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Mrs Darcy's Dilemma By Diana Birchall,

  • Title: Mrs Darcy's Dilemma
  • Author: Diana Birchall
  • ISBN: 9781905016006
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Although she was now between forty and fifty years old, Mrs Darcy was still a handsome woman, known for her wit and good humour still slender, light of foot, with sparkling eyes and hair that, under her matron s lace caps was still smooth and abundant She was as much as ever the delight of Mr Darcy s mind and the beloved of his heart But in the affairs of her childrAlthough she was now between forty and fifty years old, Mrs Darcy was still a handsome woman, known for her wit and good humour still slender, light of foot, with sparkling eyes and hair that, under her matron s lace caps was still smooth and abundant She was as much as ever the delight of Mr Darcy s mind and the beloved of his heart But in the affairs of her children, visits from her nieces, and than one scandal, Mrs Darcy finds much to occupy herself in the new Victorian age that is opening upon Pemberley
    Mrs Darcy s Dilemma Although she was now between forty and fifty years old Mrs Darcy was still a handsome woman known for her wit and good humour still slender light of foot with sparkling eyes and hair that under h

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    1. Unlike the plethora of Pride and Prejudice sequels that begin immediately or soon after Darcy and Elizabeth s wedding, Mrs Darcy s Dilemma by Diana Birchall uniquely opens twenty five blissful and flourishing years into the Darcy s marriage Throughout the past quarter of a century Darcy and Elizabeth have had little to disturb their happy marriage and are now the proud parents of three grown children Fitzwilliam, the older son and heir to Pemberley, perhaps inspires anxiety than pride since he [...]

    2. I have learned to avoid reading Jane Austen sequels I most especially avoid books that transform Austen characters into werewolves, vampires, mermaids, psychopomps, etc Diana Birchall s writing, however, is a cautionary tale don t make broad edicts about everything Birchall has a lively sensibility and a delicious ear for Austen s prose and characterization.Her book is a continuation of Pride and Prejudice written with wit, sensibility, sensitivity, and authority She projects the Bennet family i [...]

    3. This was a witty and delightfully well written novel, continuing the story of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy happily married in midlife, now parents to three young adults who are embarked on their own romantic adventures as the Victorian age dawns I enjoyed how it echoed Austen, reprising characters, situations and even words in a way that felt like homage, not imitation

    4. Mr and Mrs Darcy have been happily married five and twenty years They have three children a daughter Jane, whom they done on excessively younger son Henry, a fine young man who is about to be ordained and Fiztwilliam, the horse mad heir who wants nothing to do with learning how to run Pemberley as it should Mrs Clarke, formerly Kitty Bennet, whose husband is the parish rector, spends a lot of time at Pemberley too When Elizabeth receives a letter from her sister Mrs Wickham, inviting her two old [...]

    5. In this sequel to Pride and Prejudice we are introduced to Mr and Mrs Darcy 25 years later They now have three children of their own the youngest, Jane, takes after her namesake and aunt, Henry is the image of his father, but unfortunately Fitzwilliam, the elder son and Darcy s heir, is a bit too much like his aunt Lydia for his parents liking This becomes all too apparent when Mrs Darcy invites Lydia s daughters to come for a visit, and Fitzwilliam looses his heart to the elder, thus embarking [...]

    6. Generally, I quite liked this novel Unlike many other Pride Prejudice sequels, the story does not begin right after Mr Darcy and Elizabeth s wedding, but 25 years into their marriage, which I think is quite unique It tells the story of Mrs Darcy in her 40s and the trouble she has keeping her children, as well as her sister Lydia Wickham s children in check Elizabeth Darcy s own children are Fitzwilliam, her eldest child, whose character description in the beginning of the book is or less limite [...]

    7. I was intrigued by this sequel to the classic tale of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy from the beginning, if only for the uniqueness of the setting Instead of the usual starting point of after their wedding or in the early years of their marriage, Birchall instead takes the reader over two decades into the future, when Mr and Mrs Darcy are still very much in love and the proud parents of three adult children.Of course, this future is not entirely golden, and Birchall did a great job mixing Austen [...]

