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Gift of Peace: The Jimmy Carter Story By Elizabeth Raum,

  • Title: Gift of Peace: The Jimmy Carter Story
  • Author: Elizabeth Raum
  • ISBN: 9780310727569
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Jimmy Carter was a boy, he listened to his parents talk about local politics and watched them live out their Baptist faith in the community From the fields of his family farm to traveling the world negotiating peace talks, God guided every step of Jimmy s journey His unwavering devotion to peace and faith helped him navigate the political waters of the governorshipWhen Jimmy Carter was a boy, he listened to his parents talk about local politics and watched them live out their Baptist faith in the community From the fields of his family farm to traveling the world negotiating peace talks, God guided every step of Jimmy s journey His unwavering devotion to peace and faith helped him navigate the political waters of the governorship and presidency Discover the extraordinary life of this world famous humanitarian and follow in the footsteps of this incredible man of God.
    Gift of Peace The Jimmy Carter Story When Jimmy Carter was a boy he listened to his parents talk about local politics and watched them live out their Baptist faith in the community From the fields of his family farm to traveling the wor

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    1. very interesting reading about one of our Presidents and what he is still doing to help the US and other countries He is amazing

    2. Gift of Peace The Jimmy Carter Story is a biography of James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr, the 39th U.S president, told from a Christian world point of view a ZonderKidz biography Written for children around middle school level, the book starts with Carter s humble beginnings in Plains, Georgia, follows his path to the White House, and finishes with his present life as a humanitarian The book highlights how the influence of his Christian faith shaped his decisions over the years Although I am a former [...]

    3. I recieved this as a First Reads giveaway.I wasn t aware this was going to be a book recomended for middle school students So there wasn t a lot of content for me, reading as an adult who enjoys some details and meat in biographies, especially political biographies This book also focuses a lot on religion and how that played a role in his presidency While Jimmy Carter did some great things while in office, I don t agree with letting your religion influence decisions made for a secular office Sep [...]

    4. A brief biography of former president Jimmy Carter, aimed at younger readers This is definitely a biographical sketch it does include high points and low points, but will not provide depth on any one incident and leaves out most due to space and reading level.This is the second biography I ve read in the ZonderKids series The first, about hockey player Mike Fischer, emphasizes the player s faith and how his life revolves around his belief and trust in G d This biography also deals with the subje [...]

    5. Won ARC from Giveaway Also posted on under Levina G.Gift of Peace The Jimmy Carter Story is a middle high school level biography describing Jimmy Carter s character development from childhood to his presidency and post presidential life Much of the book focuses on the theme of establishing peace, either between racial groups or countries, and how his religious beliefs reflected some of his political decisions in his career I found the book enjoyable to read even as an adult as the author include [...]

    6. I won this book in a giveaway I was pleasantly surprised with this book I didn t know what to expect, and I definitely didn t know much about Jimmy Carter, but I was curious to see what the book had to say I wasn t disappointed The book was well written and the information progressed in a very logical and ordered way I found myself easily recalling details from it after I closed it I also found that the book left me curious to know about Jimmy Carter and his family I would give it 5 stars but i [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book through First Reads, and I enjoyed it It was on an even easier reading level than I had been expecting, but hey I didn t know really anything about Jimmy Carter before I read it, so it s still a win win It would be a good choice for an early elementary school student that has to be read a biography for a book report It s plenty short, and I think definitely interesting enough to hold young children s attention I think it s also a good introduction to biography in g [...]

    8. Raum s Gift of Peace is a book for young adults about the life of our 39th President I received it as a First Reads giveaway on There is a faith based slant to this book, but it s appropriate in a discussion of Carter as his faith does play a large role in his world view and his life At no point did the book seem preachy, and it presents the facts of Carter s life in such a way as to be relatable and understandable by young adult readers Despite a couple of minor grammatical errors, I would reco [...]

    9. When I was a kid My elementary school has a set of biography books There was at least a hundred books They were written for kids, to introduce them to famous people, role models and heros My favorite was Walt Disney I always thought I should find books like those for my kids Books that are easy to read Books that will introduce them to many different people from different times This is one of those kinds of books One that I will keep for when they are older to introduce them to Jimmy Carter.

    10. A book won on first reads.Gift of Peace is an excellent biography of Jimmy Carter, written at the middle school level I found it very enjoyable and intersting, covering a lot of things I didn t know about Carter and his family I would inform readers that this is published by a Christian press and so there is some discussion of the importance of his religious beliefs to his life Considering that former president Carter was always open about his faith and beliefs, I don t think he d object.

