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Little Gale Gumbo By Erika Marks,

  • Title: Little Gale Gumbo
  • Author: Erika Marks
  • ISBN: 9780451234650
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Gale Gumbo
    Little Gale Gumbo Little Gale Gumbo

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    1. This 400 page contemporary fiction novel is written with a Maine setting so rich with sensory detail that the state has now moved up on my list of places I must visit The story is about a woman and her daughters beginning a new life by letting Fate determine where they land They end up on an island off the coast of Maine called Little Gale Island The residents of this sleepy community are hesitant to take in the Bergeron woman as their Creole heritage is as foreign to Mainers as a palm tree Ben [...]

    2. The novel s roots are set in New Orleans in 1977 when a street smart, fast talking musician charms his way into a young Creole girl s heart The two marry and have two daughters Dahlia and Josephine After enduring Charles affairs, illegal activities, and abuse, Camille flees New Orleans with her girls to start a new life where he can t find them.They end up in the small town of Little Gale, Maine, and while the town regards the colorful Southern girls with suspicion, their landlord, Ben, a single [...]

    3. LITTLE GALE GUMBO, Erika Marks s debut novel, was a delight from start to finish Did it help that the novel is set principally in Maine, one of my favorite places Sure Did it help that there was lots of jazz and mouth watering descriptions of delicious Louisiana food Sure But in the end, it s the story, and the characters, that matter and here Erika Marks succeeds brilliantly She has created a tale rich with intrigue, heartache, and secrets galore, and in the Bergeron family she has created a me [...]

    4. Little Gale Gumbo was not only mouthwatering with the sounds and tastes of New Orleans cooking and recipes at the back of the book , but it was also ripe with tension and blended with equal parts secrecy Part mystery and many part love story, it is a tale of betrayal, forgiveness, love, longing, regret, hope and redemption.In this tasty debut, author Erika Marks deftly juggles multiple themes, subplots, and the multi generational story of a group of strong women of mixed Creole descent with voo [...]

    5. I was home sick the day I read Little Gale Gumbo, and thank god I had the book to keep me company The day passed in a flash because I couldn t tear myself away from Dahlia, Josie, Ben and everyone What I loved about the book other than the great writing was the just enough suspense I HAD to keep reading, because I was dying to know what happened Also, the relationships are so real They re not always neat, or pretty, and sometimes you just want to shake one of the girls to get their head on strai [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of LITTLE GALE GUMBO and WOW, am I glad I did It took me a while to read, not because I m a slow reader, but because like good home cooking, and speaking of which, there are great recipes at the back of it, which I m definitely going to try it needed to be savored and rolled on the tongue to get the full effect of its bouquets and textures This book, about a woman and her two daughters who escape an abusive man and try to make a new life, is told in alt [...]

    7. What can I say This book leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside I picked up the book not expecting much and I came out than satisfied that I read this book This part love story and part mystery will keep you reading once it sucks you in.I really liked the format of the story It alternates between present day and the past The way both stories unfold complement each other and help to slowly open the readers eyes I admit that I do rather like the history of how they came to be better than pre [...]

    8. How much editing, revising, and re revising must it have taken for a debut author to create such an amazing novel I loved this book from the beginning down to the last page Erika has taken great care to make the reader feel as if she is walking the streets of NOLA or riding the ferry in Maine right alongside the characters And the characters.Erika carefully constructed each one causing the reader to love them or to hate them in some cases.The story itself is just as great as the characters what [...]

    9. I find it refreshing when a book story can sweep me up and take me away for an hour or two from whatever is going on in my life at the time While the story has some sad moments, esp with the domestic violence parts, it kept me engaged and anxious to get back to the story I enjoyed the author s style of blending current storyline with the story from the past I ll definitely keep note of Erika Marks name for future books to read as she writes them

    10. THIS IS A WIN What such an amazing book The author wrote a wonderful book There is some jumping back into the past but the author has it written so the reader is not confused This is a wonderful fast read I honestly could not put it down I can not wait to try the Gumbo recipe at the end of the book.

    11. Mercy What a story I thought I had it figured out and then I was wrong and then I was wronger Ericka Marks simmers up a wonderful pot as complex as the real thing and equally as delicious Fantastic

    12. Little Gale Gumbo is a novel about family secrets, sisters, love, and voodoo The characters are well developed and bring the story to life The setting is a character One of the best books I ve read this year Can t wait for the next.

    13. A lovely, delicious, intriguing book The author did an amazing job of weaving together the past and present story lines And she made me care about her characters Highly recommended.

