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Tell Me You Want Me By Amelia James,

  • Title: Tell Me You Want Me
  • Author: Amelia James
  • ISBN: 9781622538119
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • I can give you exactly what you re asking for, Janie, and I can give it to you all night long Their first kiss is impulsive, fun, a little wicked everything Jane Elliot isn t looking for in a man but desperately needs Their second kiss is slow, deliberate, an instant connection everything Austin Sinclair never had with a woman and doesn t want.Jane isn t the easy c I can give you exactly what you re asking for, Janie, and I can give it to you all night long Their first kiss is impulsive, fun, a little wicked everything Jane Elliot isn t looking for in a man but desperately needs Their second kiss is slow, deliberate, an instant connection everything Austin Sinclair never had with a woman and doesn t want.Jane isn t the easy conquest Austin s used to She s a stubborn as hell bookworm who s interested in studying than dating She needs a little no a lot of fun in her life, and Austin s just the guy who can give it to her Too bad she thinks love should be easy Too bad Austin knows it isn t Everybody told her to stay away from the heartbreaker, but Jane knows there s to Austin than full body contact kisses and bad boy charm All he ever promised her was a good time and wow, does he ever deliver.A steamy romance sure to get your juices flowing FOR ADULTS ONLY.
    Tell Me You Want Me I can give you exactly what you re asking for Janie and I can give it to you all night long Their first kiss is impulsive fun a little wicked everything Jane Elliot isn t looking for in a man but

    One thought on “Tell Me You Want Me”

    1. This story is a very cute fast read It s pretty good if you re looking for a light read You won t get too emotionally attached to it Both the main characters, Austin and Jane, are very likable I had to phrase that Austin and Jane instead of Jane and Austin or it would remind me of pride and prejudice haha There were times where I got kind of bored and wanted to stop reading I didn t though because I was still curious on how the relationships would end and how the problems would work out I admit [...]

    2. This is SO GOOD Why did it have to end I loved this book At first I was like Oh, great.Another man whore to make me and the main famale character suffer all through the book.But you know what I was kind of wrong Austin DID make me and the MFC cry and scream,but he also made us love him A lot I loved how their relationship developed all through the book And the epilogue was justSO PERFECT I m gonna cry.Again.Gosh.The characters and the plot were so well written And the sex scenes were very good.I [...]

    3. This is going to have to go on my everyone liked it but me shelf I could not stand Austin or Jane For me, they were both very one demential characters I was totally skeeved out by the fact the Jane was actually hot for Austin five minutes after seeing him with his dick in some other chick,who he blew off Austin had the emotional maturity of a five year old He somehow convinced himself he wasn t hurting all these girls he was using because he didn t make promises He was supposed to be pre med, bu [...]

    4. Ah ha ha This book was almost laughable Not even sure why when the dialogue put me on edge I m going to have to quote something this time You did it, Janie You changed my mind You healed my heart He pulled her close You were right All in the span of two weeks And yes, I m literally giggling because it s just so awful But wow Incredible Jane deserves a medal she achieved the impossible and changed bad boy Austin from whore to nice boy Yay But seriously, Austin wasn t a bad boy, he was just a tool [...]

    5. First off, I added this to my YA shelf but just to clarify, I felt like it was of a super spicy ya book rather than an erotic adult book Maybe because the characters are in their very early twenties and still in college, but it just had of a ya feel to it That being said, it was a really good book Austin was such a good bad boy and Jane was such a bad good girl They were the perfect pair to compliment each other The story was great and I really liked this author s style Even though the length [...]

