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Mountain Man By Vardis Fisher,

  • Title: Mountain Man
  • Author: Vardis Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780893012519
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for the University of Idaho PressA classic in American West literature and the inspiration for Robert Redford s portrayal in the classic film Jeremiah Johnson Vardis Fisher has captured both the romantic idealism and harsh realism of the wilderness experience with this classic tale of the West.
    Mountain Man Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for the University of Idaho PressA classic in American West literature and the inspiration for Robert Redford s portrayal in the classic film Jeremiah J

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    1. Tidbit In 1972, 5 years after Fisher s death, Warner Bros thought for some reason the book had become public domain and they made the movie for around 20 million dollars Four weeks before release, someone in legal found mention of an Opal Fisher in Prescott, Idaho They sent a man up He knocked on her door and explained he was from a tiny independent production company that was interested in the rights to Mountain Man Opal let the man take her out to a steak house After she finished her cheesecak [...]

    2. I read this book years ago and had forgotten it until someone here brought it up I got the paperback version of the book back when the Robert Redford movie based on it came out.I have in my reading life gone through periods when I d read almost exclusively from one genre This was read during one of my many historical fiction periods The book follows the life of Sam Minard a hunter trapper, Mountain Man in the Rockies during the mid 1800s The book is not only interesting in itself as a novel but [...]

    3. In MOUNTAIN MAN, Vardis Fisher fictionalizes the true accounts of John Liver eating Johnston who was driven to revenge cannibalism against the Crow Indians after they slaughtered his squaw wife and Jane Morgan a frontier settler whose family was slaughtered on the Musselshell river.Vardis tones down the true story, replacing cannibalism with the insulting removal of a bodily part, and by making Johnston renamed Sam Minard an educated cultured Easterner he plays classical tunes on his harmonica k [...]

    4. I began reading this as a teen after finding it on my Dad s bookshelf I found a copy and re read finished it It is one of the best of the frontier Westerns genre, with tremendous attention to detail about survival food, exploring difficult terrain, hunting and animal lore It is certainly not politically correct about Native Americans This is based on a true account of the life of John Johnson, whose native bride was killed by Crow tribe members He lived peacefully among the various native Americ [...]

    5. I read this book when I was in high school but had to add it to my shelf Anybody who saw the movie Jeremiah Johnson will absolutely love Fisher s novel The amount of detail in this book really transports you into the world of the mountain man After all of these years I still remember the descriptions of food and everyday practices the protagonist goes through But the book is so much than that It is about a man who lives in an untamed world, far from any comforts or civilization, but he is happy [...]

    6. So enlightening about a true Mountain Man in the 1840 s prior to the opening of the west Sam Minnard is unusual in that he is educated and wise beyong his years He is a mountain man by choice and hates to see the colonization of the wild west, with special disdain for Brigham Young and the Mormons He has a wonderful if short marriage to a lovely Indian girl This book is so well researched and opened for me an understanding of those noble men who were so tough and resiliant.Little wonder they did [...]

    7. I have no words to say about this FANTASTIC book They just won t come I was greatly moved after reading the last word I may even wait a few weeks and read it again.

    8. I am looking for a hardcover edition of this book This is the story of Jeremiah Johnston his real name has a t in it It s a beautiful yet brutal book I can t recommend it enough.This book will show you the beauty of the western mountains as if you were here, taking you into the lives of the mountain men and indigenous peoples in a beautiful story of one young mountain man s life You will live the awesomeness and terrors of this time in this place.If you travel through Wyoming, you will see many [...]

    9. I have long been a fan of the movie Jeremiah Johnson Robert Redford My dream growing up was to be a mountain man like that still is This book is what inspired the film And even though I love the movie the book is better Vardis Fisher writes very well, and it seems like he reveals a brutal truth about the relationships between whites and the native tribes that is glossed over in movies I was transported to the wilderness as I read this book It has a passion for the wilderness that I share It s a [...]

    10. Aquel era un territorio para hombres, no para muchachos altos Absorbente la lectura de Mountain Man, de Vardis Fisher M s primitivo que el estilizado y noble Jeremiah Johnson del cine Narrada desde el Mountain Man, es decir, con racismo, misoginia y fanfarroner a, y tambi n libre, sin leyes, sin reglas, sin correcci n pol tica, una vida salvaje y dura Para m , la mejor novela hasta ahora de la colecci n Frontera.

    11. Well, maybe I liked this book so much because I vacationed at Glacier National Park where I picked it up or maybe because it was such a mixture of beauty and brutality This is the book that was the inspiration for the movie Jeremiah Johnson That particular movie holds a special place in my heart because it is the only movie that I ever went to see with my dad He just wasn t a movie kind of guy, but he loved that one, and we saw it together When I learned that this book inspired it, I had to read [...]

    12. This was a decent book with a semi interesting story For one the story dragged on to the point where I was begging for it to end I liked the idea of giving a well rounded story to two memorable western legends The myth of Kate and Sam Mainard But the writing just turned around and around in circles, and the characters seemed faked, without depth Kate was objectified she was just her grief and her death undignified And SamSam was just a very arrogant white male I understand this was written in th [...]

    13. The fictional basis for the movie Jeremiah Johnson , which is based on the non fiction Crow Killer Loved the movie when it came out and have seen it too many times to mention The book is great, not great fiction but one hell of a story I ve worn out 2 copies and am on my third, having read it about 25 times.It s the story of a youngish trapper, Sam, in the West of the 1840 s He is a giant of a man, a trapper and enemy to no one, a lover of life He comes across a woman, the lone survivor of an at [...]