    8. Mrs Darcy s Dilemma A Sequel to Jane Austen s Pride and PrejudiceTwenty five years after Elizabeth and Darcy s marriage, they are still very much in love They have two sons and one daughter Fitzwilliam, their oldest, seems to be a problem in that he doesn t take his responsibility of inheriting Pemberley seriously and seems not to be very smart How the Darcys could have birth this child is a mystery Their second son, Henry, seems to have inherited the good sense and smarts of the Darcys Their da [...]

    9. As a rule, I don t like attempted sequels I especially don t like attempted sequels of classic novels, when those sequels are written by wannabe Jane Austens or Margaret Mitchells.When I picked up Mrs Darcy s Dilemma, I was prepared to dislike it When Austen wannabes try to be Jane, they fail miserably No one can do that, so just stop trying, ok As I read the book though, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying it instead It was entertaining and difficult to put down Diana Birchall di [...]

    10. When Mrs Darcy invited her sister Lydia s daughters to come for a visit, she felt it was a small kindness she could do for her poor nieces Little did she imagine the upheaval that would ensue But with her elder son, the Darcy s heir, in danger of losing his heart, a theatrical scandal threatening to engulf them all, and daughter Jane on the verge of her come out, the Mistress of Pemberley must make some difficult decisions back coverThe author captured all of Jane Austen s characterizations very [...]

    11. Mrs Darcy s Dilemma revisits the Darcy family 25 years later In this sequel, readers get to visit Elizabeth and Darcy, and meet their children The story, however, focuses on the Darcy children and their adventures in life and love With the inclusion of their Wickham cousins, Aunt Lydia, Caroline Bingley, and Darcy s Aunt Catherine, you can bet the Darcys will face several dilemmas.Of the many sequels I have read to Pride and Prejudice, I liked this one the best I enjoyed the fact that this story [...]

    12. I have read quite a few Jane Austen sequels and fanfic, and this one has to be the best so far Birchall s novel stands out because she captures the conversational tone and humor that Austen used to reveal her characters characters it s funny, light and respectful of Austen s world, and she does not try to rewrite it into our 21st century image Set 25 years after Pride and Prejudice, she is not only able to show the mature versions of the Bennet sisters and all their in laws and relations, but al [...]

    13. I cant help myself I really liked this book Now I know its not like Pride and Prejudice, but that was only one book what if I need a Elizabeth and Darcy fixlol there are several people out their whom write spin offs of Jane Austens book but not all of them capture the feeling of DE like this woman I will without a doubt be reading by her.This book is set after DE have been married for a number of years and have 3 children 2 sons and a daughter Now, the oldest of the sons is a pompous ass and th [...]

    14. The most interesting part of this book was reading about what had supposedly happened to all the characters of Pride and Prejudice in the 25 years following the book However, when I read Austen I usually hear the voices from my favorite movie adaptations and I did not hear those voices very often while reading this book Lydia was closest to what I would expect but her voice sounded like her mother which was what one would expect of Lydia 25 years after PP so kudos to Birchall for that one at lea [...]

    15. Another reviewer said that she thought this was a respectable effort, and I d agree with that And I appreciate that it sounds a little condescending, but I mean it in a good way The book doesn t pander to horny Regency obsessives, nor does it come up with anything too out of the realm of Austen s reality I really liked that I liked that it didn t resort to gimmicks, and that Birchall managed to capture some of the liveliness of Elizabeth s wit and charm.Elizabeth s children are growing up, and o [...]

    16. Entertaining and easily read, this book does a fine job of handling the new characters Birchall introduces namely, the offspring of Elizabeth Bennet and two of her sisters I enjoyed both the setting and story One never quite feels they are seeing good old Lizzy, however, or Darcy, Jane or Bingley Only Lydia comes through the pages as herself, and that is than we want, actually, as she is as annoying as ever Mary Bennet could also be said to make an appearance But even Mr Collins never quite mak [...]

