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Toward the Gleam By T.M. Doran,

  • Title: Toward the Gleam
  • Author: T.M. Doran
  • ISBN: 9781586176334
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Between the two world wars, on a hike in the English countryside, Professor John Hill takes refuge from a violent storm in a cave There he nearly loses his life, but he also makes an astonishing discoveryan ancient manuscript housed in a cunningly crafted metal box Though a philologist by profession, Hill cannot identify the language used in the manuscript and the timeBetween the two world wars, on a hike in the English countryside, Professor John Hill takes refuge from a violent storm in a cave There he nearly loses his life, but he also makes an astonishing discovery an ancient manuscript housed in a cunningly crafted metal box Though a philologist by profession, Hill cannot identify the language used in the manuscript and the time period in which it is was made, but he knows enough to make an educated guess that the book and its case are the fruits of a long lost, but advanced civilization.The translation of the manuscript and the search for its origins become a life long quest for Hill As he uncovers an epic that both enchants and inspires him, he tracks down scholars from Oxford to Paris who can give him clues Along the way, he meets several intriguing characters, including a man keenly interested in obtaining artifacts from a long lost civilization that he believes was the creation of a superior race, and will help him fulfill his ambition to rule other men Concluding that Hill must have found something that may help him in this quest, but knowing not what it is and where it is hidden, he has Hill, his friends at Oxford, and his family shadowed and threatened until finally he and Hill face off in a final, climactic confrontation.A story that features a giant pirate and slaver, a human chameleon on a perilous metaphysical journey, a mysterious hermit, and creatures both deadly and beautiful, this is a novel that explores the consequences of the predominant ideas of the 20th Century.
    Toward the Gleam Between the two world wars on a hike in the English countryside Professor John Hill takes refuge from a violent storm in a cave There he nearly loses his life but he also makes an astonishing disco

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    1. I received this book for free through a First Reads giveaway I was out at Boy Scout Camp for two days with 17 little 11 Year old Scouts when it showed up in my mailbox My husband called me to tell me the good news He knows what is important I was excited it had arrived in less than two weeks from the day I received the notification But I put it out of my mind so that I could continue to sweat effectively in the Florida heat and keep my little charges hydrated and moving along through their progr [...]

    2. Earlier this year I reviewed Looking for the King and a new novel also from Ignatius Press Toward the Gleam A Novel has similar elements They both involve a similar historical time period with some of the same historical characters They both involve some time of artifact that involves the main characters into an unfolding drama with increasing danger and they both have solid spiritual and philosophical underpinnings Where they depart is that while I enjoyed Looking for the King as a good and ent [...]

    3. I m not one for the mystery genre but when I discovered that this title s main character is based on Tolkien I had to read it Based on the premise that the protagonist Tolkien discovers an ancient manuscript The Red Book of Westmarch for the initiated which details an ancient civilization Middle Earth it becomes a Davinci Code like search for clues for evidence Most of the evidence involves discussions with academics and little physical evidence or location searching like Davinci Code Every cha [...]

    4. Won this in a giveaway and I am so glad I did The publisher and a few other reviewers have summarized the story very well so let me give my impressions.After I read the first chapter I had this urge to get a cup of tea and curl up in my favorite chair to immerse myself in the story I was hooked The story was well paced and the characters clearly drawn The suspense gradually built to the hoped for ending without being over the top Another reviewer compared it to a DaVinci Code like story I would [...]

    5. I loved this wonderful book and so did my dad Warning spoilers ahead Knowing ahead of time what this book is about helped my enjoyment of it tremendously, and is the reason I was so looking forward to reading it But if you don t want to know, don t keep reading Lovers of The Lord of the Rings, of which the author is definitely one, will enjoy this tale the most The main character is Tolkien himself, under the alias of John Hill which he took from the alias used by Frodo It concerns primarily his [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed the reimagining of Tolkien s creative process, and positing a coexistence of imagined and modern history is deliciously appealing Full marks for imagination, and well worth a read for fans of the Inkling school of thought The storytelling itself is not nearly at Tolkien s level, however Foreshadowing is written at surface level and not merely suggestive The cast of supporting characters is quite large, involving historical personages as well as imagined ones, but they re all [...]

