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MM9 By Hiroshi Yamamoto,

  • Title: MM9
  • Author: Hiroshi Yamamoto
  • ISBN: 9781421540894
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reads L to R Western Style Japan is beset by natural disasters all the time typhoons, earthquakes, andant monster attacks A special anti monster unit called the Meteorological Agency Monsterological Measures Department MMD has been formed to deal with natural disasters of high monster magnitude The work is challenging, the public is hostile, and the monsterReads L to R Western Style Japan is beset by natural disasters all the time typhoons, earthquakes, andant monster attacks A special anti monster unit called the Meteorological Agency Monsterological Measures Department MMD has been formed to deal with natural disasters of high monster magnitude The work is challenging, the public is hostile, and the monsters are hungry, but the MMD crew has science, teamworkd a legendary secret weapon on their side Together, they can save Japan, and the universe
    MM Reads L to R Western Style Japan is beset by natural disasters all the time typhoons earthquakes andant monster attacks A special anti monster unit called the Meteorological Agency Monsterological M

    One thought on “MM9”

    1. How is it that this book doesn t have a long list of people adding it their to read piles Godzilla Rodan Cloverfield That stupid Super 8 spider thingy.Big ass monsters, big ass fun that doesn t demean you with sub intellectual prose.It s pulpy, yes, but there s a lot of fun here Lots of idea cultivation.Highly recommended.

    2. In a nutshell Kaiju giant monsters and Yokai are real, Japan is a hotspot for them, there s a government agency Monsterological Measures Department tasked with observing and explaining them so that the Japanese army can find a way to blow them up safely That s all there is to it a few interconnected episodes culminating in a boss fight, with a kind of logical explanation as to why kaiju are even possible with a twist concerning our own reality at the end.It s a fun short read that doesn t try to [...]

    3. MM9 means Monster Magnitude 9 In this case it s kaiju For those not geeky enough to know this word, never fear, Trike is here it means Godzilla and the like If you don t know Godzilla, I can t help you.Anyway, the MM scale is similar to the Fujita scale for tornadoes The bigger the number, the destructive it is.Although I ve seen numerous giant monster movies over the years and grew up watching the original Ultraman smash toy cities, I ve never read a book about kaiju before This is pretty much [...]

    4. Japan is a country constantly beset by natural disasters earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, and giant kaiju But in the modern age, Japan has used its vast technological resources to ameliorate the problems caused by all these phenomenon Leading the way is the Japanese Meteorological Agency s Monsterological Measures Department which devotes itself to the tracking and study of kaiju Whenever a prehistoric monster or mutant crab threatens the Home Islands, MMD is there.Too bad their PR department isn [...]

    5. Very enjoyable, lightweight story cycle, reminiscent in composition to old school SF like Sector General or Magnus Ridolph or Titus Crow, but starring super giant monsters in Japan and a science patrol very similar to the ones in Ultraman, Inframan, et al The monsters and the problem solving plots are lots of fun, and with just a little characterization or wit or emotion to it as in Sector General , this might have been a classic There was a very slight touch of metafiction to it, which I liked [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book It s a light, quick, fun read It tells the story of the MMD Monsterological Measures Department through five short stories The characters seem the right level of complexity for the weight of book The monsters are entertaining and not too kitsch The problem solving of the characters is reasonable and moves at the right pace Each story is almost entirely self contained two of them share a thread but neither is required reading for the the other I ve not seen any book like this [...]

    7. I picked this up thinking it would be a bit on the cheesy factor, but it turned out to be a lot interesting and fun and not really cheesy than I had thought I found the translation to be good, the action just right, and background information to be perfect I could see this being made into an anime

    8. Enjoyable romp through kaiju movie clich s and concepts, with a few ideas that could stand expanding into a larger and serious worknjipress 2012 02 mm9

    9. This book is a good tribute on the kaiju movie tv with a touch of bureaucracy The monster is cool, the world building is very good The universe at the end of story is weird But it is a very nice story

    10. MM9 is the kind of book that frustrates me on so many levels, but primarily it s a difficult read because it couldn t been a much bigger, much human book than what it was I know that may sound weird to say, considering it s a book that deals with Kaiju and gigantic creatures stomping all over the Earth and particularly all over Japan, but I felt the characters could ve been fleshed out , given some backstory, and developed to a point where I could tell one from the other I almost couldn t in t [...]

    11. So, speaking to my own interest in writing a kaiju based novel, I decided to pick up as many previously written kaiju novels as possible.Which amounted to three that I could find This is the first of the three that I ve decided to read9 details in a few short stories the trials and tribulations of Japan s underfunded kaiju analysis and support agency, responsible for the direction of the military and the country s response to kaiju attacks We follow a few of the main members of the field team an [...]

    12. Hiroshi Yamamoto brings us MM9, an entertaining novel following the exploits of Japan s Monsterological Measures Department, a group of civil servants tasked with predicting, studying and handling Japan s defenses when it comes to kaiju giant monster attacks This is an incredibly fun read It s light, breezy and very entertaining The book is essentially a short story collection, each chapter telling a tale of one of the MMD s encounters with a kaiju The stories are primarily linked by the small e [...]

