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The Holy Road By Ginn Hale,

  • Title: The Holy Road
  • Author: Ginn Hale
  • ISBN: 9781935560050
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook
  • When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate, Kyle, he expects to find a house key, but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic, mysticism, revolutionaries and assassins Though he struggles to escape, John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he share with Kyle to wake the destroyer god, the Rifter, and shatter a world.
    The Holy Road When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate Kyle he expects to find a house key but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic mysticism revolutionaries and assassins Though

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    1. Wow Just when I thought this could not get any better Wow So many questions are swirling and buzzing around my head The what ifs have started hitting me All the pieces and ripples are coming together By keeping Fikiri alive and being there in Candle Alley, John altered the path and history of so many If only he had done this, said that, gone there Life is teeming with little details and what ifs that can change the course of a moment, day, or person completely It can boggle the brain and drive u [...]

    2. Holy shiiiiiiit Talk about 0 60 in nothing flat Book 5 was equal parts romantic, telling, ominous, conspiratorial, overwhelming, dangerousd TOTALLY FUCKING BRILLIANT Also, I m feeling pretty damn good about myself for guessed a couple of the plot twists which make up for the times I totally missed a few too BEST YET of a series of BESTS.

    3. Apparently, sleep is not happening At least not until I get some resolution of what the frick frack is going on here with Jahn This episode saw TRAUMA chickens coming home to roost, whispers have become loud voices, betrayal and loyalty, sacrifice sheesh, there s a good bit of it through the entire series and yet, I m left at an unacceptable point huffs I ve just taken a ride on the extreme emotion roller coaster and I m back in line buying the next ticket I gotta know, and anyone who read this [...]

    4. YES I finally have an answer to why I am persevering and reading this series This bookis is why Everything is coming togethere fog is clearing in my head and the holes are filling rapidly The action has skyrocketed and I m barely holding on There is passion and pain.There is joyous news and devastating news.There is hope and despair.The first few books I fumbled and flailed along Was it worth it clutches chest considering I still can t catch my breathUh huh, it sure as hell was My advice Yeahhhh [...]

    5. I m so mad I already used up my Shit.Shock and horror line in the last book this one is WAY apt Oh sweet Parfir my heart can t stand it The Holy Road is my favorite one so far It s so much darker and brutal that the other books, death and destruction, torture and mayhem rein down all around John and Ravishan in graphic detail The revelations My Parfir I feel like the biggest dumb arse right now Of course that s who he is Duhhhh, I could hit my head against the wall for being so thick view spoi [...]

    6. I don t really want to say anything about this because spoilers but OH MY GOD.Actually one minor concern amidst all THE TERRIBLE OF MY ANGUISHED FEELZ view spoiler I wish John had actually spoken to Ravishan about, y know, BEING GOD I feel that is not the sort of thing you should keep from your partner, especially when they re religiously mandated to watch over you across time and space hide spoiler.I read this with Katness, while clutching my Wild Podgey tiger and sobbing br br br br br br

    7. This review contains spoilers and spoilers and still reveals nothing.This Was Absolutely Nothing For Weak Nerves There was a bit of everything here Love, hope, betrayal, violence, violence, I mean terrible VIOLENCE, and also LOVE sincerely, deeply felt, beyond time and space.We find ourselves in the Black Tower Infinitely many steps from nowhere A gate must be crossed John wanted to scream with anger and fear He wanted to thrash and tear the enveloping Gray Space asunder But he had nothing to [...]

    8. Another amazing contribution to the Rifter series, and this may be my favorite yet Book five propels the series forward by leaps and bounds It s now now clear to the reader who all the key players are, and that we re dealing with different points in time Relationships have blossomed and moved to the next level, and the wheels of fate both the Rifter s and the Kahlil s have been set into motion The story, I think, is at its critical point of no return, and I can t wait to see where the tale goes [...]

    9. I m really not sure how to explain this but I think there s like crack on the pages of these e books or something because in spite of the continuing but thankfully slowly diminishing confusion that this story has been creating for me I don t want to stop I was going to take a wee break after this book and read just a short story or two but no, I was barely done reading the last word on the page and lo and behold I was pulling up book 6 on my e reader So I m going to admit defeat on this and just [...]

    10. This review can also be found at the DIK blog.We re half way through this serialised novel now, and things are really hotting up Like Part 4, this section focuses entirely on John and his time at Rathal pesha The story has once again jumped ahead in time, and is now a year on from Part 4 It s the harvest fair and Ravishan has drank himself into a stupor over what he knows he has to do come sundown This year, instead of burning a witch, they have captured a Fai daum rebel and, like last year, it [...]

