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The Whistling Song By Stephen Beachy,

  • Title: The Whistling Song
  • Author: Stephen Beachy
  • ISBN: 9780393029642
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This electric on the road novel relates the adventures mostly midwestern of Matt, fugitive from an orphanage, hitchhiker into the indifferent 1980s Here are Huck and Jim titled for today Stephen Beachy s voice is engaging and subversive as he captures the essence of Matt, a survivor who is streetsmart yet innocent.
    The Whistling Song This electric on the road novel relates the adventures mostly midwestern of Matt fugitive from an orphanage hitchhiker into the indifferent s Here are Huck and Jim titled for today Stephen Beach

    One thought on “The Whistling Song”

    1. This is an amazing book It could very well be the best book that I ve read in ten years It s all in here Sex and Death Good and Evil Black and White The promise and theft of the American Dream.Every passage in here is to be read slowly and lingered over Each intense and powerful It brings up images of the American outlaw, the rambler, the individualist The main character, Matt, is Huckleberry Finn, Walt Whitman and Woody Guthrie all mixed up in the mind of an orphan, conflicted and scarred yet w [...]

    2. OK, I love first novels, even when the writers don t necessarily go on to fame and glory Stephen Beachy s The Whistling Song was brilliant, and conflicted, and disturbing in many ways, and also funny and lyrical and powerful Beachy s fame as a writer came from the unmasking of JT Leroy, a supposedly sexually abused young author who turned out to be the work of a middle aged woman But I strongly recommend this first work of fiction, for all the complex issues of identity it exposes, that will abs [...]

    3. Matt is orphaned as a young boy when his parents are brutally murdered while he s out running his paper route That might be the single clear plot point in this novel The rest of the book is Matt s journey to find the woman who baby sat him before his parents were killed, the woman he believes will make everything all right Told in a not quite linear form, we go through Matt s two terms in the same orphanage his time living on the streets with Jimmy, a boy he will do anything for to keep in his l [...]

    4. Very entertaining and deep, philosophical, covered so many topics existential, religion, drugs, mysticism, anorexia, sex, vanishing, corporate America, etc A multiple cross country Huck Finn roadtrip from hell Sort of Some of the things that Matt thought and talked about were things I d thought about before too And what a cast of characters

    5. A sad funny realistic and utterly compelling road novel full of keen insights into the loopy depravity that constitutes modern American culture I loved it

    6. Bizarre Southern gothic road trip fantasy I remember reading this aloud to my sister and having to edit out a whole handjob scene.

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