    13. After I saw Pacific Rim, someone suggested I read Hiroshi Yamamoto s kaiju novel MM9 I did, and let me tell you, in some ways it is better than Pacific Rim.The story takes place in the present Ryo, Sakura, Yuri, Chief Kurihama and the others at Japan s Monsterological Measures Departmanet work night and day to protect the country from kaiju attacks Unlike Pacific Rim, kaiju are fairly commonplace in this world the MMD records an average of 200 new ones a year, and they ve been showing up for dec [...]

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was recommended to me by the professor of a Japanese Disaster Fiction class I took Basically, this is a natural disaster book movie style of story, but instead of earthquakes tornadoes volcanoes the end of the world, the damage is done by kaiju the Japanese word for massive, physics defying monsters a la Godzilla, King Kong, the Kraken, etcThis is not fine literature, but it s a really fun story, well told and well translated Basically, each chapter follows the [...]

    15. I have a weakness for books about Kaiju, and this one manages to be clever with some nice backstory and in jokes for Kaiju fans.The MMD is an advisory group to the Japanese government that identifies, tracks, and draws up plans to help stop rampaging giant monsters from across the globe In this book, 5 different monsters rampage and are dealt with by the MMD, as they find out also they have a shadowy enemy that has plans for the kaiju.While the characters are typical, the ideas behind the kaiju [...]

    16. MM9 tells the the story of the Meteorological Agency Monsterological Measures Department MMD , a department of the Japanese government that is in charge of handling situations involving giant monsters kaiju The MMD is of a National Weather Service for monsters than it is a military organization it is in charge of tracking kaiju, predicting where they will make landfall, what category they are based on a Richter Scale inspired Monster Magnitude system , whether or not the kaiju will be a danger [...]

    17. A really fun novel It has an unusual explanation for Kaiju, and references to many of the old 60 s american giant monster films One of the things I really liked in this novel is the group fighting the Kaiju aren t a group of soldiers or superheroes, but civil servants Giant monsters are so common that the office in charge of them is part of the meteorological services They work with the JSDF in an attempt to not just kill Kaiju, but to do so with as little damage as possible This adds an element [...]

    18. A tremendously fun book that appears to be constructed out of five short stories or, likely, started out as shorts which evolved a structure as Yamamoto wrote You can see that evolution in style as the book progresses early on, it feels like he just wants to write some fun giant monster stories but is burdened by knowing too much science and having to work hard to get around the square cube law, but by the end, he s cracked how to make it work and built a world that not only references Japanes [...]

    19. This one was was nice surprise With it being a kaiju novel actually it is a group of 5 loosely related short stories I expected tons of cheese but there was very little of it to be found here What I got instead was a refreshingly new and rather scientific examination of the genre that also creatively infused theology and folklore I was worried that with the last story Yamamoto might have gone a bit overboard with the info dumps but he walked the line well He also presented the most convincing so [...]

    20. Author Hiroshi Yamamoto postulates an alternate history in which giant monsters known by the Japanese term kaiju have coexisted with man throughout human history Each nation has its own countermeasures department to deal with the threat, and this novel focuses on Japan s MMD The book is divided into five discrete sections, so it is like reading separate episodes of a TV series This is a fun read Those with affection for monster movies will spot lots of references to classic movies Yamamoto makes [...]

    21. I thought this was fun to read There s an overarching story, but it is told in a few vignettes each dealing with how a special task force deals with giant monsters attacking Japan The explanation as to how and why the monsters exist is dealt with a lot in a pretty high minded way Still the reason behind the monsters remains just a theory as even the experts don t really know what creates them This approach adds to the mystery of these monsters in a creative way than just offering up that this i [...]

    22. I m glad I picked this one up, it sounded fun and it was.This book tells the story of the Monsterological Measures Department MMD , who are tasked with defending Japan from the kaiji Godzilla like monsters.In some ways this book is a monster of the week story, although like monster of the chapter And there isn t a lot of story going on, it s here comes the monster, lets figure out how to defeat the monster Monster dead, bring on the next one Don t let that put you off though It s light, it s f [...]

    23. Yeah, I was kinda thinking, Oh look Pacific Rim except written by a Japanese person but it s nothing like Pacific Rim to be honest and it s really fun and definitely worth it Nothing life changing although I really liked how they explained kaijus and how they don t follow the rules of this universe since they belong to the mythic universe that sort of thing I really could get behind and also astrophysics but it never set out to be fake deep from the start any way.

    24. I don t recall how I came across Hiroshi Yamamoto s fun monster hunting novel MM9 2007 Perhaps it was a recommendation for me on , based on my recent forays into translated science fiction, such as Metro 2033 and Roadside Picnic In any case, I m glad I read it MM9 is a delightful and clever novel with surprising twists and turns.Read the whole review.

    25. Kaiju Alert Somewhat campy and melodramatic, but if you get into the spirit of the thing, it s a really enjoyable read A combination of science fiction and mythology, flavored by Japanese culturalism Just as good as watching Pacific Rim just without the bothersome Hollywood need to invest in relationships brought about by shared danger.

    26. Wasn t bad, it seemed to me of a collection of short stories about the monster department in Japan and not one smooth complete narrative Made reading it faster, but I would have preferred a full style novel.

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