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Wife in the Shadows By Sara Craven,

  • Title: Wife in the Shadows
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • ISBN: 9780373528301
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • The private face of a public marriage The manipulative machinations of the great Manzini family have locked Elena Blake into marriage The reluctant groom is Italy s most infamous womanizer, Count Angelo Manzini.In society s spotlight, Angelo bestows dutiful kisses on his shy new countess But behind closed doors, his apparently biddable bride refuses to stand in the shad The private face of a public marriage The manipulative machinations of the great Manzini family have locked Elena Blake into marriage The reluctant groom is Italy s most infamous womanizer, Count Angelo Manzini.In society s spotlight, Angelo bestows dutiful kisses on his shy new countess But behind closed doors, his apparently biddable bride refuses to stand in the shadows Challenged by Elena s defiance, Angelo finds himself captivated by the thought of possessing her
    Wife in the Shadows The private face of a public marriage The manipulative machinations of the great Manzini family have locked Elena Blake into marriage The reluctant groom is Italy s most infamous womanizer Count Ange

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    1. It s April, the cruellest month, and Elena is getting ready to go to a party Her maid Donata is dressing her in some gown thing Elena hates, and helping with Elena s makeup which is a waste of time because Elena is so plain and doing Elena s hair, which she s actually pretty good at Elena is miserable about Donata, because Donata clearly thinks she is hopeless and Elena agrees, but nobody bonds over personal criticism, so these two just aren t getting along Then Elena emerges from her boudoir in [...]

    2. Sara Craven wrote another Regency disguised as an HP In this case it s an rake and poor relation forced to marry when they are set up to be caught in the heroine s bedroom during a house party The heroine s married cousin was trying to obscure her affair with the hero The heroine moves to his Italian villa, while the hero is in town on business during the week Once a month they have cold mechanical sex for the purpose of producing an heir It all reads like a Mary Balogh story especially since th [...]

    3. I m really disappointed, especially after the synopsis on the back cover sounds very promising I m not a fan of the author s style of writing, to be really honest I find it lacks necessary dialogues to convey the tension and duress the characters are in Instead, it is written in inner thoughts style that is very boring and dull Until the end, I find the characters lack in personality and emotional depth.

    4. The author raised her game three quarters of the way in by implementing a shady literary device which had me holding my breath I can t complain because I started to enjoy the book Ellie shed her frigid persona, the angst and passion increased and, when it was nearly over, I finally believed our protagonists could achieve a happy ending I would have rated the book as average before this crucial change in tone occurred, mostly because it was hard to warm up to Ellie who acted so aloof with Angelo [...]

    5. I found this on my computer and thought I had read it before so I went in blind and was totally destroyed and crying my heart out I am so depressed I really don t know what to think I knew what was going on at the end but it still made me cry And the visit from Silvia, one of the most evil exes I have ever read about, just floored me I knew he was a cheating bastard First there was the girl when he was engaged that he planned on spending the afternoon with and he most likely did, they weren t ma [...]

    6. This is the story of Elena and Angelo Angelo has recently ended an affair with his married lover Elena s cousin and she is angry with him Out of revenge she sets home up and he unknowingly goes to Elena s room one night, whilst staying at the home of an important business associate who is also the husband of Elena s godmother Elena is shocked by events, especially the knowledge that her cousin set her up, but realises the need to avoid a scandal To help this her godmother suggests that she and A [...]

    7. So it had some good points and some not so good points It started off okay but the characters and the writing sort of went hazy as the book went on As to the plot twist, it wasn t well written enough to make me care one way or the other although what was going on was pretty obvious The author didn t sell me on it however Ultimately just okay.

    8. This just didn t work for me The whole forced marriage in a contemporary w people who weren t even HER family pulling the strings.No It seemed that all wanted to rope Angelo into matrimony and Elena Ellie was the patsy that seemed to be suitable for him Of course, they wouldn t have picked her unless she was pure, but I m not sure how they would even know that as she didn t come across as sharing that private info w others All stand to benefit from this force MOC, but Ellie Angelo promises her t [...]

    9. A amante do her i uma mulher casada e ele muito raso para o meu gosto A amante a prima da hero na Tudo muito f cil na vida dele at ele cair numa cilada e ter que casar com a hero na que a ot ria no plano todo.Tudo acontece por causa do comportamento prom scuo dele e ele ainda tenta culpar os outros.A hero na entra na hist ria sem saber muito o que est acontecendo e cai na cilada tamb m.Ele um arrogante babaca e a hero na t mida e insegura Uma receita para o desastre view spoiler Depois do casame [...]