    11. I learned a lot about Jimmy Carter by reading this book I always admired him, but I do so now after reading this account It is a worthy read He is a man that will always try to do the best he can for everyone He truly believes that we all are created equal.I am glad that I won this free book from First Reads giveaway It didn t take me long to read the book and I got a lot out of it How come we don t have any good men like Mr Carter Thank you and Elizabeth Raum for writing the book.

    12. Gift of Peace The Jimmy Carter Story is a short and sweet, so to put, biography of former US president Jimmy Carter, primarily at younger readers in Junior High and the likes The book itself was well written and the information progressed in a very logical and ordered way.The majority of the biography has a focus on the subject of creating and maintaining peace, and how Carter s religious beliefs resonated and influenced some of his political decisions during his time in office A copy of the boo [...]

    13. Disclosure I received this book for free through First Reads Thanks to the publishers for this opportunity Although it s only a small part of this readable Jimmy Carter biography, I especially liked the practical details of how Jimmy Carter campaigned for local office early in his career It gives anyone who reads this book a realistic sense of how to campaign for election, and helps the reader realize that anyone can run for office in America.

    14. I love to read biographies to see the back stories on people we think we know I find it fascinating how they were raised, etc I m excited about the christian aspects of this book Trying to raise children with a strong christian background and morals is quite a job so I m looking forward to this and to share with my children since it is geared towards kids

    15. Good Reads Win I thought I might be interested in this but it just wasn t for me It was an interesting read I think because it was aimed at a younger audience I couldn t get into it If you were of a middle school or younger age then yeah you would be able to get into it But for an older audience it s sort of a no not enough details or getting to the gritty and dirty.

    16. The writer had the 3rd or 4th grade student in mind when writing this book I found it to be an excellent history lesson for children It told the story of Jimmy Carter who was a mild and caring president of the United States It also touched on President Carter s belief in his religion, his belief in human rights, and his belief in peace I highly recommend this book to younger students.

    17. I received this book as a first reads giveaway and like alot of reviewers I noticed, I did not realize this was going to be a middle school book However I really liked the book and enjoyed learning a bit about our 39th president I would recommend this to people who are interested in learning about him without having to read a large biography.

    18. I won this book through giveaway I learned things I did not know and was reminded of things I had forgotten about this amazing man I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about Mr Carter and how he thought during his campaigning and presidency and later This would be a great tool for a junior high or high school writing a report on a political figure.

    19. I received this book through one of the giveaways I registered for it not realizing that it was for Young Adult readers The book was an easy read and gave insight into how President Carter s upbringing influenced his decision making while in the White House A good book for students studying history the presidents or for anyone wanting to know about Jimmy Carter.

    20. I received this book through the First Read program Gift of Peace is an inspiring children s book It tells the the extraordinary story of Jimmy Carter s life and the importance his faith played in making him the man he became It is a wonderful read and a wonderful life lesson.

    21. I bought my daughter similar biographies on Obama and Hillary Clinton during the 08 election and I m glad that this book came out to get middle readers in touch with one of my heros as a child It wasn t too dry and I even learned than I had preiously known about President Carter.

    22. This book was good, but as I got farther into it, it became apparent that it is written for a younger audience That being said it dropped it from 3 stars to 2 In actually I would give it 2.5 This is a good book to get a very brief description of President Carters life, but it lacks many details.

    23. Written in a simple style appropriate for young readers While I m a huge fan of Carter s this text should also address some of the problems of his presidency and not just the high points Also had some typos and editing errors.

    24. I did not realize this was a children s book when I entered to win it Nevertheless, it was interesting and I learned a lot about President Carter It was just tough to get past the simple writing style and the major focus on God I think it would be a good book for kids.

    25. I am on page 57 It came this morning.It is a good read clearly I enjoyed this thoroughly I lived in Georgia and my father was a probation officer and knew Carter This book filled a lot of info about Carter that I did not remmember.

    26. The Story of Jimmy Carter was very interesting The book was a very quick read The editing was horrible and being that the book was wrote by a teacher I thought was very discerning.

    27. This book is aimed at younger readers but mainly talks about his faith and church and how it shaped his presidency.

    28. Giveaway win.I enjoyed this book than I thought I would Despite it being the uncorrected proof, I liked the story line and was happy to know about 39th president.

    29. Couldn t find much about Carter in our library system, so read the Youth book Easy review of his life with little detail Maybe after he dies there will be a definitive book available.

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