fun, yet sends a few shivers down your spine This year I noticed that the film was based on an a book, so decided to seek [...]

    16. In a nutshell Two groups of travellers seek shelter in an old mansion in the mountains of Wales when the road washes out during a rainstorm The mansion is occupied by the eccentric Femm family, who reluctantly admit the travellers to their home, and their mute servant Morgan The travellers become increasingly uneasy about their situation as Morgan becomes drunk, their hosts hint at the danger they are all in and their behavior becomes increasingly bizarre, and the lights go out.Some great descri [...]

    17. Good read A real old dark house thriller In fact The Old Dark House was the title used in the 1932 flick starring Melvyn Douglas, Ernest Thesiger and Boris Karloff Hard book to find when I read it several years ago, but I see it s been published again and is available on Standard genre plot of travelers being stranded in a downpour and seeking shelter in a Munsters TV episode type mansion Naturally the house is full of creepy occupants and a maniacal deformed butler Well worth reading if you re [...]

    18. The writing gets four stars with a fifth for such an excellent premise The creepy old house, the nutball family, the menacing, dumb brute of a butler The stranded travelers stopping for the night I love the setup so much.The writing starts off light and breezy, and is thoroughly enjoyable, but the pace and quality slackens off in places, particularly curiously in scenes with two of the women by themselves At a couple of places, the reading was laborious, and I m disappointed that the narrative d [...]

    19. Priestley s second novel, published the same year as his first Adam in Moonshine although he d been writing other books for several years The whole story takes place over one night, 2 groups of travellers are stranded at an old dark house where they begin to realise that the inhabitants aren t quite all that they seem This isn t however really a horror Thriller novel although there are couple of exciting chapters, Priestley is concerned about the group of travellers and why they are what they a [...]

    20. Would have been a 4 star, but it does have a really quite archaic attitude to mental health that I find it a little hard to overcome I m being a stickler though and in terms of being a good mystery book, Benighted definitely fits the bill and I did find it eerie, atmospheric and entertaining.

    21. Actually, I would give it 4 1 2 starsad it because it s the book that the movie The Old Dark House is based on which got me on my passing Priestley kick Had to have it special ordered from my library, since copies apparently are sparse.

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