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Marked Yours By ElizabethNoble,

  • Title: Marked Yours
  • Author: ElizabethNoble
  • ISBN: 9781615819638
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook
  • Three hundred years ago, natural disaster reformed the face of North America, and the people who lived in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains would never be the same Now, the master slave bond in New Colorado has become a sacred rite of service, protection, and, sometimes, for the lucky, love Nick and his intended Master, Todd Ruger, a sentry of the territories, have grownThree hundred years ago, natural disaster reformed the face of North America, and the people who lived in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains would never be the same Now, the master slave bond in New Colorado has become a sacred rite of service, protection, and, sometimes, for the lucky, love Nick and his intended Master, Todd Ruger, a sentry of the territories, have grown up knowing that they were pledged to this bond They re looking forward to the ritual with both excitement and trepidation it s something they ve prepared for their entire lives But New Colorado s institution of slavery has made dangerous enemies on a frontier fraught with trouble, and they are unprepared for the trials their new relationship will face Their bond needs to grow very strong, very fast if it s going to survive the collision of old superstition, new beliefs, and the ever present danger of the natural and supernatural frontier.
    Marked Yours Three hundred years ago natural disaster reformed the face of North America and the people who lived in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains would never be the same Now the master slave bond in New Co

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    1. 4.5 starsI enjoyed the hell out of this story The master slave relationship was well done and I liked the post apacolyptic setting My only real complaint is that I felt the world building was a little thin and that may be because I have sooooo many questions , and I did question the validity of how the world became a wasteland to begin with something about a super volcano it was mentioned in a page or two then never really discussed again, aside from showing the caldera I know the sequel is alre [...]

    2. I am really enjoying this series It is a solid read with great characters who you come to get to know and love, a good amount of world building, and a plot that actually moves and makes sense The reason for 4 instead of 5 is that I feel the world building could have been enhanced In trying to picture all this I have a hard time going from wagons pulled by horses or other animals to bathroom s indoors that almost seem modern It would have been good to add in here and there other elements E.G Towa [...]

    3. I give Marked Yours 4 1 2 stars on it s own merit, BUTI am bonus rounding it up to 5 Stars because the potential is there for so much and I REALLY want And I will admit to a bit of favoritism as Elizabeth is MY Author in the M M group s Hot July Days Challenge on She chose my picture and has written a story set in the world of Marked Yours featuring Todd and Nicky ten years later The story is titled Take What s Yours and I have had the honor of a sneak peak and it is in a word PERFECT A very s [...]

    4. Wow, this book was something else I enjoyed it a lot.Nick and Todd were both a surprise but Todd so I was expecting Todd to be a cruel master Someone that had no qualms about beating his slave or using him but eventually would soften to his slave I was completely wrong and if I d have read the blurb I probably wouldn t have thought that Todd is kind and gentle, loving and affectionate He encourages Nick to act like a free person but beats himself up when he s in situations that forces Nick to b [...]

    5. The beauty of Marked Yours lies within the relationship of the Master and his slave The author captures and perfectly depicts a dynamic which is essentially a balance of power and responsibility Although the Master is dominant sexually, he takes seriously his role as protector, teacher, counselor, and guide to his sub Todd Ruger is a heroic figure who personifies strength, confidence, and unflagging commitment His sub, Nicky, is timid, vulnerable, and impressionable Nicky also is fiercely loyal [...]

    6. I liked this variation on a master slave relationship because it looks at a situation where the structure of slave versus master is dictated by society, rather than what the participants want Seeing two men come together who have no choice about the official way of how they interact was fascinating, because the difference to the actual interaction provided some real tension Todd s fear of being caught for treating Nick as an equal as much as possible was just as real as Nick s fear of having his [...]

    7. What the heck was that O_OThere are so many things wrong with this book I don t know where to begin Both characters are so badly written I winced at every page turn view spoiler Nick is supposedly trained beaten even to be this submissive slave to the family that bought him And yet, throughout the book, other than dropping his eyes which show shyness and awkwardness in dealing with people Nick shows no other qaulity of a slave He is rude to strangers, has no problems speaking freely with Todd an [...]

    8. Okay first all I wish had a 1 2 star This book was really not quite a 5 star for me but not quite a 4 star either There were some issues with feeling the story was told and not shown and at times it felt a little rushed jumping from one scene to the next, but overall I really enjoyed the story line and the characters For a debut novel Elizabeth Nobel did a great job and I can t wait to see how she develops and improves her craft in the future.I enjoyed watching Nicky grow from from a frightened [...]

    9. DNF Boring repetative Todd s sicky sweetness made me ill At 50% of the book, I still did not know what he and his father huntedDemons Lost souls 150 Proof rum be honest, I do not care.This story has been done better before Both Ann Somerville s Kei s Gift the first book of Gloria H Giroux s Chay Trilogy come to mind.

    10. This dystopian world is not too different than many made for TV movies on the Sci fi channel It kind of reminds me of Jericho except with a super volcano instead of bombs This story was hard to get into and if I didn t have it for a book challenge, I might have given it up as DNF.The first 2 3 of the book dragged for me There was too much hidden about Todd s real job I guessed it from early on, but to wait so bloody long to be validated was frustrating and unneeded It s one thing to build up sto [...]

    11. The first thing that gripped me in this story was the quality of the writing Having never read anything by this author I was excited to see that good writing makes a story so much for me The second thing I noticed was the author gave a concise explanation about how our world as we knew it was changed dramatically by a volcano erupting As a reader I really appreciate these types of details to get my mind frame where it s needed in order to enjoy the story The third thing I noticed was what an in [...]

