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The Fiddler By BeverlyLewis,

  • Title: The Fiddler
  • Author: BeverlyLewis
  • ISBN: 9780764209772
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • New from 1 Bestselling Author Beverly LewisAmelia Amy DeVries, a 24 year old violinist, is disillusioned with life and love after the collapse of her long running romance Weary of endless rehearsals and performances, Amy sets out on a road trip through the Pennsylvania mountains She leaves her cell phone behind so life s demands can t intrude on her solitude She doesNew from 1 Bestselling Author Beverly LewisAmelia Amy DeVries, a 24 year old violinist, is disillusioned with life and love after the collapse of her long running romance Weary of endless rehearsals and performances, Amy sets out on a road trip through the Pennsylvania mountains She leaves her cell phone behind so life s demands can t intrude on her solitude She doesn t know, nor care, where she will end up.When her car breaks down deep in the mountains, Amy realizes the flaw in her no cell phone plan She abandons her car and walks the winding roads, searching for help Following the smell of woodsmoke and the sound of music, she finds a rustic log cabin There she meets a young Amishman and through him a community that will change her life forever.
    The Fiddler New from Bestselling Author Beverly LewisAmelia Amy DeVries a year old violinist is disillusioned with life and love after the collapse of her long running romance Weary of endless rehearsals a

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    1. SPOILERS Meh 2.5 starsNot my type of read Not going to summarize, just point out what I liked and what didn t care for.Liked Decent storyRelatively sweetGreat heroAmish settingDidn t like Heroine was spineless and weak willed Had too many TSTL mommentsNeither H nor h fought for the other, though the H grew some balls and eventually went after her.H h spent little to NO time together in the whole book.Too much crap about music.Too little conflict.Didn t care for the hero s whole ex fiancee thing [...]

    2. Well, Beverly Lewis books are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me She does Amish based romantic fiction Her books are familiar, quick reads, always clean, romantic, and focused on the character s developing relationships with God and their families They make me feel good, and tend to come in trilogies, which I like The Fiddler fits right in with all of that A fun, enjoyable read for a weekend And while this story of the Englisher, Amelia, and the Amish man, Michael, wraps up quite satisfyingly by [...]

    3. Very good book Amelia is rescued from the rainstorm and a flat tire by Michael He is staying in a cabin, basically hiding out from his Amish life, trying to decide if he wants to leave it Amelia is a concert violinist, also trying to decide her future Amelia and Michael connect right away, each recognizing a fellow lost soul He invites her to come to Hickory Hollow for a few days to relax I loved the way that Amelia and Michael are able to relate to each other despite their very different backgr [...]

    4. I never tire of reading books by Beverly Lewis, in fact, I have a whole shelf dedicated to her books Her ability to draw me into the story, placing me right into the scene with the characters is amazing.Michael Hostetler is a 25 year old Amish man, who has not joined the Amish church, and who wants to leave the Amish community to pursue a career as a draftsman Amelia Devries is an acclaimed violinist, who has toured with world famous orchestras, but feels trapped in a world where others place th [...]

    5. Beverly Lewis takes a refreshing look at the community of the Amish as it interacts with the English world In this first book of a new series, conflicts arise as the characters from both communities are trying to discover where God really intends them to be The rules of the ordnung do not come from God but from the community Is it wrong in God s eyes not to follow them And when a talented violinist finally realizes her dreams are different from her parents dreams for her, what path should she ta [...]

    6. I found The Fiddler to be a refreshing change from the norm in Beverly Lewis writing, and I m a long time fan of this author I thoroughly enjoyed this story of an English musician who became friends with a young Amishman The plot was well written and the characters very likeable I highly recommend The Fiddler

    7. 4.5 I reserve 5 stars for an all time favorite book, but this one was pretty close I loved the male protagonist He s just a doll Amy was great too.I have a hard time really loving characters It s just a weird thing I love books, but hardly ever truly connect If I do connect though, it s a lot to make protagonists weirdly enough If the male protagonist is a good character it makes all the difference in the world I love non mysterious non bad boy protagonists The sweeter and loyal the better I g [...]

