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The Masada Complex By Avraham Azrieli,

  • Title: The Masada Complex
  • Author: Avraham Azrieli
  • ISBN: 2940012644565
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Nook
  • Columbia, Md President Barack Obama calls America s alliance with Israel unshakeable The Masada Complex questions this assertion with a realistic political thriller taking place in Arizona, Washington and Jerusalem.The Masada Complex unveils a chilling scenario Its hero is Masada El Tal, a beautiful Israeli expatriate, currently an investigative reporter in Arizona.Columbia, Md President Barack Obama calls America s alliance with Israel unshakeable The Masada Complex questions this assertion with a realistic political thriller taking place in Arizona, Washington and Jerusalem.The Masada Complex unveils a chilling scenario Its hero is Masada El Tal, a beautiful Israeli expatriate, currently an investigative reporter in Arizona Her exposure of a bribe payment causes a disgraced U.S senator to commit suicide Angered by Israel s supposed culpability, an angry Congress moves to terminate all military aid to the Jewish state At the same time, someone repeatedly attempts to assassinate Masada, whose relentless investigation becomes a race against time, leading to a shocking discovery and a spectacular climax.
    The Masada Complex Columbia Md President Barack Obama calls America s alliance with Israel unshakeable The Masada Complex questions this assertion with a realistic political thriller taking place in Arizona Washington

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    1. Azrieli explodes onto the scene with a powerfully crafted first book that examines not only the power of the press, but also the relationship between the US and Israel, and the latter s statehood Masada El Tal, a former Israeli soldier turned journalist, has just published a scathing article that links bribes to a US Senator by the State of Israel to promote a stronger and all inclusive alliance between the two countries Outrage amongst US citizens boils over, that an outside country would medd [...]

    2. I loved reading this book This is the fifth book of his I ve read and I enjoy his writing every time This book balances educational and thriller is such an engaging way He seems to do that in all of his books keeps the reader on their toes while telling a story from history I would guess most people don t know well Great read

    3. The Masada Complex is a fast read The story is about certain main characters that even so they are being moved apart by time and circumstances that join unknowingly together again Neither one knowing about the other person s true identity Eventually culminating in a climax towards the end of the book The book gives some insight into Israeli intelligence, true or false Given that the nature of any country s intelligence apparatus is that of gathering knowledge and among other things creating intr [...]

    4. I heard good things about this author in the reviews left by my fellow GoodReaders It was the reviews that inspired me to pick up this book This is the first book that I have read of Avraham Azrieli I must admit I am confused after reading this book It propagates the idea that Palestinians are all terrorists and Israels excesses are justified due to them fighting for their promised land I disagree, the plot was good enough, but it also rode high on showing that there is nothing that Israel does [...]

    5. Fast paced, suspenseful, and entertaining, this whirlwind ride through Israeli American politics kept me up well into the night If you are looking for an entertaining suspense thriller to gloss through at the beach, this is a good choice If you are a picky or critical reader, choose something else I felt like this was an almost final draft of a manuscript Between the numerous typos and grammar glitches and the issues I comment on below, I felt sad that this book hadn t had a thorough review bef [...]

    6. The Masada Complex is a complex novel The title draws from notion that Israelis are so enad with the Masada story that they intentionally put themselves and their country at risk The Masada Complex involves a threat to U.S Israeli relations brought about by a supposed attempt by Israel to bribe a U.S Senator in order to gain a piece of favorable legislation The initial focus of the story is Masada El Tal, a beautiful Israeli who suffered the tragic loss of her brother in an incident at Masada ca [...]

    7. OMG Masada was a soldier who fought for the Israeli Govt until the death of her brother 20 yeas later, she moved to the US to become one of the most prolific journalist in the country She is awesome, stubborn, na ve, vengeful and bent on uncovering what she thought was a sham by the Israeli Govt People she trusted like Professor Levy Silver, his deceit, his bent aspiration to recover the tape that Masada revealed to Senator Mahoney that she had of him She was a well renowned journalist who only [...]

    8. Azrieli has outdone himself with The Masada Complex If you enjoyed The Jerusalem Inception and or The Jerusalem Assassin, you ll absolutely love The Masada Complex Azrieli is the master of twists and turns, and this installment is far from an exception Even when you know something the characters don t, you ll be on the edge of your seat as they begin to learn the dark secrets of those they think they know best I recommend you don t start reading The Masada Complex until you have a couple of days [...]

