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The Old Man and the Boy By Robert Ruark,

  • Title: The Old Man and the Boy
  • Author: Robert Ruark
  • ISBN: 9780030279102
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • novel, originally published in Field Stream, illustrationed w line drawings by Walter Dower
    The Old Man and the Boy novel originally published in Field Stream illustrationed w line drawings by Walter Dower

    One thought on “The Old Man and the Boy”

    1. I ve mentioned before that I m a huge fan of Robert Ruark s writing, at least his outdoor writing For many years Mr Ruark wrote a column in Field and Stream MagazineThe Old Man and the Boy, Mr Ruark himself being the boy This is a collection these.I suppose I love this for the same reason s that I love some other books, movies etc It reflects an idyllic and idealized situation that I find myself very envious of I grew up in the country and wandered the fields and the creeks My dad and granddad t [...]

    2. For me this book is a classic and a must read It s one of a few books that I routinely give away, not as a gift but just because You haven t read it Here, take this home Robert Ruark story of growing up in the Southport area of NC puts him in my neck of the woods His stories of growing up, wisdom shared, and often times earned the hard way, are what anyone, especially any boy should be blessed with growing up These aren t stories on hunting and fishing, these are stories on what hunting and fish [...]

    3. My father read me this book when I was a child and I have probably read it four or five times my self It has an endearing quality that very few other books have It is a book filled with love it is a series of stories, and anecdotes written by a grandson about his grandfather It demonstrates affection in a way that is so masculine, whilst being full of devotion The Old Man and the Boy is a book that I would recommend to almost anyone

    4. There were days, now long gone and never to come again, when a boy grew up in a world full of adventure A world in which a mentor would guide him, show him, teach, and where he could come and go, where he learned all about life, character, integrity This is true story of that time As I read the last few pages, it was sad to know that time, some of which I got to taste and experience myself, will never ever be again We have a term for it today free range children It is an experience that only a v [...]

    5. While this is a book for men about being a man, I think in today s world it is women who ought to be reading it Ruark recounts the profound affect his grandfather had in raising him to be a real man The old man used man s natural affinity to the outdoors, hunting and fishing, to teach the boy a much broader, deeper wisdom about respect for life and how to live honorably as a real man.It was an eye opener for me as to how much our modern feminist culture has destroyed real manliness As it turns o [...]

    6. This is one of those books remembered from childhood It was before I knew that Robert Ruark was one of those 1950s era depressed, macho man drunks in the style of Hemingway But he is a better writer than Hemingway because he actually tells a story you want to read and the characters are not as dull and dreary as Hemingway s.It was a book to escape into for an 11 year old boy.This book might not have withstood time if I went back and read it again, but I suspect that it would Unlike the narcissis [...]

    7. This is a series of tales, hopefully true, which were originally published in a sporting magazine The writer the titular boy lovingly relates the wisdom passed on to him by his enate grandfather the Old Man It s refreshing to read something written by someone who claims to have had the perfect childhood, in spite of the fact that he grew up during the depression The author s love for his grandfather shines through on every page the book is consequently sentimental and soppy, and I loved every wo [...]

    8. This is my absolutely favorite book I first read it when I was about 13 and have read it every couple of years since It is extremely well written and will engage you from the first word to the last It is a reflection on a simple but rewarding childhood that most of us can envy Ruark led a tragic life as an adult but this account of his childhood is wonderful I have searched out every other Ruark book and count him as one of my favorite authors Not suitable for PETA members.

    9. Most books I read once some twice this one I have read 3 times and am ready to read it again It is the essence of the outdoor life for those of us who still think like a kid and want nothing than wade a creek, paddle a canoe, or find a wing shooting paradise I can t get enough of reading it and of living it.

    10. This book furthered my appreciation of nature and also led me to move out of the city.This book focuses on passing on information from the older generations to the newer I think we have lost sight of how important that is in our society and I will no longer take my elders for granted.

    11. Ruark spent his summers with his grandfather who taught him to hunt and fish as a sportsman and in the process how he should act in the world as he lived his life These lessons stuck with Ruark his whole life This is a excellent book for any young man

    12. This was the first book that I read with my father and to this day I still remember almost every page, This one book and the time I got with my Father has forever changed my life

    13. To appreciate having known, in my case briefly, a grandfather read great grandfather who had time for you, with few distractions and a lifetime of wisdom to offer.

    14. I grew up in Wilmington, NC and spent my childhood roaming the beaches and backwaters of this book It is a great tale of love and coming of age in a time and place that doesn t really exist any, but you could still catch glimpses of in my youth I could relate the close relationship of the boy and his grandfather and was deeply touched by this story and it s setting.

    15. Really enjoyed this book Lots of great lessons to be learned for children, particularly that in many instances you have to earn the ability to do certain thingsd that can only come about through contemplation sometimes.

    16. Great stories about a grandpa and his grandson knocking around the outdoors while the elder taught the younger about life The stories come to a heartwarming but sad end as the Old Man enters the last days of the winter of life as the Boy is just starting his Spring Good, good stuff.

    17. Enjoyed the book,I m as old as the old man I think anyone that loves to fish or hunt would enjoy reading this book.

    18. I liked the story of the relationship between the old man and the young boy In this regard, I thought the book was excellent But the focus of almost every chapter is killing animals Usually killing a lot of them on every hunt, and the happiness of the boy tends to be measured by how many animals he killed Generally they killed as many as they could or the limit , coming home with as much dead animal flesh as they could carry, or put in their Liz whatever that is This in the midst of the constant [...]

    19. a sort of review from my blog Robert Ruark, the author of the Old Man and the Boy, was born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1915 He grew up in Southport, a small town at the mouth of the Cape Fear River At the age of 15, he attended the University of North Carolina Upon graduating with a degree in journalism, he worked as a newspaper reporter and did a stint in the Navy during World War Two Following the war, his career took off In addition to writing for newspapers, he also wrote for periodica [...]

    20. Okay so this book came HIGHLY recommended to med I get why this particular couple loved this book It s a sweet story of a growing boy and the lessons of life he learns from his grandfather through fishing and hunting However, there was SOOO much detail about said fishing and hunting that I wanted to gouge my eyes out I don t look at myself and see someone who even remotely cares about how to skin a squirrel or exactly what is the best way to shoot a mallard depending, of course, on whether it is [...]

    21. Ruark s book conjures up memories of my own Old Man The same guidelines on handling guns and how to shoot are still valid today Some of the important parts of this book deal with just going hunting, fishing , etc not with the results of the day, but why we go do these things Learn why fishing isn t about catching fish Learn why some dogs are made to hunt and some aren t The last chapter All He Left Me Was The World , is not to be read by the tenderhearted It strikes a chord with any of us who h [...]

    22. I loved this book for the peaceful and moving descriptions of hunting and fishing in a bygone era They hunt for food and that includes eating squirrel The boy s Grandpa teaches him everything a rural boy in 1920 would want to know about the lands around him, and quite a bit about human nature, too It can get a tad repetitive toward the end, because the book is made up of previously published columns from the writer s newspaper and magazine assignments But it captured a time that will probably ne [...]

    23. This is a lovely description of the relationship btw a grandfather and his grandson and their outdoor experiences together Regardless of whether the relationship was idealized or not, it was totally believable Before the book ended I was already envious of Ruark s childhood But perhaps I shouldn t have been as there is hardly any reference to the boy s parents so I was left wondering how and why the boy spent so much time with his grandfather Whatever the explanation, Ruark had an exceptional ch [...]

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