    8. Amelia Devries is an extremely talented violinist, whose father s dream for her has been to travel the world s stages Music is what gives her life however, she doesn t only like to play the classics She also loves to fiddle Her alter ego is Amy Lee, star fiddler, who just opened up for Tim McGraw No one else in her life knows about her other side, which at times is appealing than being a concert violinist.On her way home from the Tim McGraw show, she takes a wrong turn in a horrible rainstorm S [...]

    9. Amelia Devries is a 24 year violinist, feeling disillusioned with life when she makes a wrong turn during a rain storm coming home from a performance in Pennsylvania, ending up at the log cabin where a young Amish man, Michael Hostetler, is staying Amelia soon finds they actually have a lot in common, as Michael is struggling with his path in life also he wants to go out into the world , but loyalty to his family makes his decision on whether or not to stay Amish very difficult Amelia is intrigu [...]

    10. The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis is the story of Amelia Devries and Michael Hostetler and the providential turn of events that led them to one another Amelia is a professional violinist who is growing steadily discontented with her life path Michael is a young Amishman who has yet to fully commit to the Amish way of life He yearns for the fancy life, yet is held back by love for his family Their mutual discontent draws them together as they begin to process how to redesign their life paths Faith is [...]

    11. I always know when I pick up a Beverly Lewis book that I am going to get a wonderful story mixed with authentic Amish culture I have never read a Beverly Lewis book I didn t like and this one was no different I finished this book in one day Ms Lewis has a way of telling a story and drawing you in so you feel like you are actually part of the story.World class violinist Amelia Devries needs a break from family, agent, and boyfriend pressure but she could never imagine the kind of break God had in [...]

    12. Beverly Lewis writes a distinctly different type of Amish book than most out there Not a thriller, not a mystery, not your usual to be or not to be Amish type, Lewis pens a story of young adults seeking peace with their chosen paths in life and of gaining the courage and the voice to reach for it Amelia and Michael each travel the road to maturity in a parallel way in this book, a road of searching their own hearts and then reaching out beyond themselves There are no mysteries, no stalkers, no p [...]

    13. I have to say that Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction She has crafted a wonderful story where the characters are very believable Their problems are such that no matter what your background you can relate to them All of us have parents who have had dreams for their children We don t want to disappoint our parents In this book Amelia s father has a dream of her becoming a concert violinist Amelia loves playing the violin However, she really loves fiddling Her father would [...]

    14. The Fiddler is a wonderful book it moves fast, is well written, all the i s t s are dotted crossed and I connected with the hero heroine of this story Amelia is a believable musician child prodigy top level violinist who is struggling with a big decision and afraid of hurting those who love her if she doesn t make the right one.This verse beautifully describes the theme of the book and both Amelia Michael take refuge in it Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of th [...]

    15. I loved the book from the beginning to the end The gentle love story of Amelia and Michael draws a reader in.Amelia, a professional violinist, gets lost in a rainstorm on the way home to Columbus from Pennsylvania The road she takes leads her to a cabin where a young Amish man is staying after leaving home The two connect from the beginning, trusting each other completely.Amelia decides to stay in the area for the weekend, finding a new friend in Joanna Amelia and Joanna exchange addresses and k [...]

    16. I tried very hard to get into the world in The Fiddler, but failed I understand that this is a novel with an interior setting of mind, soul, and heart in opposition to others which are bursting with action, witty dialogs, or spirited encounters I have read novels in Amish settings before and enjoyed watching the characters evolve and change So I don t think that the setting is at fault.Rather, I found the pace of the story to be painfully slow and each chapter inconsequential before I finally ga [...]

    17. This book Every time I read a Beverly Lewis book, I m blown away by all the feels it gives me I can t figure out how she packs so much into this one little book I really loved the whole story The romance was cute, though very unrealistic Stoney was really annoying at times too PI can t wait to continue with the series and hear about all of these lovely girls lives For age rating, I d say 13 or maybe mature 12 year olds and up I very highly recommend this book to pretty much anyone

    18. Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania.Amelia Devries and Michael Hostetler find each other during a rainstorm.Her music His devotion Their dreams All are tested It s nice to go to a place where simple and purity go together Not without problems and struggles, two young people search for their place in the world and where that world exists.I wanted a book that took me to a feel good place This book transported me there.Five star ratings are for those books that move me, emotionally This one did exactly th [...]

