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Far Away Home By Susan Denning,

  • Title: Far Away Home
  • Author: Susan Denning
  • ISBN: 9780692000397
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Read FAR AWAY HOME a four year bestseller in the historical and romance western categories in its Enhanced Edition with a bonus introduction to the newly released sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND.In post Civil War New York City, sixteen year old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her Some might think this is a problem AislynRead FAR AWAY HOME a four year bestseller in the historical and romance western categories in its Enhanced Edition with a bonus introduction to the newly released sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND.In post Civil War New York City, sixteen year old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her Some might think this is a problem Aislynn believes it s an opportunity, but she has a lot to learn No formulaic romance, this love story depicts life as it truly was for the thousands of women who went west reaching for a new life Aislynn s journey begins in a New York City tenement and leads her across the frontier to a Utah mining camp where she must cope with the conflicting intentions of three very different men Life in the roughshod camp brings small joys and devastating losses This novel races through authentic experiences involving historical events until it erupts in an unexpected ending In today s troubled world, FAR AWAY HOME will make you believe no matter how many challenges fate sends your way, the human spirit can triumph.Reviews FAR AWAY HOME is an engaging, memorable love story I thoroughly enjoyed it Amy Goodman, award winning syndicated journalist, columnist and author An engrossing story set against the back drop of early America A page turner of adventure, romance and strong characters who stand up for themselves and their friends despite the costs Geoff Woodland, author of ICE KING, an antislavery novel.
    Far Away Home Read FAR AWAY HOME a four year bestseller in the historical and romance western categories in its Enhanced Edition with a bonus introduction to the newly released sequel EMBRACE THE WIND In post Civi

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    1. I have mixed feelings about this book The beginning was intriguing and I was immediately drawn to the main character and her world I loved that it began in NYC and enjoyed the historical references The early characters had depth and the plot was very rich HOWEVER, somewhere in the middle end the author s writing fell off The characters were not as believable as they had been in the beginning and some of the cameo characters were unnecessary Did the author run out of steam Who knows Seriously, it [...]

    2. I was initially drawn to this novel because it started off with the story of a young girl who wanted to venture westward on her own to follow after the man she loved And parts of the novel were enjoyable For instance, the main character, Aislynn, did have the independent mind and quick mouth that I love so much in women and young girls However, I soon found that although she was quite an educated lass, she seemed overly naive and ignorant at times I had quite a few problems with the authorship 1 [...]

    3. Like many other reviews, I enjoyed the first half of the book and found it to be very promising however, by the middle and end I was tired of it and wishing the author had spent time with it Also, it began, for me, to strongly resemble Gone with the Wind I could just picture Moran as Rhett Butler and some of Asilyn s lines sounded like a feisty Scarlett O Hara Of course Tim is Ashley, the weak Emma who we never meet is Melanie and I guess that leaves Johnny as a combo of Frank and Charles Even [...]

    4. This book had potential up until the story ends right in the middle of the story line Did the author just get tired of writing Did the computer die Did she get distracted by a screaming child and lost her train of thought There has never been less of a conclusion or resolution to book The imagery was great The characters were ok The ending is HORRIBLE It s not even an ending It s a period with nothing after it Unless there is a 2nd book, this was a real disappointment.

    5. Far Away Home by Susan Denning2.5 of 5 starsDid not like this book Kept with it to the end Not worth it The main character is do dependant on the people around her Although she was written to be intelligent and sassy her dependence on pleasing all the men in her life just made her read as weak It takes half the book for her to realize she doesn t love a character who is in love with someone else Yes, you know I love a main character that pines for a man that is in love with someone else Why do w [...]

    6. This is the type of book that you don t realize just how much you hate it until the moment you finish it It was decent enough at the beginning to make me feel it worth sticking with But there are moments and characters that are unforgivably ridiculous and offensive The portrayal of the Native American, and the description of the protagonist s encounter with him really offended me The preachy, absurd way in which the author depicts race relations, etc were upsetting at the very least, and also co [...]

    7. Aislynn s New York life comes to an end when tragedy strikes and she plans her escape West, following the man who has her heart With Johnny at her side she braves the frontier and makes an epic journey across the wilderness but at sixteen she quickly realises that she has a lot to learn.This coming of age novel has all my favourite subjects intertwined within a story that is both beautifully romantic and horribly sad Aislynn is a strong female lead in a time when women were not appreciated for t [...]

    8. This book is simply a love story along with lots of drama along the way Post Civil War, it s the story of a young Irish girl coping with all the things that face a beautiful girl in a man s world, trying to be herself, to find her way.I really liked this book, an easy read, an enjoyable read.

    9. I enjoyed this book, the first in this series I really like Aislynn who was born before her time, she was a woman libber when there was no such thing back in the 1800 s Aislynn is head strong and very stubborn, she will not cave in to any man no matter how young old and or rich Aislynn is a born survivor, no matter what life dishes out to her she comes out fighting and finds a way to make things work for her She lost both her parents, first her mother as a baby and second by her father who was k [...]

    10. Far Away Home An Historical Novel of the American West is by Susan Denning This is the first of two books about Aislynn Denehy It begins in New York City in 1867 and takes her to the silver mining fields of Utah and back to New York City It is an outstanding book and I simply could not put it down until I finished I went through a half a box of tissues as well It is so realistic that you find yourself wanting to tell her what to do next or who to stay away from Aislynn s Mother took Tim Nolan un [...]