    17. The first Pride and Prejudice sequel I ve tried, and I liked it very much The writing style seemed to fit organically with Jane Austen s though it wasn t as witty and it was really interesting to see Birchall s take on how the Bennett family changed in the twenty five years after Elizabeth and Darcy s marriage There were several times when I couldn t put the book down until I found out what happened next The only thing I ll say here about the plot when it comes to Lydia s daughter, the fruit doe [...]

    18. Took me a little bit to get into it, but found if overall enjoyable.However, I felt that some of the characters s personalities were stretched to almost caricatures of what we know, or other characters made to almost not be as believable, given who they are.Basically, I felt that many of the characters were superficial, and that the author has a passing knowledge, like many, of who these characters are It might have been believable to me if it was a Regency story, and not necessarily a PP seque [...]

    19. This was entertaining enough, and a quick read I finished it in two evenings The way in which the sisters lives and characters have developed from the original is convincing My problem with this book is the language, and especially the humour does not come close to measuring up to Jane Austen Now, I fully appreciate that not many people could, but if you take on the writing of the sequel, I feel you should come a little closer to it than this author.

    20. I must confess my latest obsession is Jane Austen rip offs and sequels Some are good, some are bad, and some are meh Mrs Darcy s Dilemma fell under the meh section It definitely felt like a fanfiction, and though it was written better than most, I felt that it lacked the sparkle that Jane Austen s original work had If you can t get enough Regency era fiction, I suppose this might fulfill your appetite while waiting for something better to come along.

    21. When I picked this book I guess I was thinking I sure do wish I could read Jane Austen Too bad I ve read all her books multiple times, and that is exactly what this book is meant to be a quick fix for Austen addicts It follows Jane Austen s style and plot devices with such precision there are no surprises throughout the book, but I wanted some surprises or I would have picked up _Pride and Prejudice_ again.

    22. Its a bit shorter than I expected from an Austen sequel It does have a slow start, but its still respectable Not my first choice to read books, but I enjoyed the simpleness of the book You read a bit and get a feeling that the author did not like most of the characters in Pride Prejudice though and thought that they needed to get bashed around a bit to make them suffer like the author thinks that they should.

    23. This is the third sequel I have read It keeps with the tradition the other author I have read established for me I like the way this book brings back Lydia and her family and of course any problems they would bring with them Wonderful book I look forward to reading it again when I get a chance too.

    24. I have absolutely no recollection of the contents of this book when I just read the summary again, I did get some faint stirring in my head when I read the word theater, but I really don t remember I won t say I didn t like it though, since being unmemorable doesn t mean it wasn t nice to read at the time.

    25. I think this has been my least favorite of all the Austen inspired books I ve read these past few months.I didn t really care for the storyline for one thing The characters were ho hum and didn t ring true to me Except perhaps for Lydia Half Price Books didn t even want it when I went there to sell some books

    26. This was an average book The writing was pretty good, but I felt the author didn t really have the true essence of Jane Austen s characters Charlotte and Miss Bingley rang true, but Elizabeth, Darcy, and Mr Collins did not It was a cute little story using Pride and Prejudice s names and locations.

    27. I liked it Was it the best book I ve ever read No Was it enjoyable Absolutely The author remained very true to Jane Austen s characters and literary style I found it to be a plausible, if not likely extension of P P At times, I even forgot that it wasn t Austen writing the story herself.

    28. If you like Pride and Prejudice, you ll probably like this book I thought it was a fun, short read and I liked getting a little of the characters even though it really wasn t Jane Austen It was a bit too predictable for me, but still enjoyable.

    29. Not exactly Jane Austen, but I think this a really cute sequel to Pride and Prejudice It was interesting to see how Lydia s marriage to Wickham worked out, and how Caroline Bingley is still rude and bratty.

    30. While I enjoyed this book, I thought at times it was annoying and Mr Mrs Darcy didn t behave as I would have expected them to behave Mrs Darcy s Dilemma was just OK.

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