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Diane Downs: Best Kept Secrets By Elizabeth Diane Downs Diane Downs,

  • Title: Diane Downs: Best Kept Secrets
  • Author: Elizabeth Diane Downs Diane Downs
  • ISBN: 9780962274503
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
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    Diane Downs Best Kept Secrets None

    One thought on “Diane Downs: Best Kept Secrets”

    1. I m giving this book five stars, not because it s great writing it s not , or because it tells the truth about the crime it doesn t , but purely because it gives such a close look at a sociopathic mind It s 318 pages of Me, me, wonderful me Diane tells us what a loving, dedicated mom she is, how men have done her wrong, and how lazy and corrupt lawmen sent her to prison for a crime she didn t commit in her version.I suggest reading Anne Rule s Small Sacrifices first a great true crime read , the [...]

    2. I knew this book would be verbal vomit, because that s all that ever comes out of Diane Downs mouth It s funny to me that the man who wrote an introduction is only known by the first name Robert Also, it seems that every man Diane ever met was attracted to her, and she never cared much for them, not even Bert , who is believed to be the main reason why Diane tried to kill her 3 kids I ve watched a few videos of her on youtube, and she is a disgusting excuse for a human being They say she is narc [...]

    3. Four stars for being able to see so clearly into what she had to tell herself to be able to go on living after murdering her children Took crazy to a whole new level.

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