    9. Another excellent read In The Masada Complex , Avraham Azrieli establishes himself as a master of fast paced, international intrigue Masada El Tal, the main character, is a gorgeous, but, vengeful member of the IDF elite unit and an award winning investigative reporter, currently working in Arizona Her character richly personifies the Masada Complex ideal of one being willing to give up anything, even life, for what they believe in At a high cost of personal danger from known and unknown enemies [...]

    10. I am a picky reader I am a very picky reader because I am a writer Not only am I a writer, but I am also a professional editor and a bit of a grammar junky so I tend to be over critical when I am reading other people s writing I decided to download this book after the recommendation of a friend of mine who I consider to be highly well read and whose recommendations I take very seriously Although this wasn t the best book I have ever read, it certainly impressed me I was a bit unsure from the get [...]

    11. The Masada s Complex What A Ride This book is AWESOME I thoroughly enjoyed every word It held me on the edge of my seat The I read, the I wanted to Things are never black and white The bad guy or guys are never who you think they are Questions constantly filled my mind What is the Masada Complex Who was behind it all What was their motivation The answers are revealed as we follow Masada, Levy Silver, Al, Rabbi Joshua Frank and Elizabeth as they all seek to solidify their own realities Avraham [...]

    12. The Masada Complex by Avraham Azrieli is an exciting thriller that contains politics, religion and scandals on a worldwide scale If the United States decided to terminate support for Israel, what would the world look like The book follows Masada El Tal, an expatriate of Israel who works as a reporter in Arizona She is determined to let the truth be known about Israel, good or bad Her story, however, is a lead cause of a U.S senator s suicide Now Masada must save herself from a series of assassin [...]

    13. Author Avraham Azrieli has carved himself a nice place within the thriller spy genre A number of his books deal with issues of international intrigue and journalistic action, characteristics that continue in his fantastic book The Masada Complex.The titular character in question is Masada El Tal, an award winning investigative reporter who stumbles upon a story so personally and professionally rewarding that it would be unreasonable not to pursue Unearthing a scandal rife with bribery, political [...]

    14. Azrieli presents the reading world with yet another thrilling page turning spycapade steeped in his customary ambivalence regarding the state of the Jewish people The story of Masada El Tal opens with an explosion of action, setting the stage for the subsequent unfolding tale of devious machinations, dangerous political posturing surrounding US Israeli relations and a tightly woven web of inextricably sticky lies and vicious intrigues I did find myself getting really frustrated at the almost stu [...]

    15. The Masada Complex by Avraham Azrieli goes right along with the theme that all of his books seem to fall into It s a thriller with a mix of politics, intrigue, knowledge and easy to follow plots This is the second of his books that I have read, the first was The Jerusalem Inception and this one was just as good as the first that I read.I love following the thrilling and captivating adventures of his books and learning about politics in other countries as I go along The stories are so easy to rea [...]

    16. The Masada Complex novel was just that, complex It is defined in the novel as the conviction that it s preferable to fight to the end than to surrender and acquiesce to the loss of independent statehood pg 165 Another excellent political thriller by Azrieli I am still amazed by the plot All the twists and turns of the ones responsible for orchestrating the events are surprising After the senator commits suicide, the senator and chair of Foreign Relations Committee, proposes The Fair Aid Act that [...]

    17. Sometimes thrillers can be a bit to much for me, but The Masada Complex was great All the unexpected twists and turns are so riveting Masada is a beautiful, intriguing, well developed character I loved the visuals created so you feel like you are part of it The paint container landed on his head with the sickening sound of a cracked egg His gun holding hand jerked up, and a shot pounded her ears like a hammer The bullet hit the pillow by her head, sending up a flurry of feathers Even though Masa [...]

    18. I went into this book expecting suspense secret double agents or hidden loyalties revealed late in the story That is not what you get with this book, however I actually really enjoyed the quick pace and the ability to understand what was actually going on in the head of each character as the story developed It brought an interesting prospective to know about the reality of the characters situation than they did The story jumps from character to character very quickly but is easy to follow The [...]

    19. I was initially skeptical about this book because it s not the type of story I usually read However, I was intrigued by the synopsis, so I decided to give it a shot I m so glad that I did While I was initially a bit confused you really have to pay attention to the plot or you could get thrown off , I was quickly swept up in the story The main character, Masada, is a refreshingly smart woman there are way too many books with dumb heroines in them and incredibly likable As other reviewers have men [...]