    6. Tell Me You Want Me proved to be a wonderful escape It actually reminded me that reading is for pleasure Honestly, what girl doesn t want to reel in the bad boy And, okay, the fact that Austin hums when he s happy and doesn t even realize it adorable This is a book you could easily read than once The characters are well developed the romance is sweet yet realistic, the sex is sexy Read it for yourself, you ll see And save a spot for me in the cold shower you ll need when you reach the 50% mark

    7. Four StarsVery cute, highly predictable fast read Nothing wrong with that I m a sucker for stories involving big time man whores finding the one woman who can tame him Just love these types of stories

    8. I really liked this book In the grand tradition of college romances, Jane is a bookish good girl, who finds herself the focus of attention of campus bad boy and manwhore, Austin Their meeting is unconventional ahem view spoiler she walks in on him shagging a cheerleader in the locker room, who abruptly leaves, and then he proceeds to chat Jane up Talk about your fast movers hide spoiler , but the attraction is strong for both of them, with Austin strangely attracted to the girl who is not his us [...]

    9. This book was Awesome.I didn t know what to expect when I bought it I found this book by accident, but I am so glad I took a chance on this book I was great from beginning to end, I couldn t put it down Austin and Jane are great together I thought it was wonderful that even though Austin has his issues Jane took the chance on him Their banter back and for was funny and their intimate time was steamy I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, this will be going on my favs shelf.

    10. I read The Perfect Game a few days ago and this was basically cut from the same template I find that college romances follow a standard fare Male commitment phobe jock check Sassy girl who rebuffs male MC at first check I don t mind the rehash but I just wished the playing hard to get part does not last for a mere 5 minutes A few pages in, most of these books have the girl MC giving in There begs the question what exactly makes them different from the rest to warrant the description game changer [...]

    11. Tell Me You Want Me is a cute coming of age novel that is perfect for New Adults or high schoolers who are preparing to head off to college The novel explores issues regarding college life, accountability, sexual awakening, and the struggles for both acceptance independence Tell Me You Want Me features a great heroine a damaged but lovable hero The main characters learn healthy ways of exorcising their childhood demons effective ways of defending their career relationship choices to their overbe [...]

    12. I can give you exactly what you re asking for, Janie, and I can give it to you all night long Oh Austin happy sigh A fun, flirty, sizzly sexy read Which is all you need sometimes And I my friends really needed a fresh breath of steamy college sex Yum It actually reminded me that reading is for pleasure Without all the over the top problems that follow a complete opposite coupleWhich usually has me going She Hulk on my poor laptop The Many Cute Tweeks of Austin SinClair Austin hums when he s happ [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this one I didn t know much about it but grabbed it on sale The storyline was very similar to The Perfect Game which I also read but I actually liked this one better It was a sweet, light love story with not a lot of angst but some definite steam I liked both Jane and Austin as well as secondary characters Sara and Jack who also have their own book I ll be checking out other books by this author Definitely recommend.

    14. I disliked this book Just because a hero is labeled a manwhore does not make him sexy He has to have some redeeming qualities and this book s hero did not.

    15. Gah I love fun, rompy romance readBUT I hate that word basically negates whatever came before it Was this a fun read Yeaaahhhhhhh this is my best I guess so and a quick read at that, with less than 200 pgs It did have a steamy scene or two now your talkin some fun drama, and gave me a nice little HEA in the epilogue.Now Here s a run down for you SPOILERS Spoilers, SPOILERS Cast of Characters Austin Male lead, College star quarterback, man whore extraordinaire Jane female lead, bookworm, determin [...]

    16. Yeah i finished, and remember similar story The Perfect Game and Beautiful Disaster.Bad boys with many problem especially commitment phobia Whoreman meet goodgirl.Yeah Jane is good perfect girl in the world, maybe hahahaAustin, i don t know how to descrip his character, he s playboy of course but something trouble with him because his dad an playboy too So he thought that his life will similar like his father Come to Jane who want to be the angel for Austin and this is it start their love life B [...]

    17. This was a really cute HEA story When I finished reading this book, I had a conversation with Damaris about it I briefed her in on what the book was about and basically asked her opinion And basically our opinions are the same I tend to get a little skeptic with Happily Ever After stories But like Damaris stated to me, it ll be nice to believe in it If only everyone can have a Happily Ever After ending Right In Tell me you want me , you have your plain Jane and your star quarterback Jane knew wh [...]