    7. COVER ART B I liked the Tolkien look ORIGINALITY A EXCITEMENT C WRITING DELIVERY AOVERALL SCORE B RECOMMEND Anyone who enjoys a sophisticated mystery read This is a book for adults, meaning someone who only reads the young adult or teen drama genres that are so popular these days will be bored out of their minds.I thought the story was very well thought out and very well written It must have taken the author years of research to get his facts straight.I must admit I had a hard time getting into [...]

    8. I received this through Giveaways program Thank you very much to all involved with that This was an interesting mystery read for me, especially the second half of the book I liked the approach the author used of focusing on an individual day occasionally two in each chapter, jumping ahead days, months, or years in between the portrayed events.The writing was solid mixing the mystery with philosophical discussions, yet keeping them at a level the casual reader i.e me can understand without having [...]

    9. An interesting thought provoking novel that puts a possible new spin on the life of J.R.R Tolkien and his works All that I knew going in to this was that this was a special book and that a Tolkien fan should enjoy it I didn t realize that the book itself was, in a way, about the man himself A fun fictional piece that follows John through his life guided by an amazing discovery There s action, espionage, and mystery aplenty in this novel and I ll leave it at that as I don t want to spoil it to mu [...]

    10. Set in England during the inter war years, this book purports to tell the story of how J.R.R Tolkien came to write The Lord of the Rings It is a fantasy adventure story, in which he triumphs over deadly foes, with the help of his trusty friends.I ve read a number of other books that take classic literary works as their starting point, and while they have merits, they normally rely too much on the original story, and don t provide much of their own This book has some of that problem, but overall, [...]

    11. Though I haven t finished, I can only say it s giving me the deep pull, and restless satisfaction of the best of stories, wound round the peculiar undertones of Chesterton, Tolkien, Hopkins yet in its own breath There are points at which its construction and prose feel too inclined to tell Yet the directness also leaves room to listen, and imagine I found it both frustrating and apt Frustrating, because at times these characters whose voices I know so well from their writing and stories seemed b [...]

    12. It seems strange, now that I ve finished this book, that it took me almost half of the entire book to realize who John Hill the protagonist was a roman a clef for It would totally ruin it if I mentioned it, so I won t But this is one of those incredibly clever books that come out of nowhere and makes one wonder where has this book been, and why have I not heard of it Now, I must admit that the author, T.M Doran, is a bit wordy, and he does get very caught up in sub plots that invariably lead to [...]

    13. This is book is so good because it feels so old All the quotations fall just so, and there are very few false notes to be detected That s important because the book is set amongst some of the British literary luminaries of the early 20th century Lewis, Tolkien, Williams, Christied they all play a fairly integral part in the plot It s like, what if you put National Treasure , CS Lewis, Michael Card, and PD James in a blender Think Da Vinci Code excitement, without the slovenly intellectual drivel [...]

    14. Reading this book, I was waiting for some big wow stuff to happen That is what the hype seemed to promise, as well as reviews I had read But if there isn t a huge apocalyptic event, there is a constant building of drama that sucks you into the urgency of the events Thinking about it days later still, and in retrospect it grows on me even .

    15. Very sweet read so far Roughly 100 pages in.2 days laterNow finished It is well worth while,with mysteries, riddles, allusions and direct connections to literary figures It is a lot of fun and at times invokes life at its richest.

    16. A fairly enjoyable read Although this is not a fantasy novel, it will probably appeal to Tolkein fans The writing style and philosophies in the book remind of Michael O Brien s works.

    17. If you re a fan of J R R Tolkien s work, as I am, this book s premise is incredibly cool If you re not a fan, I m not sure you would even get it When I did get what was happening I won t reveal it here , I found the idea really exciting, almost electrifying Doran really hit on a brilliant plot idea Unfortunately, one brilliant idea can t necessarily carry a whole novel, and in this case it really didn t Don t get me wrong, I read with interest to the end, and I enjoyed it If I m disappointed tha [...]

    18. An interesting storyIt s hard to say much else without spoiling it don t read the other reviews on if you d like to avoid spoilers The conceit of the story held my interest and the plot was decently intense at times There was a lot of time spent discussing philosophy, though At times it felt like an imitation of Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy with characters sitting sitting around arguing philosophy and religion That got a little old, but didn t ruin it for me.The audio book was really disappointing I w [...]

    19. Certainly a creative idea But it was kind of weird Beyond the far fetched premise, I never resonated with his portrayal of Tolkien as a character One of those books where you think it was OK is a solid GoodReads rating option.