    19. I know a lot of my readers love Beverly Lewis, so I wanted to read her for myself and I can see why they love her so much I enjoyed the clean, simple story and kind hearted characters I loved learning about the Amish culture from Amelia s outsider viewpoint, and I loved the ending too This was a feel good book, and kind of exactly what I needed

    20. Title THE FIDDLERAuthor Beverly Lewis Publisher Bethany HouseApril 2012ISBN 978 0 7642 0977 2Genre Inspirational Amish contemporaryAn English Fiddler meets an Amish boy and interesting premise Michael Hostetler has one food in the world, and the other in his Amish community He loves his home, loves his people, but he s been bitten by the education bug and gotten his degrees Still, he s being pushed by the People to give up his worldly ways and return home, join the church, and stay.Amelia Devrie [...]

    21. Been quite a while since I read this book and almost all of the rest of the series Such fun will have to go back read again.

    22. This book was a huge letdown When I heard about the premise of the book an Amish man falling for an English girl , I thought it would be a nice change of pace from the usual Amish girl Amish guy romance.But the story idea was carried out in a way that seemed completely absurd and turned into a cliche romance where a simple misunderstanding is blown way out of proportion and keeps the two characters away from each other.I loathed Amelia Amy Lee I thought she was very bratty with her insistence on [...]

    23. It s been a while since I ve read a Beverly Lewis book and I had forgotten how much I love her stories Written with such elegance and peaceful fluidity, her stories weave an intricate and incredible tapestry This book is about Amelia, a once child prodigy now world famous violinist, who longs for things to be different in her ready made world of violin concerts and touring Nobody knows she enjoys fiddling for a while, but on her way back from performing a fiddling warm up concert for Tim McGraw, [...]

    24. This was my first Amish fiction novel to read and I loved it I felt as though in the story I could connect with each character on a personal level Beverly Lewis was brilliant in the way she wrote about Amelia and Michael trying to find out God s path for them in life, while they both come from completely different backgrounds Although this book is absolutely wonderful, it still had a flaw I felt as though the attraction and trust between Amelia and Michael was just a little too rushed, but maybe [...]

    25. As expected, I enjoyed this book Beverly Lewis has a way of drawing her readers into the story.Amelia has a dilema on her hands when it comes to pleasing others She loves her music but wants to change things up a bit Doing so might mean that she will disappoint her parents, her fiancee and her agent.Amelia is on her way home from a concert, that her loved ones know nothing about, when she gets lost driving through a severe rainstorm She then gets a flat tire and walks to a cabin to find help Tha [...]

    26. I don t know why I started this to be honest Maybe because I curious as to what Christian Fiction is like or because my new digital library seems to love these kind of books They had nothing of what I was looking for yet they had the FULL Hickory Hollow Series Personally, I didn t find anything amazing with this book I didn t like it one bit and surprisingly enough it wasn t because of the Christian part of it The romance was so unrealistic I thought I would become cross eyed because of all the [...]

    27. Beverly Lewis has a sweet, tender way of writing that gives her characters a depth Amelia and Michael meet unexpectedly one night, which is actually an event that changes their life It is not heavy in the romance area, for anybody who likes that It s about trusting God to direct your heart the way that will be best for your life The way that will make you happiest Beverly Lewis s writing has a gentle flow to it, not the emotional rollercoaster many other books take you on This book is for anybo [...]

    28. I think this is the first Beverly Lewis book that I ve ever read It ended up being just O.K for me It was a nice, clean read It had a definite Christian theme throughout, but not overly preachy I did really enjoy the little insights into the lives of the Amishbut the story got a little loooong to me and I found myself bored at times.putting it down to read something else Mrs Lews does give beautiful description throughout the book and I can tell she is a very talented writer The relationship bet [...]

    29. This was an ok book for me I really felt rather neutral about it It took me most of the month to finish and I got it near the end of July It was one of those books where I didn t really have the burning desire to finish it and had to force myself to do so I found the book a bit predictable, but I did enjoy the struggles that the hero and heroine faced to reconcile their desires and dreams with the lives that they felt everyone wanted them to live I think it was a good read, but one that I would [...]

    30. This was a sweet story about friendship and romance I liked that it involved an English woman, a violinist, and an Amishman It was interesting to see their relationship bloom and grow Also, I enjoyed all of the classical music in this book I didn t like the country music, but there wasn t much of that in this book.

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