    18. 4.5 stars Tell me you want me How could those simple words make me all giddy, seriously, every time I felt like a lil school girl.When I first started to read the book, I kinda had in mind Beautiful Disaster, but it turned out to be completely different To sum it, it s about Austin, the campus man whore who falls for Janie, the sexy librarian soccer babe who needs to lets loose and have fun I loved Janie she accepted him, flaws and all, never judging him and was strong enough for the both of the [...]

    19. I read a review once that questioned what it was that makes the perfect romance novel I think it s different for each reader I think those who enjoy the writing style of the book that will not be named will love this one This book has the Hero with a tortured past explained in the prologue, for those who just graduated from pictures books And the sticky sweet bookish heroine, with the constant subconscious in italics that makes me want to throw my e reader across the room I really don t get this [...]

    20. Whats not to like about a quick, steamy read about a bad boy with commitment issues who meets a good girl who tames his wild ways Jane is Austin s perfect match

    21. You can find this review and at Forever Book Lover.I was asked by the author for a review of Tell Me You Want Me , right from page one I knew this was going to be a great HEA.I read this book within a few hours, yes honestly, I just couldn t put it down After reading it, my first thought was that I was wishing my college days were this much fun In the first part of the book, we get a glimpse of what kind of family life that Austin was raised in His parents had divorced due to his father s phila [...]

    22. I like the characters and think they have chemistry but I don t like how the story develops.First of all Austin is a womanizer and has family and commitment issues and I m not convinced by how he gets over them.Jane is too understanding of Austin s temptations I wanted to scream How could you think with the mind and not with heart You wanna win the boy s heart but in the beginning I d have been too hurt to think clearly listening to Austin tell her he got tempetd.And Austin himself one moment he [...]

    23. I was finally able to finish this book last night It seems like everytime I started to read it someone felt the need to interrupt me and it was frustrating I loved Austin the first time I read the story I couldn t help love him a second time around I read Tell Me What You Want when it first came out and loved it I bought it on my kindle It was the first erotica I bought I got this copy from the author for an honest review There are a few changes in this one Austin Sinclair is a bad boy He s so b [...]

    24. I m so glad for the recommend on this book It starts out hot with the MC walking in on her soon to be supporting love interest in a compromising position The chemistry is great and the s e x scenes are awesome Kinda of a bad boy gone good and all in a good way Jane challenges herself, is she ready for fun Can she handle that kind of fun And, how long will it last before she is left behind for another conquest.This has been an I don t wanna put it down read When I woke in the middle of the night, [...]

    25. I loved this story I was hooked the minute Janie said No LOL I loved that she didn t put up with Austin s BS even though she was attracted to him I loved that she made him work for her and that she challenged him at every turn instead of pretending to be something she wasn t, just to keep him The chemistry between them was sizzling and their inner dialogues were perfect, especially Austin s I felt that his thoughts really gave the story added depth You rarely get such a clear glimpse into the ma [...]

    26. This is the best kind of romance erotica It offers readers all of the hot and steamy sex in the context of an emotionally satisfying romance, and is written with beautiful prose that kept me glued to the pages I couldn t put it down After years of being the good girl and focusing on her studies, she s ready to be a little bad, and Austin Sinclair is just the guy to give her as much bad as she can handle all night long.What starts as a fun fling turns into something but commitment isn t somethin [...]

    27. My friend asked me if I read this book I told her I didn t think so and then I looked at my account to check This book was so bad that I don t even remember reading it and I just finished it 3 weeks ago A lot of people said this book was a great escape for them I am all for a book that is steamy and makes you escape into someone s else s life However, this book was awful The only thing I did love about this book was the cover False advertising

    28. Lecture sympa mais pas exceptionnelle Je ne sais pas si c est l criture, la mise en page ou la traduction qui m ont g n e On passe du narrateur omniscient aux pens es des personnages en un tour de main, ce qui d stabilise L pilogue est cool puisqu on voit ce qui arrive aux personnages quelques ann es plus tard.

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