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The Silver Palate Cookbook By Julee Rosso Sheila Lukins Michael McLaughlin,

  • Title: The Silver Palate Cookbook
  • Author: Julee Rosso Sheila Lukins Michael McLaughlin
  • ISBN: 9780894802041
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • With over 2.2 million copies in print, the widely acclaimed The Silver Palate Cookbook is firmly established as a contemporary classic Originally published in 1982, the book s elegant, innovative recipes and emphasis on pure, fresh, ingredients ushered a new passion for food and hospitality into the American consciousness The lively collection of clear, step by step reciWith over 2.2 million copies in print, the widely acclaimed The Silver Palate Cookbook is firmly established as a contemporary classic Originally published in 1982, the book s elegant, innovative recipes and emphasis on pure, fresh, ingredients ushered a new passion for food and hospitality into the American consciousness The lively collection of clear, step by step recipes ranges from sublimely refined traditions Pesto, Manhattan Clam Chowder, and Stuffed Artichokes to original creations certain to become the topic of conversation at any dinner party There s PatS de Campagne with Walnuts and Juniper Berries Fruit Stuffed Cornish Hens Caviar Eclairs Blueberry Bisque Plus over 300 recipes for hors d oeuvres, dips and sauces, picnic fare, entrSes, salads, soups, breads, desserts Throughout the book are valuable menu and serving suggestions, literary quotes, food guides, food lore, and whimsical illustrations Selection of the Book of the Month Club, Quality Paperback Book Club, Book of the Month Club s HomeStyle Books, Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service, and the ABA Basic Booklist A James Beard Book Awards inductee into the cookbook Hall of Fame.
    The Silver Palate Cookbook With over million copies in print the widely acclaimed The Silver Palate Cookbook is firmly established as a contemporary classic Originally published in the book s elegant innovative reci

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    1. An awesome cookbook from way back in 1982, when finding flat leaf parsley was a real challenge and nobody knew what pesto was yetbut these two women helped put gourmet food on the map And to them I say, thank you.

    2. With it s sibling The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbookand big brother The New Basics Cookbook, these are the ones on my shelf that are completely dog eared with use.

    3. I am actually reading a cookbook from start to finish The recipes have already won me over, but the tidbits, the quotes, the organization of this book are absolutely delightful And no calories for reading about food

    4. An essential classic All the recipes work, but if you get this book for no other reason, the recipe for chicken Marbella will be worth it.

    5. I had heard so much about this cook book over the years, but for some reason never purchased it After reading, Apron Anxiety My Messy Affairs In and Out of the Kitchen, I decided to splurge, especially when I saw the kindle special sale The lemon cake recipe was referenced in the book I m glad I did It s well written, filled with great, interesting recipes.

    6. a flavor bomb of 80s cooking inspiration think lots of reductions and specialized vinegars and fussy cheeses now, my love of cooking is FOUNDED on the stuff i ate from this era, so i can totally get on board and one of my favorite lasagnas in the world was created by these ladies an eggplant chevre bechamel BOMB that was LIFE CHANGING and published in lukins and rosso s New Basics but sometimes i notice the acid is a titch heavy handed and not as subtly balanced as it can be with the best recipe [...]

    7. A great cookbook Perhaps as much fun to read as to enjoy the recipes Lots of good background on most recipes and lots of info on ingredients Sometimes basic recipes have lots of variations suggested The sections on salads were particularly great The tone is sort of 5th Avenue hippie Largely because of the hand drawn BW illustrations And the friendly humorous narratives Side boxes exhort the reader to enjoy food and life.The recipes are simple and all of those which I have tried worked well and t [...]

    8. This is my mother s cookbook and has New York Sunday society classics than you can shake a stick at Chicken Marbella, anyone What about quiches galore Heck, there s a whole section on Brunch Drinks Sometimes it can get a bit ridiculous Herbed Caviar Roulade , but it features genuinely good entertaining advice, such as, schedule just enough time to relax with a quiet drink before the party begins this way you may catch your breath, The most successful hosts are those who welcome their guests by [...]

    9. I actually looked at the hard copy of the 25th anniversary edition I was curious to see how color plates added to the book since I have successfully cooked so many things from the original cookbook that my copy is dog eared I was pretty disappointed There really aren t that many photos to enhance the text and I didn t think the tastiness of the food was truly captured visually For me, the photos detracted from the original charm of the cartoon illustrations I m still a fan of Silver Palate recip [...]

    10. I first got this cookbook years ago when I was first taking a real interest in cooking Many of the recipes and ingredients seemed exotic to me then, but I learned so much and bought all the books by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins I could get my hands on Those recipes no longer seem so exotic to me and many of them I now cook without a recipe, since I ve made them so many times But I still refer to this book often and love where it has taken me.

