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The Nature of Blood By Caryl Phillips,

  • Title: The Nature of Blood
  • Author: Caryl Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780679454700
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A German Jewish girl whose life is destroyed by the atrocities of World War II her uncle, who undermines the sureties of his own life in order to fight for Israeli statehood the Jews of a 15th century Italian ghetto Othello, newly arrived in Venice a young Ethiopian Jewish woman resettled in Israel These are the extraordinary people who inhabit CarylA German Jewish girl whose life is destroyed by the atrocities of World War II her uncle, who undermines the sureties of his own life in order to fight for Israeli statehood the Jews of a 15th century Italian ghetto Othello, newly arrived in Venice a young Ethiopian Jewish woman resettled in Israel These are the extraordinary people who inhabit Caryl Phillips eloquent and moving new novel, and whose stories are connected by circumstance, spirit, and blood across the centuries.
    The Nature of Blood A German Jewish girl whose life is destroyed by the atrocities of World War II her uncle who undermines the sureties of his own life in order to fight for Israeli statehood the Jews of a th century

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    1. Num livro pouco coeso, consegui retirar alimento da hist ria de Eva N o sei porque ali est a hist ria paralela do General Africano ao servi o da Rep blica de Veneza

    2. This thoughtful, passionate and heady novel threads together stories of people separated by time and space but linked together in one way or another however tenuously.What threads the different sagas together is the theme of the loneliness of the outsider struggling to find their way in an alien society.The novel includes stories written from the viewpoint of a German Jewish girl who survives the horrors of the Holocaust and the British internment in Cyprus, where the British interned hundreds o [...]

    3. Really thought provoking novel quite disturbing as the overall theme is about man s inability to be be accepting of others who don t really fit in At first the seemingly unconnected stories which pop up at random rather irritated me as I was keen to follow Eva s story of surviving the Holocaust But it becomes clear that each of these stories serve a dual purpose first to show that throughout history the same terrible treatment of fellow humans has continued to be repeated and secondly to encoura [...]

    4. This was my first time reading Phillips, and I was amazed that nobody had recommended him to me before I ll be reading the rest of his books in short order Phillips is careful to particularize the experiences of different people s both the individual and, to the point, the group , yet his use of collage reveals surprising affinities between the stories Affinities is the best word I can think of to describe that effect, and these affinities are the reason you should read the book There is no tru [...]

    5. THE NATURE OF BLOOD was written by Caryl Phillips, a West Indian author raised in England, who has written many texts, fiction and nonfiction, which engage with the subject of diasporic postcolonialism In his novels, Jews and Blacks appear as co sufferers of the dark side of Modernity.In this ambitious novel, he interweaves several different narratives and points of view.The main story is Eva Stern s, a young German Jew who survives the loss of her family and her own suffering in a concentration [...]

    6. descriptive, intense mr phillips again, tried to dissect a man and the roots that created the man.history, origin unquenched obsessions that he has a river should never forget its spring someone said this somewhere in the page.i was captivated by the story of an african noble turned slave pride turned into shame and who creates the scale anyway then again, a jewish woman in europe trying to conceal her rootsain why should anyone be his stories took me traveling inside so many skin color asking i [...]

    7. I recognize that is is quite a good novel, but alas it failed to connect with me The prose sections dealing with the Holocaust narrative were well done grim and emotive as one might expect, but the curious structure of this book cut up dictionary definitions and snippets of an Othello story were distracting In same ways this book was made smaller for me by the sum of its parts.

    8. A powerful novel about the nature of race and ethnicity Phillips ability to enter the minds of a young Jewish woman and Othello before Shakespeare s story is beyond amazing He illustrates how Jews, African Americans, Othello, Jewish Ethiopians, Israel s founders men and women share the same traumas and insights His book is the epitome of a new ethnicity What a brilliant, brilliant writer.

    9. I m ambivalent a out this book Perhaps I m just not smart enough to get it Apart from the forced link between Othella and the Venetian ghetto and a sense of both the moor and the Jews as outsiders, I didn t understand the structure of the book Eve s story is hauntingly sad and a different perspective on the Holocaust experience but I was still left bemused by the point of the interlinking stories.

    10. A powerful novel that despite its short length tackles deep themes linked to otherness , race and anti Semitism.In terms of Holocaust literature it is harrowing in its descriptions Certainly a tragedy in the Shakespearian sense.It is beautifully written.

    11. Terrible, terrible, terrible The single worst book I was ever forced to read Stupid, self important, offensive, badly written, condescending just awful on every level.

