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Rory's Last Chance By Bailey Bradford,

  • Title: Rory's Last Chance
  • Author: Bailey Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780857155467
  • Page: 377
  • Format: ebook
  • Chance Galloway thinks walking into the Xxchange might just be the biggest mistake he s ever made, but one stranger who seems to know just how to touch Chance is going to make it a night he ll never forget.Chance Galloway is used to being alone Once a wild and voracious player, he became a loner after a traumatic event in his past tore his world apart Older and wiser, yeChance Galloway thinks walking into the Xxchange might just be the biggest mistake he s ever made, but one stranger who seems to know just how to touch Chance is going to make it a night he ll never forget.Chance Galloway is used to being alone Once a wild and voracious player, he became a loner after a traumatic event in his past tore his world apart Older and wiser, years of loneliness and a moment of weakness drive him to seek another s touch The only problem is, the club he chooses to visit is filled with PYT s pretty young things Chance simply doesn t find appealing.Rory Calhoun has his own baggage that haunts him Still, he gives in to curiosity and decides to check out the local club Inside he spots a man who fires up every fantasy Rory s ever had The only problem is, despite a quick, enthralling encounter, the stranger makes it clear he isn t interested in PYT s, a label Rory knows would be slapped on him in a heartbeat if the stranger ever saw his face.Rory has one unexpected opportunity to make Chance see him as a man, and he s going to grab that opportunity, and Chance with both hands.
    Rory s Last Chance Chance Galloway thinks walking into the Xxchange might just be the biggest mistake he s ever made but one stranger who seems to know just how to touch Chance is going to make it a night he ll never f

    One thought on “Rory's Last Chance”

    1. Every now and then I like to read a light hearted fluffy story I like to while away a few hours on something that isn t too demanding but at the same time is enjoyable.This normally works quite well for me but I am not sure it did with this book There is a really nice cowboy mm romance here somewhere but the first part of the story is lost amongst an outpouring of hard ons and arousals and male genitalia I am trying to be polite here, because reviews are public.Such a pity.The story really start [...]

    2. This is the first book in a new series Love in Xxchange by the wonderful Bailey Bradford As I enjoy this author s writing and her series are always entertaining, I was looking forward to this new adventure The fact that Rory and Chance met in a bar called The Xxchange I felt was rather amusing, especially considering it s a gay bar in a fairly small, rural Texas town There aren t too many of those around.Chance is forty years old and wants nothing to do with PYTs pretty young things He does, how [...]

    3. 3.5 stars rounded up for warm fuzzies This story is about two of the most well adjusted and mature men ever Both men have past baggage that left some scars However, they think before they speak, are considerate of each other s feelings, and trust each other quickly Very quickly In spite of all that perfectness, I did connect with Rory and Chance This is a nice easy read with only a few glaring typos If you like cowboys and May December romance with just a hint of angst, you might enjoy this stor [...]

    4. I liked this book and the characters were also likeable but I didn t end up feeling any emotional attachment to them like I prefer in my fave books Rory and Chance are a nice couple but I just didn t find any oomph in them and their relationship, plus the fact they were both abused by the same man didn t sit well in my head.

    5. No idea why it took me soo long to get into this series I ve got all the books on my Kindle, I just never got around to reading them I did today, mostly because the Kindle is running out of space, and Mr A says I can t have another Kindle until I read all the books on this one so IBut I digress Loved On to book 2

    6. Yipee kiyodey Love and lustNo matter what you think gay or straight , love transcends all emotional beliefs, between two people who are really in love.

    7. Although the title is kinda corny Rory and Chance are the MCs , the book is really good Of course, Bailey Bradford is a very talented writer and was able to keep me hooked till the end I had some issues with Chance he s a little too uptight, but given the antics of his youth, I guess that s to be expected I really liked Rory, though very cute and very sexy One thing that was a little off putting was that once these guys got together, for me the book kinda got less interesting The only conflict w [...]

    8. 3.5I have to say that I don t know how I feel about certain aspects of this book Likes Chance was kind of crotchety but he got over it in a reasonable amount of time He wasn t stuck on asshole and when he did something crappy he apologized It didn t take Chance long to see the light Rory, oh, Rory He was cute and sexy at the same time I loved that he was pretty but he was also tall and muscular I also loved that he wasn t completely happy with the fact that he was pretty He wanted people to see [...]

    9. The start in the bar was totally hot and the image I got about the mysterious man, spoke volumes I really wanted to know him, to see what kind of man he was I asked myself why he left Chance so abruptly at the bar but then how the plot continued, everything changed.What a disappointment This mysterious guy was a kid named Rory and Chance, became the older man, with lot of experiences in his years I really don t know what to say, the start was awesome but then everything changed and the plot beca [...]

    10. Chance and Rory were just fated to meet Chance is an older retired rodeo cowboy looking to get his ranch up and started He swears he is done with PYTs and is looking for someone his age Rory who just so happens to be a PYT is trying his hardest to get Chance to give him the time of day and show him that he s not like all the other young guys After they finally get together they are just combustible and it s incredibly hot The mystery of the story was kind of boring and not all that mysterious, [...]

    11. I was disappointed by this story There was very little conflict aside from the push and pull to get Chance into Rory s bed The past troubles with Art was a minor thing that ran its course quickly The story was primarily a series of sex scenes which while good, they did not make for much in the way of character development or depth I just cannot see Chance and Rory running a successful ranch together from the bedroom.

