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Ordinary Girl in a Tiara By Jessica Hart,

  • Title: Ordinary Girl in a Tiara
  • Author: Jessica Hart
  • ISBN: 9780373177356
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Newly single Caro Cartwright has decided that when it comes to life and men , ordinary is good Until her best friend, Princess Lotty, begs her to stage a diversion by masquerading as Prince Philippe of Montluce s latest squeeze.Playboy Philippe thinks their attempt is doomed How can he pretend to be in love with someone like Caro, who s sounglamorous Then Caro starts wNewly single Caro Cartwright has decided that when it comes to life and men , ordinary is good Until her best friend, Princess Lotty, begs her to stage a diversion by masquerading as Prince Philippe of Montluce s latest squeeze.Playboy Philippe thinks their attempt is doomed How can he pretend to be in love with someone like Caro, who s so unglamorous Then Caro starts winning hearts left, right and center including his Can Philippe convince Caro not to settle for normal but for an extraordinary life as princess of Montluce
    Ordinary Girl in a Tiara Newly single Caro Cartwright has decided that when it comes to life and men ordinary is good Until her best friend Princess Lotty begs her to stage a diversion by masquerading as Prince Philippe o

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    1. 4.5 starsA fun and delightful read with a delightful heroine who takes prince Philippe and his small country Montluce by storm Caro is an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams, who loves food and ridiculous vintage clothes She is doing her best friend princess Charlotte h in The Secret Princess a favor by pretending to be prince Philippe s girlfriend Philippe s first impression of this plum quirky girl is not favorable But soon enough, she gets under his skin and into his heart She makes him laugh [...]

    2. Loved this book It made me laugh, cry and sigh Read it in less than a day and kept meaning to put it down, but I was so caught up in the story that I kept missing the chapter headings and so kept reading

    3. Yes, I m one of those girls who reads chiclit as their guilty pleasure Got problem with that PI always read one every now and then, especially when I was in reading slump.This book is really cute, full blown romance in romance novels, just what I expected.But I definitely think that the synopsis didn t give it a fair definition This is one of the best book for the development of the characters for a trashy novel The synopsis just made me want to say nah, thank you.

    4. Sweet The ending was sweet but it was hard work reading the story to get there The first half of the book was especially hard to get through The only reason I kept reading was that I had bought this book based on reviews, so I figured it must get better It did A bit.

    5. It was okay it guess It was super short, and I m not usually one to judge the writing style itself, but I could I written a story better than this The vocabulary and phrasing of the words was just kind of off for me The plot was okay even though it s like reading a hallmark movie.

    6. Its been a while since I picked up a harlequin romance title by an author I wasn t previously exposed to However I m kind of a sucker for ordinary girls who swap with their royal friends or royal look a likes or twins swapping lives or anything in that brand of romance actually and Borders had both books in the duology for 50% so I was pleasantly surprised While I still kind of grew exasperated by the sheer amount of miscommunication that occurred between the leads, I enjoyed watching as Caro go [...]

    7. Bueno, a mi me gustan leer algunos libros de Harlequin Esos libros romanticos peque os que venden en las revisterias y que seguramente nuestras mam s leen pero es que, despu s de terminar una aventura en libros fant sticos o sagas adictivas, me gusta leer un libro entretenido sin muchas p ginas, ideales para leer mientras estas en bus camino a la escuela Adem s de que son baratisimos Sin embargo, este libro, s que me gusto un mont n, ya me he le do varios de esta autora Ademas pens que a este es [...]

    8. ORDINARY GIRL IN A TIARA from author Jessica Hart is from the new Harlequin MB line, RIVA Caroline Cartwright, hurt by her fianc leaving her for someone sexy and fun, felt herself to be too ordinary for the likes of an European prince Prince Philippe, dashing, jet setting playboy is used to sophisticated and pampered princesses When he hatches a plan with Caro s friend Princess Charlotte, for Caro to masquerade as his girlfriend in order to thwart Lottie s Grandma s matchmaking, he knows Caro wo [...]