    14. Nice to be reminded of the west My first western novel and, while quite an adventure, it read a bit like how I imagine romance novels for men might read A bit sentimental in parts, and glossing over other parts to get at the sentimental again I didn t really get into any of the characters because I found them mildly annoying a man obsessed with music and very cultured becomes a fierce mountain man scalper of red men Ehhhh Someone recommended this to me because I love adventure stories yet stick [...]

    15. Fascinating novel of how a mountain man truly lived and survived in the west The author brings to life everyday living these hardy men endured Vivid descriptions of events that took place, you could actually feel and see them it is so well written Living in Idaho right by Yellowstone and the areas he traveled it hit close to home Was interesting to know I ve been to some places that are described in this book Couldn t put it down

    16. This was a fun novel It places Sam Minard, a fictional mountain man, trapping his way through the dangers of the western mountains at the height of the Rocky Mountain fur trade Throughout the story he interacts with various historical mountain men as part of his journey The book brings to life the rugged and dangerous life of the fur traders

    17. Super Hero Mountain ManA really interesting read I don t know how realistic it is and the author spends a little too much time in the main characters head, but all in all, it s a cool story It s way better than Jeremiah Johnson The only part that wouldn t play well is the prevailing opinion of Native Americans in the book.

    18. watched Jerimiah Johnson again this evening and remembered thatthis is the book it was based on I read it in high school and thought it was pretty good.

    19. WonderousExcept for the editing, this story is outstanding It is an array of color, high adventure, and undying love A picture of an interesting time in our growing country.

    20. Great story of the old west, but in a the harsh reality of a mountain atmosphere and the difficulty trying to be a mountain man in Native American country,.

    21. This book was a farce of the old West Not an intentional farce, mind you We re supposed to believe that a mountain man would break into euphoric song everywhere he travels This story was so silly, I could not even bring myself to finish it What a disappointing novel that is so highly touted by many readers.

    22. I am of a non fiction reader, but I did enjoy this book even though it is than 50 years old I was waivering between 3 and 4 stars

    23. So moved was I by my recent trip out west Montana,Wyoming,Utah and South Dakota , that I decided to break with my usual habit of reading classic authors and take a look at something a little different After all, I have always been fascinated by both Native Americans and the mountain men who got to know them, and to a large degree the history of the West is intertwined with the history of those two groups.I chose Mountain Man by Vardis Fisher as a way to get started And it was, although the book [...]

    24. There are a few chapters in this book that I would give five stars to, but as a whole it felt rather slow Expectations may have hindered my ability to love the novel I expected a fast paced story and a lot of action because it was a western, but something else entirely was delivered It felt less like a story and like a character study As a character study it felt like it could have been 200 pages shorter I received a great many lessons on the way you could cook elk roast and berries, many of th [...]

    25. The movie, Jeremiah Johnson was loosely based off of this book the book is way, way better than the movie Whoever chose Robert Redford with his pretty little face and shiny blond hair to play the Mountain Man was obviously not interested in staying true to the book Here s the thing about this book, way too much detail about what and how he ate Although when we have a natural disaster here I will be fully prepared and 100% knowledgeable in matters of how to gut a deer, buffalo and many other anim [...]

    26. Having been a fan of the film, Jeremiah Johnson since it was released, I was curious about the two books on which it was based I still haven t read the second, The Crow Killer, but feel little need to now I was hoping to like this novel than I did I realize now how loosely the film mirrored this story and for good reason Although the plot is fine, the author loses any momentum he builds through repetition going on and on describing the unspoiled beauty of the wilderness territories prior to the [...]

    27. Despu s de leer Bajo Cielos Inmensos de la misma colecci n Frontera de Valdemar el list n estaba realmente alto Y aunque El Trampero tiene algunas cosas que chirr an ese Sam Minard casi perfecto, esas descripciones algo infantiles de la naturaleza , en general, se ha quedado casi a a la altura de aquel Un escal n por debajo, pero siendo un libro extraordinario para conocer la vida en ese rinc n de norteam rica en ese tiempo concreto.Tambi n es un alegato a la naturaleza, al vive y deja vivir Y u [...]

    28. A meticulously detailed read about life as a mountain man It is an inspiration for any outdoors men women For those not so thrilled by life outdoors, this book clearly puts into perspective why outdoor enthusiasts love to beoutside Sam, the main character, has depth and culture but lives a simple solitary life roaming the mountains It is a treat to be able to read the internal conversations he has with himself as he faces hardships, moral dilemmas, and the fight to survive But we are also made p [...]

    29. Without a doubt, Vardis Fisher is an excellent writer I read this novel years after seeing the movie based on it, Jeremiah Johnson As usual, I prefer the book to the movie Fisher develops his characters in a very believable way The story line is smooth and keeps you guessing In the beginning, he poses a plot question that keeps you turning the pages to find the answer His attention to detail and the historic facts are very accurate Reading this book inspired me to read another Fisher book Pemmic [...]

    30. A decent read and the best parts of it were used in the movie Jeremiah Johnson Overall I found the movie to be better than the book which doesn t happen very often.The Mountain Men are put on a very high pestidal here which is unfair to how the Indians are portrayed I ve no doubt that that the white trappers were just as cruel to the Indians as they were to them.A lot of this can be explained by the fact that this book was written in the 60 s So of course the novel doesn t meet modern P.C standa [...]

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