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A Marked Past By Leslie Deaton,

  • Title: A Marked Past
  • Author: Leslie Deaton
  • ISBN: 9781463551124
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lyla Mercer s life changed the moment her dad was murdered, and again when she heard that she could be next Forced to move to Salem for safe keeping, Lyla soon discovers her family has a dark history in the small town, and when a glossy black moon appears on the back of her neck she becomes the newest part of that legacy Her family is marked and being hunted, but Lyla maLyla Mercer s life changed the moment her dad was murdered, and again when she heard that she could be next Forced to move to Salem for safe keeping, Lyla soon discovers her family has a dark history in the small town, and when a glossy black moon appears on the back of her neck she becomes the newest part of that legacy Her family is marked and being hunted, but Lyla may be just the weapon they need to survive Lyla attempts to ignore the danger, pretending to be normal, but whispers and rumors follow her everywhere She thinks nothing can ever be normal for her again until she meets Caleb, the minister s son, and the absolute wrong boy to be dating a witch He s everything she wants to be, just a normal kid from a normal family At least that s what she thinks, but nothing is as it seems in Salem Caleb has secrets that rival her own Until recently, her father s murderer has managed to keep his true identity a secret, but when Lyla uncovers the truth about him, nobody is safe, especially her.
    A Marked Past Lyla Mercer s life changed the moment her dad was murdered and again when she heard that she could be next Forced to move to Salem for safe keeping Lyla soon discovers her family has a dark history

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    1. I loved this book especially storyline The book starts with Lyla Mercar 16 excited to be part of the cheerleading squad It s the best and worst day of her life Her mom decides to move to Salem, MA to start over after a big loss That makes Lyla the new girl in town, in a new school and she has to make new friends But Salem is a strange little town and there are rumors about her family and their past in the town When she meets her uncle Nathan and her cousins Hana and Sage, she understands why eve [...]

    2. First Thoughts The summary of this book intrigued me, I felt that it had potential for both a creepy and thrilling feeling and I was right Throughout this entire book there is like a dark haze holding over everything, and with that comes an emotional rollercoaster At many points in this book I felt my heart ache alongside Lyla s, it made me feel angered and then happy It was like I never got a break on just one emotion they interchanged like clockwork and by the end I was both physically and men [...]

    3. Lyla came home with great news, not knowing that she was in for the worst Her dad was killed, run over by another driver, Lyla couldn t bear the thought that her and her mom were going to have to keep going on in life without him But they had to somehow, now her mom was handling her dads business at the office but with a turn of events Lyla finds herself having to move from chicago to live in a house her dad left for them in Salem, Massachusetts But losing her friends wasn t the only thing that [...]

    4. A Marked Past by Leslie Deaton is the first book in the Mercer Legacy series Lyla Mercer seems to have it all, she s popular, she s on the cheerleader team and to top it all off, she has a great relationship with her parents, especially her dad Everything is perfect in her life, well, until one fateful day in the breath of winter when her life changes forever Lyla s father, her best friend in the world is tragically killed in a freak accident Despite her despair, Lyla knows that she must be stro [...]

    5. First things first, I received a free copy of this book by the author via group Shutup and Read for a fair and honest review.Now what to give this book in rating This book, to me, was a better then average read So I am giving it four stars There are some great parts to this book, and some not so great parts I will try to share what I felt were the best and the not so best.I loved the way the writer unraveled the story The detailed descriptions, and the fullness of the characters.It was easy to i [...]

    6. Originally posted ufreview 2012 02 22 a markReview I got a copy of A Marked Past from the author for a fair and honest review here goes Lyla is a typical 16 year old from a good home with loving parents, cheerleader, boyfriend the whole shebang until her father is killed and her world falls apart Her mother moves them from the Chicago suburbs to her father s family home in Salem It s here she learns her family secrets, that her father didn t die in an accident but was killed by a man hunting her [...]

    7. Enticing is my first reaction, followed quickly by smoothly written, empathetic, and a rockin story line What I love about this book is the author s easy way of sliding into the heart, mind and soul of the protagonist, fifteen year old Lyla Mercer, who has unexpectedly and horribly lost her dad in a pedestrian vehicular accident, and now has to move from the Chicago suburb in which she has lived her entire life to move to the old family homestead in of all spooky places Salem, Massachusetts Only [...]