    14. I just adored all of the characters The chain of who loves who was intriguing and how that affected their lives Plus a little mystery in the mix Great

    15. To escape an abusive marriage that threatens her two teenage daughters, Camille Bergeron flees her beloved New Orleans and lands on a small island off the coast of Maine Once there she finds refuge by renting the upstairs apartment in a house belonging to Ben Haskell and his son Matthew Quickly the lives of these two broken families become intertwined both in love and in business as they use Camille s Creole cooking talents to found the Little Gale Gumbo restaurant While this might be the founda [...]

    16. Little Gale Gumbo by Erika MarksContemporary Romance Oct 4th, 20114 starsCamille Bergeron left New Orleans and an abusive husband and fled to Little Gale, Maine to start a new life with her two daughters Dahlia and Josie Embarking on a new life, she and Ben Haskell opened up a new restaurant, the Little Gale Gumbo Cafe Winning over her new neighbors with her delicious home cooking, Camille and her daughters soon become a part of the community and Ben s family Dahlia, Josie, and Ben s son, Matthe [...]

    17. This is a delightful story of a brave Creole woman, Camille, who leaves her home in New Orleans with her 2 daughters in order to escape an abusive husband She is headed to Canada but never quite makes it and instead, settles on a island off the coast of Portland, Maine, Little Gale At first the islanders don t know quite what to make of this unlikely threesome on a largely white island.but Camille s gumbo and other Creole Cajun specialties win them over I didn t quite understand the love interes [...]

    18. This was a FirstReads Winner My best recommendation for this book is the fact that I picked this up and could not put it down until I was done Literally, it was impossible too Drawn into the spellbinding story of a woman and her kids, transplanted by bravery to escape abuse, drawn into a skeptical but eventually warming community The struggles of sisters who have to decide what secrets to keep and which ones that it has become time to tell A story of love, the fire burning passionate and dying q [...]

    19. It s true that I m not unbiased when it comes to Little Gale Gumbo, but friend and fellow blogger Erika Marks has written a wonderful debut novel that I d recommend wholeheartedly For me the emotional heart of the story is the sisterly bond between Dahlia and Josephine and all of the baggage that comes along with it The story takes place in both New Orleans and Little Gale Island, off the coast of Maine It is chock full of delicious dishes, romance and friendship, but no story about sisters is w [...]

    20. This one disappointed me I finally just gave up, which I ve only ever done with one other book The writing wasn t terrible, but some of the descriptions weren t as pointed as I would ve liked Events with the characters, and their overall portrayal also left something to be desired I know others might enjoy this one, but for me it ran too near the romance novel line and involved characters that just weren t believable No one becomes fully enraptured with another in a single day Adult humans tend [...]

    21. I was warned that the number of characters made the story tough to follow, and that turned out to be true for me, so I retread the beginning to get them straight However, then the time switches compounded that, and now that I ve finished, I m wondering who is going to get Matthew What will he do when he returns, other than take care of his father Won t it be tough knowing about Dahlia s pregnancy and now she will be with Jack Descriptive, natural sounding language gives strong sense of place and [...]

    22. Great beach read This is the second book I ve read by this author So much of her novels is told in flashbacks, it can get a little confusing at times But one thing I really like is that the books aren t really romancy There are always love stories involved, but they don t hijack the plot, and there s no gratuitous sex scenes I like that, I don t need the ridiculous descriptions about heaving what nots So, if you re looking for some light summer reading that can still hold your attention, this is [...]

    23. I received this book from firstreads giveaways I really enjoyed this book, although it actually quite sad, with domestic violence and unrequited love It tells the story of a woman and her two daughters, on the run from her violent husband, they leave New Orleans and end up on a small island on the coast of Maine I grew up in Maine, as did the author, and while I often roll my eyes at fictionalized Maine, she did a very good job, right down the to name of the old department store Part love story, [...]

    24. Another really good debut novel Loved this story, set in New Orleans and Maine unforgettable characters and a great story of an exploration of family with secrets that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next I didn t want it to end and looking forward to of Erika Marks books Also some good Cajun recipes included

    25. Engaging characters, real dialog, interesting features of New Orleans voodoo and fantastic cuisine I had trouble putting it down, and miss the characters now that I m done Marks keeps the story moving with twists and turns Love the way she moves from present time to past and back Definitely a good read.Can t wait to try out the praline recipe.

    26. This was a very good book The only issues I had with it was that it kept bouncing back and fourth from 1961 2002 It is just personal preference but I like to read in the exact timeline from start to finish The story was great

    27. I really enjoyed this book I liked the way the secrets were revealed and I loved the characters I am glad there are recipes in the back of the book because the story gave me a craving for Creole food.

    28. If this is a first novel, I can t wait to read The characters were nicely original and well developed, the plot lines were thoughtful, the writing fun and compassionate Well Done I am so glad to see new authors like Erica Marks emerge on the scene

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