    20. A fascinating read that moves quickly I found that while I was reading this book I was curious to learn about Jewish and Arab history I think it touched accurately on some strained relationships that exist in our world today I found myself stopping and questioning some of the stereotypes and emotions I felt while reading the novel It was enlightening and I definitely recommend reading it as a way to open your mind up to Jewish struggles that are still alive in this decade It made me stop and th [...]

    21. I just finished The Masada Complex and enjoyed this take on modern Israeli politics Masada El Tal s life path is changed forever, when during the riveting opening scene, the last of her family is taken from her by a Palestinian terrorist We next see her 20 years in the future, having emigrated to the U.S She s become a journalist focused on U.S Israeli politics and on the idea that Jews would be safer and advanced without the need to defend an often hazardous homeland.As in other of Mr Azraeli [...]

    22. Having previously read The Jerusalem Inception, I had high expectations for Avraham Azrieli s The Masada Complex Thankfully, the novel did not disappoint This work of historical fiction explores Israeli American relations, incorporating historical events as well as recent US political events into its plot twists and turns As a native of Arizona, I was intrigued to discover that much of the action takes place in the Phoenix metropolitan area and was pleased to find that Azrieli s descriptions of [...]

    23. The Masada Complex is another great political thriller by Azrieli It sets up the characters against the background of US Israel relationship Masada El Tal thinks she has the story of a lifetime including bribes, a US Senator, and a terrorist group set to destroy US support of Israel But it is not what it appears and after one dead senator and multiple attempts on her own life, Masada finds herself kicked out of the US and being repatriated to a homeland and life that she had left behind forever [...]

    24. The Masada Complex completely won me over with the intricate details and weaving story lines As I have already read the Jerusalem series I was intrigued to read a different fiction work by the author I thoroughly enjoyed the Masada Complex You really feel for Masada El Tal and wonder why nothing can go right for her and you can see through her eyes how she could have been so mislead An unlikely political scandal but not so far fetched that there might be something that could eventually turn the [...]

    25. Azrieli weaves together Israeli politics history with a plot full of twists and turns that left me on the edge of my seat His character development is excellent and in no time at all you find yourself thrown into the action packed adventures of Masada s story Every time the reader begins to sense a lull in the action Azrieli twists the plot yet again His action packed writing is unique in that, unlike many other thriller writers, he artfully crafts the plot to make it believable Not usually a fa [...]

    26. The Masada Complex is an absolutely thrilling narrative Masada El Tal is an Israeli expatriate journalist living in the southwest United States In the midst of a scandal involving a corrupt politician and her former homeland, Masada is relentless in her pursuit of exposing the truth However, events begin to unfold that not only put her in great danger but also unearth many buried secrets of her past that will now have future implications One is not sure who to trust in this milieu of deceit and [...]

    27. The Masada Complex is a political thriller taking place in modern times Azrieli expertly weaves together a fictional, yet plausible plot about America s relationship with Israel Each character possesses unique motivations behind their actions, and each page reveals of their background and relationships with each other Full of twists, betrayals and scandals, the book reads quickly as you will want to keep turning the page to find out what happens next No character can be trusted, and the ending [...]

    28. Another wonderful book by Avraham Azrieli Set in Arizona and Israel, descriptions of landmarks, streets etc make this believable I drove the streets of Scottsdale on google maps along with the characters The Masada Complex presents a web of intrigue woven by a character bent on revenge and destruction with an interesting twist at the end revealing that the main character is part of another larger web woven years earlier Bewareedators can also be prey If the emotions portrayed by these characters [...]

    29. As with all of the books I ve read by Azrieli I was very impressed with level of details he wove into this thriller It is a well thought out and researched novel centering on U.S Israeli relations, that clips along at a very brisk pace, and manages to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as informing you about the real life political tensions that have been growing as of late The main character is flawed, and because of that relatable and lovable, and she definitely gives you someone to ro [...]

    30. I ve read three of his other novels, and I ve been impressed with them all Nonetheless this is the best book I ve read so far, and the one that hit the closest to home Masada is an Israeli expatriate working as a reporter in Arizona who accidentally stumbles into a plot much, much larger than herself Azrieli is skilled at writing flawed, but adept, characters and he definitely succeeds here I lost sleep over this book because I just could not put it down, and the ending was MORE than worth it In [...]

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