    12. I kinda liked this one than I expected to Both men had vulnerabilities that left them a little raw but perfectly suited to one another I loved the older, supportive, and definitely curious ranch hand, and the ending was one of those that pulled an awww out of me Very pleasantly surprised and not quite sure why.

    13. Rory hires on at Chance s ranch yes, a cowboy story they had a hot encounter at a bar, but Chance doesn t know it was Rory Chance was a bit of a jerk, but gets over it pretty quickly, not a lot of angst, despite the plot and no big misunderstanding always a good thing.Overall, a nice read

    14. I really liked this book In fact, I liked it so much, I immediately purchased all the rest of the books available in the series There s just something sexy about an older man being swept off his feet by someone younger.

    15. This ain t BrokebackI wasn t expecting to like a cowboy romance much, but this was fine Lots of hot sex here, but the plot never got lost in fact, I think I would have enjoyed a little plot.

    16. What s the possibility of two men finding each other because they were sexually abused by the same man One would think that, if anything, being abused would make it difficult for someone to trust another man enough to love again but for Chance Galloway and Rory Calhoun of Rory s Last Chance by Bailey Bradford, this possibility became a reality Brought together by a violent sexual act, they used their experiences to forge an intense, loving relationship and become each other s redemption.As with [...]

    17. 2014 Re read Okay There was way too much sex And even when there wasn t, the guys walked around hard anyway Apparently erections can go from zero to hundred in about a second and do so frequently And they leak profusely all the time.Oh well, that s all within the parameters of what I expect from this author, and it is not really bad sex just not too realistic , so I can deal and skim a bit, I suppose.It s still a pretty good read, all things considered.So here we go, restarting this series in wh [...]

    18. I love that they switch despite the boss employee dynamic and that Chance is so much older Favorite line He was far enough from a virgin, thanks to his horny youth, that if he had as many pricks sticking out of him as he d had poking in him, he might come close to resembling a damn porcupine I don t think I ve ever read a novel with sex Every page is either part of a sex scene or them eying each other or talking about their feelings, complete with leaking dicks and intense kissing Even the exte [...]

    19. This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm I only read this because I interviewed the author with regards to another series and she mentioned this one, and boy am I glad I did As an introduction to a series I loved it as it introduced us to the characters in the next 2 books and lets face it what not to love about Miles, Bo and Annabelle I will be reading the next two books soon and then I guess the rest of Baileys book as I have not read a bad one yet She is able to give us complex person [...]

    20. I like this author a lot She writes about emotions and lots of hot smexy times Sure many of her books are the same, but I have no problem with that Like in other books the misunderstanding is in the beginning But once the couple is together, they communicate I just love that Friends have commented that I rate books too highly That may be true I m easy to please and many things just don t bother me So keep that in mind when I recommend this book It s sweet, sexy and the characters are very lovabl [...]

    21. I can describe this book in one word cursory The story had a lot of potential, the different plot lines just didn t seem to be developed fully so it made it very hard to connect to it It s a cowboy story, but it isn t It s about getting over emotional trauma, but not really It s about justice being served, but again, not really The love that is there is of the instant variety but you can t really feel it I don t know, maybe it s just me I think this could have been a great story with just a litt [...]

    22. I wasn t certain about Chance initially He showed up at the club and his attitude was rather brisk and bad tempered, but it s just as obvious he has some issues which immediately changes him into a likable guy Rory is also hiding his own problemsins and Ms Bradford did a nice job expressing their pain.The plot flow is smooth, the sex blistering hot and the secondary characters interesting Then you have numerous twists relating to Rory s family and the man who hurt him, Art My only real niggle is [...]

    23. This was a decent read, but I wanted from the relationship between Rory and Chance There was no build up in the book because time passed too quickly It went from them teasing to them ignoring each other to them being in bed in about 4 pages I liked the characters and wanted to learn about them.As for the cover, I think it is very misleading Chance is supposed to be 40 years old and Rory is in his early to mid twenties The boys on the cover look to be late teens or early twenties And the worst [...]

    24. A good M M cowboy romance if you don t mind a bit of an insta love trope Despite the turmoil of the MC s background, the novel didn t inspire a lot of angst with me, possible because I found the solutions came a little to easily, resulting in outcomes that became quite predictable Yet at the same time, it s a good way to spend some time without being tossed around by an emotional roller coaster Don t expect an emotional angst ridden novel and you ll spend the time being entertained by this story [...]

    25. This author managed to take an often used formula character plot and make it all their own I felt like Rory and Chance were unique and not like every other cowboy type I ve read The story itself I ve read many times but not quite like this There were plenty of differences and unique points to make it than mundane Biggest downer was the quickness with which the MC s fell in love and the over abundance of sex rather than depth.

    26. A solid three stars It is fairly generic for the genre There is a bit of angst and some non graphic talk of past rapes A good bit of sex but it is varied Generally it is a good story and well written I did find a tiny inconsistency with a horse that changed from a she to a gelding otherwise a good writing job.

    27. All in all, Rory s Last Chance is an entertaining novel with likable characters and an interesting plot Scorching sex and a villainous subplot round out this first installment of the Love in Xxchange series to view this review in its entirety, please visit blackravensreviews p

    28. It was fun at first, the boys were charming and sweet And then it got boring, or perhaps I just kind of lost concentration I felt Rory was weak and teary, Chance was kinda too hot headed Hmph.I ll give this one another go some other time, after my head was completely outta work induced stupor

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