    20. This is one of the best books I ve read in a long time Set in the years after World War I, up to about 1932, Toward the Gleam follows John Hill, a war veteran and language professor, as he tries to find the truth about a beautiful red book he has found hidden in the Northwest of England, which he believes to be a relic of a lost, ancient civilization, possibly of Atlantis As he tries to research the history of the artifact, and whether it s possible such a civilization may have even existed, Hil [...]

    21. I should start out by saying that I very much enjoyed this novel and devoured its 467 pages in two days, giving up some sleep to finish it But then, I am really the bullseye of the book s target audience people for whom the following list of what ifs is an irresistable invitation to reflection What if the Lord of the Rings had a verifiably historical basis because a young professor Tolkien had accidentally discovered and laboriously translated large parts of The Red Book of Westmarch or rather t [...]

    22. I enjoyed reading Toward The Gleam by T.M Doran It is a very clever, clearly written book I feel very grateful to Anne Marie, one of the moderators of the J.R.R Tolkien group here on for choosing Toward the Gleam as a Group Read from October to the end of December this year of 2013 I never would have known that the book existed if it were not for her I will never know what it would be like to read this book if I had not read The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings and other works by J.R.R Tolkie [...]

    23. A man finds a mysterious box and inside the box is a book The man is a professor of languages and he spends years trying to decipher the strange language of the book The book and the box are so unusual that he realizes he needs to keep them secret and protected from some people who may use the knowledge contained in these items for evil purposes That s the short version of T M Doran s book Toward the Gleam, it seems like a simple concept, but there is nothing simple about this story I d compare [...]

    24. Spoilers aheadWhat a completely absurd book, in which a scholar finds an ancient book, a history of Atlantis, which is the basis for The Lord of the Rings Now, it is possible that the scholar is some other pipe smoking, Oxford philologist but, given that his children bear the names of Tolkien s children, we are obviously meant to think of him as Tolkien After finding the book, the protagonist becomes involved in one unlikely adventure after another in his efforts to keep it from falling into the [...]

    25. This was a win Thank you.This book started off with so much promise I was really loving this book Towards the Gleam starts the reader off on a quest Story of a young Lt who is in the trenches during WWI When he returns to his life in England he goes on a walk A terrible storm comes up and he takes refuge in a cave, where he discovers a mystical box with writings that are unknown to the educated world The Lt becomes a scholar at Oxford, and many adventures ensue However, the book jacket has the r [...]

    26. Admittedly, I purchased this book and decided to read it now as a change of pace because I thought it was a fantasy, as I recall seeing details about the book mentioning it in reference to Tolkien and C S Lewis However, I would consider any fantasy elements to be subtle and this to really a historical novel mainly covering the turbulent period between the first world wars primarily the 20s to early 30s It is a masterful literary philosophical drama rich in Catholicism, though much the way that [...]

    27. Toward the Gleam is one of the best books I have read in a very long time It engages you from the opening chapter and keeps you there until its closing pages.The story takes place, largely during the span of time between World War I and II There is mystery, intrigue surrounding the issues, ideas and ideals that prevailed during the 20th century and even continue in some part today Along the way the main character, John Hill, meets a cast of characters, some real and some fictional Some of them, [...]

    28. I don t honestly know what I think I am so influenced by what others say 4 1 2 stars, given to me by my neighbor , very right yet very avant grade, on google it was identified as a catholic author But why that and to what does it refer Along the lines of the da vinci code and CS Lewis, and Lord of the Ring I never cared for them Yet I was fascinated by this tale of ancient cities and intrigue and absolute evil and meandering of the good and swashbuckling adventures.Would love to discuss it but d [...]

    29. This book has entered the list of my new favourites I love mysteries with a philosophical edge especially when characterisation is convincing and plot unfolds well I found it difficult to put down My imagination was captured and I have ruminated on the story and specific episodes within it many times since first reading it.My favourite bit at the moment is the bit where John Hill s speculates about the roots and causes of war with a young corporal in the trenches I suppose it is the evil that se [...]

    30. I won this book through First Reads I always love when that happens and I was surprised when I received the book about five days after I found out that I won.When I first started reading this book, it seemed to be pretty slow and I wondered if I would finish it I was just waiting for something to happen I m not normally the kind of person who just wants to read thrillers, but the start of this book was just too slow for my tastes I m also not all that interested in philosophical discussion, and [...]

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