    8. A marked past was given to me for an honest review Lets start with the pro s of the book First it was creative enough to be set apart from other witch books I have read recently Second it had alot of action and just enough romance to make it believable It isnt like other YA novels were the mc falls in love right from the begining Thirdthe main characters werent that annoying sometimes MC heriones can really get on my nerves, But Lyla was alright other then sometimes when she decided to keep impo [...]

    9. I was given this book by the author via group for an honest review.A Marked Past is a wonderful read I love the storyline The book starts with Lyla a teenager in high school, so excited to be part of the cheerleading squad and to tell her dad the good news of making the team, however she never gets to as he died that same day Her mom is grief stricken and decides to move them to their family home in Salem, MA to start over Lyla is in a new town, new school and has to make new friends, all while [...]

    10. 3.5 5 StarsI don t think this book is 3 stars but it s not quite 4 stars either I think the story line was really good but the main character fell short for me She was quite annoying at some points and her choices bugged me quite a bit Also, some of the scenes weren t necessary and dragged out far too long view spoiler Lyla s relationship with Caleb seemed to come out of nowhere and wasn t really built on it just appeared hide spoiler Another thing that bothered me was the setting of the story I [...]

    11. Great book The characters are soooooo real Sometimes annoying, sometimes whiny, sometimes selfish and always self absorbed, Lyla so so realistic to me Her friends, her family and her boyfriend were exactly what I expected from an average 16 year old girl After the first few chapters the story moved at a fast pace that kept me up past my ususal lights out I had to find out what happened next so I just kept reading I really liked the history of Salem that Leslie Deaton created, some of it sounded [...]

    12. I read this as an ebook This is roughly the first ebook I read and so that made it a bit different.Second I find that while I like magic, fairies, supernatural, and sometimes witches harry potter I do not like spells, circles, candle the satanic side of witches This book just touched on it but something I would normally not read.I found this book sad It starts and ends with death and funerals there is a move so soon, and a teenage girl uprooted and placed into a new town and with a new family sh [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading A Marked Past by Leslie Deaton quite a bit The first half of the book went a little slow for me, despite that the second half brought answers to questions I had I was a little disappointed with the ending, but that was because I was invested with the characters by that point I look forward to reading from this great author

    14. Starting at the top, in reference to the cover, I like it I also think that the title for the story is catchy The moon and the font used for the title are nice The girl is a bit hard to see, but it fits the story view spoiler I downloaded the eBook in epub format and I don t know what happened, but the formatting was very wonky Some paragraphs were nicely spaced and then after a few paragraphs the spacing grew tight and the sentences stretched across the whole screen Then after a few paragraphs [...]

    15. Going to be honest here, and say how I felt about the book from my personal view point I have a big problem with how fast the book moved, I did not like how fast it moved in the slightest I like a little in between But don t get me wrong, it had some stuff in between but to me the main story line moved a little too fast Though a LOT of people enjoy that, I personally didn t Though I reallyREALLYenjoyed the detail and expression in it, and the whole aspect of it was well done.Bravo on that But p [...]

    16. For Lyla Mercer, life couldn t possibly get any better She has a best friend and a boyfriend who love her and a newly secured spot on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad Yup, life is darn near perfect Until a freak, car accident murders her father on her perfect day That one tragedy sets into motion a chain of events that Lyla never could have imagined The question is, is she ready to accept all that she s about to learn When I started to read A Marked Past, written by Leslie Deaton, I was immediatel [...]

    17. I really loved this book I can t wait to read the next book in the series I highly recommend this book to everyone.Lyla starts out in Chicago, IL but after her father s death, Lyla and her mother move to the Mercer family house in Salem Her first day of school there she meets her cousin Hana Hana is being harassed by Lucas, a boy at their school Lyla wants to protect Hana from Lucas Hana s mother used to run the Wiccan shop in town but had died a year earlier in a car accident They soon become f [...]

    18. Book Review of A Marked Past by Leslie DentonAfter the sudden, tragic death of her father, Lyla Mercer and her mother move from their comfortable home of Chicago to cold and dreary Salem Lyla is not happy about leaving her old life behind as she starts over in Salem She and her mother move to an old family home left to her by her father She doesn t understand why her father would want them to live in such a dreary house in such a dreary place All she wants is her old life back When she arrives, [...]

    19. This is an excellent book Lyla Mercer is your typical teenager who loves her boyfriend, hangs out with her best friend and is considered popular But everything changes when her father is killed in a hit and run, and her mother is so devistated by his death, that she decides they should move from Chicago to Salem Just like any teenager, Lyla HATES the fact that she has to leave her bestfriend, her boyfriend, and everything she knows and loves Once in Salem, she finds it fairly easy to make new fr [...]

