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Drowning By Susan Wingate,

  • Title: Drowning
  • Author: Susan Wingate
  • ISBN: 9780615448121
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Even with her mother s death days away, even as her marriage is falling apart, Euly Winger leaves home, returning to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent s divorce On her search for answers, Euly meets up with an old family friend now broken and drunk who tries to seduce her in a trade for information After rejecting his advances,Even with her mother s death days away, even as her marriage is falling apart, Euly Winger leaves home, returning to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent s divorce On her search for answers, Euly meets up with an old family friend now broken and drunk who tries to seduce her in a trade for information After rejecting his advances, she ends up breaking into her aunt s and rummages through her private records However, after catching her, Aunt Moon tosses Euly out of her home With no one else to turn to, she goes back to the drunk When he ends up attacking her, Euly fights him off Incensed by her second rejection, he angrily blurts out everything about her parents When he finally leaves, she accidentally overdoses, slips into unconsciousness while bathing, nearly drowns, and ends up in the hospital Two days later, she returns home just hours before her mother dies As they sit alone together, Euly asks her mother for the truth A suspenseful and inspirational read, DROWNING, a story of love and redemption, loss and forgiveness.
    Drowning Even with her mother s death days away even as her marriage is falling apart Euly Winger leaves home returning to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent s divorce

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    1. 1st Place Winner in the 2011 Forward National Literature Awards.Here s what people are saying about DROWNING by Susan Wingate A vivid voice Jennifer E St Martin s Press A sensitive tale of love struggling to unwind Taut narrative Crisp dialogue Michelle James author A very insightful and moving book it s a page turner Michael Conrad A staff pick and a favorite Roberts PressAnd, of course, my husband loves it I hope you enjoy this pensive tale of loss and love, discovery and redemption.

    2. I m having the hardest time reading this book because of all the grammatical errors Misplaced pronouns, misspelled words, extra words that make no sense, wrong usage of words the list just goes on and on How did this book even get published If you can overlook the errors, this is an ok book I have no idea what the prologue has to do with any of the story, as a whole It s pretty much irrelevant.

    3. I got this book for free for my Kindle When I got ready to read the book I thought there had been a glitch in the download process of this book It was so awful Chapters beginning at the bottom of the page The ending sentence of some paragraphs put at the beginning of the paragraph instead of where they belonged Numerous typos But after reading other s reviews of this book, it was common for everyone who received this special of the day It was supposed to be a story of love and redemption I found [...]

    4. Susan Wingate created a mystery drama with just the right sprinkle of suspense in this story This is a mother daughter story that will send you on a trip to the brink of dispair along with the protagonist She draws you in, and once there, you become a part of this deeply emotional story What secret is the mother keeping from her daughter.The daughter nearly dies and shortly thereafter her mother does die You must read this fantastic story to discover what secret the mother reveals or if she reve [...]

    5. The Kindle edition was littered with spelling and punctuation errors which probably didn t help my feelings about this book I thought Euly was unlikeable and selfish and the story jumped all over the place Maybe I m missing something, but what did the prologue have to do with the rest of the story

    6. Two sisters far apart and a mother dying who gives a hint of a deep family secret The author weaves a well written story of mothers daughters relationship along with a family secret that needs exploringor does it It was hard to put down, I ended up reading it in one day even though its a novel length book Yes its THAT good

    7. Very good book Hooks you from the very beginning Did not want it to end Deals with family relationships and secrets Highly recommend it and looking forward to reading from this author

    8. I confess, the cover and the prologue lured me in, but the book didn t deliver on its promise Wingate is a spotty writer Some pieces are well thought out and beautifully written, and others read like a first draft As reviewers have pointed out, typos are plentiful, and punctuation ruined what could have been some fine sentences, but my biggest problem with the book was its lack of solidity For example, early on in the book, the author sets up two events the drowning of her 5 year old cousin and [...]

    9. Reading Drowning I was truly torn between two polar extremes my delight in the compelling story telling talent of its author, Susan Wingate, and my distaste for the poor attention she gave to editing and proofreading her work For the first I would have awarded her 5 stars for the second, alas, only 2 The writing lacks in its grammar, punctuation, spelling, which give it a shaky underlying structure I think it is imperative that indie authors proofread their work Not doing so is a slight towards [...]

    10. Families are difficult Much meets the eye than one sees That s what Euly discovers as she faces the slow death of her mother Not only does her mother s death force her to confront her own mortality, it forces her to look into the eyes of her sister, Enaya, with whom she s always had a difficult relationship As Euly goes back to her hometown of Pheonix to uncover the secrets of her parents divorce, she questions everything in her life, including her own marriage Yet nothing will quite prepare he [...]

    11. Engaging, and inspirirng Dark and addictive, this is a book that must be read A brilliant book So effortless to read which is always the mark of a great writer I have as varied a taste in books as I do films but inevitably come back to horror and fantasy and yet this book reminded my why having a varied taste in genres is such a wonderful gift, because once I started I couldn t put it down I loved the development from page one up to the the last page Drowning by Susan Wingate needs to be on your [...]

    12. Like so many other readers have said I found myself distracted and wondering if it was even proofread It was fraught with spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and formatting errors The story of two sisters Euly and Enaya, a dying mother Belle who reveals a secret on her deathbed, a marriage in trouble, a literal drowning, and a metaphorical drowning It just never really took hold for me and had I not had the opportunity to read all at one sitting I may not have come back to it.

    13. Unfortunately I had a hard time getting into this book I found the story did not flow and I had to go back and read the chapter again to follow what was going on The best part of the book, that did not have anything to do with the story, was about the Lebanese coffee Maybe there is a story there about a coffee cup reader I received this boom for free through the giveaways.

    14. I m glad I didn t pay much for this book It was full of typos and grammatical errors Reading it was almost painful at some points The story might have been a bit better if the author had worked a bit on its flow Too choppy I didn t care about the characters at all I would not recommend bothering with this one.

    15. bought it for 1.99 based on the premise of mother daughter relationship conflict and the big secret could not finish Spelling, punctuation and too many grammatical errors to mention also the visual via download is awful, no quotation marks, sentences ending in the middle story wasn t even interesting.

    16. I am torn about how I feel about this book She is a good writer, but the story was a bit thin I felt the reason why Euly went to Arizona was not a good enough reason to leave her mothers death bed And the relationship with the sister was a bit contrived in the end But I did like the way she used her words.

    17. I was very disappointed in the format of this book on my Nook There were grammatical and spelling errors and it was so confusing in its format I decided to put it down without finishing it very unusual for me

    18. 1 Bestseller Really I don t know who proofread the book but it is awful Too many errors to even count and I only got to page 151 of 308 and I give up The story line is weak, slow and at times unbelievable I normally do not give up on books but this one is easy to put away.

    19. This was a good story I like the search that she went on to find the truth However, the amount of grammatical errors made the story hard to read This caused it to not flow properly Perhaps they should get someone else to do the proofing.

    20. Had a very hard time keeping up with which character was which Don t think I would recommend this book to anyone.

    21. Let me fix my review I hated this book due to the nook version Grammatical errors, spelling The way the book was layered made it hard to read Hated it

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