    12. I keep buying these slave books in the hopes that one will satisfy an itch of seeing one done right This one wasn t it Possible spoilers ahead view spoiler First, there was a whole hell of a lot of telling rather than showing It s pretty bad when a writer has to tell the reader that a character feels such and such when a simple action word, or a subtle comment would have relayed the same intent Next, I didn t buy this whole post apocalyptic world setting As the recent volcanic eruption in Icelan [...]

    13. I truly enjoyed this novel, fell for the two main characters and found myself struggling with them to come out of the tough spots alive And that was a surprise in a minute I ll tell you why.First, a very brief description In a future world where natural disaster has changed the face of the earth and re shaped civilization, slavery has become an institution with its own rules, many harsh, but also allowing a great deal of variation on how that relationship will be framed The master can withold al [...]

    14. Nick has been raised for only one purpose to be a slave His training, education, his very life is set at the whim of his master in this cae a boy almost as young as he whose father has arranged for him to be Nick s master when he comes of age Todd Ruger.Todd grows up to be a sentry a guard of sorts who does everything from hunt down supernatural beings to laying violent and deadly ghosts to rest He goes far and wide in his work everywhere but West Calderra where it is punishable by death to own [...]

    15. I really wanted to like this book, but I had a lot of problems with it.1 The world building felt superficial I wasn t sure why this was post apocalyptic America and not some other place That is, the changes that took place in society felt like they were developed to serve the plot instead of feeling possible likely.2 By the time it was revealed what the two guys would be doing for their job, I really didn t care any.3 Some really horrible and stilted dialogue, particularly between Todd and his f [...]

    16. This book got me from the very beginning It starts out telling about Nick He was raised knowing he was a slave and was trained to help Todd, the person that would be his master when he became an adult The thing is, Todd doesn t want to be Nick s master He wants to have a relationship with Nick.I love the closeness between the main characters Nick is insecure about his place and constantly fears losing Todd Todd is protective and supportive of Nick They make the perfect couple view spoiler I foun [...]

    17. This one is probably closer to a 4.5 but I m bumping it to 5 I agree with some of the other reviewers who commented that it would have been nice to have a little substance around the world created in this book and a few things seemed a bit contradictory However, I love slave fiction stories if done well and I adore D s stories especially when there s a loving connection between Dom and sub, so two big checkmarks on my happy reading list from this book I loved reading about the relationship betw [...]

    18. I liked the writting, but the whole Master Slave thing just wasn t something I enjoy reading about or understand Why would a master slave society come out after a natural disaster It wasn t explained in a way that I found belivable Also way to much sex for my taste Mostly I truly disliked the constructed society and it distracted me from my enjoyment of the story As to the characters, well they were all right, but I didn t feel very attached, they adventure was quite interesting, I wish the book [...]

    19. A 2.5 rounded up to 3.I liked the world Not completely clear why view spoiler the eruption of Yellowstone would cause paranormal activity hide spoiler but OK, the author s the boss.I liked the idea of raising some kids as slaves, liked the idea of sentries, liked the MCs However the book was just too meh to be good.

    20. Love This BookI m a huge fan of ALL BOOKS BY Elizabeth Noble The Sentries Series especially since I adore Master slave MM love stories This is an amazing and touching story Love it.

    21. 2,5 stars because the main characters were pretty likable guys and didn t annoy me Other than that, I don t have much to say about this book The plot was barely there The work Todd and Nick do is given so little place in the book I m not even sure what exactly they do Maybe in the next books it will be clear Slavery theme is inconsistent and all over the place and as inoffensive as possible I don t know if inoffensive is good in this case I m not sure I ll be reading in this series maybe some [...]

    22. 4 5I guess this would be fantasy romance It s an interesting discussion on relationships and if they can be equal if the power difference is as great as slave and master I liked the characters and the plot was interesting This didn t go where I d expected and I appreciated that I wish they d step a little further away from the BDSM aspect if the point is that they are equals in their loving relationship Maybe that develops over the series

    23. Too much sex There I said it Now I can get on with the review.This is a fairly interesting post apocalyptic vaguely story The idea behind the world building is that a large volcano erupted in the western United States, heralding another ice age Some time later, there are protectorates instead of states In one such protectorate, New Colorado, slavery is allowed In others, it is outlawed One such slave, Nick, is to be bonded to a man he has corresponded with but never met That man is Todd Ruger, a [...]

    24. Three hundred, or so, years in the future, the landscape of the world has changed both geographically and socially After a super volcano erupts, leaving the world without access to most technology oil reserves, and throwing the world order on its head, this new world has come to resemble a new age western frontier Some things like solar panels, indoor plumbing, and some medical treatments are still available, but most of the time you are stuck in a world of horses, wagons, and a casual take on t [...]

    25. I very much enjoyed this book The beginning after the prologue was very nice and I immediately got into the characters, but there were a few things that distracted me 1 The supernatural element Where was it We got one ghost scene and the rest was just mentioned I don t know why it was included at all for future books, maybe I hope it wasn t just to reel in paranormal readers.2 Lack of shortage This is a post apocalyptic Earth where people ride on horses instead of in cars, because oil isn t used [...]

    26. This is just very blah It s a mish mash of tropes, including slavery, but Noble manages to execute none of them particularly adeptly The relationship between Nick and Todd is particularly fraught, especially because Noble doesn t seem to know how to use the slave trope in which she invests so much time and energy The relationship between the heroes is this watered down and reads as fake to me, especially since Noble clearly doesn t want to address the very nature of slavery as a trope, i.e the d [...]

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