    20. A Marked Past was given to me by the author Leslie Deaton, in exchange for a honest review This book starts off sad, the main character Lyla, is a daddies girl, he helps her with her cheer leading and encourages her at life But the day of finding out that Lyla made the cheer squad, her dad was hit by a taxi and was killed Now that her father is gone, Lyla s mom can t afford where they are living so they are moving back to Salem, where Lyla s dad left them a house Lyla doesn t want to move becaus [...]

    21. A Marked PastBy Leslie DeatonAfter Lyla s father dies in a freak accident her mother moves them to her father s family home in Salem Shortly after arriving Lyla s uncle notices a mark on her neck in the shape of a crescent moon, he tells her that this mark means she will be a goddess among their people, witches After, he tells Lyla about his family s history beginning with the Salem witch trials and how they had all been murdered by the same man who is now out to kill Lyla and the rest of her fa [...]

    22. Intriguing storyline, awesome art work, and an eerie plot that keeps you up all night waiting for A Marked Past is a MUST read and SHARE The story takes place in downtown Salem Massachusetts and you can feel the chill in the air as you flip the pages Rud to be the first book in a series of three A Marked Past The Mercer Legacy, follows 16 year old Lyla Mercer through her haunting discovery of her family s ties to the Salem Witch Trials Plagued by a series of unexpected events, Lyla finds her fa [...]

    23. I liked this book, I did but I didn t start liking it until I got to the last 50 pages Ms Deaton did an awesome job of portraying Lyla as a typical teenage girl Her character was definitely believable, which is probably why I found her to be so irritating I had a really hard time connecting to any of the characters and the relationship between Caleb and Lyla was in no way convincing I really wish he had been a stronger presence throughout the book because I wanted so badly to care about him Unfo [...]

    24. I did enjoy the book and how it closely followed the journey of all involved It had everything danger, romance, mystery, and kept me guessing on what would happen next I do wish it had been than one book, merely because there is so much happening that it could have easily been two books It seemed like I was watching a car chase from another car and it was hard to keep up sometimes There is so much action that, again, I felt it could have been split as to make the book meaningful And there were [...]

    25. A Marked Past is the first book in a soon to be GREAT series I wasn t sure what to expect after seeing the creepy cover but I was quite pleasently surprised, with the riveting tale of Lyla Mercer and the dark history of her family When Lyla discovers a plot to rid Salem of Mercers, she s forced to chose between defending her family, or fighting to save the boy she loves In a battle where Lyla is forced to use skills she never knew she had, survival is her only goal Well written, fast paced, and [...]

    26. Wow I can t tell you how much sleep I lost reading this book, but but I can tell you it was worth it I had trouble putting it down 16 year old Lyla s world is thrown into chaos when she loses her father, and moves from Chicago to Salem Salem is the home of her fathers ancestors, and so much history that it haunts her every move She learns that her family is different, marked by magic, and she also discovers there s a man who is hunting them Her Uncle and cousins try to teach her to fight, but on [...]

    27. A Marked Past was a great and fast read for me It kept me interested so much that I actually woke up a few hours early for work one morning and heavily considered not going back to sleep and picking up my kindle to read it Sleep did win in the long run, but not for long It did, however surpass me catching up on my Grey s Anatomy so that is definitely saying something.Leslie s writing style, as well as her ability to create believable characters was very apparent in A Marked Past I can t wait to [...]

    28. Lacey Mercer has a lot to deal with.Her father died, her mother moved her back to Salem and her uncle told her she sfrom a family of witches.As if that s not enough, he also tells her that there is a man, a former priest, that wants to kill her whole family and that she might be nextShe has to fight for her own survival and also for the survival of a few innocents that has fallen prey to the former priest.Among these people is a boy, Caleb,her new crush, and Lucas a boy that causes nothing but t [...]

    29. A Marked Past is a great book Deaton is a new author so the story is a little rough in places, but it s still a really enjoyable book Defintely worth the read Towards the end, the action picks up a lot, kept me reading into the night And of course, there was some teen romance ah, Caleb AND it s about witches, in Salem, who can resist it I love the history of Salem, and to have it as past of a YA book just makes it that much better The main characters are teens so they are totally unpredictable s [...]

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