    11. I still have my well loved duo of original silver palate cookbooks A beloved Christmas gift from a boyfriend in 1987 I refer to these often even though my library of cookery spans an entire wall floor to ceiling Simply classic, relatively easy and delicious Many menu ideas and tips for easy entertaining with style Nothing pretentious or foodied about the recipes just wonderful and timeless.

    12. I was thrilled when I got this cookbook for 1 at a used book store Now I know why someone had given it away I ve tried four recipes in it, and they were all wrong I know how to cook I have enough experience to know when a recipe is not my taste and when it s just plain wrong The recipes I tried were clearly not well tested The food came out disastrous After four bad ones, I stopped trusting the book enough to try any .

    13. If I want to cook a special meal, this is the first cookbook I turn to At least one dish, often the whole meal comes from the recipes in this book I have been using it since 1986, and over the years have tried the majority of the recipes some recipes 30 times like the chocolate mousse The recipes have all been tasty, most are moderately complicated time consuming, but executable by someone with basic skills The biggest downside is that some of the ingredients can be hard to find.

    14. Lovely little cookbook, written by the friend of a friend, and given to me by another friend I ve used many recipes from this one, but particularly liked the chicken marabella which sounds bettern than chicken with prunes , which was easy to prepare when serving large groups Most memorable dinner was out at Sunset Beach, NC at a beach house there for 10 of us.Packing away now as we declutter the house, preparing to put it on the market.

    15. I was in high school when I got this book My friends and I used to host tea parties and picnics for each other and this was a great source for fancy little dishes for that kind of party It was a one of a kind, innovative, indulgent book at the time But I only used it for a few years It s pretty dated now and although I still have it, I never use it.

    16. Back in the 80 s before there was FoodTv and the internet, gthis WAS the cookbook if you entertained This was the cookbook that inspired me to start a small catering business back in the early 90 s I went to a dinner party lately and the hostess served chicken Marbella A classic I have not used it lately but it is time to revisit some of these recipes.

    17. THE classic This book started it all The shop was purely new in the late seventies, and the book changed how the USA cooked Remember, this came out when no one would ever consider making something strange like Ratatouille When I need a tasty morsel for my family or a party, this is my go to book Enjoy and live in a time where butter was king

    18. I found this book on a shelf at a vacation rental and it is such a great book that I didn t read some of the books I brought with me The recipes have become classics at our house It s a lovely book with recipes for the beginner cook and inspiration for the advanced.

    19. A good cookbook, but not a great I one Many of the recipes call for ingredients that one might not necessarily have in their cabinets This is the kind of book to buy someone who wants to get into a little gourmet cooking.

    20. Anyone who knows me well they know what joy a cookbook can bring to me Inspiration for great food is everything Ketchp is the little black dress of our generation why not make it gourmet ketchup

    21. This book was so so for me There were recipes that were beyond fantastic and I will see myself making for meals entertaining Some were a bit too extravagant for my level of entertaining The pasta veggies desserts sections were just yummy and those were the ones that stood out the most for me.

    22. An inspiring cookbook that really celebrates food and makes you want to plan dinner parties The recipes are a little outdated for being high fat, high calorie, so it s not one I use much in my everyday cooking.

    23. Even I, who really don t know how to cook, have had success with lots of these wonderful recipes Makes me feel comfortable with dinner parties Love the Beef Stroganoff pg 128 and Eggplant Parmiigiana pg 168.Also recommend THE NEW BASICS COOKBOOK by the same authors.

    24. I got this book as gift many years ago when I asked some one where did you learn how to cook chicken like this I get rave reviews when I make the coffee cake from this cookbook and many other yummy treats Check it out for sure

    25. This is an interesting book and will bring back memories to anyone old enough to remember it s first printing Many of the recipes create delicious meals however, the list of ingredients can appear daunting by today s standards.

    26. I am the former editor of 2 editions of the Joy of Cooking and this is still my favorite cookbook BAR NONE The flavors are huge and the dishes easy to make This book has made me a culinary rock star over and over.

    27. Oh, the eighties What marvelous, ridiculous foodie ideas you had sigh Back when capers were an adventure.That said, this is the first place I encountered the idea of using aluminum foil instead of parchment paper for cooking en papillote, and I will never not be grateful for that.

    28. There is no recipe in this book that is imperfect.I love how a good cookbook can give you such an impression of the culture time it came from Take a trip in the time warp machine back to shoulder pads and print newspapers and get cooking.

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