    12. I picked this book from the library because Fella and Filly were getting rambunctious, because I wanted something to read, and because I liked the picture of the Bridge of Sighs on the cover Once in a while I choose a book that I know absolutely nothing about so that I will be utterly surprised by anything I discover in it I was surprised that it is sort of a Holocaust book At least the Holocaust part is over When it appears, it is from the point of view of a survivor from a camp that has been l [...]

    13. Een kleine geschiedenis van de Joden, zo zou je de verschillende verhalen kunnen interpreteren die zich in The Nature of Blood afspelen De hoofdlijn van het boek volgt de gedachten en belevingen van het Joodse meisje Eva Van het huis van de onschuldige jeugd naar het raam van haar onderduikadres, van de dood en haat in het concentratiekamp naar de kwetsbare verlorenheid na het overblijven Geschreven in een achronologische stijl worden de belevingen als een puzzel aan elkaar gesmeed Naast het ver [...]

    14. Este livro foi me enviado pela Editorial Biz ncio Obrigada Mais um autor que me era desconhecido, mas que a sinopse me convenceu a experimentar ler um dos seus livros, dado falar t o bem do autor N o me arrependo A hist ria percorre ent o a hist ria de vida de uma s rie de personagens o que por vezes se torna um pouco confuso, dado que n o tem cap tulos nem nada que marque a mudan a de personagem, e apenas esse ponto negativo que tenho a apontar a este livro deveras brilhante e nem sei bem como [...]

    15. I do not know what age group this book would go with, but it might be able to be read and discussed with 7th or 8th graders It has several separate stories that cross time periods All of the stories deal with discrimination that Jews had to encounter For example, Eva is a young girl who has been rescued from a concentration camp, but has serious psychological problems because of it that affect her for life One interesting storyline is the one involving Othello The author, Phillips, has a huge lo [...]

    16. Eminently teachable I m using it to conclude my MA graduate intro to literary theory course to serve as a kind of laboratory for postcolonial, feminist, trauma, new historicism, etc criticism Phillips has been well reviewed probably hundreds of times, and this book in particular is a huge hit in academia nearly 20 articles on it in scholarly journals since publication , so there s no much for me to say here I can point out, though, the opening pages, which, while they take place in Cyprus, seem [...]

    17. A Ess ncia do Sangue conta nos duas hist rias separadas mas com a mesma linha condutora a ess ncia do sangue, da alma, do ser.Come amos por conhecer Eva, uma jovem judia , ap s a liberta o do campo de concentra o em que esteve encerrada Depois, somos apresentados a um general africano, e a sua vida em Veneza Este livro n o tem cap tulos ao inv s, a hist ria entrela a se em si e volta do mago destas personagens Leiam o resto em eu e o bam 2013 04

    18. I just lucked upon this book because it was listed as a new acquisition by my library and it looked interesting I didn t really know what it was about until I finished it Several stories spanning half a century are woven together in a deeply moving portrait of discrimination and cruelty towards those of a different tribe.

    19. this book was a mess Phillips jumped from story to story It was written as if he was making notes I enjoyed the book and would recommend it Ancient jews put on trial and condemned and a girl who was freed from concentration camp I have not read much about either subject Some side story about settling Isreal after war.

    20. A grandiose and brave concept, the moral of these tales is far from subtle The stronger stories suffer from being intermingled with the others, and the Othello one in particular reads like a bad imitation without even including the complexities of the interesting aspects of the play.

    21. It took a few pages to get into it I much prefer books that can get me hooked with the first line but was definitely worth the read The different timelines chosen where unexpected but great choices and the historical context gave the book that extra layer of intensity.

    22. Written in the really, really nice way that you d expect from Caryl Phillips It s a strong evocation of the divides that society creates between people, and the realities of being on either sides of those divides I thought it was excellently written.

    23. I had never read any books by Phillips but picked this up because of the setting in Venice The different perspectives of the characters really held my interest as did the historical facts included in the narrative.

    24. Interesting novel written by a black man Intertwining stories about Israel and the Holocaust One story is told 1st person from a woman who was freed from Auschwitz Quick read, but very beautifully written, and some different emotional thoughts about Israel, the Holocaust, all of that.

    25. There are no words that can aptly describe this book Just read it and let yourself be swept away by its grandeur.

    26. Disparate parts that are captivating, but I never felt as though I knew what was going on with all the different pieces together More of an experiment for experimenting s sake, I think.3.5 5

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