    10. A interesting twisted storyline Count has mistress who happens to be your only relative, your married cousin who is pissed at the count for ending the affair While away at thier godmother s for weekend the cousin decides to get revenge on the count by wrecking his business deal that he there trying to close The cousin tricks the count into one last fling sends him to the heroine s room only to caught naked in bed by everyone forcing them into a pretend engagement to save his business deal, the c [...]

    11. it got 3 stars only bcoz sara craven is a very talented author n she keeps u entertained and interested in what would be happening next unfortunately i did not care much for the story as i disliked the heroine very much she acted like a cold fish for most of the book if she was frigid

    12. This was an interesting read It started out slow and then took a completely different turn by way of a twist that I didn t really see coming I certainly didn t regret staying up to finish this one.

    13. Meh I don t get the chemistry I dislike the hero s unscrupulous bed hopping, esp with other people s wives Since I cannot respect him, it s hard for me to like this book.

    14. first time 3.5 stars for me these 2 killed me and God I thought she is having an affair with another man imagine that in hp

    15. Sara Craven used to be one of my favourite reads back in the dawn of time Then I got so sick of her sleazy, manwhore, adulterous cheating anti heroes that I gave up The most recent one I read The Santangeli Marriage started with him committing adultery after his marriage with a married woman and blaming it on the way his very youthful, inexperienced wife treated him Which she only did because she d found out what an adulterous manwhore he was That book was such a downer in so many ways.Anyway, I [...]

    16. This is funny how can you tell from one book that you love author I could tell it about Sarah Morgan and Olivia Gates and now Sara Craven This story was almost a five star The only problem was that Elle always said aloud the opposite of what she thought But if that was it the story would be much shorter Or not there at all.I hated that cousin of hers all the way trough the book What a harpy And I pitted Angelo cause he desperately tried to make it right but she was too strong and too against it [...]

    17. 3.5 I enjoyed this very much.Elena is a wallflower compare to her yr older glamorous married cousin I liked that she didn t seem bitter about this and still managed to remain loyal to this very selfish relation of hers so much so that when she and Angelo Manzini sprang the trap of uniting them in marriage and learned that her cousin orchestrated a humiliation in revenge to her former lover who ended their affair and picked her to take the fall, She still agreed to a marriage to a man she actuall [...]

    18. I almost really liked this classic HP, with overbearing hero and apparently powerless heroine however, the overbearing hero doesn t always get his way and the heroine is no dimwitted doormat What kept it from being a 4 was a couple issues First, the narrative perspective starts out split between hero and heroine, but then part way through the book abruptly changes so that it s only hers This is probably to preserve a twist esque thing that happens in the middle of the book though it was obvious [...]

    19. Just confiusing with this line story so I give 2.5 star for this novel.Menggunakan alur maju mundur membuat di beberapa bagian kehilangan kaitan ceritanya sehingga gw sempet agak bingung, even di awal2 sangat menikmati bagaimana karakter heroine nya dituangkan Gw berasumsi akan bertemu dg sosok heroine yang pendiem dan menyeh2 alias terima nasib wae kalo diinjek dan diabaikan, tapi salah besar heroine adl sosok yang tangguh walopun sikap pasrahnya dg ketidakcantikannya begitu menggema [...]

    20. While I enjoyed all of the lovely angst brought about by the unconventional marriage, the author played a nasty trick on the readers in the middle, and honestly, this one was thisclose to being a wallbanger My own sheer stubbornness was the only thing that kept me from slapping it firmly into the DNF pile with a look of disgust, and even though the ending was quite lovely, it wasn t nearly enough to make up for the middle.2.5 5 Stars, only that high because of the author s writing skills plot al [...]

    21. Overall was not a bad story, just for me alil hard to follow at times Until the end when the author must have felt that needed to be explained and it did, she dumped all this information At times I found myself having to re read pages because I felt lost.

    22. The first half is a light hearted crazy ride with a hero who cant keep his pants on, and a heroine who lands up in his bed in a curious case of mistaken bedrooms.So a fake engagement ensues to protect the girl s reputation And then a fake marriage, and finally a fake consummation.Suddenly somewhere in the middle, the tone and tenor of the story changes with brooding heroine and a mysterious OM The mood of the reader is jolted here, with this abrupt change in the narrative I always settle into a [...]

    23. I want to cry in Happiness.I love how the characters finally confessed their love to each other and despite the obstacles, and the irritating Silvia, found a way to start fresh It s sweet.

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