    9. Coras Leben ver ndert sich als Sie f r ihre Freundin Prinzessin Lotty, die Freundin des Prinzen Philippe von Montvivennes spielen soll Da sie immer noch unter der Trennung ihres Ex Freundes leidet, spielt sie mit Es wird ihr gr tes Abenteuer und auch sehr romantisch Wer will nicht einmal Prinzessin sein, oder ihren Prinzen treffen In der Geschichte hat man schnell das Gef hl in einem M rchen f r Erwachsene zu sein Man hat auch die b se K nigin dabei, teilweise wird es sehr romantisch und gef hlv [...]

    10. I loved Caro and Phillipe s story Caro is trying to help out her friend Lotty by pretending to be Phillipe s girlfriend so she could escape Caro has never felt like she belonged and she does not feel it will change when she goes to Montluce Phillipe and Caro pretend to be in love but it s just a show or is it Caro encourages Phillipe to ask for responsibility in running the country and she is just herself and the people if Montluce fall in love with her I love the ending and how it leads to Lot [...]

    11. I have been buying quite a few Jessica Harts, after reading and loving Juggling Briefcase Baby This one unfortunately didn t quite live up to my expectations too much head hopping pet peeve of mine and also umm less realistic than previous Harts I know, I know it IS an MB, but I think I prefer something rooted in reality.Oh well I did think the release was spot on timing wise, what with Wills Kate s wedding at the same time.

    12. A lovely and sweet satisfying read and hit all the right spots It was basically a modern version of Cinderella where our heroine met a real life Prince I won t give further details so you really have to read it yourself All I can say that this was such a wonderful book I loved everything about it.I loved Caro and Phillippe They were perfect for each other I was so caught up in their story that I couldn t wait to find out the ending Loved the book from the beginning.

    13. This was such a lovely story I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this book Just another sweet and fluffy love story about an ordinary girl, who happens to be best friends with a princess, and how she falls in love with her best friend s cousin, the Crown Prince A lovely story about how, underneath the titles and glitz and glamour, a Crown Prince is just a regular guy.Very cute story I d definitely recommend it.

    14. Awesome, delicious read Each word held me spellboundI fell in love with the quirky Caro and princely yet vulnerable Philippe It was one of those books you couldn t wait to find out the ending but never wanted to end Jessica Hart is one of my all time favorite authors I will be reading this again soon.

    15. Princess swap serieswowme itself shows promising I love fairy talesd this series is just a fairy tale romance A sweet romance, with a predictable story but entertaining read.with an uncomplicated, simple book I loved caro and Philippe.enjoyed reading how they fall in love despite their entirely different characters A time passing read for a lazy afternoon

    16. This is a book.For a full review, please go to mlleelizabethoklikes GoodReads s policies no longer comply with my review policy Therefore my reviews will be posted at BookLikes going forward Thank you for following my reviews here I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes.

    17. I loved this book I d been put off getting it for a while by the hideous UK cover but as I own almost all Jessica s books I knew I d end up giving in A lovely sweet satisfying read I could have done without the brief epilogue and had time at the ending bit but the dialogue was so lovely and the hero and heroine so good It s another 5 star read.

    18. im giving it 3.25 stars it was a really sweet read hit the right notes, emotions and pulled the right set of heartstrings i thought it d make me feel gooey inside and too good to be true but the characters were very ordinary and i could relate to them, royalty or not, we re all still human great read

    19. I haven t read a Jessica Hart title in a long time, and I m sorry now that I haven t This is a poignant, funny, and romantic tale that, unbelievably because I don t typically do this over Harlequins unless it s written by Betty neels made me cry I can t wait for Lotty s tale.

    20. Oh my This book is so awesome An ordinary girl who got to live with a prince I think even Cinderella will envy Caro if she can have the chance reading this book

    21. I really liked it I ve read many stories with the same formula, and I m not going to say that it offers something new, because it kinda doesn t, but I still like it.I really like it.

    22. One of my favourites by Jessica Hart Loved the whole story from beginning to the end.Highly recommended for people who love royal romances.

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