    11. This part is just perfect The romance, action, and politics come together until I was in tears at the end dreading what s to come next I can t even take a breath before moving on to the next part, its just that good Heavy with themes of the corrupting influence of power, as well as religious abuse The church levying high tithes and priests not paying for everything A golden beacon among poverty, corruption Abuse of power, putting the common men in harms way I loved the philosophical twist.

    12. This installment of the Rifter was definitely the most traumatic, especially the last section where everything goes horribly wrong, for everyone it would seem I did however LOVE the ending and had a teary grin on my face when Ravishan arrived, right at the last moment Luckily Broken Fortress is ready and waiting for me to get stuck into.

    13. Oh WOW The 5th books was beautiful and gut wrenching at the same time Jahn and Ravishan finally get a few precious days together and it s beautiful But the book is filled with big revelations and page turners, it kept me on the edge my seat the whole time To say that this book is like crack is an understatement I m addicted and I only care about getting my next fix

    14. 3.5 starsRifter 5, The Holy Road, is a vicious and dark installment of the epic fantasy It also holds a touch of romance and hope between Jahn and Ravishan It s perhaps the darkest of the novellas so far and I ll admit I was pretty disturbed by the end of it There is a lot of death, destruction, and mayhem offered in graphic and vivid detail While that s not my favorite part of fantasy, the problem here is that the story ends on a bloody note without further action to help alleviate the depressi [...]

    15. 1 TIMEY WIMEYNESS 2 OH I see John is Harry Potter See, that actually makes a whole lot sense.3 I think I m finally starting to get it This story is a semi realistic approximation of what it would be like to actually be thrown into a fantasy world, with minimum preparation That s why I feel uncomfortable about it That s why I can t say they re good books That s why I can t say they re bad books If it actually happened to you even if you d read every fantasy book in existence , it wouldn t be exc [...]

    16. 4.7 5Holy SHIT THIS BOOK WAS A GAME CHANGER.This is the highest I ve rated any other books in this series because this book literally changed everything AND it was all John s storyline, which I initially hated That s crazy to me This installment had everything It was action packed, it was emotional, it had a ton of really interesting plot twists and propelled the story forward in such a good direction, I m SO excited to continue The only reason I m docking some points is because view spoiler Bil [...]

    17. 5 starsTHIS BOOK THIS O.M.G UTTERLY SPEECHLESS AT ITS AWESOMENESS SO MUCH HAPPENED IN 119 PAGES Now I regret it that I didn t devour this series sooner Some series are popular for some reason This one is popular because it s REALLY AWESOME AND FANTASTIC Btw, remember the resemblance that I said in book 4 In the last chapter of book 5, John s struggle to keep his emotions and monstrous power in control, really reminds me of Izark the Sky Demon in Kanata Kara From Far Away, and Ravishan resembles [...]

    18. Amazeballs The best in the series so far I have to say, the fact that there is like a 30 year age difference now between John and Kahlil is weird.Even Kahlil points out that John has been a resident of Basawar longer than he was John is such an odd, intense character I have not got him figured out yet Kahlil has realized that John has changed history however his memory still shot at this point I loved the scene between him and John I guess you can call it present time for both of them where Kahl [...]

    19. John s powers increase, things begin to tie together I think , great drama, a stunning m m adventure He closed his eyes, listening to the prayers that whispered and rolled through the chamber They called on the Rifter to lend them strength, to make them fearless, to defend their world A pang shot through John as he realized that he was the god they so softly called upon and he could offer them nothing.John bowed his head, mumbling empty prayers in his own temple.

    20. 4.5 stars.Mind Totally Blown.I mean, I never once suspected Ravishan was who he was I didn t guess that while Kyle is thrown into the future, John is in the past, and so much is possible there Like changing the course of history I have even questions now This series makes my head hurt a bit.

    21. Cannot rate while the story is still in progress this part has been a slow one for me though will rate when I finish the whole lot.On to Broken FortressBR with Irina

    22. The Holy Road is a hell of roller coaster Action packed and intense I can t recall any passing or dull moment I m 150% invested in the story and I m both excited and afraid of what happens next.

    23. It was a slow going, but I ve managed to finish it And the ending here had saved the series for me Going to carry on Rounded up to 3 stars

    24. Blood to bone, we binds it.Where it goes Kahlil finds it.Bleed the seas, burn the skies,Tear the earth before its eyes.Where it walks, Kahlil follows,No respite in shades or hollows.Fires burn, rivers flood,Still it calls Kahlil s blood.Break iron, shatter stone,Still we binds it, blood to bone.OkayHoly shit Seriously, this was like dreaming a happy dream until suddenly it turned into a nightmare Even though I have predicted that something like this might happen view spoiler Bill dying or him an [...]

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