    11. This story starts out in 1867 with a 16 year old girl named Aislynn who is left to take care of herself in New York when her Dad dies.She was going to live with her neighbor and his sons but the priest at her church put a stop to that saying it wouldn t be proper.There is a good friend named Johnny who wants to marry her but she is not interested in him.She is still in love with her neighbor Tim who took off to Ogden in the Utah Territory.Aislynn makes up her mind that she is going to go there n [...]

    12. This is a good, entertaining book Aislynn is the heroine of the story She s a young teenager when her parents die The man she truly loves, Tim is her guardian But this is 1867 in early America, in New York Tim is going west to find work Aislynn is almost like a super hero in the story Without giving much of the story up, in her late teens she heads west to find Tim and seems to overcome lots of obstacles and problems With her is Johnny Maher, the man her father promised her to Aislynn is ahead o [...]

    13. There were a few problems for me, but not enough to make me stop reading or give this book a poor review I have read other reviews and I don t understand what people are talking about when they say the writer just drops off about halfway through the book I thought the last part of the book was engaging and just as interesting as the rest of it I look forward to reading the sequel, and thank heavens there is one The book made laugh and it also made me cry and it addresses some things that don t g [...]

    14. I liked this book very much I realize it was a first effort and self published, but I think she did a great job of developing the main character, Aislynn She was a woman ahead of her time, yet lonely and frightened at a time when women were certainly not rewarded for being gutsy She ran into one terrible thing after another while just trying to survive and stake her own claim I could identify with many things in her journey particularly the loneliness and desperation With each loss visited upon [...]

    15. I loved, loved this book Such a great story, and I ve read other novels and non fiction about going West 1870s, for this one and the heroine decides to start a new life, leave NY where she sees no great opportunities for herself As they head West , I felt the hardships were very realistic I would have even liked chapters on the journey to Utah, but her reason for traveling was in Utah I loved that the novel had some romance, but not too descriptive It leaves some things to your imagination I de [...]

    16. Cannot wait to read the next one This is right up my alley with all the historic background and a woman being the main character Author Susan Denning has created an enthralling story of a young woman from 19th century, post Civil War, New York who eventually pioneers to Utah I devoured this book in a few hours and am currently downloading the next book of the series The writing is very good with well developed characters and a strong plot I cannot imagine being a woman.cially a pioneer that era [...]

    17. Journey of an Irish American Woman during a Rugged era in our history.My favorite books are historical fiction Far Away Home is just that, history from New York to the American West Aislynn grows from a little baby to a strong minded young woman I laughed and cryed through her lifes journey The story captured me and didn t let go I am looking forward to continue with her story and to get answers to decisions she has made Susan Denning keeps me on the edge of my seat writing about the harshness o [...]

    18. Good historical readFar away from home stays true to factual historical events while adding an emotional story line, with multiple main characters.The author used dialogue to keep the pace moving, along with ongoing tension between characters It was additionally interesting to me as I am currently writing a historical novel around the same time frame, focused on the poor farms set up to help poor and homeless, and various types of discrimination.Brenda Drexler

    19. A page turner with twists and surprises than imaginable in one novel While details are not described as well as they could have been, the characters are well developed and the plot easy to follow Most novels are pretty predictable None of my predictions panned out So many twists and turns to the story, yet everything ties together well However, it is a cliffhanger and not what I d consider a stand alone novel With that, it s 3 a.m and I m downloading the next book in the series

    20. Mixed feelings as many others have expressed I liked the strong female character and the historical context That was well done but I had mixed feeling about the male characters who just seemed to hang around Aislynn waiting and waiting and waiting And then the ending was indeed horrible I see that there is a sequel but not sure I even want to read it I do want to know the ending though.

    21. Not like many other historical fiction I ve readI ve never not known how it would end Most identity the couple who will end up together early on and it s just a matter of how they get there I honestly didn t know how it would end Well done Susan Excellent character development and story development I m really excited to begin the second book Keep writing Susan, I loved it

    22. Far Away HomeI enjoined your novel eminecly The hell those people went through was unbelievable Death and destruction was away of life I cried during the last part of the story, just could take all the hardship she had to experience Now onto the 2nd book I hope life gets better.

    23. Far Away HomeThis was a nice relaxing read, compared to the last few things that I have read Aislynn was is very courageous young lady Her choices have been few, but she always makes the right decision Tim and Johnny are just what she needs to keep her going, until Liam steps in I wonder how it is going to turn out Anyway I have been entertained, thank you.

    24. Very telling of life in the new fronteir,glad I didn t have to live thru that Proud of the women who did Women were treated like colloidal with no rights, could only do what their Husband permited women of today would stand for that Interesting read A hard life for everyone, only the strong could survive

    25. ExcellentIn each chapter there was a gift of getting to know Aislynn a little bit better She most definitely is a woman I glad to know Susan Denning has done a wonderful job of taking her readers on a walk thru Alisalynn life right at her side Thank you SusanGknowing

    26. Excellent Story I enjoyed living along with the young lady portrayed in this historically based novel The author is very talented when it comes to describing how differently women were treated, and how this particular young woman felt about it and dealt with it.

    27. Great Story Quite a multi faceted story that highlights attitudes towards women in the 1860s Interesting romance, with a love triangle within a love triangle The descriptions of the settings were good I felt like I was there A bit of a cliffhanger ending.

    28. A woman s struggle.Life in the West was hard and would break most women but not this heroine I liked her strength and courage I m looking forward to a continuation of her story.

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